Radford Bulletin Term 2, Week 8 – 14 June 2017

Staff Insights

Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

Interaction, collaboration and learning

14 June 2017

Paul Southwell - Head of Junior School

In action, at Radford Junior School

It has been said that "Learning is based on interaction".

Stephen Spielberg is quoted as saying "When I was a kid there was no collaboration, it’s you with a camera bossing your friends around. But as an adult, filmmaking is all about appreciating, and sharing the talents of the people who surround you, knowing you could never have achieved this by yourself."

I am occasionally asked why we talk about the education of the "whole child". As we have travelled through Weeks 6, 7 and now 8 of Term Two, when our staff are absorbed with both formative and summative assessment, our students are tiring very fast, and the ACARA reporting deadlines loom, now is perhaps the perfect time to talk about this.

If learning is based on interaction, we must move away from "doing school", "doing gold in grade six".  We need to move beyond collaborating in a traditional manner, instead sharing the journey together.

We seek to retain what Steven Wolk terms "a child's spirit to learn, their sense of wonder, their curiosity about the world." If we lose this within our Junior School years then we haven't succeeded as educators, no matter our results.

As we typically have a greater amount of time than our families, working daily with each boy and girl during our term time, we hold to creating a flow, building inquiry as a habit, a little like driving a car. Creating a flow in learning, in reading, in drawing, singing, running, multiplying and speaking. Interacting to build joyful classrooms, joyful yet challenging, not "just fun".

Our academic and wellbeing approaches must walk together, for as a dictionary definition of joy is "the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something good or satisfying", not fun but motivation and interaction equalling development and a spirit to learn. We seek this at all times, in all areas and yes even in Weeks 6, 7 and 8, to keep learning as a positive interaction.

In the past three weeks, this has been on "display" in the following ways, examples only:

  • Our recent participation in the ACT da Vinci Decathlon, an academic competition designed to challenge and stimulate the minds of students. Teams of 8 (a Year 5 and Year 6 team for us) are challenged across 10 disciplines (engineering, mathematics and chess, code breaking, art and poetry, English, philosophy, creativity, cartography and general knowledge). As you can see from the article in this bulletin edition, with over 36 schools involved, we managed a second place from our Year 5 team and a first place from our Year 6 team.
  • Last week as a collaboration practice for Exhibition, our four classes spent the day planting bulbs for Floriade. Learning teamwork skills on the ground.
  • We were unable to access either school halls or gym for our fortnightly "Celebration" last week. Instead of cancelling we ran a "Year 6 student leaders driven Digital Assembly", streamed to classrooms.
  • Our two chess teams competing in the Belconnen section of the ACT Chess Championships finished first and second.
  • We hosted "the mad Musician" Jon Madin in our Hall all week. A brilliant challenge to how we may involve large groups in spontaneous music-making.
  • Mary Willett completed all our ILP meetings.
  • Our Year 6 Digital Leaders were taken on an excursion to Apple Canberra. On entry, the entire Apple staff stood and applauded our leaders, as an Apple Distinguished School.
  • I popped in to annoy a Year 4 class to find Dr Tessa Daffern co-teaching a Spelling lesson with our teacher.
  • Co-teaching and Observation lesson opportunities are fully booked for this week, and talking of that...
  • Our exciting Drama production, lead by Mr Craig Donaldson, was fully booked within a matter of days!

We strive to bring interaction and a new type of collaboration to educate the whole child each day.

In finishing this article, I wish to share the one additional secret weapon we have. I do this by sharing with you the quote I sent with last week’s staff memo, as follows:

"You have not lived a perfect day, even though you have earned your money, unless you have done something for someone, who will never be able to repay you." Ruth Smeltzer

That’s on a daily basis here.


Chaplain Erin Tuineau

Chaplain's reflection: taking joy from the mystery

13 June 2017

Rev Erin Tuineau, Chaplain

We do not understand how we experience Christ, but we know the experience is real.

I have a three-year-old son, Tevita (which is Tongan for David), and lately he has been dressing up as one of the 'Banana in Pajama Detectives', with the sunglasses on and the magnifying glass in hand searching for anything from lost toys to dinosaur footprints. About a month ago he was in his usual detective mode and had been searching hard for his lost toy when he stopped, looked up at me and said with a very big smile on his face, 'Mumma, it's a mystery'. He then concluded his searching and went on to play with something else. I am not sure where he learned the word 'mystery' from, possibly at childcare or on the TV, but I just loved the way he said it with such a big grin on his face, as if it was an exciting thing. Afterwards I thought to myself about how there is a tendency as we get older to undervalue the mysteries in our lives or, worse still, we try and solve them! I am of course talking about one of the biggest mysteries of all, and that is the existence of God.

