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Friends of Radford

A number of Radford co-curricular activities are supported by Friends of Radford (FoR) groups, which operate under the Parents & Friends Association, with the exception of Friends of Radford Rowing, which is separately incorporated. The wonderful community members who volunteer for FoR groups assist with fundraising activities to purchase equipment, tours and social occasions, and they also provide coaching and management support.

Friends of Radford Rowing (separately incorporated)

Made up of members of the community who are keen to support this strong yet graceful sport, the group provides assistance with events and fundraising.

Friends of Radford Football

Consisting of parents who wish to see football develop and flourish at Radford, support is provided in a number ways including the provision of referees, a canteen, information evenings, financing of equipment and initiatives which assist with the development of school football.

Friends of Radford Snowsports

Snowsports is a co-curricular activity that is organised and supervised by parents.  The group provides students with the opportunity to develop their skills on the slopes and compete in alpine events. FoR Snowsports assists with involves fundraising, management and assistance with excursions to the snow.

Friends of Radford Music

FoR Music supports the extensive co-curricular music program, helping with logistics of events and catering for special concerts, as well as fundraising.