Radford Bulletin Term 1, Week 9 – 29 March 2017

Staff Insights

Claire Melloy, Director of Student Development

Self-Regulation: how do we develop it in our young people?

28 March 2017

Claire Melloy, Director of Student Development

"Self-regulation is the foundation of healthy human development"

By Claire Melloy, Director of Student Development

It is now widely recognized that one of the most important skills for all of us to develop is to control aspects of the self. Self-regulation is the ability to be aware of and change aspects of our behaviour, emotions or thoughts as needed. It includes the ability to inhibit a hasty reaction in order to respond thoughtfully, to ignore unhelpful distraction, to persist with relevant tasks even when we don?t particularly enjoy them and to be able to control our emotions if they become overwhelming.

Dr Stuart Shanker Professor of Philosophy and Psychology at York University https://self-reg.ca states that ?self-regulation is the foundation of healthy human development; adaptive coping skills, positive parenting, learning and safe and caring schools.? Other studies have found that self-regulation correlates with various positive outcomes for children and adolescents, including better academic performance, problem-solving skills, more satisfying interactions with peers, higher levels of intrinsic motivation, perceived competence and ethical behaviour.

Self-regulation is an important skill for everyone to acquire

At this point, some parents might be thinking ?How can I help when my child feels like this?? [overwhelmed by emotion]. The good news is that the adolescent brain is malleable and parents and teachers can help young people develop the skills of self-regulation. When young people feel overwhelmed by emotion, one of the most helpful things we can do is to acknowledge the emotion so that they feel heard. Then, when you can see that they are ready to try to problem solve, encourage them to engage their brain and their logical thinking in order to reframe the problem. Encourage them to answer ?What am I worried about? What can I control? What can I change? What can?t I change? What is the worst that can happen? What is the most useful thing for me to do in this situation??

We need them to get their brain to control their emotion, rather than than let their emotion control them.

The Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University recently released a a practical collection of activities and resources, some examples of which include:

  • Encouraging young people to talk themselves through the steps of a difficult activity or mentally narrate what is happening. Talking out loud can bring thoughts and actions into consciousness and can help teens identify negative thinking or behavior patterns.
  • Helping young people recognize the lessons of difficult experiences or failure. Help them consider what went wrong and what might be done differently next time.
  • Talking with your child about the motivations of other people, helping them to think about why someone might have acted in a certain way and what an alternative interpretation might be.
  • Discussing the positives of keeping a journal, which can foster self-reflection, awareness and planning.
  • Helping young people become more mindful of the impact of interruptions, particularly from electronic devices. Rather than multitasking, work on ways to prioritize tasks.
  • Read the Harvard article on activities for adolescents.

Digital parenting presentation by Martine Oglethorpe

Date: Thursday 27 April 2017 (Term 2, Week 1)
Time: 6pm
Venue: Senior School Lecture Theatre

The use of devices both at school and at home is still an area that parents are consistently asking for more information about. As a result, we have arranged for Martine Oglethorpe from The Modern Parent - Helping Families in the Modern World http://themodernparent.net/author/mogletho/ to present to Radford parents in Week One of Term Two on Thursday April 27 at 6pm in the Senior School Lecture Theatre. Martine?s digital parenting presentation will equip you with the necessary information, skills, strategies and perspective in order to help you and your children navigate the digital space, which can be overwhelming. Her approach seeks to help ensure that our young people get the best that technology has to offer, while minimizing the risk.

Some of the areas that will be covered include:

  • how are our young people using technology?
  • what apps are they using? are they safe?
  • coping with inappropriate content
  • how to control gaming
  • privacy, predators and reputation
  • why parents are the key to safe and smart digital behaviour
  • how to enforce boundaries and limits and keep the balance
  • strategies to teach our young people the skills they need to make the decisions online.

Image for article: Chaplain's reflection: Like a tuning fork

Chaplain's reflection: Like a tuning fork

27 March 2017

Preparation for Easter

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me.

I have been meditating now for nearly 20 years. This was my dominant meditation for over a decade. Called the Jesus Prayer, it is a way of shaping your breath to the deep rhythms of God?s presence. I imagine myself to be like a tuning fork, and the words on my breath train my body like the fork to resonate with the Song and Son of God:

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me.

