Radford Bulletin Term 1, Week 3 – 15 February 2017

Swimming Carnivals

Secondary School: Wed, 22 February, Junior School: Thu, 23 February @ Big Splash

JS Grandfriends Day

Friday, 10 March, 8am-11am in the Junior School

Staff Insights

Phil O'Regan, Head of Secondary School

The synergy of motivation and challenge - a balancing act

14 February 2017

Belief and will are powerful vehicles in helping students achieve their goals.

A consistent theme I see in students at the outset of each year is a desire and a willingness to do their best ? for some to start afresh, for others to continue with the behaviours and habits that have served them well in their learning and, for a few, to apply new dispositions to their learning.

Belief and will are powerful vehicles in assisting students to achieve their goals. We see it in varying degrees amongst students and know each trait can be amplified through the home and school setting.

The research of Carol Dweck is well recognised in the education setting for its message ? believing that you can improve, fixed and growth mindsets (Mindset ? TED talk) ? and when read together with the work of Angela Lee Duckworth (Grit ? TED talk), which focuses on the power of passion and perseverance, we are reminded of the potential of each child in all of our classrooms. Unlocking this potential can prove quite tricky, rather than instituting universal solutions, we are challenged to unearth the motivation, self-belief and purpose each child brings with them to Radford. We do this through fostering respectful relationships and designing experiences which speak to the interests and passions of students.

Professor Andrew Martin of the University of Sydney offers strategies for parents and educators to recognise and The Learning Pitboost motivation levels by focusing on: self-belief, learning focus, persistence, study management, and planning (motivating students to learn). In the prelude to school commencing Secondary School teachers took part in a learning workshop with Deb Masters, who challenged the staff to construct moments where students wrestle with knowledge and spend time in the ?learning pit? (James Nottingham); a learning focus promoting and enhancing challenge and inquiry.

This concept is not new to teaching, where each day we construct ?pit experiences? for students within our courses and school experiences. We appreciate that struggling with knowledge, then learning to construct new meaning and reflecting on this through application to new contexts consolidates knowledge, though equally importantly develops skills for meeting cognitive conflict in future struggles.

Beyond the classroom, Year 7 Camp is an ideal showcase for instituting pit experiences. Last week I saw students struggle and overcome physical challenge, social and emotional unease and cope with more weather seasons than should be seen in a week (some photos below). The experience of sharing tents, cabins, activities, conversations and meals with people unknown to you can be daunting and a good deal of uncertainty can prevail. The Tutors and group leaders skilfully navigated this space and it was once again delightful to see how so many students made new friendships and relationships with peers inside and out of their Year 7 Tutor groups.

As we commence the year I remind you the College has also secured access for students and parents to a study skills website (username: radfordcollege / password: 95success) which provides useful strategies and ideas to assist with supporting your child as they prepare for the year ahead. In particular, there is a highly useful section focusing on working at home, examining the key areas of: organisation, time management, workload, distractions, procrastination, balance and stress.

In building on our theme of connections this year I am pleased to announce the launch of the Inter-House Lunch Challenge, a voluntary activities program across the Secondary School. Students across year groups and within their Houses will battle it out in STEM and Master Chef challenges, spelling bees, Theatresports and a number of sports activities throughout the year.

Continuing to develop new relationships with peers within the House and outside of the immediate friendship group is important to maintaining a feeling of connection and positive self-esteem. We offer so many vehicles for this at the College through the Performing and Creative Arts, Service, Sports, outdoor education and clubs experiences and I encourage your child to engage whole heartedly as the benefits can be life changing.

Some photos from Year 7 Camp

Image for article: Chaplain's reflection: Being awoken, part II

Chaplain's reflection: Being awoken, part II

14 February 2017

The Royal Falcon and the bird keeper ? continuing from last week's reflection.

The royal court employed a new bird keeper, but they didn?t do a thorough background check. The only bird he knew was a pigeon. So when he came upon the royal falcon, he said, ?what a strange pigeon!?

Taking out the royal bird grooming kit, he proceeded to trim its feathers, claws, and finally the beak.

When finished he said, ?There. Done.? And under his breath, ?that last bird keeper sure neglected his work!?

This story is better told by Anthony de Mello who concludes it with the quip: ?You are so different, there is something wrong with you!?

Being awoken means understanding our inclination to make others into the images we have for them. We can do this with our spouses, partners, children. Ultimately it is an act experienced as violence.

