Radford Bulletin Term 2, Week 9 – 21 June 2017

Master Plan presentation to parents

Monday, 7 August, 5.30 pm - 6.30 pm, Heath Lecture Theatre, Stewart Architecture presenting

Staff Insights

Fiona Godfrey, Principal

From the Principal

21 June 2017

Online Academic Reports, Building Works, JS Leadership Positions, Deputy Chair of the Board, 2016 Annual Report

Once again, we conclude a very busy and successful term. In nine short weeks we have managed to squeeze in a myriad of events and activities including the House Cross Country Carnival; the School Musical; the P&F Art Show; NAPLAN testing; L'Arche Disco; a large number of musical events including the Jazz Café, recitals, concerts and the National Eisteddfod; the Junior School Production; the Worn Soles program; and, last week, our Year 11 and 12 students departed on their Timor Leste and Gamilaraay trips. The Drama Tour of Europe will head off this week, while the SoSE Tour of the United States departs next week. I congratulate the students and staff on their hard work and achievements and their contribution to the College. As I reflect on these successes, I feel proud of the opportunities we provide our students and the manner in which they embrace challenges and thrive on these special occasions.

Online Academic Reports
Semester 1 Reports for students in Kindergarten through to Year 12 are currently in the final stages of production. As detailed in an email sent to parents a couple of weeks ago, for the first time reports will be produced online and parents are expected to log into Radford Online and then go into SEQTA in order to access their child's report. At this stage, Junior School parents should receive an email this Friday alerting them to the fact that reports are ready for viewing, while Secondary School parents should receive a similar email next Wednesday 28 June. You can view a short video update about accessing online reports through Radford Online and SEQTA.

These reports are the culmination of an enormous amount of work by staff and I recommend that parents take the time to discuss the reports in detail with their children. Many of the reports contain a great deal of guidance from teachers and it is important that students heed this advice to improve their results in the future.

Building Works to Begin in the Junior School
Some months ago, when announcing the increase in Junior School enrolments, I detailed the construction of a new facility that, in 2018, will house the Year 4 classes but will, in the longer term, become the Specialist Classroom facility. This block of four classrooms, a large enquiry space and staff accommodation will be constructed up the hill behind the Blue and Red Classrooms.

At the time of announcement, the facility was intended to be of modular construction; that is, predominately built off site and bought onto the campus, where ancillary work would be completed. When the College went out to tender for the ancillary work, one of the building companies also tendered for a 'traditional build'. Much to our surprise, the cost of the 'traditional build' was highly competitive and, according to the building company, could be completed by the end of the year. Additionally, the 'traditional build' gave us nearly 500m2 of undercroft area, which was not included in the modular building.

For these reasons, we have entered into a contract with that building company to construct the new facility in a traditional manner. Work began this week and will really get underway during the holiday period. We now have the luxury of deciding what we will do with the additional undercroft area, with indoor amenities and a possible extension of the library looming high as priorities.

Architects to present Master Plan to parents
The Junior School building works are the first from our Master Plan which I released two weeks ago. I also announced the College will be further increasing enrolments in the Junior School and Secondary School. An article appeared in the Canberra Times following this announcement.

Last week, Marcus Graham from Stewart Architecture gave a presentation about the Master Plan, including details of the first building projects in both the Junior and Secondary Schools, to College staff.

Parents are invited to attend a similar information session and presentation on the Master Plan in Term 3. This session will be held on Monday, 7 August, from 5.30 pm until 6.30 pm in the Heath Lecture Theatre, Mackinnon Senior School.

Leadership Positions in the Junior School
The College recently completed a national recruitment process for two new Assistant Head of Junior School (AHoJS) positions. One is the Assistant Head of Junior School – PYP Coordinator, to replace Belinda Reitstatter, and the second, Assistant Head of Junior School – Operations and Compliance, is a new role that has been developed to assist with the growing size of the Junior School.

I am pleased to announce that two internal applicants have been successful in gaining these senior leadership positions. Ms Tracey Markovic, who has acted in a leadership position in the Junior School this year whilst continuing to perform her role as Systems Manager, will take up the new role of AHoJS – Operations and Compliance from the beginning of 2018. Current Year 6 teacher and Year 5/6 Stage Coordinator, Ms Janine Crookes, will be Acting AHoJS – PYP Coordinator for the remainder of the year.

