Radford Bulletin Term 1, Week 8 – 22 March 2017

Staff Insights

Fiona Godfrey, Principal

From the Principal

21 March 2017

Marina Malcolm to depart, Radford named as an Apple Distinguished School and news from the P&F AGM

Last weekend the Senior Executive of the College, together with the Board and members of the Buildings and Grounds and Finance Sub-Committees, met for a two-day retreat at Bungendore. It is customary practice that we have an annual College Board get together over a weekend to discuss issues in more depth than the monthly meetings allow. This larger than normal gathering, however, was convened to consider aspects of the soon-to-be-released Master Plan.

Over the course of the two days, the strategic direction of the College was discussed at length, including ramifications of the recent announcement that the Junior School population will be increasing over the next two years. Financial modelling to support future capital works programs was also detailed and examined, including worst-case scenarios.

Although a great deal of headway was made at the retreat, further costings are now required to determine the order in which projects are delivered. It is now envisaged that the Master Plan should be released to the community by the middle of the year.

Marina Malcolm returning to Northern Ireland

It was with great sadness that I received the resignation of our much loved and respected Assistant Head of Junior School Years 3?6, Ms Marina Malcolm, earlier this term. Marina and her family have made the difficult decision to return to their motherland of Northern Ireland from the end of Term 1 this year.

Marina has been with us for nine years, the last five as Assistant Head of Junior School. During that time, she has worked tirelessly for the students, staff and parents of the Junior School, consistently demonstrating the College?s values of truth, compassion and wisdom. We wish her well with the transition back to the United Kingdom.

Ms Malcolm?s departure has given the College an opportunity to examine the leadership structure that best suits the Junior School?s needs, particularly as we move into a slightly larger population from 2018. After considerable deliberation in recent weeks, we have decided upon a structure that will be implemented from the beginning of 2018. This new structure will be explained in more detail later in the year but in the interim, Ms Belinda Reitstatter and Ms Emily Begbie will share the Assistant Head of Junior School roles with Belinda continuing as PYP Coordinator P?6 and Emily overseeing the Pastoral Care role from P?6.

Radford College named as an Apple Distinguished School

Last week, the Junior School was informed that it had been named as an Apple Distinguished School.

The program, by invitation only, identifies schools that demonstrate Apple?s vision of exemplary learning environments that inspire student creativity, collaboration and critical thinking.

Apple outlines Five Best Practices in common as part of the culture of these schools to promote continuous innovation, leadership and educational excellence with technology.

Direct conversations with the Apple Education Development Executive team began in 2015, following Matt Heinrich?s recognition as an Apple Distinguished Educator. This relationship continues to flourish and has grown to quarterly meetings with the Junior School Executive to discuss the 1-to-1 ICT Program, innovative approaches to learning and teaching and exclusive invitations for professional learning opportunities.

The team from Apple, based in Sydney, recognises our College is on a journey regarding the integration of technology, and continually affirms the practices they have witnessed in classrooms during their visits. Radford was formally invited to apply for recognition as an Apple Distinguished School for 2017?2018 following a meeting with the Apple team in December last year.

Given the BYOD approach in the Secondary School, the requirements could only be met by the Junior School program. Having said that, the Five Best Practices are reflected in the College?s Strategic Plan and are evident in Secondary School classrooms using Apple and non-Apple devices.

The application required the creation of a multi-touch iBook sharing the story of student learning within the 1-to-1 iPad program and teachers? use of Apple technologies. Addressing each of the Five Best Practices, the multimodal experience includes audio and video recordings, interactive images and graphics, and text that tells our narrative with genuine passion and warmth.

Benefits of the program include a plaque and banner that acknowledge recognition, national and international collaboration with other Apple Distinguished Schools, ongoing professional learning at the College and consideration for inclusion in Apple publications.

News from the P&F AGM

The Parents and Friends Association held its AGM last week, giving those in attendance an opportunity to reflect on the organisation?s achievements in 2016, review the audited financial statements and elect the 2017 Management Committee.