Be awake: we all too easily do the same to God. We trim down ?God? into the image of our making ? and no more are we dealing with God.

In Micah Chapter 6, when stories of God?s gracious acts of liberation are remembered, the crucial question comes, ?what does the Lord require of us??

The people reply, seemingly in a panic: ?A sacrifice of year-old calves? Thousands of rams? Ten thousand rivers of oil?? This poetic hyperbole ends in the offer of human sacrifice: ?Does the Lord demand the sacrifice of our first born??

See again our inclination to project our own images onto God? If we see violence in God, we look not at God, but a mirror. The inclination for blood is in us. Listen then to what God requires. It is all that is required. Remember the liberating work of God and

act justly,

love tenderly

and walk humbly with your God.

(Micah 6:6-8 ? a profound summary of Old Testament spirituality.)

O God, whose face of justice and loving kindness is seen clearly in Jesus: you embrace us as we are. In receipt of your loving kindness, help us love others as you do us. May our desire to trim (and do violence to) others turn into an ever increasing capacity for justice, loving kindness and humble attention to you Lord. Amen.



Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

JS News: 15 February 2017

14 February 2017

The Reading Challenge, uniform reminders and announcing our Year 6 Leaders.

Dates to remember

I trust we are all enjoying a change in our temperatures to start our school year. Our staff and students have handled the extreme conditions very well. In fact, we have started our school year extremely well. I always say that you get a sense of a school by the 'buzz' that is apparent ? a feeling of things happening. I know our staff are really happy with our commencement, and we all know it takes all of us working as a community for this to happen.

Reading Challenge
We are close to celebrating another successful Reading Challenge. I am (partially) looking forward to Friday evening and the chance to see our families celebrating their children's efforts. It will be great to see parents dressing as characters of their child's choice, or wearing a hat decorated by their children, not to mention seeing our staff members, including our Principal, parading in hats decorated by their classes.

I am thankful the weather is predicted to be a lot cooler than last Friday, but I remain concerned about sharing the oval with our kangaroos that evening, and donning another silly costume.

I hope we are able to come together, even if for a short time, this Friday, starting at 6.30pm.

A quick message/reminder regarding some elements of our uniform:

  • Socks for summer uniform are as follows:
    • Girls and boys P?4 ? ankle-length, navy blue
    • Girls 5?6 ? White ankle-length socks (or grey ankle-length if wearing shorts)
    • Boys 5?6 ? Grey ankle-length socks
  • As a SunSmart school we do not wear baseball caps. Caps have been introduced into our Secondary School this year, but the Junior School policy has not changed. Students are to wear broad-brimmed school hats only.
  • Black shoes for Years P?4 are sports shoe style (available from Athlete's Foot), meaning we do not have to change shoes for PE.
  • Year 5/6 sports uniform is as follows:
    • House polo shirt (to be worn for all intra-school carnivals ? swimming, cross country, athletics, Foundation Day and as directed by the Head of School)
    • Radford PE polo shirt
    • Radford navy shorts with embroidered 'R'
    • Radford navy track pants with embroidered 'R' and Radford track top (optional)
    • White ankle-length socks and cross trainers or runners
  • If students don't have these items, they must wear their normal school uniform to school on the days they have PE.

Year 6 Leaders
Our Year 6 Leadership process, which commenced last year on Year 5 Camp, has been completed. I firstly thank and acknowledge Mrs Marina Malcolm, our Assistant Head of Junior School, Years 3?6, and her wonderful oversight of this process. Marina provided workshops, speakers, camp programs, challenges and a friendly sounding board for all our Year 6 girls and boys.

In reviewing results of the student voting, I was very impressed with the closeness of the results, clearly indicating a tight-knit Year 6 group and serious consideration of votes.

Having said that, I want to sincerely acknowledge all our Year 6 students who put themselves out there, who nominated, who took action.

Our Year 6 Leaders for 2017 are as follows:

Rishabh Bahl

Sarah Quilty

Kaitlyn Quade

Ellie Maglasis

Robert Wilkinson

Angelina Fei

Lilly Chapman

Hunter Jolly

Anneke Van Der Vyver

Josephine Truswell

Eloise Flynn

Sterling Notley

Joey Slater

Wynter O?Regan

Leo Jennett

Kaitlin Barsby

Jake Smith Gibson

Mia Witheford

Spencer Musgrove

Sacha Zerger

Chris Kalogeropoulos

Claire Reid

Charlotte Taylor

Shyam Arravelly

Finally, I must acknowledge the strong start our Outside Hours School Care team has made this year. Under the combined leadership of Ms Heidi Norton, Years 1?6, and Ms Rachelle Hayward, Years PK/K, we have a great group of engaged staff who work so very hard with our tireless student troops each and every day, creating a warm and happy completion of busy days.