The fact that two internal applicants were successful in gaining these positions says a great deal about the calibre of our Junior School staff. I have every confidence that both Tracey and Janine will do a great job in their respective roles.

Ms Emily Begbie, AHoJS – Pastoral Care, is unfortunately still unwell and will not be returning to work until the start of Term 4. Ms Karen Mahar, who has done a wonderful job replacing Emily this term, will continue in the acting role for Term 3.

Tracey Markovic Janine Crookes

L: Tracey Markovic                                                                           R: Janine Crookes

Appointment of Deputy Chair of the Board
Mr Steve Baker has been appointed Deputy Chair of the Radford College Board. 
Steve Baker, Deputy ChairmanAfter serving on the Radford College Board for the last three years, and as a member of the Finance Sub-Committee since 2012, Mr Baker takes up this role having had a long connection to Radford College and a great deal of experience and expertise in the business world.

Steve is currently a partner and the Site Leader of PwC's Assurance Canberra. He holds the responsibility of People and Operations for Assurance Canberra and has a national role on the Markets Council. Prior to this role, he was a partner with WalterTurnbull, which was eventually acquired by PwC. Steve has served on numerous boards, committees and finance committees as a member, as well as having observed many in his capacity as either the internal or external audit provider.


On a personal note, Steve is a father of three boys and two girls, all of whom attend or have attended Radford College and, as a result, Steve has a keen interest in both the Junior and Secondary schools. When not spending time with his children, Steve watches and participates in numerous sports. Steve has represented Australia in Age Group Triathlon, a 7 World Championships and has completed 12 Ironman triathlons!

2016 Annual Report
Radford College receives funding from the Australian Government through the Education Act 2013. Accountability requirements attached to the funding require the College to provide information to the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) which is then published on the MySchool website. In addition, the College is required to ensure that specific 'School Performance Information' for each academic year is made publicly available to the school community through the School's website and through hardcopy if requested. The School is required to complete this task within six months of the completion of the academic year.

The 2016 school year report is in the final stages of being completed and will soon be posted on our website. It expands on the information provided on the Commonwealth Government's My School website. The report contains information required by the Act and has been collated under specified headings. Much, if not all, of the information contained in the report has already been provided to the College community throughout the year in other forms such as the weekly Bulletin, Radford Report, the Radfordian and student diaries. It serves, however, as a thorough summary of the College's activities during 2016.

Chaplain Erin Tuineau

Chaplain's reflection: The ‘grey’ area of faith formation

19 June 2017

Rev. Erin Tuineau

We are all on a spiritual journey, drawing closer to God

For my final reflection of Term 2, I thought I would share some of the things I have learned about religion and spirituality in my role as a School Chaplain at Radford for the past six months. One of the biggest things that I have become aware of is that I cannot simply place people in a 'box' of being Christian or non-Christian. I have learned this mostly from my students. The ideas that they have shared with me about their spiritual journeys have highlighted for me the need to move away from labelling people when it comes to their beliefs about God or gods. We are all on a journey – a spiritual journey – and, in many ways, our young people are only just starting to work that out for themselves. So, it is unfair to identify them as being either Christian or non-Christian, because many of them are in a 'grey' area when it comes to their beliefs about a higher power. They are exploring who they are and who God is and it is not necessary to put any boundaries around this exploration.

Something else that has come to my attention is the need to acknowledge and recognise that God works through all people, not only those who identify as being Christian. We have been exploring the story of the 'Good Samaritan' in our Y8 RaVE classes and one thing is clear: everyone has the capacity to show compassion towards another human being, no matter their religious background. In fact, I was reminded that when the Jewish leaders first heard Jesus saying that it was the 'Samaritan' who was the person showing kindness, they would have been horrified. This is because in first century Jerusalem, the Jews considered Samaritans to be anything but good! And that is Jesus' point: it is not up to religious people to decide who can show God's love to others and who cannot. That is up to each individual and to God.

