Radford Bulletin Term 1, Week 5 – 1 March 2017

JS Presentation - Dr Judith Locke

Thursday, 2 March, 6pm, RA Young Hall

Y7-Y10 Social

Friday, 17 March, TB Millar Hall, 7-9pm

Staff Insights

Fiona Godfrey, Principal

From the Principal

28 February 2017

Swimming carnivals, Round Square opportunities, NAPLAN Online, IB DP candidacy and dealing with pick-up and drop-off congestion.

The first two of the major House events for 2017 were run last week, with the Secondary School Swimming Carnival conducted on Wednesday and the Junior School following on Thursday. It was very pleasing to note that there were high levels of student participation and strong competition at both an individual and House level on both days. I have no doubt the very warm weather helped boost student involvement as they looked to get some respite from the heat in the water.

While it is great to see the students fiercely competing for their themselves and their House, one of the other Taking part and cooling off at the Secondary School Swimming Carnivalgreat aspects of the House carnivals is the way the students from various year levels interact with each other within their House. At events such as the Swimming Carnival, it is not unusual to see Year 12s cheering on a Year 7 or 8 student, or a Year 10 student assisting a Junior School student in the pool. This common bond of House membership can bring students together in a way that is not often mirrored in daily school interactions.

We are constantly looking for ways to further enhance the House system because we know it gives students a genuine vertical experience and allows them to belong to a group outside of their year level. Although the involvement in competitive sport is an important part of these sporting carnivals, there are many other social benefits attributable to these days.

I would like to thank the Sports Department, led by Mr Brent Larkham and assisted by Ms Bernie Leger, for the work they did to make both days such a resounding success.

Radford?s involvement in Round Square

Radford College has been a Round Square member school for over a decade and during that time the global membership of Round Square has markedly increased. There are now 160 schools engaged with Round Square worldwide either as Member Schools or as Candidate Schools and together they represent a student capacity in excess of 120,000.

So, what is Round Square and what does it offer our school?

Round Square is a UK-registered charity that promotes in young people a commitment, beyond academic merit,Students visiting Malaysia for a 2016 Round Square conference. to personal growth and responsibility through service to others and through practical, experiential learning. It aims to help students prepare for life by having them face it head-on and experience it in ways that demand courage, generosity, imagination, principle and resolution.

The organisation and its philosophy have evolved from the teachings and beliefs of the renowned educationalist, Kurt Hahn. He believed that given the appropriate set of circumstances and the correct attitude, young men and women could discover their own inner strength and an understanding of the physical and social world around them.

Round Square schools share a holistic approach to learning built around six IDEALS of learning. The pillars around which the IDEALS are structured are:

Round Square logo







Membership of the Round Square network offers schools a framework for excellence and continuous improvement, along with structured opportunities to collaborate and share experiences with like-minded peers around the world. At a student level, it provides an opportunity for students from Year 5 upwards to be involved in conferences (local, regional and international), from Year 8 upwards to be involved in (local, regional and international) exchanges and from Year 10 upwards to be involved in service projects, quite often with other local and regional schools. Staff of Round Square member schools also have the opportunity to attend Round Square conferences, be involved in exchanges and take part in service projects.

This year there will be a number of very exciting opportunities for students to be involved in Round Square activities. Please see Ms Kath Notley?s article in this Bulletin, detailing those activities, the relevant age groups and the associated costs. I encourage all students to consider being involved in at least one Round Square activity whilst they are a student at Radford College.

Implementation of NAPLAN Online

At the December 2016 Education Council Meeting, Ministers from around the country reviewed progress with the NAPLAN Onlinetransition to NAPLAN Online, noting developments in refining and testing the Online Assessment platform and test items to ensure a smooth transition from pen and paper to online testing. In 2017, schools will commence their transition to NAPLAN Online in the ACT, SA, Vic, Qld and WA.

It was agreed at that meeting that for the time being schools in all states and territories will continue to conduct Year 3 writing using pen and paper, including those of us transitioning to NAPLAN Online, while further research is undertaken into the effect of conducting Year 3 writing testing online.

The work that we have undertaken during the August 2016 Platform Trial and Readiness Test (PTRT) has provided us with a better understanding of the implications for us as we transition to NAPLAN Online. At this stage, we are confident that all has been done to fully prepare the College to take on NAPLAN Online in May this year.

A public demonstration site has been made available online to all schools and the Australian public at www.nap.edu.au/online-assessment/naplan-online/napan-online-public-demonstration-site. I encourage parents to have a look at this site.