Hope to see you on Friday!

"Paper Planes" is the movie to be shown at this event

P&F Welcome BBQ/Movie & Reading Challenge celebration

14 February 2017

All families are invited to join us for this event!


Date: Friday, February 17, 2017
Venue: JA Mackinnon Oval
Time: Barbecue from 6.30 pm, Movie starts at 8.00 pm
Food: Barbecue food & bread provided.
BYO: salads, snacks, drinks, folding chairs and picnic rugs.

Games and activities for students.
Looking forward to seeing you there!

The Central Australia Tour is 'a broadening and memorable experience'.

Years 7 and 8 Central Australia Cultural Awareness Tour

14 February 2017

Kylie Rose, Head of Year 8

Express your interest today for this 7-day tour from Uluru to Alice Springs.

By Kylie Rose, Head of Year 8

  • 2017 Central Australia Tour: 7-day outback tour ? Uluru to Alice Springs
  • When: Monday, 26 June ? Sunday, 2 July 2017 (July holidays)
  • Numbers: 22 students from Years 7/8, plus two staff members
  • Approximate cost: $2400

The 2017 Cultural Awareness Tour will be Radford's fourth annual trip to the Northern Territory and will focus on engaging with local Anangu people of the central desert who believe 'culture should be fun, with a mixture of listening, learning, leg-work and laughter'.

The aims of the tour are:

  • To give students opportunities to meet with and hear stories from Indigenous elders and thereby begin to develop a sense of the traditional Indigenous story. In this way students have some real background, which provides a foundation for later experiences.
  • To provide opportunities for students to participate in community development programs and activities
  • To inspire students about their country
  • To develop self-esteem, take personal responsibility, co-operate with and respect the needs of others
  • To extend their personal horizons through greater appreciation and understanding of the world and people around them
  • To provide opportunities to mix with students from different year levels.

The following email is typical of the response received from a parent on their child's return from the tour.
'Our daughter came home full of amazing stories and experiences, a mountain of information in her head, and a sense of inspiration and wonder at what is out there in our country. The trip more than met our hopes for her to have a broadening and memorable experience. She also seems to have formed some close bonds with other students, including Year 8s, which I think will stay with them as a group having shared special experiences.'

Expressions of interest for the 2017 tour open on Wednesday, 15th February.

For further information, please contact: Kylie.Rose@radford.act.edu.au.

Years 7 and 8 students on this unforgettable week-long tour.

The five Creative Arts Subject Captains pose with their teachers.

Creative Arts for all

14 February 2017

Amanda Andlee Poland, Head of Creative Arts

Our Creative Arts Subject Captains introduce themselves.

By Amanda Andlee Poland, Head of Creative Arts

Subject Captains for the new Creative Arts Department in 2017 are already planning events and working with the staff in Creative Arts to share their passion and interest in these creative and rigorous subjects.

Below, the students introduce themselves.

Visual Art ? Mia Garland and Oliver Golding
Hi, my name is Mia Garland and I am looking forward to being a Visual Art Subject Captain along with Oliver Golding in 2017. This year we aim to create more awareness for the subject of Visual Arts, and creative subjects as a whole. We do not want to just be promoting what is offered in school, but also out of school as a career or even as a hobby to get away from commercialised life. If you have any suggestions of ways in which we could promote Visual Art amongst year groups, please email me or come and chat. ? Mia

Photography ? Hugo Webster
As Subject Captain of Photography for 2017, I, Hugo Webster, hope to help show the Creative Arts Department in its best light, promoting and demonstrating what can be done with photography to students, parents and teachers alike. This year I will try to work towards getting students in the younger years (Years 7 and 8) more aware of the subject and demonstrating what opportunities could be had were they to choose this subject, as well as maintaining and strengthening the connection with the older years. If you would like to get in contact with me or have any ideas, please email me. I will also be available at the upcoming Year 7 2018 Information Night, where we are setting up a photo shoot in the studio. ? Hugo