I have also learned that I do not need to get defensive about believing in God. What I need to do is be willing and open to listening to other people's views about spirituality and religion, and that is when I find that they give me the gift of listening to my own beliefs. Sometimes, as a priest, you can feel pressure to 'convert' people to the faith, whether they want to be converted or not. It seems to become our job. But I don't really think it is. When I look at the ministry of Jesus, he was interested in doing one thing – and that was loving people, which he did by meeting them in the space they were in and showing them God's grace in word and action. It was this love that drew people closer to God. Jesus was never interested in making sure that each person he met could tick all of the 'correct' statements of faith about who God was and was not. More often than not, Jesus was trying to point out to the religious folk of his day that they had to break out of their need to turn religion into a series of strict laws that kept people 'in' or 'out' of God's circle. This is because God's circle is an open one, not a closed one.

Last but not least, I have been reminded that the Church needs a spiritual revival! I say this because it has come to my attention that many teenagers see the Church as a place that tells people how to live by providing them with a list of rules to follow. My heart sinks when I hear this. Where have we gone wrong?! I think to myself. Well, the reality is that we have gone 'wrong', and seriously so, because Christ came to give us freedom and abundant life, not to make our lives rigid and sterile. This message has got lost in the murky waters of religious legalism once again. My view is that we need to loosen up a little and not treat the concept of spirituality as some form of paganism. Our society is craving spiritual nourishment and the Church has a key role in meeting this need. In order to do this, however, the Church needs to stop being a place only for 'believers', and become a place for 'explorers' as well. So often people do not feel that they can set foot inside a church until they are perfect and only when they can tick the box for believing in Jesus, as God's Son. Our Churches need to be safe places for people to explore their belief and doubts about God, nothing more and nothing less.

Rev Erin


Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

JS News 21 June 2017

21 June 2017

Reports, farewells and holiday wishes

As we reach the mid-year break, I am always reminded of the pace of life in our Junior School.

As parents, you know only too well that, at this time of year, the early morning starts in minus-degree weather; the late, often dark finish to the day; and the many many 'things' that come up as night draws in, take a toll on our emotions, our resilience and our outlook.

I feel that everyone is looking forward to an opportunity to rest, to recharge and to reconnect.

I am writing this article over a weekend when I am reviewing each student's semester report before they are placed online this coming Friday. I am also spending time in preparation for our next semester.

Reading individual school semester reports may be a slow process, but one that I find rewarding. I am able to read teachers sharing not only grades but also general comments, steps for improvement and messages about attitude and application. I take away a sense of strong understanding of each and every student – that they are known, supported and understood. At this time of the year, when we are worn out, I take away a snapshot of each of our students. I feel a sense of belonging, a sense of safety and warmth as we work together to bring out the best in all of us.

These snapshots confirmed the feelings of 'belonging and believing' that two events I attended over the weekend inspired in me: the polished performance of our 5/6 Drama production and my own 40-year Rugby reunion. It was a pleasure to read the semester reports in light of those experiences.

As this is my final message for Semester 1, I must also share some updates in preparation for our second semester.

Staff News
• This week we farewell Belinda Reitstatter, who leaves us to take up a Deputy Head position. Belinda has been with us since 2010. In her time at Radford she has touched the lives of all of our families, whether as a dynamic classroom teacher, an innovative inquiring PYP Coordinator, or in leading the development of our snow sports teams; Belinda has achieved outcomes that benefit each student in our Junior School. She can now spread this skill further. We will always be in her debt.
• We are fortunate to be able to replace Belinda (for Semester 2 at least) with Janine Crookes, who brings to this positions her current experience in the Junior School at Radford and previous experiences from Singapore and Adelaide.
• Emily Begbie remains unwell following her meningitis diagnosis and will miss Term 3. We continue to keep her in our prayers and look forward to her return. We are indeed fortunate to have Karen Mahar available to cover Emily's position as Assistant Head – Pastoral, and the experienced Nadia Sullivan being able to continue with Karen's class.

Semester Reports
• As mentioned above, we will be placing our semester reports online for the first time this Friday. Information has been sent to all families as we move to a paperless reporting format.

