Academic Achievement

Senior students in senior common room

Holistic education: dividends for life

In 2017, Year 12 Certificates were awarded to all 176 students, with 170 awarded an ATAR. Of the remaining students who took the accredited package, most completed nationally recognised vocational qualifications such as Certificate III studies in Early Childhood Education and Care, and Sport and Recreation.

The JA Mackinnon Dux is Alyce Lonsdale who achieved the College’s highest 2017 ATAR of 99.40. Notably, eight other students achieved an ATAR above 99. While our students have been preparing to navigate a future we cannot fully anticipate, we have sought to develop their character, as well as their intellect, through our Secondary School Learner Traits.

The benefits of a well-rounded secondary school education are gaining greater acceptance in Australia’s tertiary sector, with some universities making early offers before final ATAR results are known. These offers are based on ATAR estimates, specific admission tests, portfolios, auditions, direct applications, supporting statements and interviews. To date, Radford students have received a number of early offers.

Students who have engaged in a broad range of activities are more likely to have success at the tertiary level and continue to contribute to the broader community in a variety of ways. The range of co-curricular and service learning offerings our students have participated in is too long to list. It is important to note that every single student has balanced at least some of these opportunities with their studies.

We support students in developing the skills needed for whatever they choose to do next – university, a traineeship, full-time work or service project gap year. It is an exciting time as the students embark on their next adventure. With a 99% correlation rate from their final ATAR estimate to actual results, we are confident that they have made achievable plans and thank Mrs Suzanne Rentsch our Head of Student Pathways for the countless hours she has spent working with the students (and parents) to navigate this journey.

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Year 12 2017 result infographic