Radford Bulletin Term 1, Week 7 – 15 March 2017

JS Presentation - Dr Judith Locke

Thursday, 2 March, 6pm, RA Young Hall

Foundation Day Concert

Thursday, 6 April, 7pm, Radford College Chapel

Staff Insights

Bill Weigall - Director of Assessment, Reporting & Curriculum

Curriculum administration and delivery

14 March 2017

Bill Weigall, Director of Assessments, Reporting and Curriculum

An update on reporting, assessment, IB Diploma progress and NAPLAN Online.

In last week's Bulletin, Mrs Wallace-Richards referenced the work that has been done over the past 18 months by Secondary School teachers as they implemented significant changes in the way that they administer, deliver and evaluate the curriculum.

Most recently they have been using our Learning Management System, SEQTA, to record the ways in which they personalise the curriculum and focus on surface and deep learning, before encouraging students to transfer their learning to the solving of realistic problems.

Many hours of their time have been devoted to attending professional learning on John Hattie's 'Making Thinking Visible', embedding the concepts in the course documentation held in SEQTA, and planning how to incorporate this thinking in their classroom practices.

Complementing this transition has been the second phase of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) implementation. With Radford Online (ROL) having been reinvigorated in response to feedback from the school community, many departments have moved to using OneNote as their preferred interface between teaching and learning. While this has been a challenging variation from established practice, staff have done remarkable work in this sphere. The advent of numerous touchscreen monitors in classrooms has seen classes benefit from OneNote's capacity to easily embed digital resources and collaborative documents.

With these advances, we have been considering opportunities to evolve the ways in which we can communicate progress to parents. As we approach the first round of parent teacher interviews we are also undertaking the interim reporting process that underpins it.

Previously, this has been an internal reflection on how each student is approaching their lessons in each class. The data has been used by teachers to inform their discussions with parents and carers during interviews, and passed to tutors as stimulus for discussions about the Radford Learner Traits in Tutor Group. This year, through SEQTA, we will publish a rubric with ratings against the categories of:

  1. 'Comes prepared to class'
  2. 'Uses class time effectively'
  3. 'Completes set tasks on time'
  4. 'Learns independently'
  5. 'Contributes to a positive classroom environment'
  6. 'Parent Teacher interview'.

The first five columns will contain a rating of Consistently, Regularly, Usually, Occasionally or Rarely, while the Parent Teacher Interview column will say either Requested or Welcome. Please prioritise making contact with any teacher who has requested an interview.

Next semester these ratings will be elaborated on, where necessary, with a brief comment. To maximise the efficiency of this process, staff will be asked to write clearly but without the time-consuming proofing and editing processes inherent in the end-of-semester reporting process.

In the same spirit, this weekend I have begun marking essays submitted by my Year 10 Philosophy class. They have been the first to trial submitting their essays through SEQTA.

All essays have been received and, once marked and annotated, the marks will be released through the SEQTA Learn and Engage portals. This 'continuous reporting' model will ensure timely, secure and reliable communication between home and school, providing students with opportunities to build on previous performance.

We are working with TurnItIn to ensure that this key tool in our academic honesty toolbox can still be employed. Although several schools are negotiating with TurnItIn along similar lines, it is heartening to know that Radford is in the first rank of schools committed to maintaining academic rigour and honesty while embracing digital submission and continuous reporting.

IB Diploma Progress
Since Mrs Godfrey reported our candidacy status, Mrs Lindy Braithwaite has been working with Heads of Department to identify staff with particular interest in teaching this highly regarded syllabus.

It is typical of our Radford staff that the opportunity has been oversubscribed. Bookings are in the process of being made for Semester 2 courses in a variety of subject areas.

NAPLAN testing is looming in Term 2 and we are continuing with our preparations. Students in Year 5 completed a whole paper last week as part of thorough testing of our infrastructure.

In order to gain an insight into the way the tests will look for students, as per Mrs Godfrey's post a fortnight ago, I invite you to visit the public demonstration site.

