Radford Bulletin Term 1, Week 2 – 8 February 2017

School photo days

Secondary School - Tue, 14 February, Junior School - Wed, 15 February

Swimming Carnivals

Secondary School: Wed, 22 February, Junior School: Thu, 23 February @ Big Splash

Staff Insights

Fiona Godfrey, Principal

From the Principal

8 February 2017

Beginnings of another school year, Secondary School hat-wearing requirements, work during the holidays and welcoming new staff.

Bhavita Patel Memorial Service
We have just been advised that the Patel Family is organising a Memorial Service for Bhavita at the Arboreteum this Saturday, 11 Feb 1017 at 6pm, and they extend an invitation to Radford community members. Please note that attendees are specifically asked to dress in bright colours - no black attire, please. Vale Bhavita Patel.


Beginnings of another school year
As we reach the midway point of the second week of Term 1, it is reassuring to note that all sections of the College appear to be settling into the routines of the school year and, in the main, new students and staff are feeling relaxed and confident.

Last week we welcomed our Year 11s back from their two-day retreat, held an orientation program for Year 7 students, conducted the Hopes and Dreams sessions in the Junior School, hosted Welcome Drinks for ELC parents and held the Years 12 and 8 Information Nights. From all accounts, the year has started in a very positive manner, with many people talking about the positivity around the campus.

This week the Information Nights have continued for our current parents of Years 9, 10 and 11 students and for potential Pre Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Year 3 parents in 2018. Additionally, the Year 7 students headed off early on Monday morning for their five-day camp at Biloela Bush Camp, conducted by the Outdoor Education Group (OEG), who are now exclusively providing the leadership of outdoor education at Radford College. At this stage, only parents of Year 7 and 8 students have had an opportunity to meet Lizzy Pugh, who will be OEG?s permanent member of staff at Radford. Lizzy is on camp this week with the Year 7s, however, she can be contacted at lizzy.pugh@radford.act.edu.au at any stage, should parents have questions about any aspects of the outdoor education program.

Last Friday the whole College came together for a Welcome to the New School Year assembly. While bringing all of the students in the College together in the one spot is a major logistical feat, it was fantastic for all our students to hear stories of the importance of ?Connections?, which was the theme for this semester?s whole-of-College assembly. Students from both the Junior School and Secondary School, as well as staff members, relayed their own personal stories about the importance of connections, particularly across year levels. The assembly was concluded by a song and dance routine, led by the Prefects, requiring all 1643 students to be involved ? it was quite a sight to behold!

The beginning of a new school year brings challenges but also plenty of opportunities. In these early weeks, students should plan for the year ahead by setting routines and developing sound habits of mind. Students should utilise the enthusiasm that is usually associated with the beginning of the new school year to plan their study habits, establish routines and develop sound work practices.

There is no doubt that the home environment plays a crucial role in setting the tone and inspiring outcomes. I would encourage parents to assist their sons and daughters in making positive decisions around organisation for study routines, time management and sleeping patterns. A desk or work space away from other distractions and consistency in meal times and other family routines also helps considerably.

I hope all students use these first weeks to reflect on previous work habits, draw on the advice offered in the end-of-year reports and look for ways to improve their approach. I feel strongly that if we can set a good approach now, it will help students to cope better in the coming weeks and months, when work demands inevitably build.

The Secondary School has simplified its rulings around the wearing of hats in Terms 1 and 4.

All secondary students, regardless of year level, must wear a Radford hat while outdoors during recess and lunchtimes ? regardless of whether they are in shade or direct sunlight.

All students must wear either a Radford bucket or baseball hat ? there are no exceptions to this. Any secondary student not wearing a Radford hat by Monday, 20 February will be issued with one from the Uniform Shop, the cost of which will then be charged to the family account.

Hat-wearing requirements in the Junior School have not changed.

Work during the holidays
As detailed at the Years 7 and 9 Information Nights, a great deal of minor capital works have taken place over the holiday period. Over that time, 25 new ?state of the art? projectors have been installed in Secondary School classrooms, a large new screen and projector have been installed in the RA Young Hall, a new synthetic cricket wicket area has been laid on the P&F oval, and new paths and concrete areas have been installed near the Secondary School Library and the Junior School Music area. Over the next few weeks, a new fence will be erected along the Haydon Drive boundary of the campus (to prevent students from darting across the road rather than using the traffic lights), new signage will be installed and new security measures for facilities will be rolled out.

