Radford Bulletin Term 1, Week 6 – 8 March 2017

Staff Insights

Louise Wallace-Richards, Director of Teaching and Learning

'No limits to learning!'

6 March 2017

These words explain how we wish our students and teachers to approach learning at Radford.

The words 'No limits to learning!' conclude our Principal?s message in the video on the College Website, aptly describing how we wish our students and teachers to approach learning at Radford. This week I have spoken to Years 7?12 students about the after-school learning opportunities available through our Homework Hub. Details of what is on offer can be found on RoL.

In my presentation to the students, I used a version of The Learning Pit, published by James Nottingham in 2009, to remind students about the need for them to take responsibility for their learning and to take advantage of every opportunity to improve:

James Nottingham, The Learning Pit 2009, http://www.jamesnottingham.co.uk/learning-pit/

Our Homework Hub for Y7?Y12 students and Homework Club for Y7-Y8 are examples of how the College helps students to achieve their academic potential. Students can, of course, see their teachers in class and at other prearranged times for assistance with learning key concepts, help with assessment tasks and so on.

Homework Hub
On Tuesdays to Thursdays from 3.45?4.45pm in the Secondary Campus Library, the Homework Hub provides students with access to expert teachers when they need assistance in English, Maths and Science with:

  • what they have been learning in class,
  • assessment tasks,
  • revision in preparation for tests, and
  • how to improve after receiving feedback.

Homework Club
On Tuesdays, 3.45?4.45pm in the Library Classroom, Homework Club provides an opportunity for our Y7 and Y8 students to seek assistance with organising their study routines and working collaboratively with their peers to complete homework tasks.

The teachers involved with the Homework Hub and Homework Club this semester are:

  • The English Team: Mr Lamson, Ms Mackerras, Ms Browning and Mrs Hassall
  • The Maths Team: Mr Barber, Mr Brennan, Ms Maier and Mr Mitchell
  • The Science Team: Mr Bleys, Mr Robards, Ms Hitchen and Mrs Goss
  • 7/8 Homework Club: Mr Brennan

From Thursday, 9 March, the Secondary Campus Canteen will be open every Tuesday and Thursday until 4pm, providing students with the opportunity to purchase food to fuel their thinking.

Since effective teachers play a pivotal role in helping students achieve their academic potential and climbing out of The Learning Pit, the Secondary School began the academic year learning from Deb Masters about the Visible Learning model. Deb is the Manager of Research and Evaluation for Visible Learningplus and she has responsibility for developing Visible Learningplus in partnership with John Hattie. We have embraced this model of learning because it promotes pedagogies to help students move from surface, to deep, to the transfer of learning to real-world situations. The adoption of the Visible Learning framework will assist us in achieving the commitments of the College Strategic Plan 2016 ? 2020, i.e.:

  • demonstrating a commitment to implementing the College?s Teaching and Learning frameworks, and
  • developing and implementing a whole-of-College Teaching and Learning framework that links College values, learner attributes, curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and reporting with professional learning and staff appraisal.

To assist Secondary staff in embedding this framework in their teaching practice in 2017, our Community of Practice focus this year will require teachers to be observed by their peers, demonstrating in their lessons their understanding of:

  • surface learning as per the Visible Learning model and
  • deep learning as per the Visible Learning model.

All courses and units of work are also being revised in the light of the Visible Learning framework with activities and resources to facilitate surface, deep and transfer of learning being documented through the teacher sections of SEQTA, our learning management system.

If you are interested in reading more about Visible Learning, you may wish to look at some of the references I have included below.

Visible Learning resources:

Image for article: Chaplain's reflection: The transfiguring of humanity

Chaplain's reflection: The transfiguring of humanity

6 March 2017

The touching point that changes everything.

Transfiguration painting by Jaison CianelliMany things occur over time.

Understanding, consciousness, insight ? they all dawn over time. ?I get it now? comes after long walks, rumination, resting, waiting, talking. It is also true of theological development which proceeds over many, many centuries. The story of God is the story of a slow awakening, a dawning of insight into who God is.

The distinction between in and out, us and them, is increasingly subverted across the biblical story of God and God?s people. Once we arrive at Jesus it collapses altogether. That is, there is no clear line between goodie and baddie, slave free, male female, insider outsider. Whilst it was always there in Genesis, now we see: we are all made in the image of God.

A short story about Elijah.