Read an explanation of the nature of the testing.

Should you have any questions about NAPLAN for Years 3 or 5, please contact mary.willett@radford.com.au.

Please direct questions about the testing for Years 7 or 9 to me at bill.weigall@radford.act.edu.au.

We will be in touch very early next term with more specific details such as scheduling and provisions for individual needs.

Image for article: Chaplain's Reflection: my freedom, your freedom

Chaplain's Reflection: my freedom, your freedom

15 March 2017

Richard Browning, Chaplain

There is no freedom for all, if some have unlimited freedom.

By Father Richard Browning

Desmond Tutu said to his audience at the weekend (and so to you),

You are not second hand, nor a feeble copy, but a glorious original.

He looks out across a rainbow nation at a rainbow people, with eyes shaped by a lifetime of following Jesus and calls people out into a freedom that liberates each other.


The last time I inhaled marijuana was with my family on December 14 last year, at the Coldplay concert. Chris Martin had just set up the mostest bestest of the Coldplay songs: ?Everglow?.


He introduced it almost as a prayer: a hope for peace, in solidarity with Syria, Aleppo especially, and Yemen, or your street, our streets ?

oh they say people come, say people go
this particular diamond was extra special

and then it came. A massive cloud of freshly minted second-hand biftah juice, shizzle, a dutchie drift, sploob of wifflig, a poke of smot!

I was indignant. Conflicted. C?mon. Everglow:

so if you love someone, you should let them know
oh the light that you left me will everglow

and in my face was the acrid billow of someone else?s ? freedom. That?s right. Two blokes went to the concert packing more than water bottles. They, in their freedom, chose to smoke ? right in the middle of the great standing masses. And I, along with others, inhaled weed, but not because we wanted to or chose to.

There is no freedom for all, if some have unlimited freedom. Freedom, like the ocean, has bounds. Freedom: it?s the thing you give away in the best interests of another. It?s called love. Why spend your freedom on something as small as your individual (doped up) happiness?

Jesus pours himself out and into human life and surrenders to death for the liberation of all. Jesus sings to you, today, glorious originals: let your liberation be a gift to others, especially the weak, especially the stranger, especially the strange, your out group; especially where you live. To this end, Christ: breathe your Spirit here. Now. Amen.


Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

JS News: 15 March 2017

15 March 2017

Much important work has taken place behind the scenes this term.

Dates to Remember

  • 17 March ? National Ride2School Day

Term 1 is an extremely busy time as we welcome new and returning students who need to settle into new year levels and new groupings, new buildings, and with new teachers.

We also commence building our House connections with swimming carnivals as well as continuously connecting with our families through class liaisons, parent teacher meetings, volunteering opportunities or a hugely successful Grandfriends Day!

Last Friday?s Grandfriends Day was a wonderful success with even more grandfriends joining us for a small part of the day. A comment made by one grandparent has set the scene for my message this week ? a lovely gentleman who had travelled down the Hume Highway to be with us said: ?All the students look engaged, but how do you really know if they are engaged??

This question allows me to update you to some of the really important and, I feel, exciting work that is happening behind the scenes this term. Throughout the term all our teaching teams have spent significant time preparing for longer-term change, building an even stronger child-centred approach. Teams have been collaborating with our PYP Coordinator P?6, Belinda Reitstatter, in interrogating and defining year cohort data and goal setting for individual year levels.

At the same time our two Assistant Heads of School, Emily Begbie and Marina Malcolm, have continued to work with classes around wellbeing and social and emotional development. Yes, again focusing on the whole child.

Within this, we are increasingly talking about student engagement, about the ?behavioural, emotional and cognitive? components of student engagement, which partly explains the wide variety of speakers we have engaged to start our year.

As we continue to pursue educating the whole child, we are far more conscious of the need for engagement in all these areas, each and every day.