Now. What if the world is not easily defined in opposites? What if simple binary alternatives describe our belief systems, not reality? What if there is nothing as simple as:

in group | out group

right | wrong

white | black

either | or

win | lose

them | us

0 | -

It seems so obvious now. God is not against people. Unconditional love ? has no conditions! It is a gift, freely given. This love has entered the world in Jesus and is given, not to condemn, but to salve and make whole (John 3.17). Like Jesus said:

Two went up to the temple to pray. One who knew himself to be on the inside, a religious elite; one who could use others to affirm his own identity. Then there was the other. He knew who he was and knew he was a thief, a tax collector. The first cried out in gratitude that he was not like those he was against, especially the tax collector ?over there?. Away to the side, the tax collector didn?t even lift his face. He beat his chest: ?Lord God, have mercy on me, a sinner?. (Luke 18.9fl)

Jesus asks, ?who left the temple at restored? Was it the one who sees us and them, in and out, worthy and unworthy? No. Peace belonged to the one who referenced himself to God not against another. Being against others places us against God.

Earlier we heard this: do not judge. For if you judge others, the measure you use will be used against you. (Matthew 7) God is not the architect of dividing lines!

Maybe we are not to understand the love of God. Maybe it is just too amazingly incomprehensibly good. Maybe it is just for accepting. What can be understood is that any violence attributed to God is our own. Any harsh lines attributed to God have their roots in our own struggles for identity. In the end, our identity should be grounded in the forgiving unconditional love of Jesus. As Easter now draws nearer, a simple prayer may be enough:

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me.


Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

JS News: 29 March 2017

29 March 2017

Parent-teacher interviews, Parent Liaisons and welcome to our new Music Specialist.

Date to Remember

  • Tuesday, 4 April ? ACT Primary Girls? Chess Event
  • Tuesday, 4 April ? Year 2 Mystery Tour
  • Wednesday, 5 April ? Junior School Easter Chapel
  • Friday, 7 April ? Foundation Day/Last Day of Term

Week 9 of our first term ushers in our parent-teacher interviews.

As I write this message I am coming off a week of interviews for 2018 families. All interviews allow me to talk about ?what is different about us,? and while I have a very long list of differences to mention, the main point must relate to our staff.

I am able to talk about the capacity of our teaching and learning teams, about their knowledge, planning, work ethic and culture.

As a Head of School, however, I can honestly hone in on three main points. Our staff members display genuine warmth to all in their rooms. They display empathy and provide time for all, no matter the circumstances, no matter the distractions, no matter the work load.

This week will provide our families with just another opportunity for feedback in regard to the start of our year. To date, Term 1 feedback opportunities have included:

  • Our initial Hopes and Dreams parent sessions prior to starting the term
  • Our Unit Feedback Reports, which provide rich day-to-day data from our Units of Inquiry
  • Our Year Level Radford Online pages
  • Our Kindergarten reading evening
  • and any opportunity you may wish to take to contact our teachers.

Parent Liaisons
I apologise for our slow start to this very important friendraising role. We still need parents to volunteer for this role, especially in Years 4, 5 and 6.

I look forward to our first meeting as a group this week, and from then the opportunity to share some year level, family and parent events with you.

Speaking of this, I congratulate our Pre Kindergarten parent groups who ran and joined in on a lovely Easter egg hunt last Sunday at Weston Park.

We welcome Ms Sonia Geddes to our teaching team. Sonia joined us this week, replacing Ms Caroline Suthers in our Years 4, 5 and 6 Music Program for the remainder of the year.

Sonia joins us having taught at Girls? Grammar and several New Zealand schools. We are fortunate in being able to replace such a vibrant and talented Music Specialist with an equally talented and vibrant teacher.

Photo courtesy of news.com.au

Collegian Bec Goddard makes AFL history

29 March 2017

Adelaide women's coach finishes an amazing season of firsts with a premiership.

Congratulations to Class of 1996 collegian Bec Goddard on becoming an AFL Premiership Coach.

