Radford Bulletin Term 2, Week 2 – 3 May 2017

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Phil O'Regan, Head of Secondary School

From the Head of Secondary School

2 May 2017

Phil O'Regan, Head of Secondary School

College Life: Musical, Collegians, Lunchtime Challenge, Year 10 Camp

By Phil O’Regan, Head of Secondary School


2017 Musical: Song Contest – The Almost Eurovision Experience
What a wonderful celebration of all things great at Radford! The cast, crew and teaching staff created a highly entertaining and impressive musical. The audience cheered, laughed, danced and clapped along to some classic Eurovision numbers and enthusiastically voted for their favourites.

The students’ energy and enthusiasm, combined with talent and creativity, were on show across all components of the production and exemplified the spirit of Radford College.

"Belarus" performing at Song Contest

The performances were a culmination of many months and provided for a lovely night at the theatre. Special thanks are extended to Nick Akhurst (Head of Co-Curricular, Dance, Drama and Oratory) and Susan Davenport (Head of Library and Information Services and Musical producer extraordinaire).

I’d like to take this opportunity to let you know about the Radford Collegians Association’s (RCA) new website, which is being officially launched today. It is undoubtedly one of the best collegian websites I have seen and the College and I are excited about the way this tool will formally connect past students and the broader Radford community in a user-friendly and visually appealing way.

The website aims to capture information about what past students go on to do later in life. It enables us to find out what Collegians have studied, where they are in the world and what occupations they have. In capturing information about their journeys, the website can provide advice to current students and help the school to best target our development and career advice for students.

The platform will also facilitate a new mentoring program, enabling even more rewarding connections, career and business partnerships over time.

The RCA has worked extremely hard on this and I encourage you all to check it out. If you are a Collegian, please claim a profile or, if you know someone who is a Collegian, encourage them to do so too.

For more information, read the Collegians' article or visit the website.

Life beyond Radford - part of the new Collegians website

The Great Radford House Lunchtime Challenge
Across the Secondary School in the coming weeks we will see the first Great Radford Spelling Bee. During Tutor period, students will stretch their spelling skills by competing against peers in their year level and from their House, then moving on to challenge House Mates during lunchtimes for the honour to represent their House in the finals, which will be held during a ‘spell-off’ at a Secondary School Assembly.

This challenge, and those to follow throughout the year, offers further opportunities for our students to develop bonds and relationships within their House and across year levels. Our Foundation Day activities on the final day of last term displayed the enormous spirit and camaraderie that exists within the Houses. Students were spread across Canberra in 14 locations to participate and compete in sports and activities challenges. The day concluded in the
TB Millar Hall with a House dance spectacular and the revealing of results. With the lead changing 11 times between four houses, tension was high. Whilst victory for the day was secured by Boronia, it is fair to say that all students were winners on the day.

Apart from being a lot of fun, these experiences provide opportunities to highlight the diverse talents we have amongst our students and gives students opportunities to be connected to a range of social groups across the school. The Great Radford House Lunchtime Challenge continues throughout the year with Radford’s MasterChef and Theatre Sports contests during Term 3, along with football and basketball tournaments.

Year 10 Camp
At the end of Term 1, Year 10 students headed to Buchan in Victoria for a nine-day expedition program traversing the scenic Snowy Mountains high country. In groups of 16, students had the opportunity to navigate, raft, hike and paddle to complete their journey.

Outdoor education

With a Radford College staff member and Outward Bound leader attached to each group, students were continuously using skills of collaboration, problem-solving, decision-making, team work, analysis and relationship-building.

The Year 10 Camp is about completing an extended journey program and the students drawing confidence from their capacity to undertake such a significant experience. By providing a fun and challenging environment, students explore their potential through adventure and have an opportunity to deepen their self-awareness and increase self-confidence.  When asked ‘Are you glad you undertook this challenge?’ the answer from most students is an emphatic ‘YES!’.

Sincere thanks has been extended to our staff who journeyed alongside the students.

Students reflecting on their camp experiences

College crest

From the Principal & Chairman - College funding

3 May 2017

Changes to funding of independent schools.

From the Principal and the Chairman

Dear Members of the Radford Community,

By now you may be aware of the Federal Government’s intention to change the way it funds independent schools.

We have received advice that this will result in a decrease in the funding Radford College will receive from the Federal Government, in dollar terms, for next year. While the funding implications for the College beyond next year are not yet known, the announcement suggests further decreases are likely.