Keeping these two developments in mind let?s look at the prophet Elijah. If he was awarded an academy award it would be for his prime time battle with the prophets of Baal at two altars. ?Whose God is the biggest?? Each call on their god?s name to strike alight their competing pyres. As the prophets chant to Baal, Elijah mocks ?maybe your god is relieving himself?? They peak in cultic frenzy, cutting themselves and bleeding in raving supplication. With their failure complete, Elijah dramatically floods his pyre not once but three times. On cue, Elijah?s God sends down fire. What a wonderfully public triumph for Elijah. We all know this story well. What we don?t know so well is that immediately afterwards, Elijah kills the priests of Baal, all 450 of them. Elijah is a mass murderer. This outrageous violence is conceivable in a brutal world where there is certainty about the line between who is in and who is out. When this is clear and certain, cultic violence is a logical consequence.

But the journey of God and God?s people is of increased awakening, and the breaking down of dividing walls. Watch it occur in Elijah. He first falls into a pit of consuming doubt and depression, where, like Jonah, he wishes he was dead. On the strength of a meal Elijah travels 40 days and nights and comes to another mountain, Horeb. Here, in a truly remarkable revelation, Elijah encounters God as God is. Not the god of Elijah?s making, but the real God, the one that cannot be summoned on cue. The one who:

when there was a great wind that split rocks, was not in the wind;
when the earth shook, was not in the earthquake;
and when the fire burst, was not in the fire.

No. The God of Elijah?s ancestors was in none of these. God was in ? the impossible: the SOUND of sheer SILENCE!
(1 Kings 18 and 19)

In her meditation, Experiencing God in a Time of Crisis, theologian Sarah Bachelard says, ?God is more like nothing than one of the Gods.? Pit God against one of the gods and you have already reduced God to ?unGod?. Neither wind nor quake nor fire contains God, nor miraculous signs on the end of a wand. God is more like nothing we can conceive or control or fear.

Through Elijah can we see a profound conceptual development: God who is more like nothing, than one of the gods; more like nothing than the violence we project out of our own fearful constructions.

As we see in Jesus, God is more like the Lamb who becomes the sacrifice ? the one who calls us to be transfigured into Jesus? own likeness.

(Top: Transfiguration painting by Jaison Cianelli)


Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

JS News: 8 March 2017

8 March 2017

Parent Liaison roles, Grandfriends Day, Harmony Day and managing energy levels and fatigue.

Dates to Remember

  • Thursday, 9 March ? Year 5 Science Incursion
  • Friday, 10 March ? JS Grandfriends Day
  • Monday, 13 March ? Canberra Day Public Holiday
  • Friday, 17 March ? National Ride to School Day

I write this week?s message having just returned from a ?Year 3 family get-together? at the lake. My day had started poorly, I was a little tired from our first five weeks, and the Brumbies were pipped after the final whistle on Saturday night!

I soon forgot all this, however, thanks to my interaction with the Year 3 community. This get-together was not just a chance to celebrate reaching the middle of the term but also an opportunity to continue to connect as a group. It was a very positive reflection of ?friend raising? and I sincerely thank Loretta Hately for organising this event.

This idea of ?friend raising? reminded me of the important role our Parent Liaisons can play in our College community, and I include the following information for parents and carers who wish to help out in way similar to our Year 3 day.

Parent Liaisons
We are seeking class Parent Liaisons for 2017.

In the words of a former Parent Liaison the role is:

  • to facilitate interaction between parents so as to develop and foster a sense of community around the class and the Junior School
  • to support parent-teacher interactions through discussion about and reminders of upcoming class activities and events.

The role is truly important in linking our families with each other and fostering a sense of community around the class.

If you are up for ?friend raising? and making positive connections and would like to be your child?s class Parent Liaison, please indicate this to beth.maggs@radford.act.edu.au by Monday, 13 March. We will then meet to discuss the role together as a group.

This year, Pre Kindergarten and Year 3 have already benefitted from Emma and Loretta?s ongoing support across the whole year level. This can continue as they support Pre K and Year 3 class Parent Liaisons at these year levels, given that they are our major intake years.

Grandfriends Day
Talking community also reminded me of our upcoming Grandfriends Day this Friday. This Day has become one of our happiest community days as we welcome key family members back to school!

We are able to share greater understandings of our school day, and most importantly the importance of the role of a Grandfriend today, and in particular in Canberra. We hold this day close to the Canberra Day weekend for this reason. I am looking forward to chatting with new and familiar faces this Friday.