In addition to the capital works program, the College has been busy over the summer vacation. Work continues with the development of the Radford Development Foundation, and the Board of the Foundation is confident we should be in a position to have a formal launch in Term 2. Changes to Radford Online (RoL) over the holiday period have resulted in a cleaner dashboard and a more easily navigable directory.

The Registrar?s office was also kept busy preparing for the first of two enrolment processes this year. During Term 1 we will be confirming enrolments for 2018 and then in Term 2, we will begin the enrolment process for 2019. By moving the enrolment process forward by 12 months, families will have an earlier understanding of whether they will be offered a place at one of our intake years.

New staff
As is customary at this time of the year, we welcome a number of new staff to the College.

I am delighted to announce that our new Chaplain, the Reverend Erin Tuineau, has joined us from the beginning of this year. Erin has been working as a parish priest in northwest Victoria for the past couple of years and is returning to Canberra with her husband, the Rev?d Alipate Tuineau, who has taken up the position of Assistant Priest at St Paul?s in Manuka. Erin is not new to teaching as she originally trained and worked as a teacher. I have every confidence that she will be a great asset to the College and will ably assist Fr Richard with the Chapel, Godly Play, RaVE and counselling roles.

The Junior School has attracted a very impressive group of new teachers and support staff. Ms Lisa Singleton, who has taught in a range of independent schools in both Australia and Scotland, joins the College to teach Year 5. Ms Janine Crookes returns to Radford after living and teaching in South Australia for three years, and will this year be teaching Year 6. Ms Janine Hudson comes to Radford from Canberra Grammar School to take on the role of Teacher Librarian, Ms Rowena Stevens has returned to Australia after living and teaching in Spain for nine years to be our new Spanish teacher and Ms Tamara Phelps has joined the PE Department. Ms Erin McCarthy is our new Teacher Assistant and Mr Bernie Passeggi is the new Junior School Receptionist (Years 1?4).

New staff in 2017

In the Secondary School we have a number of new teachers with varying amounts of experience and coming from a range of states and sectors. Ms Sally Hendrie is the new Head of Performing Arts ? a newly created Head of Department role taking in the subjects of Music and Drama, and in time, potentially, Dance. As previously detailed, Mr Brent Larkham is the new Head of Sport, a newly created non-teaching role which will be dedicated to the development of co-curricular sport across the College. Ms Sara Vassallo, Ms Lucy Shanny, Ms Rachael Weeks and Ms Bronwyn Stanbury all join the Science Department as teachers of Psychology, Biology and Science. Ms Avril Frost and Ms Rebecca Hunter join the History Department and Ms Pamela ten Broeke joins the Mathematics Department. Mr Michael Crawford will be working as a SOSE teacher, Ms Dimity Kidston as Creative Arts teacher and Ms Jade Yin as a Chinese teacher for the next 12 months.

Image for article: Chaplain's Reflection

Chaplain's Reflection

8 February 2017

Being awoken: Father Richard's Secondary School Commencement Service address.

Welcome back! And greetings to all, especially to the new families.

It is a delight to welcome Rev Erin Tuineau to the chaplaincy team. As mentioned in the Principal?s message, Erin will be taking on chaplaincy as well as some RaVE teaching and Godly Play.

The first reflection for the term is my address given last week at the Secondary School Commencement Service. It is an extraordinary privilege to address a gathering of over one thousand young people. I never take this lightly. The intensity of thought in this address titled ?being awoken? is not usual for an ?assembly?, but was offered in honour of the gravity of commencement and the intelligence of the students (and staff) present. It responds to the provocation: with our values held up in stone on our entrance ways, where does the meaning of the words live? And this alongside a great horror ? no wall can save us from ourselves.

The work of the chaplain in part is to live and proclaim the gospel of Jesus and be a faithful example to the College values. I seek your help in being accountable to this.

Every blessing to you and your families.

1st February Commencement 2017

Being awoken

Human beings are not born awake.
We awaken.

You can be seventeen years old and unwoken.
You can be forty-seven years old and unwoken.
I have buried some whose bitterness and blindness, even in death, are testament that you can be at the end of your days and unwoken.