The lack of detail around our long-term funding presents significant challenges for the College in terms of planning for the future.

We know many of you will want to know the likely impact this decision will have on Radford’s tuition fees and charges. At this stage, we need to have a more defined understanding of the possible financial impact of the Government’s decision on the College budget. This announcement was made just 24 hours ago but we felt that rather than wait for the implications to become clearer, it was important to start this conversation with our community.

We will update you as more details come to hand.


Fiona Godfrey                                  Ian Morison
Principal                                            Chairman

Rev. Erin Tuineau, Chaplain

Reflecting on and sharing our world views

2 May 2017

Erin Tuineau, Chaplain

The debate between a religious and atheist world view

Chaplain’s Reflection: Reflecting on and sharing our world views


Over the last few days I have been putting together the assessment task outline for the Year 10 RaVE (Religious and Values Education) classes that I am teaching. The task itself is based around a radio interview between Bishop Graeme Rutherford (based in the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne) and his atheist son Jonathan Rutherford. Some may think this is a strange thing for a priest to do: invite their students to reflect on not only a religious outlook on life, but also an atheist view of the world. As religious leaders, however, I believe that we can no longer ‘bury their heads in the sand’. We need to acknowledge the reality that a large portion of our youth are more likely to adopt an atheist world view, over a religious one, because that is what the dominant culture presents to them as the only ‘acceptable’ way to approach life. With this being the case, it is necessary to begin discussions with young people about issues relating to atheism so that they are at least aware that they have a choice about how they view the world. I am looking forward to reading the responses that my Year 10 students submit for their RaVE assessment task, and discovering what world view they want to adopt as the guiding force in their lives.


One of the benefits of exploring the debate between a religious and atheist world view is that it forces all of us to consider and articulate what it is we believe. More often than not, this exploration helps us to realise that, although people may have different opinions about how to approach life, we are all on essentially the same journey of trying to find meaning in our lives. We should not be afraid to sit in a classroom, or in any room for that matter, and openly share how we make sense of life. The reason why many people, of a religious or atheist orientation, are afraid to have such candid discussions with each other is because they fear their world might come crumbling down if they dare listen to a world view that does not support their own. If you listen to the conversation between Bishop Graeme and Jonathan, however, you will find that no-one’s world comes crumbling down, after all. In fact, it is their relationship with each other that is strengthened by having such open and honest conversations together. And really, aren’t stronger relationships with each other what we are all seeking?


I know religion (along with politics) has for a long time been one of the taboo subjects for Australians to talk about around any dinner table but, as a nation, we really need to lead the way and show our young people that is OK to discuss their world views with others, as long as it is done so with respect. And how will they know how to do this? Well, only if we have the courage and maturity to follow in the footsteps of Bishop Graeme and Jonathon and show them how it can be done. If we don’t do this, we are letting our young people down by not giving them the opportunity to identify what it is that really shapes their lives. We need to know what shapes our world view, otherwise we are living life without direction or meaning.


Our young people need to have meaning in their lives; let us help them find it.


Rev. Erin


Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

JS News 3 May 2017

3 May 2017

A busy start to the term, and Physical Education in the IB PYP.

Thursday 4 May                   Yr 4 excursion to the Australian National University
Monday 8 May                     Yr 3 Healthy Breakfast
Friday 12 May                      Cross Country – Whole College
Friday 12 May                      Mothers’ Day Breakfast


We started our term with a reminder that opportunities for us to flourish and grow can come from sacrifice and tough situations. Our Anzac service set a scene, our teacher breakfast briefing on day two reinforced it, and our two Friday student celebrations (assemblies) confirmed that message.


As we move into Week 2, I draw your attention to the following events that have occurred or will happen later in the week:

  • the ACT Primary Schools Swimming Carnival, which took place on Monday, provided an opportunity for our stronger swimmers to shine
  • our students will spend some time this week familiarising themselves with our (Hot) Cross Country course.
  • staff from years 3 and 5 will consider the logistics surrounding NAPLAN
  • Friday is an additional opportunity for training on the cross country course and Moderation times for our staff
  • Many of our staff will attend a Philosophy for Children workshop on Saturday 6 May.


Messages will be distributed to parents from us about: 

  • our P­–12 Cross Country Carnival on Friday 12 May, starting at midday
  • the Mother’s Day Breakfast at 7.45 am on the same day, 12 May.