Our aims

A school setting where:

  • learning is personal
  • learning has purpose
  • learning fosters student wellbeing

A school setting where:

  • collaboration is embedded
  • inquiry based learning is used in each lesson
  • challenge, provocations and relevance are at the forefront
  • assessment for learning over assessment of learning, and
  • ICT integration continues to grow.

Our Junior School continues to challenge and grow together.

Radford Online 2.0 Workshops
Junior School parents and caregivers are invited to attend a workshop exploring the new Radford Online 2.0 experience.

The workshop will cover:

  • A brief overview of the redesign and ongoing work
  • How to navigate and access the new personalised dashboards and announcements
  • Using SEQTA Engage to access course information and timetables
  • Updating medical and family information

Workshop sessions will be held on Thursday, 16 March at both 8:30?9:00am and 2:45?3:15pm, and on Tuesday, 21 March at both 8:30?9:00am and 2:45?3:15pm.

Please meet beforehand in the Junior School foyer.

Please RSVP online here.

Teachers will meet bike riders at a variety of meeting points, then accompany them to Radford.

National Ride2School Day

14 March 2017

Belinda Reitstatter and Jane Lilley, Ride2School Day Coordinators

Combine exercise and travel to school on Friday morning, 17 March.

By Belinda Reitstatter and Jane Lilley, Ride2School Day Coordinator

National Ride2School day is on this Friday.

We will once again welcome all Years 3?12 students to join other Radford students and staff to ride their bikes to school. Should your child be interested and able to ride a bike to school on this day we welcome them to take part.

Our RAS team, Alison Waldron and Bec O?Neill, will be cooking pancakes at the Pavillion for riders who have worked up an appetite.

We have arranged for teachers to meet capable bike riders at a variety of meeting points. Please read the conditions and expectations below and go through them with your child/children before Friday.

  • A fitted helmet and well maintained bike with pumped tyres are essential.
  • Please arrive at your departure point ten minutes before departure.
  • Parents are responsible for ensuring that their child arrives to the meeting place punctually.
    Should the group depart before you arrive, it is the parent?s responsibility to ensure their child arrives safely to school.
  • All children will be expected to stay with the group and follow the road rules and instructions provided by Radford staff.
  • Due to various co-curricular commitments, the afternoon return ride will not be accompanied by staff. Each family is responsible for arranging this with their child.
  • In the case of wet weather, drizzle, rain or lightning, the ride will be cancelled.
  • If your child is in PK?Year 2 they are welcome to ride accompanied by a parent/adult carer. The same applies for less confident Year 3?6 riders.
  • Asthmatics must carry their own puffer with them in their bag.

Meeting places, departure times and staff for Friday are as follows:

ARANDA: Meet at the underpass on Bandjalong Street for a 7.50am departure with Jane Lilley and Claire Melloy

HAWKER: Meet Carpark at KFC for 7.30am departure with Karen Mahar, Tiia Wright and Rebecca Hunter

COOK Meet on the bicycle path on Redfern Street (nearest intersection is Allman Street) for a 7.40am departure with Helen Batt and Karen Baker

KALEEN Meet at the cycle path on the corner of Alberga Street and Cataract Street for a 7.50am departure with Susannah Morrison and Ailsa Mackerras

GIRALANG Meet on the bicycle path on Chuculba Crescent (parallel to Baldwin Drive) for a 7.40am departure with Rachelle Hayward, Richard Browning, Donna Robards and Tim Robards

O?CONNOR Meet at the cycle path on Dryandra Street at the bottom of O'Connor Ridge (near the driveway of the old Canberra Motor Inn) for a 7.45am departure with Belinda Reitstatter, Peter Haynes and Nicole Coombe

BRUCE: Meet on the footpath out the front of Momo Cafe for an 8am departure with Paul Southwell, Janine Crookes and Jennie Hitchen

For any further queries, please contact Jane Lilley in the Secondary School or Belinda Reitstatter in the Junior School.