Mr John Shevlin, who was the P&F President for 2015 and 2016, gave in his AGM Report a very thorough run down of all the activities of the P&F over the past 12 months. These events included the inaugural Welcome Barbeque, yet another successful Art Show, the Term 3 Trivia Night and the well-attended 2016 Twilight Fete. John also detailed projects that the P&F were involved with over the course of 2016, including changes to the P&F Constitution, input into the Master Plan and support of the Dance Studio and the Junior School playground.

As John has now concluded his time as P&F President, I would like to thank him for the countless hours he has given to the College. His passion for Radford has always been evident and his ?nothing is too much trouble? attitude has made him a pleasure to work with. John?s work has left a tangible legacy for both the P&F and the College.

The AGM concluded with the election of the new Management Committee. I would like to congratulate the following people who were elected into positions and I look forward to working closely with them all throughout 2017.

  • President ? Sarah Jennett
  • Vice-President ? Kristen Foster
  • Treasurer ? Wendy Elkhuizen
  • Assistant Treasurer ? Bernadette Mihaljevic
  • Secretary ? Ana Thomson
  • Publicity Officer ? Dean O'Brien
  • Ordinary Member 1/6 ? Claire Newton
  • Ordinary Member 2/6 ? Andrew Herring
  • Ordinary Member 3/6 ? Nicola Gibson
  • Ordinary Member 4/6 ? Samuel Beever
  • Ordinary Member 5/6 ? Sue Miller
  • Ordinary Member 6/6 ? Itilasha Gupta
  • Ex-Officio Member ? The Principal, Fiona Godfrey
  • Ex-Officio Member ? P&F Nominee on the Board, Edward Hutchinson (continuing appointment from 2015)
Image for article: Chaplain's reflection: The lure of the empire

Chaplain's reflection: The lure of the empire

20 March 2017

The allure and pull of the empire is strong, even when people are its slaves.

Slavery is wrong. It always has been.

Moses was the agent through which God worked to lead the people out of slavery away from the empire of Egypt, through the waters and on towards freedom.

It was no easy walk. It was long. Arduous. Eventually, thirst loosened their voices: ?Is this what you dragged us all out of Egypt for: to watch us die in a parched desert? (Exodus 17.3) Or earlier: ?Didn?t we say to you in Egypt, ?leave us alone; let us serve the Egyptians??? (Exodus 14.11)

The allure and pull of ?empire? is strong, even when people are its slaves! We welcome and embrace enslavement because ?empire? sooths its people?s with its certainties, its promise of material and individual ?wealth?, its myths of scarcity and protection from things to fear. The journey to freedom might be better phrased as deliverance, or liberation. In the gospels, the anti-empire has a title ? the kingdom of heaven. Here, mystery is offered, not certainty; the richness of commons and community, the extravagance of abundance for all, not just a few and life with people engaged in the covenant of being neighbours at peace with a God who does not condemn. Jesus is this Liberator.

The last two Sundays provide contrasting encounters with Jesus the liberator.

  • A known man of intellect and power ? Nicodemus ? comes in the night under his own authority to sue Jesus with his questions. (John 3)
  • A nameless, powerless Samaritan woman, alien among aliens, escapes to the well at noon only to be asked by Jesus for water. (John 4)

The God of Liberation loves the cosmos so much he sent the Liberator Jesus, not to condemn but to salve and make whole. Nicodemus is embedded within the structures of ?empire? and we are never quite sure if he can be disentangled enough to receive the freedom offered in Jesus. The nameless outsider woman is fully known by Jesus and she awakens her whole village to the one who liberates with a water that will never run out.


A helpful analogy? What about energy. I am not the one saying we have the technology now to run 100% renewable energy. Professor Andrew Blakers of ANU is (http://bit.ly/2mL5QVW) . His students have been doing the physics on this for years. But here is the new vision: not so much leaving the empire of millennia old solar (oil and coal) but a movement towards daily solar / wind. By definition, new solar is accessible to communities, and comes free from the bonds of old ties. This is profoundly disruptive, unsettling, challenging. Elon Musk?s 100 day offer to repair South Australia?s energy problem points directly to how immanent this new reality can be.