Candidate School for the IB Diploma Program

During the holiday period the College received notification that our application to become a Candidate School for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program had been accepted. This means we will now move in a two-year Candidate Phase, where the College will be required to take a range of actions necessary to fulfil the IB requirements for authorisation.

Over this period:

  • We will have access to the IB online curriculum centre, a website rich with IB publications and teacher support materials, as well as online forums that engage IB teachers from around the world;
  • The teachers who will eventually teach the IB DP must attend specified IB-recognised professional development activities;
  • The College will receive the support of the IB, its relevant IB regional office (which is in Singapore), and an assigned consultant from the IB educator network, who has been fully trained according to global IB policies.

IB logoThroughout the candidate phase, the consultant will customise support and advice based on information provided in the current IB publications and his or her professional knowledge of the program.

At the end of the consultation process, the school will receive a report from the consultant which will summarise the progress we have made towards meeting the requirements for authorisation and provide feedback on our readiness to apply for authorisation. While the College will ultimately choose when it is ready to apply for authorisation, the consultant?s feedback and guidance will be strongly considered in making this important decision. At this stage, it is envisaged that the College should be in a position to offer the IB DP by 2020.

Drop offs and pick ups

As detailed in my announcement last week, the College has made traffic management and flow and parking on the campus one of the highest priorities for the architects and traffic engineers working on the Master Plan. When the Master Plan is eventually released, I am confident our community will see that these challenges have been factored in and will be systematically addressed over time. However, in the meantime I believe it is important to look at ways to alleviate the traffic congestion around the campus, particularly at the peak times of morning (8.10?8.35am) and afternoon (3.15?3.45pm).

In speaking with a number of people who regularly monitor traffic flow at the peak times, the most obvious option to address the congestion is to encourage more drivers to use the pick-up and drop-off area off College Street. It is largely underutilised in both the morning and the afternoon and provides a very short walk to classrooms, particularly for students in Years 5?10.

I would strongly encourage parents to consider this option rather than queuing to gain access to the Haydon Drive or College Street entrances.

Artist's impression of the modular classrooms to accommodate increased student numbers in the Junior School.

Principal's message to prospective Junior School parents

1 March 2017

Exciting plans for additional places in Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten from 2019.

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

I am writing to inform you of an exciting development at Radford.

The Radford College Strategic Plan: A Vision for the Future 2016 ? 2020, includes a key objective to review the optimal size of the College to ensure better learning outcomes whilst maintaining a strong College ethos and spirit. To this end, the College has, for some time, been reviewing the entry points for enrolments into the school.

Following this review, the College has now decided to open our enrolments in the Junior School and offer four streams (classes) of students from Pre-Kindergarten, beginning in 2018.

From next year, we will have four classes of students in both Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten and in 2019, that intake will be extended so that we will have four classes all through the Junior School. This decision means by 2019 we will have an additional 176 students in the Junior School, bringing the total population to 736 students.

The rationale for increasing the intake from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 2 is compelling and takes into account the academic, social, and emotional needs of our students, as well as key organisational and logistical considerations for the College.

When the Junior School first opened in 2008, it had two streams of students at each year level from Pre-Kindergarten through to Year 4, increasing to four streams in Years 5 and 6. Then in 2009, the College jointly funded the construction of the Gold Room (Year 4) with the Federal Government, as part of the Building the Education Revolution (BER) program, allowing a four-stream intake to start from Year 3.

Key reasons for replacing the Year 3 intake with Pre-Kindergarten intakes are:

o Year 3 is not a typical intake year and requires students to move schools after only three years at Primary school;

o The intake of students at an earlier age allows them to understand and adapt to the Radford classroom and playground expectations, before habits and mindsets are formed;

o The Attitudes and Learner Profile elements of the IB Framework are adopted by the children at an early age and do not have to be re-taught to half the cohort at a later stage;

o Having four classes from the beginning of Pre-Kindergarten allows for a greater spread of friendships;

o Increased numbers at Pre-Kindergarten to Year 2 gives greater opportunities for students to be involved in co-curricular activities;

o The Browning Early Learning Centre is a purpose-built facility for children of pre-school age. It therefore makes sense that the ELC building is only used by Pre-Kindergarten students;

o Children from Kindergarten onwards are of school age and should have the opportunity to mix socially with older children on a regular basis. Moving the Kindergarten students from the ELC to the Junior School will facilitate these opportunities; and

o The College has enviably long waiting lists and regularly has to deal with very disappointed parents who cannot gain places for their children.