Riders from the Secondary School do not need a permission note. They are reminded, however, that while they are welcome to ride in convoy with the teachers and Junior School students, as with any other school day, it is their responsibility to get to school safely.

Students Spaced Out

8 March 2017

Vicki Goss, Science Teacher and STEM Cell Coordinator

The 2017 Astronomy and Space Science Education Conference.

By Vicki Goss, Science Teacher and STEM Cell Coordinator

On Saturday 4 March four students joined me for the start of the 2017 Astronomy and Space Science Education Conference. A day-long conference for teachers, students were invited to attend the keynote address from Dr Lisa Harvey-Smith, project scientist working with the Square Kilometre Array, the world?s largest radio telescope array.

Her talk covered topics from what exactly a radio wave is, to locations of telescopes around the world, how to best design a radio telescope, opportunities for work in this area (scientists need roads, internet and food too!) as well as why we do any of this ? put simply, it?s the Mt Everest problem, it?s there, we want to know about it and we want to conquer it.

With detailed explanations able to satisfy everyone in the audience (which ranged from primary aged children right up to practising scientists), Dr Lisa Harvey-Smith provided an engaging and informative talk.

Once the keynote speech was complete, our students had the opportunity to meet Dr Lisa and are pictured with her. They then said farewell to me and headed off, while I spent the rest of the day immersed in talks on science education opportunities, resources and methods.

Of particular interest was the multitude of resources available for exploring the galaxy and how to spot exoplanets from the comfort of your own home. Students who are interested in finding out how to do this should make sure to attend STEM Cell, held every Wednesday lunchtime in Lab 22.

Thanks to Radford College for sponsoring me to this conference, and to all Year 8 students who applied for the opportunity to attend this keynote address.

RAS Charity Fundraiser Project

Giving is a circle

14 March 2017

The RAS Charity Fundraiser celebrates the depth of relationships Radford has across so many communities and organisations.

By Loch Ferrington and the RAS Organising Committee


If you haven?t been, you should be delighted. Not just about what Radford raised last year, but where and how the money was spent. (See the table below).

Raising over $52,000 ? the 2016 total ? is remarkable. But what we really want to celebrate is the depth of relationships Radford has across so many different communities and organisations. What we really want to promote is how we can take our students deeper into service learning, a practice of being human with each other in a way that enriches everyone.

So delight in what we do with the money, for it is the relationships that are truly special. Delight in what happens with Black Mountain School, the Hall Markets or with the L?Arche community, or on Wednesday nights with the Y and RAID basketball, or on Tuesday afternoons in the food studies area with OzHarvest, or Friday nights at Y-Engage, or in Timor-Leste or in Gamilaraay country.

We acknowledge that the best way for families to assist is to lock in regular (monthly) donations to your favourite organisations. The RAS Charity Fundraiser may come as one more thing over and above. We don?t apologise for going hard at one event once a year. We cherish your glad and generous participation in this annual event.

Donations can be made online from Monday, 20 March until Friday, 7 May. Cash contributions are collected at receptions across the campus from 3?7 April, the final week of term. We give because it?s what you do. But it is a circle. There is something that makes a community richer when its giving is greater.

Thank you.


The truth is the enormity of this sum is carried by the senior students. There is room for the rest of the College to be inspired by them. This year a new initiative called ?RAS rigs? is offered for Years 9 and 10 to help them focus in their raising. More information to come.

As some families or individuals donate over $500, you may wish to email Father Richard and indicate where to target your donation.

See accompanying RAS Charity Fundraiser Letter.