Bec was the inaugural senior coach of the Adelaide Crows team in the first year of the AFL's new national women's league.

On the weekend, she coached the team to the league's first ever premiership against Brisbane.

The Adelaide Football club posted this video of Bec's Pre-Match Address, and the AFL website showed Bec helping to lift the Premiership Cup.

The Age newspaper wrote this feature about Bec, which details the extra challenges she overcame in coaching the team.

Our rowers brought home gold, silver and bronze medals on Saturday.

Radford rowers win "Head of the River" title

27 March 2017

Emma Harper, Rowing Captain

Our girls claim gold, silver and bronze at NSW Schoolgirls Head of the River regatta.

By Emma Harper, Rowing Captain

On Saturday, 25 March, Radford competed in the NSW Schoolgirls Head of the River (HOR) regatta.

The regatta is greatly anticipated throughout the season and is an opportunity to showcase the hard work and technical progress completed in training over the past six months.

Amongst rowers, the Head of the River is considered the ?finale? event, concluding the summer rowing season. It is an opportunity for Radford crews to compete against a variety of elite ACT and NSW rowing schools.

The regatta is held on the Penrith course that was built for the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000.

Radford had a successful weekend across all squads, from Year 9 to Year 12, making nine finals out of the twelve events entered and bringing home a gold, a silver and a bronze medal.

The Year 9 Girls made their debut at HOR and gave a remarkable performance, with all the coxed quad crews contesting finals in their events. A big congratulations to Elisabeth Gregory and Charlotte McCarthy who earned their place on the podium by winning a Bronze medal in the Schoolgirl Year 9 Double Scull.

The Year 10 Girls squad has almost doubled in size since the start of the season, with several new girls joining the rowing program and competing in Sydney for the first time. The girls had a successful day with all crews competing in the finals. Although they did not medal they gained valuable experience in racing that they will carry through into successive seasons.

The Senior Girls (Year 11 and 12) had an exciting day of racing with both crews on the podium. The crew stroked by Annie Creer with Nicola Greenland, Lisa Seberry and Emma Harper (Year 11 and 12) and coxed by Natasha Erb (Year 10) had a brilliant race in their new boat, the Ian Morison.

They dominated the Division 1 Schoolgirl Coxed Quad to win Gold and the ?Head of the River? title by a considerable margin.

Perhaps the most exciting result of the day came from the crew stroked by Georgie Sayers with Emily Naumann, Maddy Dyne and Lydia Murray (Year 10, 11 and 12) and coxed by Lucy Muller (Year 10). This newly established crew made their debut at the Head of the River, finishing in second place and earning the Silver medal on the podium. This was a gutsy performance and a special congratulations should be passed to this crew.

Congratulations also to Vicky Spencer and James Stuchbery, the coaches of the Senior Girls. Their expertise and dedication made these results possible.

All Radford crews and coaches should be proud of their performance on the weekend and hopefully they will carry their experience and success into future NSW Schoolgirls Head of the River regattas.

Thank you to all coaches, staff and parents who contributed to making the day as fun and successful as it was. A special thank you and heartfelt goodbye to Mr Philip Winkworth who, in his final season as director, made this all possible.

Rowing Presentation Awards Night ? 2016-17 Season - CHANGE OF DATE
Now Tuesday 9 May (not Wednesday 5 April as our Year 10 students are away on camp). Venue: Senior Lecture Theatre 2. More information later by e-mail from Sports department.

Georgie Sayers, Emily Naumann, Maddy Dyne, Lydia Murray and Lucy Muller won Silver.

 Annie Creer, Nicola Greenland, Lisa Seberry, Emma Harper and Natasha Erb won Gold.

Students participating in the Foundation Day Service in 2016

Foundation Day 2017

21 March 2017

Brent Larkham, Head of Sport, and Tiia Wright-Baker and Melinda Hamilton, Junior School Teachers

On Friday, 7 April, the whole College will gather to celebrate its foundation.

By Brent Larkham, Head of Sport, and Tiia Wright-Baker and Melinda Hamilton, Junior School Teachers

Friday, 7 April, the last day of Term 1, is Foundation Day. It is a day when the whole College gathers to celebrate its foundation.