O God, bring an end to slavery, for women, for children, for the addicted, the trapped.
Bring an end to war, in Syria, Yemen, Sudan.
O God, bring an end to our blind addiction to our enslavement to stuff, to busyness, to screens, to false gods.
Come Lord Jesus, take us with you to Easter: be our freedom.


Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

JS News: 22 March 2017

22 March 2017

Two messages: one to celebrate and the other to commiserate.

Dates to Remember

  • Friday, 24 March ? Junior School RTC Environment Action Day
  • Tuesday, 28 March?Thursday, 30 March ? Parent Teacher Interviews
  • Friday, 31 March ? Junior School Harmony Day

This week I will focus on two important messages, both of which were also raised in Mrs Godfrey's article.

Apple Distinguished School
By the time this Bulletin is released, our families will already be aware that we have been acknowledged as the first ACT Apple Distinguished School.

The acknowledgement was received from the USA following the submission of our iBook outlining how and why we were identified as a potential leading Apple education setting.

The honour allows us to access the Apple teaching development team, share our understandings, work with other Apple Schools across Australia and beyond, and access the highest professional development available.

The honour also acknowledges the journey we have undertaken in the past few years, the highs and lows, the growth and the hurdles. It acknowledges that we are a little further down the line than we would feel, which is heartening.

We have much to gain from this and should celebrate the milestone and what it provides for our staff and students.

This success would not have been possible without Mr Matt Heinrich in his role as Director of Digital learning and Innovation, our access to our Technology Coach, Ms Lisa Plenty, and the capacity of our PYP Coordinator, Ms Belinda Reitstatter, and our Junior School staff.

A moment to enjoy!

Marina MalcolmMs Marina Malcolm
As is the way of life and its turns, as we celebrate our Apple success I must regrettably announce the imminent departure of a favourite staff member, Ms Marina Malcolm.

The Malcolm family have made the extremely difficult decision to return to Northern Ireland after calling Australia home for 10 years.

Marina joined us in 2008 as an experienced teacher, teaching across a number of year levels. In 2012 she accepted the role of Assistant Head of Junior School Years 3?6. To attempt to describe her role, her impact upon so many of our students and families, her capacity to meet deadlines, her planning, her smiles, her genuine warmth, her desire to improve, her pastoral sense, her writing and her down-to-earth approach, is simply impossible.

I cannot acknowledge her impact upon the development of our Junior School as a P?6 school within our P?12 College enough. Marina has almost always been with us ? that comforting thought in knowing that comes with time and experience and genuine interest in each and every student and parent.

I know all our Junior School families, past and present, will join with me in wishing her and her lovely family all the best, but also that a piece of us will always travel with her, and her with us.

Students participating in the Foundation Day Service in 2016

Foundation Day 2017

21 March 2017

Brent Larkham, Head of Sport, and Tiia Wright-Baker and Melinda Hamilton, Junior School Teachers

On Friday, 7 April, the whole College will gather to celebrate its foundation.

By Brent Larkham, Head of Sport, and Tiia Wright-Baker and Melinda Hamilton, Junior School Teachers

Friday, 7 April, the last day of Term 1, is Foundation Day. It is a day when the whole College gathers to celebrate its foundation.

The day begins with a service in the G Wigg Sports Centre to celebrate the College and its achievements, and reflect on our role within the wider society.

Secondary School

Following this gathering, Secondary School students will travel to places all over Canberra to play games and socialise together. While House Points are awarded, the day is more about sharing and community than competition.

The Secondary School will then re-gather in TB Millar Hall in the afternoon to watch some dance performances choreographed on the day and for the awarding of the Bishop?s Cup.

Students should wear their House shirt/sports uniform to school and bring their own food for the day. Activities will conclude in time for normal buses home.

Junior School

At the Foundation Day service, Junior School students will participate in 'The Telling? by acting out the storm using homemade percussion instruments and body percussion.

After the service, students in Years 1?6 will participate in a number of experiences here at the College following a theme of ?Belonging?.

These experiences will run between recess and lunchtime.

ELC students will attend class as usual.

Foundation Day is one of the best days of the year as assessment is over for the term and the holidays beckon. We hope this year is as much fun as ever.

Olympic cyclist Rachel Neylan discusses the importance of good nutrition and adequate rest.

