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Rake in a good read

Our Mission

The Radford College Library, staffed by well-trained and user-focused professionals, empowers learning by:

  • supporting innovative pedagogical practices across the curriculum to develop open-minded thinkers;
  • providing opportunities for students and teachers to customise learning spaces where there is access to information, technology, expertise, and a suitable physical environment;
  • encouraging students to be thinkers by supporting diverse ways of learning, and promoting personalised, self-regulated learning motivated by ethical behaviour;
  • supporting students to be skilful communicators by focusing on literacy development and encouraging students to value and enjoy reading; and
  • creating a flexible and dynamic centre that fosters independent and collaborative learning.

About the Library

Library Resources

Secondary Library FictionWith a strong focus on Information Literacy, ICT and encouraging a love of reading, the Library is a centre of excellence at the College and the central provider of print, digital and online resources to support the educational and recreational interests of students and staff.

With a wide range of non-fiction and fiction resources in a variety of formats, the Library is amply positioned to support curriculum and many recreational activities. The Library also supports the College's ICT programs with access to high spec computers for secondary students, multimedia resources, iPads, and online materials.

Online access to resources

The Library maintains a robust collection of digital resources including online databases, ebooks, digital videos, magazines and newspapers, most of which are available 24/7.

Resources held in the Library and the teaching departments are listed centrally on the Library’s catalogue Oliver logo, which is available for searching on and off campus.

These and many other resources can be accessed via the Library's site on Radford Online (login required).

Secondary Library Non FictionLocation

The Library is split across two campuses:

  • Junior School
    for students in years PreK-4, located near Junior School Reception, and
  • Secondary School
    for students in years 5-12, located centrally in the Main Quadrangle.

Opening Hours 

Junior School Library is open from 8.40am until 4.00pm on normal teaching school days.
Secondary Library is open from 8.00am until 5.00pm on normal teaching school days.

The Secondary Library is available outside of class hours for educational purposes for students in years 5-12. Students are able to read, borrow and return books, and take the opportunity for self-directed focus on their study, research, use of ICT, and collaborative tasks.

Both libraries are closed during school holidays.


If you would like further information, please contact Susan Davenport, Head of Library and Information Services via Library email

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