Visit the Radford Online Fundraiser page or go to https://www.trybooking.com/PCCR

RAS charity fundraiser 2016

Money raised


Cash Donations


Online Donations


Relay For Life


Shave For a Cure




Supported organisations



Cancer Council ACT


Leukaemia Foundation


AngliCARE Youth Services (YiC)

Roughly $40/week across 4 terms = $1100

L'Arche Genesaret ACT


Black Mountain School


Cranleigh School


Ozharvest ACT


Companion House


AngliCARE Winter Appeal / Christmas Appeal




Compassion Australia


Afar Pastoral Development Assoc. Ethiopia




Indigenous Support - Gunawirra


Timor-Leste Health: Bairo Pite Clinic


Save the Children ? Fiji Emergency Fund


Soldier On

$1200 (+ funds from BBQ)


$450 (+$442 from BBQ)

Visiting the bio-reactor at Woodlawn, near Tarago.

Year 9 Geography excursion

10 March 2017

Katherine and Ellen, Year 9 students with Alison Steven, Head of SOSE

A day spent exploring New South Wales' Goulburn-Mulwaree region.

By Katherine and Ellen, Year 9 students, with Alison Steven, Head of SOSE

Our excursion to Goulburn and Tarago was great!

Along our adventure we went to a bio-reactor at Woodlawn, near Tarago. Previously a huge copper, lead and zinc open-cut mine, the void is now used as one of the largest bioreactor landfill projects in the world. The reactor generates green energy from the waste which is pretty cool.

We learnt about the 58-carriage train that hauls the garbage from Sydney to the facility each night. We also got to see many wind turbines. It is the closest we have ever been to one and they are impressive!

We then travelled to Goulburn where we had a very entertaining presentation from the local council. We learnt how Goulburn is connected locally, nationally and even globally.

Exploring the main street of Goulburn, we devoured hot chips and embraced our inner child at the playground.

After lunch we had a tour of Goulburn and our favourite sites were the jail and Police Academy. Due to security reasons we cannot talk about them.

Our tour ended with a drive-by of the famous Big Merino, which we were all keen to see.

Over the next few geography lessons we will reflect on what we heard and saw during the day and discuss the significance of the region in a broader context.

The students had a great time visiting Goulburn and Tarago.

	No. 9 Squadron helicopters coming in to pick up forward patrol, Phuoc Tuy Province, Vietnam by Ken McFadyen

Understanding the legacy

14 March 2017

Helen Tong and Elise Brocklehurst, Year 11 students

Literature students inspired by Australian War Memorial exhibits

By Helen Tong and Elise Brocklehurst, Year 11 students

A few weeks ago, our Year 11 literature class went on an eye-opening excursion to the Australian War Memorial.

This iconic tribute was created with the words of Australian historian Charles Bean in mind: ?here is their spirit, in the heart of the land they loved [Australia]; and here we guard the record which they themselves made?.

War is something we have been exploring since Junior School, but it?s not until you see for yourself the history that these brave men and women created for themselves that the truths of their hardships, and the importance of keeping their legacy, is realised. With this new understanding, we found the inspiration we needed to write insightful narratives exploring the different perspectives of war.

There can be no such thing as a ?highlight? from our excursion, because of both the nature of the memorial and the individual importance of each and every exhibition. However, the helicopter in the Vietnam War exhibition was definitely one of the more fun and engaging displays. It let us experience firsthand the power ? and the physical and mental dangers ? of being at the controls of such a formidable machine.

Overall, the excursion to the Australian War Memorial was not just important in letting us find inspiration for our creative responses, but it was also an experience that let us truly understand the ultimate sacrifices that so many Australians made before us? all so that today, we ? the people who remain ? can enjoy a peaceful society, free from the horrors they faced.

Radford girls played Rugby 7s

Sports report: 15 March 2017

14 March 2017

Bernadette Leger, Sports Administrator

Mountain biking, basketball, the Rugby High School 7s and the Belconnen 12 Years and Under swimming team

Mountain Biking Co-curricular 2017
By Peter Haynes, Mountain Biking Coordinator

MTB returns to Radford this autumn with a dual focus.

Term 1 has a focus on exploring local trails, fitness and bike skill development.

Rides on Bruce Ridge depart Radford each Wednesday. Rides will be from 4?5pm.