Media ? Sarah Depta and Lara Franks
We've both been studying media for two years and we are very dedicated to it. We're excited to start to promote it through setting up programs that involve and interest students, particularly younger students. Some of our ideas include competitions and viewing nights involving discussions about film. We want to get students to take interest and learn about different forms and parts of media such as animation, camera technique, acting, sound, music, pre-production and editing. We have fantastic facilities and we would love to share it with students no matter how big or small their interest in media. We would love to build a community of students that create and share their films. Media is a fantastic subject and we would love to engage the Radford community. ? Sarah and Lara

Creative Arts staff are looking forward to working with the Subject Captains over the year. The photograph above is the first collaborative activity for the teachers and Subject Captains, to let you all know who we are. The photo will also be displayed on the notice board by the new Creative Arts office door, next to Room 16.

Radford football news

8 February 2017

Dianne Wilson, Acting Director of Football – Term 1

All you need to know about football trials.

By Dianne Wilson, Acting Director of Football ? Term 1

Football trials (please note there have been recent trial date / time changes for several age groups).

Trial dates ? please see attached flyer (updated)

Radford will look to nominate Division 1 sides in as many age groups as we see fit.

This year Radford is planning to enter U8 teams into a northside-based competition played on Saturday mornings with training sessions to be held on Friday afternoons.

Coerver will once again provide skills sessions and mini games each Saturday at Radford from 9?10am for our K?1 students.

Please ensure you complete the online sports registration form and that your child attends the trials.

Please contact me at Dianne.Wilson@radford.act.edu.au if your child cannot make the trials (failure to do so may cost them a spot in a team); if you wish for your son/daughter to play up an age group or; if your child is currently playing at a higher level that Radford cannot offer (e.g. Premier League).

Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the Radford Sports Policy, below.

Radford Sports Policy
Students are provided with the opportunity to be involved in a variety of sporting activities conducted outside school hours. Participation by students is on a voluntary basis but with the understanding that if a student is involved in a particular sporting activity, which is offered by Radford College, then the student gives priority to participation at the College. That is, students are expected to play for a Radford team.

Exemptions from the Radford Sports Policy are only given when Radford does not have a team participating in a division offered to a student by another club (or representative team playing in the club structure).

Please do not assume that Radford is not providing a team in a particular division or age group prior to discussions with the Director of the sport.

Are you interested in coaching, managing or refereeing? Please contact Dianne.Wilson@radford.act.edu.au for further information.

Image for article: Radford RaPPers update

Radford RaPPers update

14 February 2017

Deborah Robinson, Radford RaPPers Coordinator

This term with RaPPers ? dates to put in your diary.

By Deborah Robinson, Radford RaPPers Coordinator

RaPPers is a network of Christian parents who pray for the school, support the Chaplains and host a variety of social events throughout the year.

Term 1 activities
We are looking to pray at 8am in the Radford College Chapel on Friday mornings.

We are also planning a welcome dinner for families on Thursday 2nd March:

  • Time: 6pm for 6.30pm until 8pm
  • Place: The Pavilion at Radford College
  • What to bring: some dinner to share

Whilst we have some great social events, our main focus is to pray for all the students and staff at Radford. We warmly welcome any Christians who are interested in praying for the school to join us or let us know of any prayer requests.

For more information, please contact Deb Robinson on 0432 322 797 or darobinson@grapevine.com.au.

Junior and Intermediates netball trials begin next week.

Sports report - 15 February 2017

14 February 2017

Bernadette Leger, Sports Administrator

NSW Rowing State Championships, winter sports registrations, swimming carnivals and netball trials

New South Wales Rowing State Championships ? 12 February 2017Our rowers performed extremely well at the State Championships
By Vicky Spencer, Coach Senior Girls

A weekend of extreme weather forecasts saw much of the NSW State Rowing Championships racing cancelled or compacted.

The reduced temperature on Sunday allowed four of the Radford Senior Girls squad to travel to Sydney for the day and compete in small boats. Annie Creer (Year 11) won the heat of the Schoolgirl Single Scull comfortably to progress to the final, along with Lisa Seberry (Year 12), where they finished 5th and 8th respectively. The girls then joined Nikki Greenland (Year 11) and Emma Harper (Year 12) to compete in the Schoolgirl Double scull event, with both crews finishing second in their heats.