Finally, I recently sought information from our Specialist staff regarding their impact and importance within an International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program (PYP) School. I am aware that, in many primary school settings, the expertise of the specialist teacher is often undervalued. I appreciated all of the responses, many of which I will include in our upcoming Radford Report. I would like to share some, however, over the coming weeks. 

Today’s response is from the famous Junior School Health and PE teacher Andrew Sullivan:


PE in the IB PYP
By Andrew Sullivan

Research has shown that regular physical activity can influence an individual’s health, wellbeing and intellectual capacity.

Is physical activity the only way to be healthy and the only measure of a champion sports person?

Schools have traditionally educated the individual in physical education and health to learn basic skills and how the body works.

Modern thinking in PYP programs of inquiry into healthy choices leading to a healthy life suggest that a multi-disciplinary approach is the most effective. There are many components that need to work together to help a healthy person reach his or her potential in sport and lead an active lifestyle.

Teaching PE and health in a PYP school is excellent. I am professionally and personally challenged to look at learning from an integrated and all-encompassing perspective. It is varied, interesting and provides true life experiences that can stimulate students to understand how their body and mind work. Students are encouraged to question, asking what, how and why. They are encouraged to be creative in thinking and be confident in their unique way of learning.

Such positive learning experiences can enable students to get more out of life, at play and at school. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and develop their own inquiries. In PE, students watch skills modelled on YouTube and complete research on technical skills. This has been a powerful way to increase knowledge.

I like the fact that physical activity and healthy choices cannot empower the person without the contribution made by varied learning experiences that encompass physical, health, wellbeing, music, art, language, mathematics, communication, science of movement, emotions, empathy, resilience, and personal and social skills. Teacher collaboration, specialist knowledge and skills create an exciting learning environment that addresses all facets of student development such that each individual can reach their true potential.

Claire Melloy, Director of Student Development

Cybersafety at home, school and on the move

2 May 2017

Presentation to parents by Martine Oglethorpe, Director of The Modern Parent.

By Claire Melloy, Director of Student Development

Martine gave an engaging and informative presentation covering the most popular social media platforms used by our young people. She gave parents considered tips, knowledge, understanding and strategies to help them protect, teach and support their children online.


She spoke about how to set up a safer device (see attached flyer) and described the ‘Family Zone’ cyber safety platform, which provides internet security services to families and schools. The college is already keeping students safe while they are using the school’s internet (School Zone).


An exciting development is the association ‘Mobile Zone’, which is an app that can keep students safe whilst using their smart 3G/4G mobile devices at school, home and when mobile.


More on this to come.


Martine Oglethorpe presentation

Noah Poland and the successful M16 Relay team

International Orienteering success

3 May 2017

Noah Poland represented Australia with distinction

Congratulations to Radford College Year 11 student Noah Poland, who represented Australia in the Oceania 2017 Orienteering Championships held in Auckland, New Zealand over Easter.

Noah came second in the M16 Long Distance Championships and was a member of the three-person winning M16 Relay team.

Radford Collegians Association logo

Collegians Association dedicated website

3 May 2017

Claire Osborne, Collegians Communications Officer

The Radford Collegians’ Association (RCA) now has its own new website.

by Claire Osborne, Collegians Communications Officer


Collegians profiles

The President of the Radford Collegians Association, Mark Whitby, is pleased to announce the launch of the new Radford Collegians’ Association (RCA) website and digital platform – www.radfordcollegians.com.au.

We are excited about the opportunity the website provides to connect past students and the broader Radford community in a user-friendly and visually appealing way. 

When collegians ‘claim their profile’ they can share biographical details, news and photos, which will give us a snapshot of what they have achieved since leaving Radford.  

The website will feature inspiring alumni and student stories under five themes: Innovating, Celebrating Success, Facing Challenges, Breaking Barriers, and Giving Back. A platform to share stories can be immensely powerful – we want it to inspire, illustrate valuable lessons for our community, spark connections and present new opportunities. 

The website also aims to give us a better understanding of what students go on to do later in life, particularly in light of their original dreams and ambitions. This will help the school to target the development and career advice it provides to students. This tool has been designed to allow teachers and parents to contact collegians and to thereby help strengthen our community and school network. The website profiles and connections will also feed into the Life after Radford panel event for Year 12 students and, hopefully, other collegian events later this year. 

The website has excellent filters that allow users to search for collegians by location, profession and year graduated. 

The platform will also facilitate our new mentoring program, which will enable even more rewarding connections, career and business partnerships.  