Harmony Day
The Junior School will acknowledge this event on Friday, 31 March.

Finally, as we progress through Week 6 it is easy to see that we are all tiring and need to look after each other.

As such I seek your support in:

  • checking students are organised, helping them set organisational routines and identify small things they can do to help themselves remain on top of things
  • checking to make sure uniform and hair etc are as per our policies.
  • holding to sleep routines ? our longer school day with its many co-curricular opportunities can take its toll
  • seeking the good things that occur each day, talking about the things they have learnt and being a positive ear.

Junior School Courses and Parent Engagement Form
You can now follow what your child is learning by clicking this Seqta Engage link (you need to be logged in to Radford Online) and reviewing the ?Courses? menu.

As you?ll read on the ?Unit of Inquiry page?, we are often searching for ways to deepen our understanding and we?re seeking our parents & community to help us here.

We are asking any parent or caregiver who is interested in being involved in our Units of Inquiry to please fill out and submit the Parent Engagement Form

Use the link on Radford Online homepage

Parents asked to review student medical records

2 March 2017

Update records for 2017.

From the College Nurse, Karen Baker

Please log in to Radford Online to update student health and medical information for 2017.

This replaces the paper medical information document collected at the commencement of previous school years. You can update any new health concerns, injuries, and any medications your student may need and delete any that are now no longer current.

Please contact Karen Baker, College Nurse on 61626283 if you have any questions.

See below location of "Update Contact and Medical Information" button on Radford Online homepage.

RoL home page

Be sure to book interviews early to avoid disappointment.

Year 7-12 Parent Teacher Evenings

6 March 2017

Online bookings open on Thursday, 9 March at 7am.

By Phillip O'Regan, Head of Secondary School

Secondary School Parent Teacher evenings will be held in the TB Millar Hall on:

  • Thursday 23 March 3.00pm?8.00pm
  • Monday 27 March 3.00pm?8.00pm

Bookings - open 7am Thursday, 9 March
Bookings for Secondary School Parent Teacher Interviews can be made online at PTO.

There is also a link from Radford Online.

The interview time with each teacher will be 5 minutes.

  • Your PTO Login is your Surname.
  • Your PTO PIN:
    • is different for each parent
    • can be retrieved from the PTO login page or is printed on the top of your child's 2017 Commencement Letter.

If you have any problems booking your interview on the PTO system, please call Main Reception on 6162 6200 or email reception@radford.act.edu.au.

Bookings open at 7am on Thursday, 9 March and close at 10pm the night before each interview day. We encourage you to make bookings early to avoid inconvenience or disappointment.

Students in Years 7?12 will be dismissed from class as 2.35pm on both Thursday, 23 March and Monday, 27 March as interviews commence at 3.00pm.

  • Students in Years 7?10 not travelling directly home at 2.35pm will need to go to the Secondary School Library where supervision will be available.
  • Students in Years 11 and 12 will be dismissed at 2.35pm and are free to leave the College at that time.
  • Unless advised otherwise, co-curricular activities will operate as usual.
  • School buses will run as per the normal schedule from 3.30pm.

Additional parking for parents is available in the car parks at the front of the TB Millar Hall, behind the Performing Arts Centre, along the road towards the back of the College and in the car parks by the Gymnasium and senior school.

Please do not park in the ELC and Junior School parking areas until after 3.45pm.

Radford College teachers are looking forward to discussing the progress of your child this term. In preparing for the interviews, each of the teachers has been asked to consider your child's engagement with learning, application in class, achievements to date, individual needs and ways for improvement.

If you would like to discuss your child's overall progress further after the interview I would encourage you to either speak to their Tutor or Head of Year.

In addition to booked parent interviews with your child's teachers, the Principal, Mrs Fiona Godfrey, and I will be available for informal discussions with parents.

No bookings are required to speak to Mrs Godfrey or me at the Parent Teacher Evenings.

Two holiday programs on offer in April.

Holiday programs on offer

6 March 2017

Brent Larkham, Head of Sport

Register now for Out of School Hours Care program or Sports program in first week of April holidays.

By Rachelle Hayward, Director OSHC

The Out of School Hours Care team are offering a holiday program which includes fun excursions to the zoo, inflatable park, movies and the circus.

Full details and registration are available in the flyer


By Brent Larkham, Head of Sport

Radford College is hosting two sports programs ? one for basketball (mornings) and one for soccer (afternoons) ? during the first week of the April school holidays.