Competition stepped up in the final with a race for the podium, Nikki and Emma had a close encounter with the buoy line in the first 500 metres. They worked hard through the middle of the race but couldn't quite catch the leading crews, finishing in 5th place.

Annie and Lisa stayed with the race leaders comfortably, holding second place throughout to win a Silver medal, two lengths behind Kinross Wolaroi.

Junior and Intermediate netball trials
By Brent Larkham, Head of Sport

Junior and Intermediates netball trials will be held this week and next week. Details below:

  • Intermediate netball trials (for those aged 13-15 years) will be held on Wednesday 15 February from 3:45pm?5:45pm on the outdoor netball courts and also on Sunday, 26 February in the indoor courts from 12pm?2pm. Please arrive 10 minutes early to sign in.
  • Junior netball trials (for those aged 11?12 years) will be held on Thursday, 16 February from 3:45pm?5:45pm on the outdoor netball courts, and also on Sunday, 26 February in the indoor courts from 9am?11am. Please arrive 10 minutes early for sign in.

Winter sports registrations

By Bernadette Leger, Sports Administrator

Registrations for the upcoming winter season have now closed, however if would still like to register your child for a sport over the winter season please contact the directors of that sport directly and they will register your child.

Football (Soccer) and Snowsports ? please contact Di Wilson at Dianne.Wilson@radford.act.edu.au or 6162 6267

Netball, Rugby, Orienteering and Chess ? Please contact Brent Larkham at Brent.Larkham@radford.act.edu.au or 6180 1090

Basketball and Student Bootcamp ? please contact Bernie Leger at Bernadette.leger@radford.act.edu.au or 6180 3082

Swimming Carnival information
By Bernadette Leger, Sports Administrator

The annual Radford Swimming Carnivals will be held next week for both the secondary School and Junior School campuses. Both carnivals will be held at Big Splash, Jamison.

The Secondary School Swimming Carnival (Years 7?12) will be held on Wednesday, 22 February.
The Junior School Swimming Carnival (Years 1?6) will be held on Thursday, 23 February.

If there are any Junior School parents who would like to help out at the Junior School Swimming Carnival, please contact me at Bernadette.leger@radford.act.edu.au.

Student achievement ? orienteering
Noah Poland (Year 11) has been selected for a national orienteering team ? the Australian New Zealand Challenge.

He is one of only three males in the 16 and under category across Australia.


Student achievements

Congratulations Noah Poland

Noah Poland (Year 11) has been selected for a national orienteering team ? the Australian New Zealand Challenge.

He is one of only three males in the 16 and under category selected across Australia.

Well done, Noah!

Sun safety

Radford hats compulsory in the Secondary School

The Secondary School has simplified its rulings around the wearing of hats in Terms 1 and 4.

All secondary students, regardless of year level, must wear a Radford hat while outdoors during recess and lunchtimes ? regardless of whether they are in shade or direct sunlight.

All students must wear either a??Radford??bucket or baseball hat??? there are no exceptions to this. Any secondary student not wearing a Radford hat by Monday, 20 February will be issued with one from the Uniform Shop, the cost of which will then be charged to the family account.

Hat-wearing requirements in the Junior School have not changed.??

Save the date

Years 7?10 Social has been cancelled

This event has ben cancelled.

Languages Department

Seeking hosts for our Language Assistants

The Languages Department is looking for host families for our Language Assistants.

We welcome back Emilie Breuil from France, as well as Mr Toi Murai, who is coming from our sister school in Japan, and two Chinese Assistants from our sister school in Beijing. Each will be staying for six months.

The assistant should have their own bedroom and be close to the school, or near a bus stop for easy access. Radford College will help with board costs.

If you would like to take up the opportunity to host one of our Language Assistants, please email the Head of Languages, Mrs Dianne Fitzpatrick, at??Dianne.fitzpatrick@radford.act.edu.au.

School Sport ACT

SSACT Bulletin 28 June 2017

School Sport ACT (SSACT) is the peak body for School Sport delivery in the ACT.

SSACT actively promotes school sport for all ACT students through the support of regional, state and national representative opportunities and pathways.

View the latest SSACT Bulletin.


APFACTS - 15 February 2017

APFACTS is the voice of non-government school parents (Catholic and Independent) in the ACT. For more information, visit our website at www.apfacts.org.au or find us on Facebook at??www.facebook.com/Apfacts

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