Many people say they do not believe in God because there is no conclusive evidence that God exists, and I agree that this is true. There are no scientific or mathematical equations to prove that God is real. But that is to be expected. God is beyond our comprehension. To be honest, though, I don't think I want God to be Someone who I could understand. How boring would that be?! Even though I am somewhat of a control freak, I find great comfort in the mystery of God's presence with me. Sometimes it seems that life is already so full of things that we need to explain and understand and make sense of; it is a relief to realise that God is not one of those things. If anything, it is a pleasant surprise to be the one who is understood by God instead.

Even though God's presence with us is a mystery, I would argue that there are plenty of clues in our life that God is with us. And when I say clues, I refer to the pure and simple beauty of creation or to the sheer strength of the human spirit to overcome the most horrific of life experiences. There are also those moments when one takes the time to pray and then experiences being listened too, and/or sees one's prayers answered in surprising ways. Or, what about those times when you have a conversation with someone or are just present with them and there is a deep sense of connection? A few years ago, I responded to a spiritual director question, 'Where do you most experience God's presence in your life?', with, 'when I eat food and when the sun is coming in through the window on a winter's day'. I know this might sound strange to you but that was the answer I gave. And it is still true today. Somehow, beyond my comprehension, I experience God with me when I am eating delicious and nourishing food and when I feel the warmth of the sun's rays on my back. What would your response be to the same question?

When talking about how we experience the mystery of God with us, I cannot leave out the experience of worship. The best description I have heard of what worship is, or can be, was from the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, when he said that worship and prayer is like:

'When you're lying on the beach something is happening, something that has nothing to do with how you feel or how hard you're trying. You're not going to get a better tan by screwing up your eyes and concentrating. You give the time, and that's it. All you have to do is turn up. And then things change, at their own pace. You simply have to be there where the light can get at you'.

Now, I have no idea why Rowan Williams, an Englishman, would compare worship to sunbathing, but, I do know that he was onto something. We often think that worship requires us to give all our energy to God, but we have it all wrong. Worship is about allowing God to give us all His energy. All His love and care and warmth. And for many Christians this experience of receiving God's presence, in the person of Christ, happens when we engage with the stories of the Bible, and take Holy Communion. We do not understand how we experience Christ, but we know the experience is real.

My hope is that all of us can rediscover the great excitement that my son has about the things in this life that are a mystery, particularly the mystery of God with us.

Rev Erin


Aunty Sue Blacklock with Radford students and George Huitker

Myall Creek Massacre Commemoration 2017

14 June 2017

George Huitker, Director of Service Learning

A solemn and moving commemoration of the Myall Creek Massacre

By George Huitker, Director of Service Learning

The 179th anniversary of the Myall Creek Massacre was commemorated over the recent long weekend in patchy rain, at an inspiring service held at the monument overlooking the slopes where 28 Weraerai children, women and elderly were senselessly slain by 11 stockmen in 1838. Mark Tedeschi, author of Murder at Myall Creek, gave the annual address, encouraging us all to advocate for the rights of those without power or privilege, particularly when they are of the first peoples of this land.

Sharing commemorationThe students’ highlights from the ceremony are provided below, but for me it was wonderful to introduce a second representative group to the warm and inspirational Gamilaraay elder Aunty Sue Blacklock; have discussion with contemporary authors on this atrocity in Mark Tedeschi (who will be speaking shortly at the Dirrum Dirrum Festival) and Peter Stewart who wrote a ‘fictional’ account of the massacre entitled Demons at Dusk; be present to accept the Thoughts & Dreams Awards on behalf of the college and its aspiring and gifted visual and musical artists; and to see so many of the local schools, particularly Tingha Public School’s young indigenous dancers and Moree East Public’s junior choir (which sang the national anthem in language), play such an active and engaging part in proceedings. 

Radford College received three awards at the 2017 Myall Creek "Thoughts & Dreams" Song, Writing and Art Competition, which were presented at the commemoration’s conclusion. Congratulations to the Year 9 Visual Artists and Airborne Shadow (Finlay Marshalsey, Callum Wills and Jesse Wright) for their Highly Commended Awards in their Art and Song categories respectively, and huge applause to Jesse Wright who won First Prize in the Song Category for his composition "Mother Earth".