Both programs are open to all ages and abilities between Years 3?9 and are focused on skills development and game play.

Students have the option to attend one or both programs.

Basketball ? Conducted by Brad Luhrs

  • Tuesday, 11 April 2017: 9am?12pm
  • Wednesday, 12 April 2017: 9am?12pm
  • Thursday, 13 April 2017: 9am?12pm

Soccer ? Conducted by Tom Crossley and Di Wilson

  • Tuesday, 11 April 2017: 2pm?5pm
  • Wednesday, 12 April 2017: 2pm?5pm
  • Thursday, 13 April 2017: 2pm?5pm

The cost of each three-day program is $150, however, if your child wishes to attend both the basketball and soccer programs, they can do this for the discounted total price of $250. Students participating in both activities will be supervised in the break between 12?2pm each day in the G Wigg Sports Centre.

About the coaches

  • Brad Luhrs is the former Radford Director of Basketball and has been a long-time coach of state and junior national programs.
  • Tom Crossley is the new Technical Director of Football here at Radford College and is an AFC-accredited coach.
  • Di Wilson is the acting Director of Football and current coach of the Radford under 18 girls. She has also worked with Coerver Coaching in junior skills development.

For more information or to register, contact:

Brent Larkham, Head of Sport, on 61801090 / brent.larkham@radford.act.edu.au or
Erin Healy, Sports Administrator, on 6180 3083 / Erin.Healy@radford.act.edu.au.

We congratulate Lauren on her superb cycling performances.

Australian sporting success: Lauren Robards

6 March 2017

By Mr Chris Bleys, Science Teacher

The Year 11 student faced the nation?s best cyclists at the Junior Track National Championships.

By Mr Chris Bleys, Science Teacher

Track cycling has long been a successful sport for Australia at the Commonwealth, World and Olympic levels. Names such as Ryan Bayley, Anna Meares, Jack Bobridge, Matthew Glaetzer and Annette Edmondson are well known for their dedication to the sport and achieving success at the highest level.

The breeding ground for Australia?s next generation of elite riders on the track is the Junior Track National Championships, run by Cycling Australia. The event is typically dominated by the powerhouse states of QLD, NSW, VIC, WA and SA who bring teams with depth, skill, experience, teamwork and great competitive spirit.

During Week 4, between 22 and 25 February, ACT Vikings rider and Radford student Lauren Robards (Year 11 Karri House) individually faced the nation?s best in the Junior Women?s U17 Program at the Dunc Gray Velodrome in Sydney.

Last year, at the 2016 Track Nationals (held in Launceston), Lauren claimed the Silver in the 500m Time Trial and fourth in the Points Race. At this year?s event, after an extensive summer season of rigorous strength and conditioning through her ACTAS scholarship, plus brutal training and racing, she was looking for improvement in the sport, well known for its fine margins.

Day 1 of the program saw her ride the 500m Time Trial. Lauren rode a 0.405s personal best with a time of 37.420s, eclipsing the Gold Medal time of 2016 although only placing her fourth by 0.033s, such was the strength of the field this year. This time also reset the ACT record that she has lowered by over 1.5s in the past 12 months.

Day 2 was the 50 lap Points Race, which sees riders complete 12.5km of high pace riding, with five sprints over the 50 laps. Lauren claimed the Bronze Medal with nine points, a pleasing result and one that boosted her spirits after the disappointment of just missing the podium the previous day.

Day 3 was Lauren?s busiest day of the program, with the Keirin qualifying rounds and the 2000m Individual Pursuit, eight laps of flat out, punishing riding. The top two times qualify and ride for Gold, with those producing the 3rd and 4th quickest times riding for Bronze.

Lauren qualified fastest, destroying her personal best of 2:39.273s (plus the former ACT record of 2:37.174s), riding a time of 2:34.201s; 0.086s quicker than fellow rider, Madison teammate, friend and great talent Ashlee Jones of NSW (who was also the JW17 rider of the meet). It is worth noting that this equates to an average speed of 46.692km/h over the 2000m.

No more than 2.5 hours later, Lauren squared off against Ashlee in the Gold Medal ride off. The atmosphere was charged and as both riders crossed their respective finish lines, the winner was not distinguishable. On the big screen, the times came up, revealing Ashlee clocked a 2:34.227s with Lauren a 2:34.314s, both times marginally slower than their qualifying times.