The day begins with a service in the G Wigg Sports Centre to celebrate the College and its achievements, and reflect on our role within the wider society.

Secondary School

Following this gathering, Secondary School students will travel to places all over Canberra to play games and socialise together. While House Points are awarded, the day is more about sharing and community than competition.

The Secondary School will then re-gather in TB Millar Hall in the afternoon to watch some dance performances choreographed on the day and for the awarding of the Bishop?s Cup.

Students should wear their House shirt/sports uniform to school and bring their own food for the day. Activities will conclude in time for normal buses home.

Junior School

At the Foundation Day service, Junior School students will participate in 'The Telling? by acting out the storm using homemade percussion instruments and body percussion.

After the service, students in Years 1?6 will participate in a number of experiences here at the College following a theme of ?Belonging?.

These experiences will run between recess and lunchtime.

ELC students will attend class as usual.

Foundation Day is one of the best days of the year as assessment is over for the term and the holidays beckon. We hope this year is as much fun as ever.

The new Radford College rain jacket

Winter uniform update

28 March 2017

Winter uniform, sports uniform, online ordering

Winter uniform

The College uniform supplier Perm-A-Pleat is now offering a Radford College rain jacket, which Junior School students can wear over their polar fleece top, and Secondary School students can wear over their blazer in Terms 2 and 3.

The jacket is fleecy lined and rainproof and prices range from $64 to $72, with a wide range of sizes available.

For winter 2017, students will still have the option of wearing a plain black coat, either waist or knee length, as outer wear only.

From 2018, students wanting to wear an outer layer must wear the Radford rain jacket.

New Radford beanies and scarves are also now available from Perm-A-Pleat's on campus store. Please refer to opening hours on the College website.

These changes are highlighted in the updated College uniform policy which parents, caregivers and students are encouraged to review.

Sports uniform changes

Following a request from Radford's soccer players, a new jersey will be introduced for the 2017 winter season. A freeze has been placed on orders of the existing design. Those who have already purchased an existing soccer jersey in 2017, will be given a new jersey free of charge.

The Under 16 rugby team will also wear a new jersey for the 2017 rugby season, with the First XV to have a new jersey in 2018.

Other sport uniforms will be updated as follows:

  • Netball - fitted dress to be introduced in 2018 winter season
  • Basketball - new shorts and singlet to be introduced in 2017/18 summer season
  • Rowing - new zootie and UV top to be introduced for the 2017/18 summer season

Following feedback from students, the College Physical Education uniform is also currently being reviewed.

The new sports uniform items will be designed for maximum comfort, flexibility and durability.

Online ordering

Perm-A-Pleat advises that uniform shop staff will not take credit card details over the phone, due to privacy concerns.

Parents should use the secure online ordering portal to place their orders.

  • Online orders for PK-Yr 4 will be delivered to the Junior School and placed in the student's bag.
  • Online orders for Years 5-12 will be available for collection from the uniform shop.

Basketball finals and Bill Turner Cup

Sports Report 29 March 2017

29 March 2017

Sports Department

Basketball and football reports; rowing presentation date change.

By Bernadette Leger, Sports Administrator
Well done to all of the Basketball teams that played over the weekend. An outstanding job by all of the coaches, players and spectators. Congratulations to the following coaches and players who have progressed through to the grand final weekend, draw is available on the Basketball ACT website. The teams are:

U12 Girls Kookaburras plays at Belconnen on Friday 31 March at 6:45pm on CT.2
U12 Girls Cardinals plays at Belconnen on Saturday 1 April at 11:00am on CT.1
U19 Girls Cougars plays at Belconnen on Sunday 2 April at 1:00pm on CT.1
U19 Boys Jets plays at Belconnen on Sunday 2 April at 1:00pm on CT.2
U19 Boys Giants plays at Belconnen on Sunday 2 April at 2:00pm on CT.2

The winter teams have now been finalised for the 2017 season. Training will commence in Week 10 of Term 1 for all teams participating in the winter competition. There will be no morning training sessions till Term 2, just the afternoon training sessions. Training will recommence for all teams in Term 2 from Wednesday 26 April when school resumes.

