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Enrolment Policy

Enrolment Policy

The enrolment policy of Radford College is non-selective: offers of places do not depend on criteria such as academic, sporting or co-curricular performance, where a student lives or their current school, or their religion or community involvement. A child’s date of registration on the waiting list is the major factor when offering places at Radford College. 

The College offers equal number of places to boys and girls at its main entry points and endeavours to maintain a gender balance in all year levels. To this end, the College maintains separate girls’ and boys’ waiting lists. 

Preference is given to children of permanent staff, siblings, children of members of the Collegians Association (former students) and children of practising Anglican clergy. The overarching enrolment policy is that enrolment offers are based on the chronological date of registration by gender. 

Parents wishing to enrol their children at Radford College must be prepared to support the policies, rules and discipline of the College.


Radford College does not offer scholarships or bursaries.

International Students

Radford College does not have the necessary registration to enrol international/overseas students. A child needs Australian citizenship or a permanent residency visa in order to attend Radford College.