An Olympian visits the Junior School

20 March 2017

Laura Cook, Communications Officer

Years 4-6 students talk healthy eating with road cyclist Rachel Neylan.

By Laura Cook, Communications OfficerRachel with Ellie and Kaitlin

Students in Years 4?6 were treated to a talk from Olympic road cyclist Rachel Neylan last Friday.

The cyclist, who last year competed at the Rio Olympics and has attended three World Championships, visited the Junior School to speak about the importance of healthy eating for energy and performance.

She was accompanied by a film crew and photographer from the AIS, all of whom were greatly impressed by our students' articulate responses.

Year 6 students Kaitlin Barsby and Ellie Maglasis (pictured, right) welcomed Rachel and opened the session with a PowerPoint presentation they had prepared about her successes.

Rachel shared a little about her background. She began wanting to represent Australia while watching the Barcelona Olympics at the age of 10, but only began riding seriously at 25 after trying out a variety of sports and activities including soccer, athletics and triathlon.

Adequate rest and good nutrition, she pointed out, are essential for everyone ? athletes and non-athletes alike ? and particularly important for young growing bodies.

She quizzed the audience on healthy food choices and was pleased with the suggestions that came thick and fast from students. Natural food choices, from the ground or from the farm, are best, she agreed. Fresh fruit and vegetables and protein sources like meat, chicken, eggs, fish and nuts just can?t be beaten.

Rachel held up her racing jersey to show its assortment of pockets where she stores snacks to fuel her while she?s on the bike. Her favourite snack is a banana, she said, but keeping your balance while riding and reaching for and eating one certainly takes a lot of practice!

Rachel trains six days a week, spending up to six hours ? almost a full school day ? riding. She supplements this with regular gym work, yoga and stretching.

Her current goal is selection for next year?s Commonwealth Games, to be held on the Gold Coast.

Rachel answered questions about passion, motivation, injury and the perils of punctures before engaging in a short Q&A session with Kaitlin, Ellie and fellow students Sam Miller (Year 6) and Josh Miller (Year 4).

Her visit coincided with National Ride2School Day, when many students and teachers combined exercise and travel to school in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.

Rachel took the opportunity to encourage everyone to consider riding to school more often.

Who knows, added Kaitlin and Ellie, 'perhaps one day you might be as successful as Rachel'.

Rachel with Sam, Josh, Kaitlin and Ellie

'Song Contest', Radford College Musical.

Get ready for Song Contest

26 April 2017

Nick Akhurst, Head of Department, Co‑curricular Drama/Dance/Oratory

The 2017 Musical will be a musical experience like no other.

By Nick Akhurst, Head of Department, Co?curricular Drama/Dance/Oratory

The 2017 Musical is a musical experience like no other. It is Song Contest ? The Almost Eurovision Experience.

It is a glamorous and colourful tribute to the Eurovision Song Contest, with 11 countries competing in the final with authentic potential for you to decide on the winner with voting on the night.

We invite you to get as close as you can to the Eurovision experience and come see Song Contest and support the country of your choice.

There will be three performances:

  • Thursday, 27 April
  • Friday, 28 April
  • Saturday, 29 April.

Tickets are on sale in the quad as well as online.

Visit https://www.trybooking.com/PJMV or https://www.trybooking.com/270057 to book your seats.

Image for article: School TV: Cyberbullying edition

School TV: Cyberbullying edition

17 March 2017

A resource designed for parents and schools to assist in raising happy, well and resilient youth.

By Claire Melloy, Director of Student Development

Cyberbullying is a form of bullying using technology such as the Internet or mobile phone. It can be shared widely and quickly with a lot of people, making this form of bullying extremely dangerous and harmful.

It has become increasingly common, especially among teenagers. Cyberbullying can be identified as being repeated behaviour by an aggressor with an intent to harm or embarrass someone. This type of behaviour can include posting rumours about a person, posting direct threats or sexual remarks, even disclosing a victim?s personal information.

Internet trolling is another common form of cyberbullying often found in online gaming or social media circles. Internet trolls often do this to elicit a reaction or disruption from their victim purely for their own personal amusement.