This is the very first time in Radford's history that we have started the year where three words stand boldly at our entrance. [ED: New signage with College motto: Truth. Compassion. Wisdom.]
They have been on our crest from the beginning, but never posted on the street. They are our values.

Where does the meaning of these words live?
Do they describe our wakefulness or mask a dulled un conscious state?

What if, by accident, Radford was a school in Germany, Nazi Germany, 1937, or Khmer Rouge Cambodia '75, and those words stood at our gate then?
What would wisdom or compassion or truth mean then?
And do they mean anything different now? Here?
What do those words cost? Can we bear the work of them, the struggle of them, the labour of ethics demanded by them?

To those already awoken, do not rush towards the testimony of Jesus, for it carries with it the call to radical solidarity with people before nation; with a common good before your own good.

In the manifesto of Jesus in the Beatitudes, there is a shattering declaration of who God is; the words are not aspirational but descriptive ? they name what God has already done:

For God has already been emptied of ego
And acquainted with suffering
God's work is the humble affirmation of the other's best interests.
God is the one who hungers and thirsts is for what is right
God is mercy
Whose heart is pure, unconditional love
Who sues for peace and has been hunted, killed even, for God's sake!

Into this biographical description and naming of reality, the awoken are cast.
Undergo this kind of seeing, this kind of waking
And all that is God's is yours;
Inherit the earth;
Be satisfied;
Receive mercy;
See God.
Child of God,
the kingdom of heaven is yours

Undergo this Jesus whose home is in radical solidarity with the earth and its people:

  • and you will see there are no simple answers, no catchy dualist formula;
  • you will see, there is no such thing as a line between good and evil or them and us
    For if there is a line, it runs down the middle of every human being.
  • you will have already seen that no wall will save us, and no vetting, not even really, really, really ridiculously extreme vetting, will save us from ourselves. No wall can stop Bourke Street or Quebec mosque violence ? the horror, harder to face, is that which comes from the insider.
  • You will attend to alternative facts like the call of the kookaburra: reminders that you are awoken.

The alternative? That we are unwoken?

The reality of this Jesus is an awakening light, held up in a welcoming harbour
and calls out to the tired and the poor,
Seeking not the pompous, but the wretched refuse from another, foreign, teeming shore.

The poem at the foot of Lady Liberty is the epiphany of the awoken. They are of the same notes sung in the Beatitudes.
If we are awoken; if our three words live in us, and their meaning IS us;
Then all that is God's, is ours!
And we are a people, as a light to the nations
leading huddled masses who yearn to breathe free,
into a new, transformed possibility.

This. This is our vocation!

Why be awoken to anything less?

This is what it means to be educated in the Anglican tradition and hear the name Jesus.
Welcome to this year, this moment, this community.
Do not be afraid.
Be, awoken.

Text: Matthew 5.1-10, the Beatitudes http://biblehub.com/context/matthew/5-1.htm
Poem: The Colossus by Emma Lazarus, http://www.libertystatepark.com/emma.htm


Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

JS News: 8 February 2017

8 February 2017

Welcome back, upcoming events and dates to remember, parking and parent liaisons.

Dates to Remember

A warm welcome, and welcome back, to all our Junior School families.

I write this article following a very positive start to our year. Our staff came together some weeks back, and were introduced to perhaps the best Professional Learning week I have been engaged in. Mrs Reitstatter, Ms Malcolm and Ms Begbie challenged us with exciting and rewarding speakers and workshops that focused on how we may continue to better understand and support the educational needs of each of our students.

We came straight off that week to our Hopes and Dreams Day, where you were able to share your unique thoughts on how we may support and lead each of our students' steps. As a result, our Junior School staff members, who are the most passionate I have worked with, have engaged our young people in the excitement of learning and ideas from day 1. We managed to achieve this despite a storm and fire engine at Day 1 pick up. As so many families remarked, at least we were out there with you.

In speaking about our parking, can I urge you all to re-read my email from Day 1 around arrangements for the afternoon pick-up. If Grandparents are picking up, can you please share with them and if you didn't receive it let me know. We will continue to remind our students where they must report to in the afternoons to also ensure they don't pop up in unsafe areas. Co-curricular activities commencing this week will greatly assist but remaining calm keeps us all safe. The pick-ups have been completed by 3.40 pm to date.