The increase in student numbers in 2018 and 2019 will require additional classrooms and facilities, to be introduced in two stages.

Stage 1 is detailed in the yet-to-be-released College Master Plan and includes a tastefully-designed series of modular classrooms, including teacher facilities and a large break out space for one of the year levels, which will be located up the hill behind the Blue and Red Classrooms. An architect?s impression of the classrooms is shown below.

Stage 2 will accommodate the extra students in 2019, and see a similar space to the current Year 4 classrooms (Gold Room), built during 2018. This new building will be on the opposite, or westerly aspect of the quadrangle. Further details of this, and other projects contained in the Master Plan, will be released as soon as practically possible.

Increasing student numbers in the Junior School will obviously have an adverse effect on traffic management and flow, and parking on the campus. This issue has been one of the highest priorities for architects and traffic engineers who have been working on the Master Plan. When the Master Plan is finally released, I am confident that community members will see that these challenges have been factored in and will be systematically addressed over time.

I firmly believe that this is an exciting and progressive decision for Radford College and we trust you will share our enthusiasm. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me or Paul Southwell.

Yours sincerely


Fiona Godfrey


Image for article: Chaplain's reflection: Ash Wednesday

Chaplain's reflection: Ash Wednesday

27 February 2017

Today marks Christians? intentional journey to Easter following Jesus.

Myuran Sukumaran's self-portraitRecently I attended an exhibition of Myuran Sukumaran?s art work at Campbelltown Arts Centre (http://c-a-c.com.au/myuran-sukumaran-another-day-in-paradise/).

It is truly remarkable. I was not prepared for its intensity ? equal parts stunning beauty and naked horror. As one of the Bali 9, he approached his death through art. His portrait for Joko Widodo included the phrase: ?people can change?. Myuran?s humanity, heart, mastery, vulnerability, openness is apparent. Myuran literally laid bare his heart.

Today is Ash Wednesday. This day marks Christians? intentional journey to Easter following Jesus. Traditionally it is a time for fasting, spiritual disciplines and focussed biblical studies. The prayer is that our heart would grow, even change; that we can increasingly be awake to the fragility of life, its beauty, and waste no more time on anything that does not surrender ourselves to the love of God and neighbour. This journey puts us face forward with God?s judgment. The remarkable thing is, when we meet God as God is, we discover God?s judgment is love; a love which redeems, salves, heals and makes whole.

From the Ash Wednesday service comes this phrase:

From dust you have come and to dust you shall return.

Do not be afraid. Look to Jesus who transforms death.

Choose life.

The choices that led Myuran to a Bali gaol are not the ones of which he is most proud. When there, his testimony is that he would have been happy to spend the rest of his days in gaol, painting and engaged in the rehabilitation of other prisoners. The Lenten journey is to confront us with ourselves. Any desire for transformation in the world at large must come first with our own transformation. Or as James Martin whispers: ?What is the one thing in your life that prevents you from following God more fully? Hear Jesus say to you today, ?Let go of it?.?

In our post-truth world of alt facts and alt responsibilities, the Christian church is challenged to live ever more fully into our identity. Ash Wednesday and Lent is a clue: our identity is in Christ, the suffering servant whose harshest word is love.

As the recent Bourke Street madness or the endless domestic violence terror declares, whatever we fear, it is already among us. No wall or really, really seriously extreme vetting will save us from ourselves. So when we look for change, let it begin with us. Jesus, let your love fill our hearts with a love for you and this world. Amen.


Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

JS News: 1 March 2017

1 March 2017

Swimming Carnival ? just another day of learning!

Dates to Remember

  • Thursday, 2 March Dr Judith Locke presentation
  • Thursday, 9 March Year 5 science incursion
  • Friday, 10 March JS Grandfriends Day
  • Monday, 13 March Canberra Day public holiday

As our students in Years 1-6 all know, Swimming Carnival day was not my favourite day when I was a young boy. In fact, I didn?t compete in swimming carnivals throughout my school years. I didn?t think I could win, and therefore chose to watch and play it safe. I would wait until the Athletics Carnival later in the year, to show how good I was.

I missed a great deal of learning by choosing to watch. I didn?t know it then, but I could have learnt so much by competing. Skills I could so easily bring to the classroom!

Last Thursday presented us with another very warm Junior School Swimming Carnival day.

Leading up to the day, I, along with so many other staff within our College, had talked to our girls and boys about being involved, about not being a ?Mr Southwell who just watched?, about looking after themselves, about watching and modelling others (whether student or staff), about building a sense of belonging to a House, and about learning how to win and lose and seeing both for what they are.
I know most schools today do this as well, and therefore as always, we pushed the day as an opportunity to ?live? our values and not simply ?laminate? them.