2018 Buildings
• The break will provide an opportunity for the commencement of our building program. On return next semester, we will make some small changes to playground rosters, opening up the front grass area and increasing access to our major ovals as work begins on our classrooms.

Finally, a sincere thank you to all our Junior School families. I hope you are able to spend some time together to laugh and relax after a very fast semester!

I enjoy the break but, if I'm honest, I cannot wait for the next semester to start.

Warmest Regards

Radford Language Students at ANU Showcase

Students revel in language opportunities at ANU

21 June 2017

Mongolian throat singers inspire Y10 language students

The Language showcase day hosted by the ANU was a unique experience to gain an insight into what studying a language would be like beyond high school. We got to tailor the day to our specific interests, picking the language talks that interested us the most. We also got a chance to interact with students from other schools and talk about what languages they were learning or interested in. After a lunch provided by ANU we watched a performance of traditional Mongolian throat singing. It was brilliant and unique. The final item of the day was a student panel, where we were given the opportunity to hear their experiences and to ask them any questions. It was an informative and enjoyable day.
Sophie Genn, Year 10 Chinese

As a student of Japanese heading to a languages day at the ANU, I was probably slightly biased in which activity I was most looking forward to. But little did I know that it was not only the Japanese activities I would enjoy. As well as Japanese, I was enrolled in the Italian, Arabic and Gender Diversity in the Asia-Pacific presentations. Even as one of four boys compared to over 40 girls, a personal favourite for me was the latter of these presentations. But I think it's fair to say that one part of the day stole the show ... the Mongolian throat singing. One of the strangest, yet most captivating displays one may ever witness. Throat singing is extraordinary. All in all, this has been one of my favourite experiences of Year 10. Don't miss out Year 9!
Oscar Wilson, Year 10 Japanese

Mongolian throat singers at the ANU Languages Showcase

On Wednesday 31 May, the Radford language students caught a bus to Llewellyn Hall and attended the ANU Languages Open Day with numerous other Canberra schools. The day was split into a number of sessions where students were able to pick and choose what languages they were interested in.

The first session was centred around the Asian languages. I learned about the use of Japanese culture in Western television and marketing. The second session was focused on European challenges. I attended the Italian session to try something new. The middle portion of the day included a session about ancient and Middle Eastern languages and a session about languages and their influence on the modern world. The day ended with a performance by a trio of Mongolian throat singers and a discussion with a panel of current language students. This discussion was the most useful session in my eyes as we were able to ask all the questions we had and get insight into what opportunities studying a language can offer.

Overall the day was a good experience where we could get out of the classroom and learn about how crucial learning a language can be. I personally enjoyed spending a day learning about new languages not offered at Radford and would highly recommend it to future language students.
Thomas Scott, Year 10 French

Digital Leaders Excursion to Apple Store 2017

New JS Digital Leaders visit Apple

21 June 2017

Matthew Heinrich, Director of Digital Learning and Innovation

The Digital Leaders Year 5–6 program was relaunched this term with a visit to Apple

L-R: Mr Matt Heinrich, Sophie Hall, Ellie Maglasis, William Pak Poy, Thomas Lin, Ryan Fernando, Zimi Lyras, Hunter Jolly, Jake Smith Gibson, Sterling Notley, Terrance Mazanov, Mrs Lisa Plenty


By Matthew Heinrich, Director of Digital Learning and Innovation 

The Digital Leaders Year 5–6 program was relaunched this term, seeking creative and passionate users of technology to support the Junior School 1-to-1 program and model excellence in the use of technology in the classroom.

Students were required to submit a video application that included how technology supports their learning, hobbies and interests; what skills they imagined they could bring to the team; what expertise they would like to develop; and creative ideas they would like to develop.

This year, the program has been renamed SWAT team, an acronym for Students Working at Advancing Technology. Following a series of fortnightly lunchtime meetings, students had the opportunity to visit the Apple Canberra Store to participate in an interactive workshop exploring persuasion and design skills related to digital marketing.

Reflection by Ellie Maglasis, Jake Smith Gibson, William Pak Poy:

On Thursday 1 June, Mr Heinrich, Mrs Plenty and the 10 SWAT team members went on an amazing trip to the Apple Canberra Store in Civic. We were greeted by cheers and clapping from all the Apple staff, which was a little embarrassing, but you could feel the energy in the air!