The latest edition of the School TV Newsletter is released in line with the 'National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence ? Bullying. No Way' on Friday, 17 March.

It addresses important questions such as:

  • What are some of the consequences for those who are bullied online?
  • What should parents do if cyberbullying is occurring?
  • How should a child respond to cyberbullying?
  • Can the police be involved in cases of cyberbullying?
  • How common is cyberbullying and where does it usually occur?

Click on the icon below to view the newsletter.

Grandfriends Day was a wonderful success with even more grandfriends joining us for a small part of the day.

Grandfriends Day: 10 March 2017

21 March 2017

A photographic reflection of this special day in the Junior School

Photos by George Huitker, Head of Service Learning

Our recent Grandfriends Day, held on Friday 10 March in the Junior School, was a great success.

Mr Southwell, Head of Junior School, says: 'Our Grandfriends Day is a wonderful example of how ?from little things, big things grow?. From a very small beginning in our first year we have enjoyed a growing number of special grandfriends each year. This day is indeed a true representation of our College as a community.'

We hope you enjoy this selection of photos from Grandfriends Day.

Junior School students with their grandfriends

Junior School students with their grandfriends

Junior School students with their grandfriends

Junior School students with their grandfriends

Junior School students with their grandfriends

Junior School students with their grandfriends

Junior School students with their grandfriends

Junior School students with their grandfriends

Junior School students with their grandfriends

Jesse busks at Jamison

Busking for others

22 March 2017

Year 9 student raising funds through song

By Communications Manager Mick Bunworth

While thinking about what he planned to do for his 10 hours of service learning, Jesse Wright was struck by inspiration.

Setting out on Saturday mornings with his guitar, a set list of popular songs and a custom-made fundraising box, the Year 9 Radford student found some appreciative and generous fans among the patrons of Jamison Shops.

Having raised almost $600, Jesse decided he wanted to use the funds to buy guitars for the students of Moree East Public School, which Radford students visit during Gamilaraay or 'G-trips' to northern NSW. He hopes to go on a G Trip in Year 11 and meet some of the students who will be given an opportunity to learn on these guitars.

Coincidentally, Jesse?s Dad is from Wee Waa, a town not far from Moree.

Jesse started learning guitar in Kindergarten and first busked in Year 7, when initial nerves gave way to a joy of performing.

The recent charity busking sessions at Jamison have featured the songs of many different artists. Jesse's favourites are Coldplay and Vance Joy.

Jesse has also been playing one or two original songs in the sets, which can last for more than two hours.

While he has already completed more than the required 10 hours of service, Jesse says he plans to identify another good cause, so that he can continue busking for charity.

Cox Ian, with rowers Sam, Daniel, Noah and Lucas

Sport Report 22 March 2017

22 March 2017

Bernie Leger, Sports Administrator

Rowing Head of the River, Basketball semi-finals and playoffs, and cricket/

Rowing ? Schoolboy Head of the River
by Brent Larkham

About 40 Radford rowers and numerous parents attended the Regatta at Penrith on Sunday which was the last event for the season. It was a very strong field with schools from all over NSW competing and a great chance for the whole team to benchmark themselves against some of the best NSW rowing has to offer. Radford won 9 medals on the day, with a stand out performance from Sam Roberts who won the Year 8 single scull. All boys gave heart and soul in what was a very enjoyable weekend for all.

Radford rowers at Head of the River event

by Bernadette Leger

This weekend, our Basketball teams will take to the court to either play in a semi-final game, if their team finished in the top 4 of their pool, or in a play-off game.

Congratulations to all teams who have qualified for semi-final games this weekend. We had 7 boys and 7 girls teams qualify - this is a great achievement for the Basketball program.