There is something special about carnival days in our school.

The day commenced very, very early with staff volunteering to set up, ensuring we had the sun cover needed for such a warm day.

Throughout the day, as a staff member marshalling swimmers, I observed the following:

  • An overwhelming number of students putting themselves into races, rather than pulling out of races. Of all the schools I?ve worked at, Radford is the only one where I have seen this!
  • Swimmers, whether individually or as an entire race group, applauding and congratulating each other for having a go. Even to the extent of wading back to cheer others to the line.
  • Our Year 10 students swimming with some competitors to help them reach the finish.
  • Students going out of their way to congratulate those who won events.
  • Staff putting themselves on additional rotations to ensure every student had the chance to be involved in races or novelties or slides (all differing challenges for different students).
  • House chants mirroring our seniors? and giving our first sense of being part of a larger group at Radford.
  • Years 1 and 2 students stepping into the carnival arena, supported by our staff and parents, watching and engaging with much laughter and cheering.
  • Word coming through from our ELC that our Pre K and K students were having as much fun as our staff at our ELC Beach and Boardies day!
  • Parents helping throughout the day, whether supporting by voice or hand.
  • House points being earned across all year levels with our older students modelling how we do things at our school.
  • On a warm, warm day, students drinking plenty of water, wearing their hats and putting on plenty of sunscreen all day, looking after themselves.
  • Most importantly, students facing disappointment with resilience and success with humility.

In fact, I was so overwhelmed that I entered the staff race (finished a long last)!

Carnivals can give us that ?real life? opportunity to build a positive mindset ? a mindset that can learn from mistakes, can take in that we need to prepare for challenges, that things are not always easy, and that working together can help us all. Something a younger Paul Southwell could have benefitted from.

Mr Gilbert De Greeve with Elective Music students

Internationally renowned pianist and music educator visits Radford

27 February 2017

Nicola Bartasek, Director of Co-curricular Music

Gilbert De Greeve spends time working with Elective Music students.

By Nicola Bartasek, Director of Co-curricular Music

Last Tuesday, renowned pianist and music educator Gilbert De Greeve spent the morning at Radford working with Elective Music students from Years 10?12.

Mr De Greeve is the former Director Emeritus at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp in Belgium, former director of the State Music Academy of Antwerp and past-president of the International Kodály Society, based in Budapest, Hungary.

He is spending a month in Australia giving concerts, presenting at conferences and working with music students around the country.

He spent time discussing with Year 10 early 20th century music and in particular the different compositional approaches of Kodaly and Bartok. Year 11 were treated to his insights on composing and arranging in a World Music setting, while Year 12, who are beginning their Australian Music compositions, discussed the importance of inspiration in composition and having a direction and plan at the beginning of the composition process.

Mr Gilbert De Greeve with Elective Music students

Round Square helps students experience life in ways that demand courage, generosity, imagination, principle and resolution.

Round Square opportunities

28 February 2017

By Kathleen Notley, Round Square Representative

Round Square activities and projects open and available to Radford College students

By Kathleen Notley, Round Square Representative

The following activities and projects are open and available to Radford College students.

Information will become available to students via Radford Online Notifications and further information can be obtained by emailing Kathleen.notley@radford.act.edu.au.

RS Big Build Project ? Vietnam (ages 16?18) 9?22 December 2017

This International Service Project will see 50 students from across the world working with the local community in Na Mon, Vietnam, to build a water dam.

This work will help improve the local farming infrastructure and will help to store water in the dry season and drain water during monsoon season. Participants will take it in turns to be Student Leaders during the project, taking responsibility for the organisation of the day, briefing their peers, giving an overview of safety and risk management and organising rosters to help with different chores at camp.

Students will be given feedback by their peers and the adult leaders, and will all receive a personal report after the trip.

All participants will:

  • have the opportunity to lead a truly international team;
  • develop their problem-solving, presentation, facilitating and communication skills;
  • grow in self-confidence, personal responsibility and self-awareness; and
  • test and hone their management and negotiation skills.

RSIS Regional Conference Mongolia (ages 13?15) 21?28 September 2017

The International School of Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia, is delighted to be hosting this year?s Round Square Regional Conference.

Radford College is working with Scotch Oakburn College in Launceston to send a joint delegation to this conference and propose departing Australia for Beijing and then travel on the Trans Mongolian Railway to Mongolia?s capital.