As collegians own a wide range of businesses across Canberra, Australia and the globe, the website has a business listing, allowing collegians to share and promote their business and entrepreneurial endeavours.  

Are you a collegian yourself? Do you know any collegians? Why not tell us your story? You never know where it could lead or who you could help. Claim your profile today at www.radfordcollegians.com.au

Collegians site Business Directory

Image for article: Dirrum Dirrum Festival Update

Dirrum Dirrum Festival Update

3 May 2017

Viv Wang, Year 12

Work continues on preparing for the 2017 Dirrum Dirrum Festival

By Viv Wang, Year 12


Dirrum Dirrum 2017 posterWelcome back to Term 2! As the Dirrum Dirrum Festival on 5 August draws nearer, the team is busy arranging the line up going and organising pre-festival events.


To keep up with what Team17 is up to and to learn more about happenings, follow us on social media and don’t forget to use the hashtag, #dirrum, when looking for information or posting about us!


If you’ve been to a previous Dirrum Dirrum conference or festival, we would love to hear from you. Tell us through our social media what you thought about the event and we hope you see you again this year!


Check out our official poster for all the information about the awesome line up for this year’s Festival!


Website: www.dirrumdirrum.org

Facebook: www.facebook.com/dirrumdirrum
Twitter: @dirrumdirrum

Instagram: @dirrumdirrum
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/dirrumdirrum


Legal studies students visit the Law Courts

Legal Studies Excursion

3 May 2017

Annabelle Creer, Captain of Legal Studies 

Students came face-to-face with the law in action

By Annabelle Creer, Captain of Legal Studies 

In Term 1, the two Year 11 Legal Studies classes had the opportunity to visit both the Magistrates Court and the Supreme Courts, as well as the Canberra City Police Station, as a part of the current unit of study on ‘Crime’.  

Legal Studies excursionThis insightful experience allowed students to experience the courts in action and witness some interesting cases in progress. One group was excluded from a murder trial due to the violent nature of the crime.  It was surprising to see legal proceedings in real life, as opposed to their portrayal by the media through film and television.  

After the visit to the courts, students visited the Canberra City Police Station where a police officer showed us the interview rooms and holding cells, and described the procedure when someone is brought the station. Officers shared many stories of incidents they have witnessed in the holding cells, many of which were grotesque enough to ensure students would go out of their way to avoid sitting inside a cell anytime soon!  

Overall it was an incredible and eye-opening excursion that brought the unit of ‘Crime’ to life. A huge 'thank you' to our Legal Studies teacher, Mrs Braithwaite, for organising the excursion. 

Mountain biking in the Snowy Mountains

Radford Mountain Bike Group

3 May 2017

Peter Haynes, PE Teacher

Thrills, not spills, were the order of the day on a trip to Thredbo.

By Peter Haynes, Secondary School PE Teacher


The Radford MTB group visited Thredbo last Sunday to ride the Flow and All Mountain trails. Fifteen adventure seekers were lucky enough to experience five-kilometre downhill runs followed by a ride on the chairlift taking us back up the mountain to do it all again. Rocks, mud and steep descents were the order of the day, followed by huge smiles and tired bodies.


This was a full and enjoyable day of challenges and excitement. Riding next semester includes the ACT Schools MTB championships at Stromlo, regular rides once a week after school and an excursion to Tathra to ride the trails.


If your child is interested in joining the Radford MTB group, they should email peter.haynes@radford.act.edu.au or visit ROL for more details.

 Teacher Peter Haynes on the mountain biking trip

Success at the ACT U12 swimming carnival

Swimming Success at ACT U12 Carnival

3 May 2017

Tamara Phelps, PE Teacher Junior School

Radford representing Belconnen Zone in the ACT U12 Swimming Carnival.

By Tamara Phelps, PE Teacher - Junior School

Radford had a large contingent of students gaining selection to compete in the ACT 12 years and under Swimming Carnival, which was held on the 1st May at the AIS.

The following students are congratulated on representing the Belconnen Zone:

Steven Maglasis
Alex Couldrick
Amber Smith Gibson
Bonnie Hardy
Catherine Mai
Jeffery Bush
Alys Robertson
Angelina Fei
Oliver Fox
Ellie Maglasis
Jake Smith Gibson
Sebastian Phommaseisy
Christopher Bush
Nathan Price (sick)

We always ask students to give it their best and they certainly didn't disappoint. It was pleasing to witness so many students record personal bests in a number of their events.