There will one weekend mountain biking trip to Jindabyne on Saturday, 6 and 7 May.

Term 3 has a focus on racing ? the ACT Schools MTB Championships will be our major goal.

Rides will be on Bruce Ridge or Black Mountain. There will be one weekend mountain biking trip to Tathra on 16 and 17 September.

If you want to get on board please note students will need to have their own bike and sufficient skill and fitness to ride for up to one hour on single track.

Further details are available on the MTB page on ROL.

Please contact me for further information.

By Bernadette Leger, Sports Administrator

This week will be the last round games for all basketball teams.

Semi-finals and play offs will be held on the weekend of 24, 25 and 26 March. This is for all teams irrespective of where the team places at the end of the competition.

If the division your team played in had an uneven number of teams and your team unfortunately came last, then you will not have a game.

Grand finals will be played on Friday, 31 March, Saturday, 1 April and Sunday, 2 April, depending on what day your team played during the season.

A big thank you to all parents, caregivers, coaches and players for an awesome season. We look forward to the winter competition which starts the first weekend in Term 2.

Training for the winter season commences the first week back of Term 2.

Belconnen 12 Years and Under swimming team
By Bernadette Leger, Sports Administrator

Congratulations to the following 28 Junior School students who have progressed through to the Belconnen Swimming carnival to be held at the AIS Aquatic Centre on Wednesday, 22 March.

They are: Oliver Fox, Nathan Price, Alex Wheeldon, Xavier Adams, Steven Maglasis, Alex Couldrick, Simon Mai, James Woods, Thomas Larkham, Jake Smith Gibson, Jeffrey Bush, Lachlan Lloyd, Rishabh Bahl, Eliza Muscat, Madeleine Klegeris, Amber Smith Gibson, Cleo Tsiros, Ellie Maglasis, Catherine Mai, Josephine Truswell, Alys Robertson, Zimitra Lyras, Bonnie Hardy, Angelina Fei, Eliza Lilley, Eloise Flynn, Kaiya Barsby and Sanda Halpin.

Well done and good luck to all.

Rugby High School 7s
By Lauren Nguyen, Year 9 student

Eleven Radford girls competed in the High School Rugby 7s competition ? Alice Feakes (captain), Laura Cameron, Ashley Fernandez, Holly George, Maxine Kerruish, Olivia Lloyd, Isabella Lo Re, Charlotte McCarthy, Lauren Nguyen, Lauren Nicholson, Lily Simpson.

Each played an outstanding day of rugby. For most of the girls, it was their first time playing rugby and the team managed to make it to the semi-finals, losing 2?1 to Deakin ? an amazing effort by all.

Although we started off slowly, losing our first game to St Clare's (who then went on to win the finals), everyone soon warmed up to the game and we won our next two matches against John Paul College and Kingsford Smith School.

At first, everyone was a little nervous and confidence levels were a bit low, but as the day progressed, each girl became a machine, not afraid of anything.

Everyone put in a giant amount of effort and made many contributions to the team. All girls improved throughout the day and left with their heads held high, as well as some sore bones and muscles!

With the help of our coaches, Father Richard and Josh, all the girls had a great day and are looking forward to more opportunities to play rugby in the future.

Our Radford rugby players

Year 10 students who won this week: Nikita Chandekar, Jess Ward (both new debaters) and Elise Northcote.

Secondary School debating update

14 March 2017

Our Secondary debaters have begun the competition on a high note.

By Nick Ewbank, Debating Coordinator

After Round 1, all eight Radford teams ? which include four Years 7/8 teams, three Years 9/10 teams and one Years 11/12 team ? are undefeated.

This is a formidable start to the competition!

Congratulations to all debaters for this excellent start to the year, and good luck for the rest of the competition.

Three of our wonderful debaters in action.