Reading Challenge
I have already sent a message to all Junior School families, conceding yet another Challenge. I tried to keep this one very quiet (hoping you would all forget ? it seems you didn't). We have seen a remarkable response to the Challenge as well as our photo Padlet. Indeed, Jaida Vaughan had her first photo in by day 1 of the break. Well done to all our families, new and old!

Given that families have supported their children in achieving this result, I felt it only appropriate to have you join me in 'celebrating' their achievement. In fact I have also included our staff this year.

I seek your support in one parent at least dressing up as a character of their child's choice, or, allowing their child/ren to decorate a family hat for you to wear to our Reading Challenge and P&F welcome evening on 17 February.

I am aware that our younger ones may not be able to stay too long, but we can all celebrate as parents, staff and Mrs Godfrey parade in their hats or costumes and yes, I will be sleeping on the oval, dressed as Wee Willy Winkie!

Upcoming Events
Keep an eye on the calendar and Radford Online for upcoming events. As mentioned above, we have the following events taking place over the next few weeks:

  • School Photos on Wednesday, 15 February (Log on to Radford Online to order and pay)
  • Reading Challenge/P&F Welcome BBQ on Friday, 17 February ? more information to follow
  • Junior School Swimming Carnival on Thursday, 23 February ? a note will be emailed home.

Parent Liaisons
Information regarding nominating for class liaisons will be sent out soon. If you have any objections to your email address being given to the parent liaison for your class, could you please email Beth Maggs by COB on Friday 10 February, 2017.

Finally, I'd like to share a lovely story from week one: On Friday afternoon I found a poor Pre Kindy parent stuck in the car queue well past 3pm. She had no park, a younger child asleep in the car, and was rightfully worried about her daughter, who was waiting to be picked up. I volunteered to run in and collect her. I found her and sought to take her out to the car, but this beautiful young lady loudly announced that she didn't 'know me and will not be going'. I could not be prouder.

Jocelyn Martin

Foundation established with strong community links

8 February 2017

Jocelyn Martin, Chair of the Radford College Development Foundation

Jocelyn Martin, Chair of the Radford College Development Foundation, writes about plans for the future.

By Jocelyn Martin, Chair of the Radford College Development Foundation

I am delighted to announce the establishment of the Radford College Development Foundation.

This is an important initiative which arose from within the broader Radford community.

During consultation for the Radford College Strategic Plan, many of you supported the need for the College to:

Initiate a foundation which supports the educational program, property and facilities of the College through pledges, donations and bequests from its community.

As I write, my Year 12 child is packing to leave for Year 7 camp again! This opportunity to mentor and help the Year 7s, many of them new to the College, is just one example of the way Radford students have been exposed to the power of community and the leading and helping of others by example, throughout their time at the school. I imagine I would speak for many parents when I say I would love to see this rewarding sense of community and support of others continue to connect my child to Radford always.

If Radford is to continue evolving into a modern, forward-looking organisation capable of delivering real benefits to its students, we need the strong community support shown for the establishment of the Radford Foundation to grow.

Our valuable links with our community, past and present, will also enable the Radford Foundation to focus efforts on areas of great need or opportunity which in turn provide wonderful examples of the College values.

In future years, the Radford Foundation is planning to award scholarships or assistance to students considered to have high academic potential and the potential to make a great contribution to the diversity of College life.

It will also contribute towards funding for new building works and renovations, in alignment with the College Master Plan.

The opportunities for the Foundation are exciting and broad. In the future, we see the chance to support the purchase of equipment, recruitment of specialist staff, and enhancements to the academic and teaching programs not covered by tuition fees.

Throughout 2017 we will be working hard to establish the importance of the Foundation in the hearts and minds of our significant extended community. I am excited by what the Foundation can achieve and I look forward to your support and updating you further in this, our inaugural year, and beyond.

If you are considering making a donation to recognise this notable step in Radford?s history, or to arrange a bequest, or seek further information, please email foundation@radford.act.edu.au.

Radford Foundation Logo

Helping your child become confident and capable at school - save the date

7 February 2017

Emily Begbie, Assistant Head of Junior School P–2

A parenting session for Junior School parents and caregivers.

By Emily Begbie, Assistant Head of Junior School P?2

Dr Judith Locke, author of The Bonsai Child, will be visiting the Junior School this term to give a presentation to parents and caregivers of P?6 students.