For Lauren, the reversal in the time difference saw her win the Silver Medal in the National U17 Women?s 2000m Individual Pursuit.

We congratulate ACT team captain Lauren on her superb performances and applaud the quiet and unassuming way she goes about her dedication to the sport whilst balancing her studies at the College. I look forward to watching her progress over the road season in preparation for her next major event, the Australian Junior Road Nationals in Tasmania, later in the year.

Well done, Lauren!

Teachers will meet bike riders at a variety of meeting points, then accompany them to Radford.

National Ride2School Day

14 March 2017

Belinda Reitstatter and Jane Lilley, Ride2School Day Coordinators

Combine exercise and travel to school on Friday morning, 17 March.

By Belinda Reitstatter and Jane Lilley, Ride2School Day Coordinator

National Ride2School day is on this Friday.

We will once again welcome all Years 3?12 students to join other Radford students and staff to ride their bikes to school. Should your child be interested and able to ride a bike to school on this day we welcome them to take part.

Our RAS team, Alison Waldron and Bec O?Neill, will be cooking pancakes at the Pavillion for riders who have worked up an appetite.

We have arranged for teachers to meet capable bike riders at a variety of meeting points. Please read the conditions and expectations below and go through them with your child/children before Friday.

  • A fitted helmet and well maintained bike with pumped tyres are essential.
  • Please arrive at your departure point ten minutes before departure.
  • Parents are responsible for ensuring that their child arrives to the meeting place punctually.
    Should the group depart before you arrive, it is the parent?s responsibility to ensure their child arrives safely to school.
  • All children will be expected to stay with the group and follow the road rules and instructions provided by Radford staff.
  • Due to various co-curricular commitments, the afternoon return ride will not be accompanied by staff. Each family is responsible for arranging this with their child.
  • In the case of wet weather, drizzle, rain or lightning, the ride will be cancelled.
  • If your child is in PK?Year 2 they are welcome to ride accompanied by a parent/adult carer. The same applies for less confident Year 3?6 riders.
  • Asthmatics must carry their own puffer with them in their bag.

Meeting places, departure times and staff for Friday are as follows:

ARANDA: Meet at the underpass on Bandjalong Street for a 7.50am departure with Jane Lilley and Claire Melloy

HAWKER: Meet Carpark at KFC for 7.30am departure with Karen Mahar, Tiia Wright and Rebecca Hunter

COOK Meet on the bicycle path on Redfern Street (nearest intersection is Allman Street) for a 7.40am departure with Helen Batt and Karen Baker

KALEEN Meet at the cycle path on the corner of Alberga Street and Cataract Street for a 7.50am departure with Susannah Morrison and Ailsa Mackerras

GIRALANG Meet on the bicycle path on Chuculba Crescent (parallel to Baldwin Drive) for a 7.40am departure with Rachelle Hayward, Richard Browning, Donna Robards and Tim Robards

O?CONNOR Meet at the cycle path on Dryandra Street at the bottom of O'Connor Ridge (near the driveway of the old Canberra Motor Inn) for a 7.45am departure with Belinda Reitstatter, Peter Haynes and Nicole Coombe

BRUCE: Meet on the footpath out the front of Momo Cafe for an 8am departure with Paul Southwell, Janine Crookes and Jennie Hitchen

For any further queries, please contact Jane Lilley in the Secondary School or Belinda Reitstatter in the Junior School.

Riders from the Secondary School do not need a permission note. They are reminded, however, that while they are welcome to ride in convoy with the teachers and Junior School students, as with any other school day, it is their responsibility to get to school safely.

Artwork: Luke Chiswell, Collegian, 2016

The Dirrum Challenge

7 March 2017

Sophie McGready and Nii Adjei, Year 12 students

The Dirrum Challenge means to generate action surrounding an individual?s passion.

By Sophie McGready and Nii Adjei, Year 12 students

The Dirrum Challenge is a template for young people to enact change in their community.

It was created a few years ago in relation to the Dirrum Festival, when, although there would be a large spike of passion around the time of the festival, this did not turn into continuous action throughout the year.

As such, the Dirrum Challenge means to generate action surrounding an individual?s passion, and provides a process and a support network which greatly assists and streamlines the progression of the individual?s action and intended effect.

The support network for the challenge starts at RAS, where groups of like-minded people geared towards enacting social change gather and bounce ideas off each other, as well as participating in each other?s challenges.