Myall Creek Massacre MemorialSpecial thanks to accompanying staff Rebecca Hunter, Bernadette Leger and Dylan Mordike for making the 2000-kilometre round trip possible. I was especially proud of Year 10 representatives Alex, Katie, Guinness, Pat, Will and Josh. I asked them to move "totally proud and strong" (to use Tingha Public School’s motto) throughout the day, shake people's hands and look them in the eye, and listen to the stories that they may have to share. On top of this, they helped where they could, particularly in the public reciting of the sad history at the seven tablet stations, as hundreds of people passed along the rainbow-serpentine track towards the monument. They will have gained and gathered a lot from this experience and have been especially excellent ambassadors at this, our second trip up for the commemoration service.

Long may it continue.


Some student and staff highlights:

A: Meeting Aunty Sue! And getting to know students from other schools at the service.

G: Seeing everyone together and the numbers were strong - we all had a common goal.

P: To hear all the speakers and to be able to reflect on their opinions of the Myall Creek massacre and trials. I feel grateful to have been able to be part of this experience.

K: I really loved standing with and amongst all of the different kids from different schools. It was amazing how quickly I could make friendships with people I had never met before.

W: My highlight of today was witnessing how an event like the Myall Creek Commemoration can unite a group of very diverse people under a common goal.

RH: The power words have to inspire and to create change. To see the students collaborating with others in the spirit of reconciliation.

J:  I enjoyed meeting and talking with many different people as they were walking past. 


Radford's Year 6 team emerged as winners

da Vinci Decathlon 2017

13 June 2017

Mary Willett, Student Support and Enrichment Coordinator

Year 5 and Year 6 students enjoyed success at this challenging event

By Mary Willett, Student Support and Enrichment Coordinator 

Radford fielded two teams – Year 5 and Year 6 – in the 2017 ACT da Vinci Decathlon, an academic competition designed to challenge and stimulate the minds of students. Teams of 8 are challenged across 10 disciplines (engineering, mathematics and chess, code breaking, art and poetry, English, philosophy, creativity, cartography and general knowledge). 

This year, 36 schools participated and the Radford Year 5 team was placed second out of 16 in their division, and the Year 6 Team was placed first. 

Year 5

Sienna Costello (5MP)
Jack Dimond (5OM)
William Howarth (5LS)
William Pak Poy (5OM)
Max Phelan (5TM)
Jordan Scholfield (5LS)
Pranav Vallurupalli (5TM) Captain
Madeline Wheeldon (5MP) 

The Year 5 team came second in General Knowledge, English and in Art & Poetry.  They came third in Code Breaking, fifth in Cartography and Ideation, sixth in Science, eighth in Maths, ninth in Creative Producers and 11-16th in Engineering.


Reflection -  Pranav Vallurupalli, Year 5 Captain 

On 2 June 2017, we went to Canberra Grammar School to participate in the da Vinci Decathlon. 

I felt excited to be working as a team in different subjects that we don’t get to do normally like Cartography and Code Breaking. We used our problem-solving skills to work on a variety of tasks. At break times, we had gummy bears and pizza which boosted our energy levels. It was a great day and we all had lots of fun.

It was a great opportunity to represent Radford and well done to Year 6s on coming first. I am very pleased that we came second overall. It was all down to good team work.


Year 6

Angelina Fei (6HB) Co-Captain
Thomas Lin (6JF)
Jake Smith-Gibson (6JF)
Olivia Steenbeek (6JF)
Evelyn Toyne (6HB)
Anneke van der Vyver (6HB) Co-Captain
Olivia Wang (6HB)
Terry Yang (6CD)

The Year 6 team placed first in four topics, second in three and third in one.

Reflection - Anneke van der Vyver and Angelina Fei, Year 6 Co-Captains 

Most of us have already had the da Vinci experience, but we still experienced enough excitement, happiness (and perhaps a little anxiety) to make us exhausted at the end of the day.

The day was a challenging yet gratifying and highly enjoyable experience. As a team, we faced many difficult scenarios that called for patience and compassion, and put our teamwork to the test. We were―and still are―extremely pleased to have come first in this competition, despite having to overcome many frustrating problems. We aim to go even further with our newfound knowledge and experience, and are grateful to have gone through such an educational and challenging event.