Judith is a registered clinical psychologist and former teacher and workplace trainer. She is the Director of Confident and Capable®, an organisation specialising in delivering psychological training solutions for parents, students and organisations.

This 90-minute session (with an additional 15 minutes of questions) will equip parents to assist and coach their children in a manner that builds their capabilities and sense of responsibility in their schoolwork.

Date: Thursday, 2 March 2017

Time: 6.00?7.30pm

Venue: Radford College Junior School ? RA Young Hall

Junior School families will shortly receive an invitation to this event.

The Bonsai Child

The Opera Australia Regional Student Scholarship

8 February 2017

Katrina Wiseman, Year 12 student in 2016

Collegian Katrina Wiseman recently spent time in Sydney working with Opera Australia.

By Katrina Wiseman, Year 12 student in 2016

Each year Opera Australia offers four students from around Australia a Regional Student Scholarship ? an opportunity to go to Sydney and spend time working with professionals and gaining an understanding of what is involved in being a professional opera singer.

There is an extensive application process, including a written application, audition, being shortlisted by the Opera Australia Chorus Master, and then the final four students are chosen by Artistic Director, Lyndon Terracini.

In November last year it was announced that I would receive one of the four scholarship places.

In January, I went to Sydney to work with Opera Australia Director Roger Press, and professionals Taryn Fiebig and Samuel Dundas. Working in all areas from singing to acting, language and musicianship, the scholarship program was not only an incredible experience, but also improved my performance skills immensely, which were put on show for Opera Australia patrons and professionals in our final recital.

While in Sydney, scholarship winners also saw productions of La Boheme (with Taryn Fiebig as Musetta), Cavalleria Rusticana / Pagliacci (with Samuel Dundas as Silvio), and the opening night production of King Roger, the first Polish opera to be performed in Australia. What little time remained between all of this was spent observing rehearsals, tours of backstage, make up, costume and wig departments and observing performances from the orchestra pit, and perched up above the stage. Really there was nothing we didn't do!

I have received singing lessons through Radford with Alira Prideaux for the past four years, and have taken part in many musicals, choirs and eisteddfods in that time. I plan to continue with my music as I study at ANU, and return for a career in opera once my voice has fully matured.

For more details about the scholarship visit https://opera.org.au/on-tour/regional-tour/student-scholarship.

Are you interested in trying Acrodance classes?

6 February 2017

We are now taking expressions of interest for new Acrodance classes, both junior and senior.

By Danielle White, Director of Movement

We are now taking expressions of interest for new Acrodance classes (for both junior and senior groups).

Junior Acro would be on Wednesdays from 5.30-6.30pm and Senior Acro would be on Thursdays from 6-7pm.

Classes will open when we receive enough interest.

Please read about acrodance below and if this interests you, send me an expression of interest at Danielle.white@radford.act.edu.au.

What is Acrodance?

Acrobatic Dance, or acro as it is commonly referred to by dancers and dance professionals, is the beautiful fusion of classic dance technique and the precision and athleticism of acrobatic elements. Often defined by unique choreography, acro dancers seamlessly blend musicality, emotional expression, line and extension with acrobatic movements in a dance context.

Acro?s roots are in traditional Chinese dance, later appearing as a favoured style on the Vaudeville stage. More recently, acro gained popularity with the widespread success of the contemporary circus productions of Cirque du Soleil. Mainstream media, including dance television programs like ?So You Think You Can Dance?, ?America?s Best Dance Crew? and ?Dance Moms?, have further fuelled its demand in amateur competitive dance and studio settings.

Acro is an especially challenging style for dancers to master as training in both dance and acrobatic elements is required. Acro technique includes balancing, limbering, tumbling and partnering, based in flexibility, contortion and strength.

Radford football news

8 February 2017

Dianne Wilson, Acting Director of Football – Term 1

All you need to know about football trials.

By Dianne Wilson, Acting Director of Football ? Term 1

Football trials (please note there have been recent trial date / time changes for several age groups).

Trial dates ? please see attached flyer (updated)

Radford will look to nominate Division 1 sides in as many age groups as we see fit.

This year Radford is planning to enter U8 teams into a northside-based competition played on Saturday mornings with training sessions to be held on Friday afternoons.

Coerver will once again provide skills sessions and mini games each Saturday at Radford from 9?10am for our K?1 students.

Please ensure you complete the online sports registration form and that your child attends the trials.