Special mention to Alex Couldrick who dominated his U10 age group.
1st 200m IM, 1st 50m F/S, 1st, 50 B/F, 1st 50m B/K, 2nd 50m B/S.

Sebastian Phommaseisy was another student who not only gained personal bests in all of his events, but also placed 1st in 50m F/S, 1st 100m F/S and narrowly 2nd in 50m B/F and 100m B/F.

Each student proudly represented Radford College and behaved in a mature and sportsman like manner.

Well done!

Jesse Wright busking and the guitars donated to Moree East school through his generosity

RAS Charity Fundraiser

3 May 2017

Make a difference in the lives of others.

By Chaplain Fr Richard Browning


This week marks the final week of the annual RAS Charity Fundraiser.

It is an opportunity for students and families to talk about what it means to stand in solidarity with some key partner organisations, that make a difference in the lives of others. Many are in Canberra and some are overseas.

In offering their time during the year to assist with many of these organisations’ programs, our service learning students get to see this work and the results of our contributions first-hand. For example, over 130 Year 11 students will put on a fabulous L’Arche disco this Saturday. This event is for adults with intellectual disabilities and is one of the highlights of the year for them. 

Other students find their own way to give. 

Jesse Wright spent many weekends busking. He has raised over $440 for the RAS Charity Fundraiser. His money has already been spent on guitars for students in Moree East Primary school. His words are quite remarkable. On Foundation Day, he concluded by singing and drawing 1900 others to sing and clap along. This is the voice of Jesse, Year 9:


I am…

I am Jesse

I am present in the way that I am not just here, I. Am. Present.


I am a big brother. I am a bigger brother. I am the biggest brother

(I have 3 younger brothers)!

I am good at making sandwiches because being a big brother means a lot of sandwiches!


I am relaxed when I am lying down and looking up at empty white and blue canvases.


I am grateful that I have friends that are like my family and my family that is my family

I am sad that there are some people that don’t


I am provided for. I have a stable life and everything I need is within arm’s reach.


I am supported, in a world where some people can’t do what they love because they were born into a family that couldn't or wouldn’t support their dreams.


I am a person who was sung to sleep every night, and listened to guitars being strummed at the dining table. A bed to sleep in with a song. A table to sit at with a tune and a meal. In contrast to those who are not afforded the simple essentials of food and shelter.


I am happy that I have a father that has taught me how to do the thing that I love most, and


I am glad that I can use this to help those who don’t have the privileges I have

I am trying to make a difference, even if it’s not a big one, so I can make the world better, even if it’s only a little better.


I am nervous and scared, yet value this opportunity to share with you today.


All we ask is that during this last week of the RAS Charity Fundraiser, students and families take the time to reflect as Jesse has.


If you are able to donate, please do so online or bring cash on Friday for the final celebration.

Chapel foundation stone

Baptism and confirmation opportunities

3 May 2017

An invitation to students.

The College Chaplains would like to invite any student from Years 6 – 12 who would like to be baptised and/or confirmed, to attend preparation sessions commencing in Week 4.

The sessions will be held in the College Chapel at times to be determined.

Please email Father Richard or Reverend Erin with any questions or to register your interest.


Snowsports Sale

Snowsports Ski & Snowboard Sale

2017 Ski & Snowboard Sale
Come and sell, buy or trade your ski and snowboarding gear this weekend at Radford College!

Find bargains on pre-loved, high-quality race and leisure gear including skis, boots, snowboards

and clothing, such as ex-demo jackets from 2117 of Sweden.

When: Saturday 6 May, 8.30 am - 1 pm

Where: Radford Pavilion

Gear drop off: Friday 5 May, 4-??5 pm and Saturday 6 May, 8-8.30 am

Gear pick up: Saturday 6 May, 1-1.30 pm

Non-refundable seller's fee of $1 per pair or item or $20 flat rate for 20 or more items. All proceeds go to FoRS fundraising.

Sellers please ensure all gear is clean and of saleable quality. If you wish to sell clothing, please bring your own coat hangers.

APFACTS Newsletter

APFACTS - Latest newsletter

APFACTS is the voice of non-government school parents (Catholic and Independent) in the ACT. For more information, visit our website at www.apfacts.org.au or find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Apfacts.  Read the latest newsletter.

School Sports ACT

School Sports ACT - 3 May newsletter

School Sport ACT (SSACT) is the peak body for School Sport delivery in the ACT. SSACT actively promotes school sport for all ACT students through the support of regional, state and national representative opportunities and pathways.

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