The Dirrum Challenge starts off with two questions: ?What are you passionate about?? and ?What makes you angry?? These questions allow students to narrow down their areas of interest. The next thing a student is asked is ?What are your talents?? Where these two areas overlap is what the challenge is centred around. The steps in the challenge procedure ensure the students outline the intended impact of their challenge, how they are going to enact the change, and where they will carry out their action. Lastly, the students reflect upon the challenge and assess its effectiveness.

An example of a student challenge is Bridget Carroll?s (Class of 2016) on education inequality. Bridget was passionate about the lack of educational opportunities for refugees. Her passion surrounding this issue stems from her passion for education and the beneficial effects it can have on an individual, and so she decided something should be done to close the gap in educational opportunities.

Bridget recognised her skills lay in patience and teaching so she decided the best way for her to help change the gap was to go to PASS (Program for After School Studies) run by MARS (Migrant And Refugee Services), which is an after-hours school that teaches English to migrants once a week.

Other examples of Dirrum Challenges vary in size and type. Elysse Williams, another 2016 graduate, focused on educating herself about the fear of religion ? specifically islamophobia ? and understanding why, in Western culture, it has become so prominent. The vilifying and stereotyping of Muslims upset Elysse and ignited her passion to understand why and how fear came to override compassion. The nature of Elysse?s challenge allowed for a very achievable intended effect, allowing the process to be realistic and fulfilling.

Any students willing or keen to start or join a Dirrum Challenge can come along to RAS, held every Thursday in the Library Classrooms, to have a chat with Nii or Sophie.

Harmony Day at Radford includes great music, stalls and cultural entertainment.

Harmony Day - everyone belongs

7 March 2017

Annie Creer, Year 11 student

The Secondary School will celebrate Harmony Day 2017 on Tuesday, 21 March.

By Annie Creer, Year 11 student

The Secondary School will celebrate Harmony Day 2017 on Tuesday, 21 March.

The day will follow the national Harmony Day theme of everyone belongs.

On the day, we aim to celebrate Radford culture and the unique characteristics each student possesses. We invite everyone to attend the main quad at lunchtime, where Relay for Life will be hosting various cultural food stalls. Students will be able to buy a delicious lunch and immerse themselves in different cultures, accompanied by live music.

Throughout the week, students will take part in thought-provoking exercises during tutor groups about what it means to have a culture, not only within Radford but within the greater community, the country and the world.

We encourage students to wear 'something orange' in addition to the usual school uniform, recognising the colour of harmony day. Orange ribbons will be provided, and an exception is made on the day, allowing students to wear orange nailpolish and/or accessories.

Radford P&F Association crest

P&F Annual General Meeting

22 February 2017

Andrew herring, P&F Secretary

Nominations open, everyone is invited to attend.

Annual General Meeting
Date: Thursday 16 March
Time: 7pm
Venue: The Pavilion, Radford College

The Radford College Parents and Friends Association plays an important role in building community throughout the College. In addition to organising events throughout the year including the Art Show and Fete, the Association is a vehicle for the parent voice in the College, acting as a link between the College Executive, the College Board and the parent body. As parents and caregivers of students enrolled in the College, you are automatically a member of the Association.

Each year a Management Committee and Office Bearers are elected from the membership, to steer the operations of the Association for the forthcoming year. The Annual General Meeting of the Association is to be held on 16 March 2017, commencing at 7pm. I would encourage you all to attend and if you felt inclined, to nominate for election to the Management Committee.

If you would like further information regarding the Association or the responsibilities of the Management Committee, please do not hesitate to contact Secretary Andrew Herring on andrew.herring@herringlawyers.com.au, or our outgoing President John Shevlin on john.shevlin@act.gov.au.

Mountain biking takes off for 2017

Sports Report 8 March 2017

8 March 2017

Bernie Leger, Sports Administrator

Mountain biking and basketball.

Mountain Biking Co-curricular 2017

Mountain Biking returns to Radford this autumn with a dual focus as below. If you want to get on board please note students will need to have their own bike and sufficient skill and fitness to ride for up to one hour on single track.

Term 1 focus - exploring local trails, fitness and bike skill development.

Rides from Radford on Bruce Ridge each Wednesday. Rides will be from 4pm till 5pm.

There will one Weekend Mountain Biking Trip to Jindabyne on Saturday May 6/7

Term 3 focus - racing, the ACT Schools MTB Championships will be our major goal.

Rides will be on Bruce Ridge or Black Mountain

There will be one weekend Mountain Biking Trip to Tathra on September 16/17.