Please contact me at Dianne.Wilson@radford.act.edu.au if your child cannot make the trials (failure to do so may cost them a spot in a team); if you wish for your son/daughter to play up an age group or; if your child is currently playing at a higher level that Radford cannot offer (e.g. Premier League).

Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the Radford Sports Policy, below.

Radford Sports Policy
Students are provided with the opportunity to be involved in a variety of sporting activities conducted outside school hours. Participation by students is on a voluntary basis but with the understanding that if a student is involved in a particular sporting activity, which is offered by Radford College, then the student gives priority to participation at the College. That is, students are expected to play for a Radford team.

Exemptions from the Radford Sports Policy are only given when Radford does not have a team participating in a division offered to a student by another club (or representative team playing in the club structure).

Please do not assume that Radford is not providing a team in a particular division or age group prior to discussions with the Director of the sport.

Are you interested in coaching, managing or refereeing? Please contact Dianne.Wilson@radford.act.edu.au for further information.

Join the Beginner Instrumental Program

Calling budding musicians in Years 5, 6 and 7

7 February 2017

Ben Marston, Director of Bands

Have you ever wanted to play in a band? The BIP is the place for you!

By Ben Marston, Director of Bands

What is the Beginner Instrument Program (BIP)
The Beginner Instrumental Program is for students in Years 5, 6 and 7 who would like to learn a concert band instrument.

The program is comparable with the ACT Instrumental Music Program.

At the beginning of the program, students learn to play an instrument in small groups and by the end of it perform as the Beginner Concert Band.

Students are assigned an instrument based on their own preference, the recommendation of a qualified tutor, instrument availability and future needs of the concert band program.

Click here for an example of what we do in BIP

What is a Concert Band instrument?
BIP instruments include: bassoon, clarinet, double bass, euphonium, flute, French horn, oboe, percussion, saxophone (alto, tenor, baritone), trombone, trumpet and tuba.

When are lessons held?
Lessons are held once per week during school terms from 7.30?8.20am on either a Tuesday or Thursday. The specific lesson day is determined by the instrument allocated and will be confirmed once instruments are allocated to students.

How much is the BIP Levy?
The BIP levy is $180 per semester. This includes group lessons, instrument hire and music book.

How do I register for BIP?

  1. Please visit Radford Online (ROL).
  2. Please click on the link found on this page entitled ?Music-for all registrations in music?.
  3. If you require your login details for ROL, please liaise with Radford Helpdesk, help@radford.act.edu.au.

Find further information about the Co-curricular Music and instrumental Studies Program at Radford.

Orienteering representatives

8 February 2017

Radford orienteers continue tradition of representation.

By: Erin Healy, Sports Administrator

Five Radford College students participated in the Australian Schools Championships held last year in Queensland:

  • Andrew Kerr- Junior Boys
  • David Stocks - Junior Boys
  • Noah Poland - Junior Boys
  • Emily Li - Junior Girls
  • Ryan Stocks - Senior Boys

As a result of his performance, Andrew Kerr, a Year 9 student, has now been selected in the Australian Schools Orienteering Team competing in New Zealand this coming April.

Image for article: Lifeline Bookfair

Lifeline Bookfair

9 February 2017

Come along to Exhibition Park for Lifeline's biggest ever Bookfair!


Friday 10 February 2017 9am - 6pm
Saturday 11 February 2017 9am - 5pm
Sunday 12 February 2017 10am - 4pm


EPIC Exhibition Park in Canberra
Budawang & Coorong Pavilions
Corner of Flemington Road and Northbourne Avenue, Mitchell (map)


Books, magazines, games, jigsaws, comics, maps, sheet music, records, CDs, DVDs and more!

We have some exciting news, traditionally games and puzzles aren't availabe until Saturday however, due to the additional space, games and puzzles will now be on sale from Friday!


Entry is by gold coin donation. Parking is free.

Saturday is Family Day with fun activities for the kids.

Lifeline will be collecting donations of non-perishable food again for Communities@Work and their community pantry program, supporting people experiencing hardship in our community - click here for more info - if everyone brings at least one item, we can make a huge difference!

You can pay for your purchases with cash, cheque, credit card (Mastercard or Visa) or EFTPOS.