Precision Percussion impressed everyone at Assembly last week

Precision Percussion play at Assembly

14 March 2017

Nicola Bartasek, Head of Co-curricular Music and Instrumental Studies

The ensemble wowed the audience with their vibraphone and marimba melodies.

By Nicola Bartasek, Head of Co-curricular Music and Instrumental Studies

Last Wednesday, Radford percussion ensemble Precision Percussion wowed the Assembly with a stunning performance of Centrifugal by Chris Crockarell.

Featuring vibraphone and marimba melodies and a build-up of polyrhythmic ideas, this piece was very complex.

Conducted by Mr Michael Knight, Precision Percussion have made outstanding progress in the last year and are working on challenging repertoire for both tuned and untuned instruments.

We look forward to hearing this group perform further repertoire at the upcoming Autumn Concert on 11 May.

Precision Percussion impressed everyone at Assembly last week

Image created by Emma Fitzgerald, 2017

Dirrum designs

14 March 2017

Emma Fitzgerald and Clare Roche, Year 12 students

Creating fun and unique designs that reflect the concepts and purpose of the Dirrum Dirrum Festival

By Emma Fitzgerald and Clare Roche, Year 12 students

Our goal as part of the art and design team for the Dirrum Dirrum Festival is to create fun and unique designs that reflect the main concepts and purpose of this annual event.

Our hopes for the future are to incorporate these designs into various merchandise that can be used to spread the ideas of Dirrum Dirrum beyond the time of the festival.

The main design so far is the four dancing figures, above, which is simple but easily catches your eye with the idea of movement.

The dancers are based on the general human shape found all around the world in cave paintings dating back thousands of years. They represent the idea that humans have always had a need to be creative and come together as a community. We believe this encompasses the main idea of Dirrum Dirrum, as this festival is about bringing people together to explore ideas and inspire creativity.

Their distinct colours of blue, purple, green and yellow are drawn from the Dirrum logo used for this year and in previous years. Their simple design makes it possible for future years to expand upon them, changing them around and adding to the design, allowing a continuation of creativity and new ideas.

Fun in the snow with the Radford Snowsports Team

Radford Snowsports Information Evening

14 March 2017

Belinda Reitstatter, Radford Snowsports Coordinator

Tuesday, 21 March from 6?7pm in the Senior Lecture Theatre

By Belinda Reitstatter, Snowsports Coordinator

The Radford Snowsports team provides opportunities for experienced skiers and snowboarders from Years 3 to 12 to participate in competitions and programs throughout winter.

Parents, caregivers and students are warmly invited to learn about the program next Tuesday, 21 March from 6?7 pm in the Senior Lecture Theatre.

All continuing, new and interested families are requested to attend this evening.

Information on the following items will be provided on this evening:

  • Team jacket fittings (jackets will be available to try on the evening as well as later in the G Wigg Sports Centre until 24 March)
  • The Ski and Snowboard Swap at Radford on 6 May
  • Sunday training sessions and ACT Citizens Cup at Perisher on 18 and 25 June, 23 July and 13 and 27 August
  • School holiday camp, training sessions and Scots Cup at Perisher 9?14 July
  • Regional Interschools at Perisher on 25?28 July
  • ACT Schools Cup at Perisher on 3 September
  • Opportunities to volunteer
  • Communications and administration

The 2017 Snowsports Calendar and general information about skier and snowboarder abilities are available on the Snowsports page on Radford Online located under the co-curricular tab.


Y7-Y10 Social - Friday

Years 7?10 Social has been cancelled

This event has ben cancelled.

Rowing updates

Save the date to farewell Philip Winkworth

Come and farewell Mr Philip Winkworth after ten years of service to Radford Rowing.

Save the date: Friday, 7 April 2017

More details to come.

School Sport ACT

SSACT Bulletin 28 June 2017

School Sport ACT (SSACT) is the peak body for School Sport delivery in the ACT.

SSACT actively promotes school sport for all ACT students through the support of regional, state and national representative opportunities and pathways.

View the latest SSACT Bulletin.