Students will be joined by delegations from other schools in our region and will experience a wide range of adventurous activities and cultural events in order to build an understanding of the Round Square IDEALs and each other.

A letter outlining the proposed travel details and costs will be available later this week via Radford Online.

RSIS Regional Conference Malaysia (ages 10?12) TBC November 2017

After the overwhelming success of the conference hosted by Epsom College in November 2016, the College, located in Kuala Lumpur, is delighted to be hosting an additional conference for students in Year 5 and 6 in November this year.

The conference will be based on the theme of ?Challenge by Choice?, and delegates are encouraged to achieve their goals and conquer their fears whilst learning about and appreciating another culture.

Students will travel to Kuala Lumpur to undertake two days of sightseeing before proceeding to the conference venue located in the Malaysian wilderness.

RSIS International Conference South Africa (Ages 16?18)

Please see the separate article in this week?s Bulletin for further information and links to this conference. Limited spots available.

Bursaries on offer

Round Square is currently offering bursaries of up to £1,000 (approximately AUD$1620) each to students from Round Square Schools to take part in:

These bursaries are intended to support the participation of those students whose financial circumstances mean that they could not otherwise access the events.

Year 8 Round Square Regional Exchanges

Students in Year 8 are able to go on a two-week reciprocal exchange in Semester 2 with other Round Square schools in our region. A range of schools from locations such as Alice Springs, Geraldton, Cairns and Singapore have expressed interest in exchanging with our students. Applications from Radford students will remain open until 6 March and forms are available from the Round Square page on ROL.

Year 6 Round Square Exchanges

After the success of our first Year 6 exchanges with Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School in 2016, students in Year 6 will soon be invited to apply to go on a reciprocal one-week exchange with students from a select group of Australian Round Square schools.

These exchanges will occur in Semester 2 and will involve students travelling in small groups to their exchange location. Further details will be available shortly.

Students interested in any of the above activities should contact Ms Kathleen Notley, in person or via email, for further information and details.

Radford students had a wonderful time on a Round Square service trip to Fiji.

The Round Square International Conference 2017 will be held in Cape Town, South Africa.

Round Square International Conference in South Africa

27 February 2017

Kathleen Notley, Round Square Representative

Expressions of interest are now open for RSIC 2017, themed 'Unite to Ignite the Fire Within'.

By Kathleen Notley, Round Square Representative

  • What: Round Square International Conference 2017, hosted by three Round Square schools in Cape Town, South Africa
  • When: Term 3 holidays (23 September?6 October 2017)
  • Delegation: Five students from Radford
  • Approximate cost: $5500 including all flights, the 5-day pre-conference adventure in South Africa and the Round Square International Conference in Cape Town
  • Age: Students in Years 10-12 are welcome to apply.
  • Round Square is currently offering bursaries of up to £1,000 (approximately AUD$1620) each to students from Round Square Schools to take part in RSIC2017 in Cape Town, South Africa, this September/October

With the theme of 'Unite to Ignite the Fire Within', RSIC2017 aims to embrace diversity and ignite global change to excite the fire within.

The Radford delegation with spend five days pre-conference exploring South Africa. This will include visiting Kruger National Park and other adventurous and cultural activities before joining the Round Square International Conference where over 1000 student and adult delegates from all Round Square schools across the world will gather for the annual conference.

The three host schools, St George's Grammar School, Bridge House School and St Cyprian's School, are located in Cape Town, South Africa, and will run simultaneous programs.

These conferences are an amazing opportunity for Radford students to gather with other like-minded students from schools across the globe. From wonderful keynote presentations through to enriching student discussions, the conferences provide an outstanding opportunity for students to grow their understanding of themselves and others. Previous student participants have highlighted how the International Conference has furthered their desire to see change in the world and enhance their own leadership skills.

The Round Square International Conference has a dedicated website, including introductory video, and can be accessed at RSIC2017.org

Expressions of interest for RSIC 2017 are now open.

Please contact me at Kathleen.notley@radford.act.edu.au for further information or to express interest in attending this event.

The Round Square International Conference 2017 will be held in Cape Town, South Africa.

Junior School Library staff with some of their favourite books.

Book Fair planned for Grandfriends Day

28 February 2017

Gemma Wilson, Junior School Teacher Librarian

Parents, students and Grandfriends Day visitors can enjoy a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction titles for all ages.

By Gemma Wilson, Junior School Teacher Librarian

We know how much our Junior School students and their families love their books, so we are organising a Book Fair to coincide with Grandfriends Day on Friday, 10 March.