Teams playing off in semi-final games are:

U12 Girls Div.2 finished in first place ? Radford Kookaburras, coached by Ian Ellis

U12 Girls Div.3 finished in first place ? Radford Cardinals, coached by Bernie Leger

U14 Girls Div.1 finished in fourth place ? Radford Suns, coached by Ian Ellis

U14 girls Div.2 finished in third place ? Radford Rave, coached by Bernie Leger

U16 Girls Div.2 finished in third place ? Radford Mystics, coached by Mitch Kingham Edwards

U16 Girls Div.4 finished in fourth place ? Radford Dazzle, coached by Dorothy Johnson

U19 Girls Div.1 finished in fourth place ? Radford Rimrockers, coached by Deb Cook

U12 Boys Div.2 finished in fourth place ? Radford Tigers, coached by Bernie Leger

U14 Boys Div.4 finished in fourth place ? Radford Raiders, coached by Josh Rochow & William Morphett

U19 Boys Div.1 finished in second place ? Radford Heat, coached by Andrew Cadogan

U19 Boys Div.3 finished in second place in pool B ? Radford Giants, coached by Jared Cox

U19 Boys Div.3 finished in third place in pool A ? Radford Rockets, coached by Jimmy Willett

U19 Boys Div.4 finished in second place in pool B ? Radford Jets, coached by Jesse Mason

U19 boys Div.6 finished in second place ? Radford Sharks, coached by Sarah Skidmore

by Dianne Wilson

Congratulations to all players for their efforts this season. The future of Radford Cricket looks promising with two U9 and three U11 teams fielded this year. Our U13 and U15 Division 1 sides battled this season but the determination of the players to develop their cricket has been pleasing to see.

Intense concentration on the part of this batsman

Naoki Sawada with Mrs Godfrey and senior Japanese language students

Thoughts from the Languages Department Japanese Assistant

20 March 2017

Naoki Sawada, Language Assistant

Naoki Sawada reflects on his time at Radford

By Naoki Sawada, Language Assistant

I am Naoki Sawada and I was a Japanese Assistant at Radford for the month of February in 2016 and also February in 2017.

l assisted in the teaching of Japanese to the students at Radford. I also assisted teaching Japanese to some adults at ANU.

At first I couldn't teach Japanese as Japanese is completely different from English. For example, Japanese uses Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. English uses just the alphabet. This is so hard to learn for native English speakers. Teaching Japanese is hard because of characters. Thanks to this experience I was challenged to think about the differences between Japanese and English.

It was a great experience for me because I could communicate to a lot of Australian people. I had never experienced anything like this in my life before. I was so nervous and scared to even greet an Australian at first because I couldn't speak English at all and I'm super shy. But everyone was so kind. They tried to understand what l wanted to say. I was so happy. As a result, I have come to like foreigners, particularly Australians. I want be as kind to foreigners in Japan (especially those who can't speak Japanese).

Now, I want to get better at speaking English. I also want to speak languages other than English. My goal is to be able to communicate with people from around the world.

Thank you, Radford and the Language Department, for this wonderful experience.

Soccer and basketball holiday programs on offer

Book for holiday sports program

22 March 2017

Basketball and soccer skills sessions will be available.

Radford College is hosting two sports camps for basketball and soccer during the first week of the April school holidays.

Both camps are open to all ages and abilities between Year 3 ? Year 9, focused on skill development and game play.

Students have the option to attend one or both camps.

A flyer for the camps is available here.


EpiPen Recall

EpiPen Recall

A EpiPen recall has been issued by Alphapharm. ??The College has contacted parents of EpiPens affected in the Health Rooms, but this announcement is made to remind parents to check EpiPens they may have at home.

P&F Fundraising - Entertainment Books

Entertainment Books P&F Fundraiser - new arrangements this year

The P&F will be running the Entertainment Books fundraiser again this year. ??To simplify arrangements for people who do not want a book, however, books will not be sent home this year, so it will be an "opt-in" program for both books and digital memberships. $12 from every book sold goes to the P&F for its support of College projects.??

More details of this year's arrangements to follow shortly in the next Bulletin.

APFACTS newsletter

APFACTS ? 22 March 2017

APFACTS is the voice of non-government school parents (Catholic and Independent) in the ACT. For more information, visit our website at??www.apfacts.org.au??or find us on Facebook at??www.facebook.com/Apfacts

Read the latest newsletter.

School Sport ACT

SSACT Bulletin 28 June 2017

School Sport ACT (SSACT) is the peak body for School Sport delivery in the ACT.

SSACT actively promotes school sport for all ACT students through the support of regional, state and national representative opportunities and pathways.

View the latest SSACT Bulletin.