Visit bookfair website

"Paper Planes" is the movie to be shown at this event

P&F Welcome BBQ/Movie & Reading Challenge celebration

14 February 2017

All families are invited to join us for this event!


Date: Friday, February 17, 2017
Venue: JA Mackinnon Oval
Time: Barbecue from 6.30 pm, Movie starts at 8.00 pm
Food: Barbecue food & bread provided.
BYO: salads, snacks, drinks, folding chairs and picnic rugs.

Games and activities for students.
Looking forward to seeing you there!


Bhavita Patel Memorial Service

Bhavita Patel Memorial Service

A Memorial Service for Bhavita Patel will be held at the Arboreteum this Saturday, 11 Feb 1017 at 6pm. Radford community members are invited to attend. ??Please note that attendees are specifically asked to dress in bright colours - no black attire, please.??Vale Bhavita Patel.

Sun safety

Radford hats compulsory in the Secondary School

The Secondary School has simplified its rulings around the wearing of hats in Terms 1 and 4.

All secondary students, regardless of year level, must wear a Radford hat while outdoors during recess and lunchtimes ? regardless of whether they are in shade or direct sunlight.

All students must wear either a??Radford??bucket or baseball hat??? there are no exceptions to this. Any secondary student not wearing a Radford hat by Monday, 20 February will be issued with one from the Uniform Shop, the cost of which will then be charged to the family account.

Hat-wearing requirements in the Junior School have not changed.??

Languages Department

Seeking hosts for our Language Assistants

The Languages Department is looking for host families for our Language Assistants.

We welcome back Emilie Breuil from France, as well as Mr Toi Murai, who is coming from our sister school in Japan, and two Chinese Assistants from our sister school in Beijing. Each will be staying for six months.

The assistant should have their own bedroom and be close to the school, or near a bus stop for easy access. Radford College will help with board costs.

If you would like to take up the opportunity to host one of our Language Assistants, please email the Head of Languages, Mrs Dianne Fitzpatrick, at??Dianne.fitzpatrick@radford.act.edu.au.

Performing Arts

Years 7-8 Drama Production auditions

In 2017 we will hold a new Years 7-8 Drama Production, which will be performed in Term 2.

Auditions will be held on Wednesday, 8 February, from 4pm?5.30pm, and on Monday, 13 February, from 5pm?6.30pm.

Students will need to sign up outside Room 61 and pick up an audition script.

For more information please contact Mr Nick Akhurst.

Technical Crew co-curricular begins

A reminder that Tech Crew begins this week in Room 61 on Wednesday from 3.40pm-5.00pm.

Please direct any questions to Mr Nick Akhurst at nick.akhurst@radford.act.edu.au.


APFACTS - 8 February 2017

APFACTS is the voice of non-government school parents (Catholic and Independent) in the ACT. For more information, visit our website at www.apfacts.org.au or find us on Facebook at??www.facebook.com/Apfacts

Read the latest newsletter.

APFACTS parent presentations with Dr Justin Coulson

APFACTS have engaged Dr Justin Coulson to present two highly relevant parent presentations for the 8th and 9th March 2017.

Dr Justin Coulson is one of Australia?s most qualified parenting and wellbeing experts. He is a celebrated author, has a Ph.D. in psychology and is well known expert in this field. He regularly appears in the media for expert commentary and will likely be a familiar face. Justin also lives what he promotes, as the father of six girls ranging from 2 to 16. He is down-to-earth and relatable, not afraid to share his personal experiences and learning.

Presentation 1: Parenting Tools to Help Your Adolescent Thrive
Date: ???? Wednesday, 8 March 2017
Time: ???? 7pm-8:30pm
Venue:?? Daramalan College
To book: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/help-your-adolescent-thrive-tickets-31588851104

Presentation 2: Are my children addicted to technology?
Date: ???? Thursday, 9 March 2017
Time: ???? 7pm-8:30pm
Venue:?? Canberra Grammar School
To book: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/are-my-children-addicted-to-technology-tickets-31589124923

APFACTS is thrilled to be working with your school P&F again in 2017.

As a thank you for your schools continued membership, we are offering pre-sale discounted tickets for APFACTS member schools at $20 per ticket (regular price is $25) ahead of opening up ticket sales to general public.

All you need to do when booking your pre-sale ticket is enter the promotional code: Member

We encourage you to secure your ticket as soon as possible as tickets will be made available to the general public in Week 3.