The two-day Book Fair will be held in the Inquiry Space of the Blue Room (Year 3 classrooms) in the Junior School between 8am and 4pm on Thursday, 9 March, and again between 8am and 12 noon on Friday, 10 March.

Parents, students and Grandfriends Day visitors are welcome to drop in at any time.

Our local book supplier will be selling new books, with many current releases and popular authors. There will be a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction titles, catering for all ages.

Some of our favourite picture book authors, including Aaron Blabey (well-known for Piranhas Don't Eat Bananas) and Dr Seuss titles, as well as chapter book authors such as Jack Heath, will be available for purchase. Grandfriends may also be able to find something they like!

Credit card facilities will be available; however, cash is preferred. You can purchase books over the two days and if something is unavailable or sold out, you will be able to place an order for it.

We look forward to seeing you there.

A message from our uniform supplier, Perm-A-Pleat

Radford Uniform Shop update

27 February 2017

By Perm-A-Pleat Managing Director Adrian Palm

A message from our uniform supplier, Perm-A-Pleat

By Perm-A-Pleat Managing Director Adrian Palm

It has been a busy start to 2017 at the Radford College uniform shop.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Radford community for its patience during the first part of term, especially in relation to the shortage of some stock in both new and second-hand items. We are working with our suppliers to get these items in store as soon as possible. Our knitwear supplier has advised that new stock of the grey and garnet jumpers will arrive at the College on Monday 13 March.

It won?t be long before Canberra?s winter is upon us, and in order for us to be able to offer an adequate range of second-hand winter uniform items, the shop needs to receive items for consideration no later than Friday, 24 March. Please note that we will not resume receiving second-hand uniform items for consideration until the first week of May. Just a reminder that all second-hand uniform items must be laundered and not altered, no holes, ripped or stained. Uniform items that are worn out unfortunately will not be able to be considered.

Please visit our uniform shop page for opening hours, to make an appointment or order uniform items online, or speak with one of our staff about your requirements.

Lahni Amosa and Gwen Courtney in the Year 12 studio space

New Creative Arts units for 2017

27 February 2017

Amanda Andlee Poland, Head of Creative Arts

An introduction to the subjects Media Foundation, Digital Photography and Drawing

By Amanda Andlee Poland, Head of Creative Arts

Three new Creative Arts units ? Media Foundation, Digital Photography and Drawing ? offered in 2017 are inclusive of the most contemporary and diverse artists, ideas and technologies.

Sarah Depta and Lara Franks, Subject Captains for Media, say that ?the Media Foundation unit is a great chance to take theory and apply it to film analysis. It's interesting to see how representation in media influences audiences.?

?Our unit is based on the question: "Do we reflect what we see in the media, or, does media reflect us."?

Mia Garland and Oliver Golding, Subject Captains for Visual Arts, asked some senior students about the new Drawing unit:

  • Laura says ?what I enjoy about the unit is that it allows us to deeply explore different techniques.
  • Nick says ?I enjoy the drawing techniques on clay?.
  • Ellis says ?I am looking forward to the overnight trip to Bundanon, the former property and home of Arthur and Yvonne Boyd, to draw and work with artists in workshops'.
  • ?The challenge,? Zoe says, ?as always, is getting our work completed on time?.
  • Oli says ?traditional media is at times a challenge but I think I?ll really value this later on?.
  • Campbell says ?I enjoy the freedom of drawing what I want to, informed by the initial teacher-directed tasks?.

The new BSSS Course Framework for the Arts subjects for Years 11 and 12 is the basis for the semester-length units now being delivered in 2017.

The Creative Arts subjects for Years 11 and 12 were written by Radford College Creative Arts staff members Tim Minehan, Jonquil Mackey and Amanda Poland. The units, Media Arts (Media Foundation), Photography (Digital Photography), and Visual Arts (Drawing) address individual rationale, goals, concepts, knowledge, skills and grade descriptors. The units emphasise that subjects are unique, with their own discrete knowledge, symbols, language, processes and skills. Much robust discussion has occurred within the department to ensure we have included the most effective reporting and assessment processes.

The units all capture the best of past teaching and learning approaches and content and include innovation, where appropriate, to ensure the units are inclusive of the most contemporary and diverse artists, ideas and technologies. The Arts units (11 and 12 A and T) cater for students new to the subject in senior years and to students who are deepening and broadening their engagement. All students will present their work as confident and capable young artists, photographers and film makers.