Siobhan Heatwole at her "office" in the Pratas Islands

Collegian marine researcher

14 June 2017

Siobhan Heatwole's amazing life, travelling the world as a marine researcher

Collegian Siobhan Heatwole (Class of 2004) might well have the best office in the world.

The marine researcher has just returned to Canberra following a year spent volunteering in Sulawesi. You can read an article about Siobhan’s volunteer work in the Canberra Times.

Siobhan at Nusa PenidaHer proud Mum Miriam says prior to volunteering in Sulawesi, Siobhan worked in Taiwan on a university-funded research project.

“Siobhan’s been invited back to that project so we only get her for two weeks before she heads back to the South China Sea. She has an amazing life. Before Taiwan she was working at the Smithsonian Institute in Panama. The photo of the Pratas Islands is where she was working in the South China Sea – a very different office!”

Radford girls flying high at Rugby

Sports Report 14 June 2017

13 June 2017

Sports Department

News about Rugby, Football, Snowsports and Netball

Rugby High School 10s Tournament 

High school 10s Rugby team

Congratulations and well done to the 13 girls who competed at the high school 10s Rugby tournament on Wednesday 7 June, Southwell park Lyneham.  The girls have come a long way since their very first training session last year with Empower Rugby.  A big “thank you” to Fr. Richard and Arthur Mills for coaching the girls.   

The team: Ashley Fernandez, Lauren Nguyen, Holly George, Lily Simpson, Alice Feakes, Charlotte McCarthy, Lily Dawson, Laura Cameron, Zoe Hetherington, Olivia Lloyd, Holly Griggs, Isabella Lo Re & Sofia Le Lievre.


Basketball Summer Trials 2017-18 Season

Basketball trials for the summer 2017-18 season will be held week commencing 7 August 2017 in the Radford gym.  All students interested in playing Basketball will need to attend, or email the Sports Administrators if they are not able to attend.  Failure to do so may jeopardise your spot in a team.


With winter now upon us, the Radford snowsports program will commence on Sunday 18 June. Over 38 students have registered for the Sunday program and 48 students have registered for the school holiday program. Bring on the snow in Perisher!!  

By Christopher Mercante, Radford Raiders
U16 Division 2 Raiders 6 defeated Belwest 1 

On Saturday, in the 6th round of the season, the Radford Raiders defeated Belwest 6:1. Everyone in the Radford Raiders made a fair contribution in the game. In the first half, it was a close game, with Sam scoring the first goal early in the half. Belwest had a tough counterattack, but the defence and the goalkeeper managed not to concede. The Raiders had many shots at goal but were quite unlucky. Soon Eugene had scored a goal for the Raiders. For the remainder of the half, the two teams seemed quite even, apart from a quick goal by Belwest near the end of the half. The second half began with a 2:1 score to the Raiders. Soon Milo scored two long-distance shots, making the score 4:1. For some time, the Raiders had more opportunities but were unlucky again. Belwest started to push the Raiders back, nearly scoring a few times. Milo had kicked another long distance shot. It hit the crossbar, but Austin managed to put the ball at the back of the net. In the final minutes of the second half, Belwest started to push the Raiders again but in the last couple minutes Ethan kicked the ball with plenty of power, quite some distance from the opposition’s goal and managed to score for the Raiders. The match ended with the score being 6:1 to the Radford Raiders, with a good effort from all the players.


By Abbie Franks, Captain of Netball 

We have had a great start to the netball season, with 14 Radford teams representing the school across a number of ages and divisions in the 2017 North Canberra Netball Competition. 

Our two SET teams, Lilac and Teal, have had a fun start to the season and are enjoying their netball. Our Dolphins are having great success after transitioning into Division 2 with a couple of great wins in rounds 7 and 8. The Ravens (Div 5) and Seals (Div 7) sides have demonstrated great team spirit and are coming together well as the season progresses. 

Our Purple (Div 2) side has had an impressive start to the season, only conceding one loss to date, which puts them in second place. Our other Intermediate teams, Yellow, Red, Green and Navy are all representing the school well, playing with commitment and good sportsmanship and getting a few good wins along the way. 

The Cadets teams, Maroon (Div 2) and White (Div 4) are both achieving good wins which sees them currently in 2nd and 4th places respectively. 

