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Radford is committed to outstanding education and the transformation of the whole person in community. Leadership is about this transformation, the modelling as well as making of it. Radford leadership is grounded in service, modelled on a principle of giving power and guidance to others.

 Principal Mrs Fiona Godfrey and Mr Phillip O'Regan with 2017 College Captains

Principal Mrs Fiona Godfrey and Head of Secondary School Mr Phillip O'Regan with 2017 student leaders: (L-R) Josh Robinson, Zachary Browning, Georgie Sayers and Alyce Lonsdale

Student leaders are taught to live with integrity; embody the values of the College; be wholly themselves and flourish whilst engaged in the service of community. Student leaders are models for others to emulate and this is seen in their presence and demeanour on the classroom, on the playground, in sporting and co curricular teams and through community service initiatives.


Within each year level students can nominate to lead and participate in committees across the curricular, service and co-curricular life of the College. Student Year level representatives under the guidance of senior leaders contribute to the shape and direction of programs and experiences offered to all students at the College.


Leadership experiences across the College are intentionally crafted to provide scope for formal and informal roles and opportunities for a large number of students to learn leadership skills. As students progress towards their final years at College, the challenge and complexity of the roles increase. Our senior students lead student productions, large scale service initiatives locally and internationally, drive leadership portfolios across the campus and mentor younger students through classroom support, House and service programs.


Year 6 Leaders 2017

Year 6 student leaders

Acacia – Robert Wilkinson, Shyam Arravelly, Lily Chapman

Banksia – Angelina Fei, Sterling Notley, Hunter Jolly, Anneke Van Der Vyver

Boronia – Ellie Maglasis, Josephine Truswell, Eloise Flynn

Huon – Charlotte Taylor, Joey Slater, Wynter O'Regan

Jarrah – Kaitlyn Quade, Leo Jennett

Karri – Mia Witheford, Jake Smith Gibson

Kurrajong – Spencer Musgrove, Sacha Zerger

Wandoo – Rishabh Bahl, Sarah Quilty, Chris Kalogeropoulos, Claire Reid, Kaitlin Barsby