Football (Soccer) Bill Turner Cup
By Di Wilson, Sports Administrator
Our boys team took on Lyneham High School in Round 1 of the Bill Turner Cup. The team started out well with Noah King hitting the back of the net early and Zac Barbatano setting up Marcus Grzic at the back post for a second goal just before the break. Some great saves by Nick Thomson in goals with Murphy Shaw solid in defence also. David Reitstatter was poised in midfield playing some magical passes. Unfortunately the second half ran away from us with a rush of goals from Lyneham. Murphy Shaw?s nicely placed penalty late in the second half was a consolation goal in the 7-3 win to Lyneham High.

Rowing Presentation ? 2016-17 Season - CHANGE OF DATE
The rowing presentation night for the summer 2016-17 season will now be held on Tuesday 9 May (not Wednesday 5 April as our Year 10 students are away on camp). The presentation will be held in the Senior Lecture Theatre 2. More information regarding presentation night will be emailed through from either Brent Larkham or Erin Healy from the sports department.

Belconnen Zone Swimming Carnival

Belconnen Zone Swimming Carnival

27 March 2017

Tamara Phelps, Junior School Teacher and Bernadette Ledger, Sports Administrator

Congratulations to the 25 Junior School swimmers who competed last week.

By Tamara Phelps, Junior School Teacher, and Bernadette Leger, Sports Administrator

Last Wednesday, 22 March, 25 of the Junior School?s strongest swimmers competed in the Belconnen Zone Swimming Carnival at the AIS.

Congratulations to the following students for gaining selection:

  • Eliza Muscat (Year 3)Our swimmers were unaffected by competing in back-to-back events.
  • Kaiya Barsby (Year 3)
  • Sanda Halpin (Year 3)
  • Alex Wheeldon (Year 3)
  • Steven Maglasis (Year 3)
  • Madeleine Klegeris (Year 4)
  • Amber Smith Gibson (Year 4)
  • Bonnie Hardy (Year 4)
  • Alex Couldrick (Year 4)
  • Simon Mai (Year 4)
  • Lachlan Lloyd (Year 4)
  • Nathan Price (Year 5)
  • Jeffrey Bush (Year 5)
  • Cleo Tsiros (Year 5)
  • Eliza Lilley (Year 5)
  • Catherine Mai (Year 5)
  • Josephine Truswell (Year 6)
  • Alys Robertson (Year 6)
  • Zimitra Lyras (Year 6)
  • Angelina Fei (Year 6)
  • Eloise Flynn (Year 6)
  • Ellie Maglasis (Year 6)
  • Oliver Fox (Year 6)
  • Jake Smith Gibson (Year 6)
  • Rishabh Bahl (Year 6).

Our representatives were experienced competitors and were unaffected by competing in back-to-back swimming events, barely showing signs of fatigue after each race.

For some of our swimmers, this was their first taste of representative selection and they took it all in their stride, soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying the encouragement from fellow Radford swimmers and parents.

It was pleasing to see so many of our students gaining "personal bests" in their events and many of our students gaining selection to represent Belconnen Zone in the ACT Swimming Carnival.

The school spirit and wonderful sportsmanship displayed by our swimmers certainly makes Radford proud.

Thank you to parents and grandparents for all the support on the day.

Zimitra Lyras (right) and Eloise Flynn (left)

Sayaka Nakamoto with Radford LOTE students

'I will really miss Canberra'

27 March 2017

Sayaka Nakamoto, exchange student

One of our exchange students from Japan looks back on her time at Radford.

By Sayaka Nakamoto, exchange student

My name is Sayaka Nakamoto. I'm from National Institute of Technology, Kure College, in Japan. I stayed in Canberra for three weeks, going to Radford and staying with Erin Scott from 11 year. Everyone in her family is very kind and they all get along very well.

I remember everything which was said to me when I first arrived in Australia: the old man which told me kindly my bus coach at Sydney airport, a female who was walking along eating McDonalds (because in Japan, people don't walk and eat), the open and beautiful landscape from the bus window, Ms. Fitzpatrick's words 'We walk across the road without traffic light' and 'It's crazy weather in Canberra now'.