Radford Gold Netball teamThe two senior sides, Gold (Div 2) and Silver (Div 5) are representing the school against some strong competition. Gold has achieved some good wins thus far, while Silver has won all but one game which has put them in 1st place. Sadly, although Gold is currently sitting in 8th place, they do take 1st place in the number of injured players so far in the season. 





2017 Y12REVIEW

2017 Year 12 Review

13 June 2017

Buckle up and hold on to your hats, the 2017 Year 12 Review is nearly here!

This year's Year 12 revue is the definition of the perfect performance. Years of preparation and planning are leading up to what is going to be Radford’s most spectacular communist revolution to date. If you are a fan of Star Wars, Borat, Game of Thrones or any other generic popular culture reference, then 12REVUE17 is the perfect high ground to be at from the 20–22 July. Fun for the whole family or with your friends! Yes, even you ‘Too Kool 4 School’ Year 9s. So buckle up your seat belts, hold on to your hats and tighten your belts because 12REVUE17 is coming … 

2017 Y12REVIEW

Where: TB Millar Hall

When: 7.00 pm, Thursday 20, Friday 21 and Saturday 22 July.

Tickets: $15, purchase online via trybooking or at the door.

Radford RaPPers meet for prayer in the Chapel

Radford RaPPers update

9 June 2017

Deborah Robinson, Radford RaPPers Coordinator

Christian parents who pray for the Radford students and staff

By Deborah Robinson, Radford RaPPers Coordinator

Radford RaPPers is a network of Christian parents who pray for the school, support the Chaplains and host a variety of social events throughout the year.

We pray at 8 am in the Radford College Chapel on Fridays.

We also plan regular social events each term.

Whilst we have some great social events, our main focus is to pray for all the students and staff at Radford. We warmly welcome any Christians who are interested in praying for the school to join us or let us know of any prayer requests.

For more information, please contact Deb Robinson on 0432 322 797 or darobinson@grapevine.com.au.

Guest speaker Maree Crabb

Radford Institute presents 'It's Time We Talked'

17 May 2017

Maree Crabb discusses pornography, young people and sexuality today

Save the date for the next Radford Institute seminar.

Presenter: Maree Crabbe, Project Coordinator from It's Time We Talked
Date: Wednesday 14 June
Time: 6:30 pm
Venue: Heath Lecture Theatre, in the Mackinnon Senior School
RSVP to institute@radford.act.edu.au  

Over the past decade or so, pornography has become mainstream. For young people growing up in this era of ever-new and accessible technology it is almost impossible to avoid exposure to pornography. Consumption – particularly for young men – has become normalised.

But porn is no longer the centrefold it used to be. Porn’s move from a brown paper bag onto smart phones and personal laptop computers has been accompanied by a shift towards more aggressive content.

While many young people express some awareness that porn is fantasy, they also commonly convey the ways their sexual understandings and experiences are being influenced by what they – or their partners or peers – observe in porn. Porn’s influence has serious implications for young people’s capacity to develop a sexuality that is respectful, safe, freely consenting and mutually pleasurable.

This session, led by Maree Crabbe, Coordinator of the community education project Reality & Risk: Pornography, young people and sexuality, will explore:
• What do parents need to understand about pornography and its influence on young people’s sexual understandings and expectations?
• How can parents support their children’s healthy social and sexual development in an age of pornography?

Maree’s work on pornography, together with her colleague, David Corlett, includes conducting over 140 interviews with young people, academics, professionals who work with young people, and performers, producers, directors, executives and agents from the pornography industry in Hungary and the US.

Maree is Co-Producer and Co-Director of the documentary films Love and Sex in an Age of Pornography, broadcast on SBS in Australia and in six other countries, and The Porn Factor, recently broadcast on SBS. She is also author of In The Picture – a whole school resource to assist secondary schools to address the influence of explicit sexual imagery.

Maree has worked with young people – and on issues affecting young people – for over 20 years. She has developed and delivered programs focusing on sexual violence prevention, sexual diversity, pornography and the prevention of sexually transmissible infections.

Maree has been interviewed on television and radio, and her articles on young people, sexuality and pornography have been published in online and print media.

New Art, STEM and Drama activities

Exciting new co-curricular offerings

7 June 2017

Radford's range of co-curricular activities continues to expand

By Dylan Mordike, Head of Co-Curricular


Full details of all activities, new and existing, are available on the Co-Curricular Registration page on Radford Online

Some exciting new co-curricular activities will be offered in Semester II, 2017 for both Junior and Secondary students. Have a look at the sample of new activities below:

New co-curricular offerings in Semester II



Yound students enjoying gardening activities at Radford

Bookings open for holiday programs

21 June 2017

OSHC team and Sports Department are both offering holiday programs.

