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Collegians Committee

The Radford Collegians Association was established in 1989 to represent former students of Radford College and all former students are eligible for membership of the Collegians Association.

Members of the Collegians Association Committee are:

  • Mark Whitby (2000) – President
  • Alastair Gregory (1988) – Vice President
  • Kate Potter (nee Lones, 1995) – Treasurer and Board representative
  • Nerida Dyne (1991 & current staff) – Public Officer
  • Andrew Kominek (2003) – Committee member
  • Andrew Letton (2012) – Committee member
  • Claire Osborne (nee Gibbons, 1999 & current staff) – Committee member
  • Phil Trenbath (2004) – Committee member
  • Scott Jackson (1997) – Committee member
  • Stewart Munro (2001) – Committee member
  • Tristan Maddigan (1999) – Committee member

The Constitution for the Radford Collegians Assocation is available here.

The committee meets quarterly to foster relations between former students and the school community and to provide strategic assistance for reunions of former students.

If you would like to be involved in any way, please email collegians@radford.act.edu.au