I like Canberra where nature and the city coexist.

I was surprised that Australian doesn't take shoes off inside house. But I don't like wearing shoes, so I took my shoes off inSayaka Nakamoto my room. Since I wore Crocs in my house, I came to school with Crocs once. (I then changed into PE shoes.)

My host family often goes to rugby games and football games. It was difficult to understand their rules, but it was fun.

In my Radford College life, I was surprised that the students eat fruit but don't cut it, girls sit on the ground with a skirt cross legged and there is a rule is that we must wear a cap or hat. In addition, I can use my laptop during school. The class size is small and students talk to teachers a lot. I think the classes are really nice and I like that we have a break between class as well as lunch time.

My most surprising thing is the event, 'World Greatest Shaving'.

My favourite subjects are Japanese, PE, and Math. They don't involve me speaking English as much, so it's why I like them. Japanese class was English writing class for me. It was a little difficult but fun. I enjoyed playing laser tag in PE class. My teammate kindly told me the rules, I had a really good time. The other classes were hard English classes for me but a good experience.

My host mother and sister took me to a lot of attractions in Canberra. I liked the Botanic Garden and National Zoo best. I will go there when I come here again.

I found that the crows' cry is completely different from Japanese ones. I love Australian birds, for example the bird which cries like a whistle and has beautiful colours. And the possum on the locker and the teacher's wombat were so cute. I also like Australian animals.

This three weeks went by very quickly. I will really miss Canberra. I will never forget my nice experiences in Radford. I will surely come back to Canberra.

Thank you.

French Film Festival

27 March 2017

Jemima Sayers, Year 9 student

Two Year 9 French classes experience a French movie.

By Jemima Sayers, Year 9 student

On Wednesday, 22 March, the two Year 9 French classes went to the Palace Electric Cinema (Nishi Building in New Acton) to see a movie as part of the French Film Festival, which is held in Canberra for a month annually.

The movie we saw was called ?Adama? and is a World War I film about a boy (Adama) on a mission to find his brother fighting for France on the front line.

The movie is set all over France and the small village in Senegal where the two brothers live.

Although the movie was a little bit confronting, it gave an excellent insight into the French language and culture. We all walked away from the movie with a sense of new knowledge about the language even though we still needed subtitles when watching the movie and didn't quite get every word that was spoken.

The best part was when we heard words we did know and could understand what was going on without looking at the subtitles.

I personally loved the whole experience and would recommend the French Film Festival to anyone and everyone. Whether you study French or want a taste of French culture, the festival is definitely the way to go.

Students participated in a clean-up of their school environment.

Radford Tribal Council Environment Action Day

27 March 2017

Melinda Hamilton and Tiia Wright, RTC teachers

Junior School students switch off electricity and clean up their school environment.

By Melinda Hamilton and Tiia Wright, RTC teachers

On Friday, 24 March the Junior School was involved in a day of action for our environment.

In 2016, many year levels inquired into topics that led to a desire to take action for our environment. These multiple requests to the Radford Tribal Council (RTC) for support culminated on Friday when all classes were involved in ?School Earth Hour?.

This initiative encouraged classes to turn off items that used electricity for an hour, in order to lessen our impact on global warming. Classes turned off their lights, air conditioners, computers, smartboards, CD players and more.

Students also participated in a clean-up of our school environment. Classes decided which areas in and near our school they wanted to tidy and headed out with bags to collect rubbish. The items collected were varied and were appropriately disposed of or recycled.

We hope the students continue to be conscious of ways they can reduce their impact on the environment.

Student reflections

?We saved power by turning the lights off and not using the computers during Mad Maths. Instead we used iPads because they were battery operated. It was easy to do, we should do this again!? ? Mennah

?I discovered that there was heaps of rubbish at the front of school along College Street. I think that we made a big difference in the school with our clean-up today because we filled three bags with litter.? ? Maddie

Students used battery-operated iPads instead of devices running on electricity.

'Song Contest', Radford College Musical.