By Rachelle Hayward, Director OSHC

The Out of School Hours Care team is once again offering ELC and Junior School holiday programs.

The  schedule for the two weeks includes fun trips to Questacon, Corin Forest, Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, Deep Space Tracking Station, Flip Out and, of course, the movies.

Full details and a registration form are available below.

ELC Holiday Program

Junior School Holiday Program


By Brent Larkham, Head of Sport

Flyer for program

Sport holiday program June July

Following the success of the sports programs run last school holidays, Radford College is once again hosting a variety of programs during the June/July school holidays.

The programs are open to all ages and abilities between Year 3 – Year 9, focused on skill development and game play. Students have the option to attend mornings, afternoons or a full day, as supervision will be provided over the lunch period.

Soccer and Futsal are being run by Radford’s Technical Director of Football – Mr Tom Crossley and assistant Dianne Wilson. Tom is one of the ACT’s top coaches having worked for Capital Football, Coerver and run his own Football Academy and he will ensure an appropriate program for all age/skill levels. 

Basketball is being run by our Technical Director Mr Ian Ellis and Year 5 Teacher and Basketball guru Mr Orhan Memedovski. Ian is the only Level 3 Basketball coach in Canberra and has also played for the Canberra Cannons. 

Cricket by Mr Darryle Macdonald, former Canberra Comets player and ACT Junior Rep Coach and former Radford student Blake Maconald. Blake currently pursuing a professional cricket career and playing first grade for Western Districts. 

Charges will be billed to students accounts. 

Comments from parents about previous programs:

“It was a terrific camp for the basketball and we loved the half day format”

“It was a great camp and I think it helped building/maintaining fitness over the break”

“He did both soccer and basketball and was worn out at the end of the day (a good thing!)”

“The kids really liked it, it was a great program” 




Outdoor Education Camps and Activities

Outdoor Education Camps and Activities

21 June 2017

Lizzie Pugh, The Outdoor Education Group

Why not consider an outdoor education adventure camp these holidays?

By Lizzie Pugh, Head of Outdoor Education

Looking for an adventure in the school holidays? Want to make it memorable?

The Outdoor Education Group is excited to offer this challenging and fun-filled three-day camp for students in Years 5–8. I will be running the camp from 10–12 July with other OEG specialist instructors at Wombaroo, the OEG property in the NSW Southern Highlands.

Students will participate in archery, high ropes, vertical challenge, fire-building/cooking, bushwalking, canoe skills and maybe even abseiling. This is a fantastic opportunity to push personal limits, learn some new skills and make some new friends. Students will stay in dormitory-type accommodation, eating most meals in the Wombaroo dining hall, with an offsite lunch following a hike on the last day.

The cost of the camp is $90 per day and includes food, accommodation and activities, not to mention your top-notch OEG instructors!

Are you up for the challenge? Ready for the fun? Please contact Lizzy Pugh if you are interested.


Southern Highlands: 10–11 June
There are still spaces left for this adventure! Come learn from the experts and experience some real rock climbing. Total beginners to avid thrill seekers, and anywhere in between, are all are welcome! Why not get a squad together?

All gear and food will be provided, including tents, harnesses, helmets, chalk and shoes.

You never know, you may be on the next cover of Rock and Ice magazine! Contact Lizzy Pugh if this is the adventure for you!


Maths competition registrations

Maths competition

Y7-12 students wishing to compete in the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) or for ICAS Mathematics competition must register before 21 June. 





P&F Association

P&F Committee Meeting - all welcome

Date: 15 June; Time: 7pm; Venue: College Boardroom. All members are welcome to attend. 

Support the P&F through Entertainment Books purchase

Check out the great offers available in the Entertainment Book. $12 from each purchase goes to the P&F to support College projects. 

Contact: Radford Entertainment Books Convenor Alison Wilson
alison.radfordent@yahoo.com.au or mobile 0401 705 468

Trivia Night 2017

Last chance to book Tickets - Friday 15th September from 6:30pm. NB: venue now TB Millar Hall.

School Sport ACT

SSACT - Newsletter 14 June 2017

Read the latest School Sport ACT Newsletter