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Leadership Camps

The camps which are offered to senior students place an emphasis on leadership. Retreats and camps which remove students from their usual roles and distractions help them to expand their perspectives, to bond with one another and to learn new roles.

Year 11 Retreat

At the start of Year 11, students spend two days in tutor groups 'on retreat'. Students are involved in an intensive program to prepare them for Years 11 and 12. It provides them with a chance to bond together and set their goals.

Prefects Retreat

Prefects attend a two-day leadership training camp before school commences to prepare them for their role as school leaders. This assists them to bond as a group.

House Captains Retreat

At the beginning of the year the House Captains and Vice Captains attend a leadership training camp to prepare them for their roles.

Get Set Program

In this program, senior students are matched with younger secondary school students to help them with the organisation, motivation and co-ordination of their schoolwork. The senior mentors participate in a training program at the beginning of the year and are then matched with younger students in need of support. The two meet once a week for a tutoring session.