Further details are available on the Mountain Biking (MTB) page on ROL or contact Peter Haynes peter.haynes@radford.act.edu.au.

Basketball Notice ? enjoy the weekend off!

There will be no basketball this weekend, Canberra Day long weekend. Enjoy the weekend off. There will also be no training for any teams (morning or afternoon) on Monday 13 March as it is a public holiday.

Winter team list will be available at the end of Week 8.

Boronia House members cheered their House to victory

JS celebrates 10th successful swimming carnival

8 March 2017

Belinda Reitstatter

Swimming: an opportunity for grit and determination.

By Belinda Reitstatter

Within seconds of the early-morning swimmers finishing their laps and departing the pool, the Radford staff and senior-school students began preparing for the carnival. While the committed 100 metre freestyle swimmers trickled in, tents were being assembled, novelty events set up and sunscreen was strategically placed around the pool. Mr Dean O?Brien called all swimmers to the marshalling area and soon after, the gun was fired. The 10th Junior School swimming carnival began.

There is nothing quite like the 100 metre freestyle to test the perseverance and grit of a child. It was with great pride we watched the high-end, competitive swimmers glide along the water?s surface, sporting their impressive technique, stamina and tumble turns. Equally remarkable, the children who had set out to prove to themselves, that they had it in them to reach their goal, and swim two consecutive laps of freestyle. Both groups working hard, persevering and enjoying the intrinsic reward of completing a challenge that they had set for themselves - regardless of the result. That, perhaps, was the message of the day.

As the day unfolded the sun intensified. With a forecast of 37 degrees, our students showed resourcefulness and responsibility applying sunscreen, keeping hydrated and cooling down under the shade of the trees when necessary.

With novelty events, the fun of the slides and races scheduled throughout the day, there was something for everyone. There was a true sense of community and belonging.

The day concluded with the beloved house relays, Golden Flipper and teacher race. The Golden Flipper is a race where the eight fastest male and female swimmers, regardless of their age, compete against one another.

Congratulations to the following swimmers who qualified for this event:

Girls: Ellie Maglasis, Amber Smith Gibson, Zimi Lyras, Sophia Doumos, Eliza Lilley, Catherine Mai, Eloise Flynn and Josephine Truswell.

Boys: Alex Couldrick, Oliver Fox, Thomas Larkham, Jake Smith Gibson, James Woods, Miles Daley, Rishabh Bahl and Nathan Price.

Congratulations to the winners of this year?s Golden Flipper: Amber Smith Gibson with a time of 41.02 and Alex Couldrick with a time of 34.02. Both swimmers are Year 4 students!

Congratulations also to our new PE teacher Mrs Tamara Phelps and Year 4 teacher Mr Jon Craddock for winning the teacher races. A special mention to Mr Southwell for entering and successfully completing his first Radford teacher race! A great achievement!

And congratulations to winning House, Boronia.

Announcements will be made in the coming week to reveal the team of swimmers who will be heading off to the Belconnen PSSA Swimming Carnival which will be held on Wednesday 22 March at the AIS. More details to come.

Visitors talked to Year 3 about their experiences of other cultures

Year 3 investigates culturally diverse communication

8 March 2017

Melinda Hamilton Year 3 teacher

Students hear about first-hand experiences of other cultures.

By Melinda Hamilton, Year 3 Teacher

In their endeavour to investigate the forms of communication that exist within different cultures around the world, and to examine the perspectives that people have on these, our Year 3 teachers hosted a Q&A session for their students this last week. Parents who had grown up or lived in different countries around the world came in for a morning to share what is special about the way that they communicate.

Isobel ? It was really interesting finding out that in Malaysia people exchange business cards. This is very important for them and they touch their heart to indicate how important it is.

Keren ? I learnt that in Japan they communicate with a tool called ?line?. It?s like Skype, messenger and emails all mixed in to one.

Steven ? In PNG it is OK to stare. Mr Bunworth told us how when he arrived in a village there were people staring, some with knives in their mouths!

Oscar R ? In Sri Lanka the people don?t say please or thank you, they just say ?Do it?!

Isabel ? In Japan the people bow all the time to say hello and goodbye. I made a connection with this as it reminded me of when I went to Japan and people bowed all the time!

The opportunity to learn through listening to and questioning the stories of others, has certainly helped to broaden our perspective on communication.


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SSACT Bulletin 28 June 2017

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