The structure of the units is underpinned by the understanding that learning in the Arts involves making and responding. In short, we know that students learn as artists by creating and making art works that communicate to an audience, and that students learn as audiences by responding critically to works of art.

Two assessment areas, Making and Responding, are intertwined and this is evidenced in the Visual Art Diary or Journal where much planning, creating, experimenting, documenting, reflecting and analysis is recorded. Making is obviously connected to the practical work and Responding is directly to the formal written work that analyses and interprets works by others, while considering the contexts in which the work was created.

The Drawing unit for Semester 1 includes teacher-directed drawing tasks that are 2D, 3D and 4D (time based). These tasks value and explore traditional and contemporary technologies and histories. Students also direct their own learning with a major practical work. The Visual Diary is a core part of the creative process and includes evidence of the analysis and interpretation of artworks considered. Senior Visual Art students are looking forward to sharing their work with the community in an exhibition context.

Lizard by Claire Graham and Brianna Wiseman, Photography students

Photo: Richard Browning 2016, taken from dirrumdirrum.org.au

Meet the Dirrum Team for 2017

27 February 2017

By Viv Wang, Year 12 student

Get to know the students behind the Dirrum Dirrum Festival.

By Viv Wang, Year 12 student

View the Team17 Profiles

The Dirrum Dirrum Festival is a student-led initiative, and each year the organising team comprises senior students, predominantly from Year 12. This year, we have been affectionately dubbed ?Team17?.

The project is split into four main sections: Speaker Relations, Communications, Challenge and Festival. Each section is headed by one student who is responsible for that area of the festival.

The Speaker Relations section contacts possible guest speakers, creates programs and is largely in charge of basic administration.

Communications is a broad section that covers the production of advertising material, social media outlets, including Facebook and Instagram, merchandise and the website. The Communications team creates artwork that is used in posters and social media posts. Everyone in Team17 works in conjunction with the Communications team.

The Challenge section is focused solely on the Dirrum Challenge that encourages young people to find their way and practise ?being the change?.

Lastly, the Festival aspect of the Dirrum Dirrum Festival is administered by, you guessed it, the Festival section of the team. They contact food stallholders, source possible artists and are in charge of the aesthetics of the event.

You?ll be hearing more from the sections as the weeks continue, but to find more about Team17, visit our website and read our Team17 Profiles.

Growing alum crystals is just one of the experiments you can undertake in STEM Cell.

Have you considered joining STEM Cell?

27 February 2017

By Vicki Goss, Science Teacher

For Secondary students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

By Vicki Goss, Science Teacher

STEM Cell is a co-curricular group for Year 7?12 students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

We meet every Wednesday lunchtime in Lab 22 (with Cuddles the turtle) to investigate the world around us through short experiments and long-term projects.

Weekly activities conducted so far include:

  • Building the tallest tower possible that can support a marshmallow using only dry spaghetti. Extra materials are limited to 1m of string and 1m of sticky tape.
  • Determine the minimum number of moves required to shift the Tower of Hanoi just a little to the right, and thus determine when the universe will end.
  • Began an experiment to grow alum crystals.
  • Blow giant bubbles in the Main Quad.
  • Bridge the gap between two lab benches by constructing a bridge made solely of wooden rulers (no glue, no string, nothing else!) Hint: A great (if fiddly) design is Leonardo Da Vinci's arched bridge.

Bring your lunch and your curiosity!

Visit our Radford Online site for more information.

Our two rubgy 7s teams had a great day and enjoyed supporting each other.

Sports Report: 1 March 2017

28 February 2017

Bernadette Leger, Sports Administrator

Rugby College 7s, mountain biking in 2017, winter basketball trials, the Secondary School Swimming Carnival, cricket and OzTag.

Rugby College 7s

By Richard Browning, Coach

I am very proud to have been a part of Radford's very first College Girls 7s Rugby Competition. They learnt so much, played with courage and heart, compiled some super rugby plays and constructed two beautiful tries. They did not get a win from their three games but their spirits never waned. They played against some very fit and skilled players. It was great to watch.

Maddie Perceval (Year 12) was a standout. The girls played way above what might be expected and team captain Lara led them very well. Having only one reserve hurt them ? Rosie Williams (Year 11) was a great loss to the team.

The boys did not win a game in their pool rounds. The competition was very strong (St Eddies did not get to the semi-finals). They won the next two games and finished with a fabulous win in the plate final winning 8?1. If they had played like that from the start they would have got further.

The two teams took a while to warm up, but they really enjoyed the day and clearly enjoyed supporting each other.