Get ready for Song Contest

26 April 2017

Nick Akhurst, Head of Department, Co‑curricular Drama/Dance/Oratory

The 2017 Musical will be a musical experience like no other.

By Nick Akhurst, Head of Department, Co?curricular Drama/Dance/Oratory

The 2017 Musical is a musical experience like no other. It is Song Contest ? The Almost Eurovision Experience.

It is a glamorous and colourful tribute to the Eurovision Song Contest, with 11 countries competing in the final with authentic potential for you to decide on the winner with voting on the night.

We invite you to get as close as you can to the Eurovision experience and come see Song Contest and support the country of your choice.

There will be three performances:

  • Thursday, 27 April
  • Friday, 28 April
  • Saturday, 29 April.

Tickets are on sale in the quad as well as online.

Visit https://www.trybooking.com/PJMV or https://www.trybooking.com/270057 to book your seats.

Basketball and football programs are available for boys and girls

Sport Holiday Programs

29 March 2017

Brent Larkham, Head of Sport

Details of Radford holiday programs in Basketball and Football.

Radford College will be running two sports holiday programs for Basketball and Football (Soccer) during the first week of the April school holidays. Both programs are open to boys and girls, all ages and abilities from Year 3 to Year 9, focusing on skill development and game play. Students have the option to attend one or both programs.

Radford Basketball Program ? Conducted by Brad Luhrs
Brad Luhrs was the former director of Basketball at Radford College and has been a long time coach of state and junior National programs.

Tuesday 11 April 2017 - 9am till 12pm
Wednesday 12 April 2017 - 9am till 12pm
Thursday 13 April 2017 - 9am till 12pm
Venue: G Wigg Sports Centre

Radford Football (Soccer) Program ? Conducted by Tom Crossley
Tom Crossley is the new Technical Director of Football (Soccer) at Radford College, who is an AFC accredited coach.

Tuesday 11 April 2017 - 2pm ? 5pm
Wednesday 12 April 2017 - 2pm ? 5pm
Thursday 13 April 2017 - 2pm ? 5pm
Venue: G Wigg Sports Centre

The cost of each 3-day program will be $150. If your child wishes to attend both the basketball and soccer programs, there is a discounted total price of $250. Students participating in both programs will be supervised in the break between 12-2pm each day in the G Wigg Sports Centre.

Contacts for both programs:
Brent Larkham, phone 61801090, e-mail brent.larkham@radford.act.edu.au or
Erin Healy, phone 6180 3083, e-mail Erin.Healy@radford.act.edu.au

Watch the video linked below

RAS Charity Fundraiser 2017 video

29 March 2017

The 2017 RAS Charity Fundraiser needs your support!

The 2017 RAS Charity Fundraiser needs your support.

Watch this video or read this PDF about the organisations that benefit from our support.

Donations can be made online until Friday, 7 May.

Cash contributions can be made at receptions across the campus until 7 April.


From the canteen

No lunch orders on Foundation Day

There will be no lunch order service for Secondary School or Junior School students on Friday, 7 April 2017 due to Foundation Day.??

The canteen will be open for over-the-counter sales for students who are undertaking activities at the school.

Digital parenting - presentation Term 2 Week 1

Digital Parenting Presentation

by Martine Oglethorpe, ??from The Modern Parent - Helping Families in the Modern World, on??Thursday April 27 at 6pm in the Senior School Lecture Theatre. See Bulletin article on??Self-regulation.

From the History Department

Australian History Competition ? Year 8 and Year 10

The Australian History Competition is??available to Year 8 and 10 students on an ?opt-in? basis.??

It is in the form of a multiple choice test, based on historical skills and knowledge.

The cost is $6.50 and the competition will be conducted on 24 May.

Students who are interested in competing should email Mr Ewbank at??nick.ewbank@radford.act.edu.au .

School Sport ACT

SSACT Bulletin 28 June 2017

School Sport ACT (SSACT) is the peak body for School Sport delivery in the ACT.

SSACT actively promotes school sport for all ACT students through the support of regional, state and national representative opportunities and pathways.

View the latest SSACT Bulletin.