Coaching the two teams across the day and for seven games was fun but really demanding. Thank you to Arthur Mills, gap student, who was a great help on the day.


By Dianne Wilson, Sports Administrator

Congratulations to the U13 Girls Flames, U17 Girls Radtaggers and U15 Boys Roadrunners on reaching their OzTag semi finals.

They played well but unfortunately all three teams went down to tough oppositions.

There will be a presentation afternoon held on Wednesday, 8 March in celebration of the 2016/17 OzTag season.

U15/1 Cricket Report Congratulations to the U15/1 cricket team, who won their final match of the season.

By Dianne Wilson, Sports Administrator

Congratulations to the U15/1 cricket team, who won their final match of the season comfortably over Tuggeranong.

Connor Boyce (Year 9) was a ball magnet in the field with three catches to his name and Dylan Fernando (Year 9) was a standout in the batting, retiring on 41 runs.

There will be a presentation afternoon held on Wednesday, 15 March in celebration of the 2016/17 cricket season.

Mountain Biking Co-curricular 2017

By Peter Haynes, HPE Teacher

Mountain Biking (MTB) returns to Radford this autumn with a dual focus.

Term 1 has a focus on exploring local trails, fitness and bike skill development.

Rides on Bruce Ridge depart from Radford each Wednesday. Rides will be from 4pm until 5pm.

There will also be a weekend mountain biking trip to Jindabyne held on the 6th and 7th May.

Term 3 will focus on racing ? the ACT Schools MTB Championships will be our major goal.

Rides will be on Bruce Ridge or Black Mountain and there will be one weekend mountain biking trip to Tathra on the 16th and 17th September.

If you would like to get on board, please note students will need to have their own bike and sufficient skill and fitness to ride for up to one hour on single track.

View additional details on the MTB page on ROL or contact me for further information at peter.haynes@radford.act.edu.au

Swimming carnival 2017

By Swimming Captain Barclay Zhang

There was a chilly start to the annual Secondary School swimming carnival.

The day kicked off with the 100m freestyle event. The overall enthusiastic attitude of the students far exceeded expectations as hordes of students from all age groups flocked to compete in the 100m freestyle event.

The day continued to run smoothly, thanks to the Sports and HPE departments. It was great to see equal enthusiasm in both the competitive and novelty races among students.

The weather also made for a great day compared with previous years ? the hotter temperatures and sunny sky made it irresistible for students who normally wouldn?t swim to jump in, have a go and have some fun. However hotter weather comes with its problems, and this year the sun was handled amazingly well through Radford's sun safe policies. Coming back to school there was an extremely noticeable lacking of sunburn ? something that had plagued students after swimming carnivals in previous years.

Overall a great day was had by staff and students and we wish all the students progressing through to ASC swimming the best of luck.

ASC Swimming is on Tuesday, 4 April and the students competing at this event will be sent information from Mr Brent Larkham, Head of Sport.

Winter basketball trials

By Bernadette Leger, Sports Administrator

Please click here for trials information.

Student achievements

Congratulations to Annabel Kuskie (Year 9) on being awarded the Football Senior Girls Squad Player of the Year for the 2016/17 Coerver Coaching Performance Academy.

Reading is fun - both at school and at home.

Kindergarten reading information session

27 February 2017

Emily Begbie, Assistant Head of Junior School P-2

Learn to support your child with their home reading.

By Emily Begbie, Assistant Head of Junior School P?2

Families are warmly invited to attend the Early Years Reading Night on Tuesday, 7 March to learn more about how you can best support your child at home with their reading.

This session will be held in the Kindergarten classrooms from 5.30?6.30pm.


Student achievements

Congratulations Annabel Kuskie

Congratulations to Annabel Kuskie (Year 9) on being awarded the Football Senior Girls Squad Player of the Year for the 2016/17 Coerver Coaching Performance Academy.

Mathematics opportunities

Mathematics enrichment

Registration for mathematics competitions and enrichment is now open.
Please go to the??Mathematics Enrichment??page on Radford Online for further information.

School Sport ACT

SSACT Bulletin 28 June 2017

School Sport ACT (SSACT) is the peak body for School Sport delivery in the ACT.

SSACT actively promotes school sport for all ACT students through the support of regional, state and national representative opportunities and pathways.

View the latest SSACT Bulletin.

APFACTS newsletter

APFACTS - 1 March 2017

APFACTS is the voice of non-government school parents (Catholic and Independent) in the ACT. For more information, visit our website at??www.apfacts.org.au??or find us on Facebook at??www.facebook.com/Apfacts

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