After an introduction and welcome, we broke into small groups and planned how we could market a product to appeal to a certain age range by making an engaging video that provided just enough info, but not too much. We were provided with fancy new iPads and some Beats headphones and worked with the Apple team to capture footage and learn about marketing. When finished, we shared our videos which were all very good and clever in sharing information. 

The field trip was an exciting and productive experience. We loved trying the latest technology, like headphones, which were comfortable and had crisp and clear sound. We got some cool stuff to take home to remember the awesome day, including a nice shirt, stickers and a USB wristband that also had our videos on them. Thanks to Mr Heinrich and Mrs Plenty for organising this memorable afternoon.

Y8 Japanese Excursion to Sushi Bay

Year 8 Japanese – Sushi Bay Excursion

21 June 2017

Stephen Pantazetzis, Year 8 Japanese

Two Year 8 Japanese classes enjoyed the wonderful world of sushi at Sushi Bay

By Stephen Pantazetzis, Year 8 Japanese

On Wednesday 24 May, the Japanese classes of Ms Sharp and Ms Fitzpatrick went on an excursion to Belconnen's own Sushi Bay, which hosted a generously loaded sushi train. We were given a budget of $20 and left to choose what we desired.

Both classes had the opportunity to taste a wide variety of sushi and Japanese deserts such as nigiri, temaki and various types of sushi. As well as having such a superfluous amount of sushi, the dishes were also exceptionally tasty.

One of the most enjoyable parts of the excursion was being able to taste such wonderful flavours and indulge in eating so much sushi!

The experience was a thrilling one filled with food, friends and fun. The trip gave us a deeper cultural understanding of Japanese cuisine and a taste of what it would be like living in Japan.

The excursion was a truly pleasant and enjoyable experience which we hope future Year 8s will enjoy too.

Y9 Media Arts Photography

Yr 9 Media Arts – Photography

19 June 2017

Jonquil Mackey and Tim Minehan, Media Arts Teachers

Experiments in photography capture memorable images

By Jonquil Mackey and Tim Minehan, Media Arts Teachers

Throughout Semester 1, students studying the Y9 Still Image Unit have been exploring the codes and conventions used in photography, the importance of the image in our society and the skills involved in capturing light as a photograph. The latter has culminated in experimenting with long and short exposures; capturing instant moments – like an exploding water balloon; or creating artistic light effects with long exposures. Some of the excellent images that were captured in this process can be seen below.

Y9 Media Arts Photography

Staff and students are looking forward to next term’s animation unit during which we will build on the skills developed during Semester 1 to explore the science and fun of making the impossible possible in the form of stop motion animations.

Y9 Media Arts Photography

Coxing a quad

Sports Report 21 June 2017

20 June 2017

Sports Department

Rowing, basketball and football reports

Vicky Spencer, Director of Rowing

Radford Rowing is seeking coxes (Year 6–11) for the 2017–18 season. If you are interested in participating in a team sport, are small, quick thinking, fast talking and not afraid to assert your authority, this could be the sport for you. Coxes are the ‘coach in the boat’: they are responsible for directing the crew, steering the boat and relaying the coach’s instructions. We encourage (but do not require) coxes to participate in the land fitness training and learn to row in the boat as well. This promotes a healthy lifestyle and an understanding of what the rowers are undertaking out on the water. Coxes are an integral part of the crew, you must be well organised and willing to use your initiative. We encourage coxes to remain with their peers, however, there may be opportunities for capable coxes to work with older crews if they wish. Rowing is one of the few sports where girls and boys can represent the school in the same crews. Coxes will be provided with a structured training program facilitated by experienced coxes from the ACT and Australian rowing teams. Come and find out more information at a Cox Information meeting at lunchtime, Friday 21 July, Room 71 in the Sports Complex.

Radford Magic win in Triple overtime
By Mark Slater

U14/1 Boys
Radford Magic 70 def. Marist 68 

16 June, Tuggeranong 
Radford Magic prevailed over a strong Marist line-up in a triple overtime thriller. 

After a close opening few minutes, Marist’s bigger bodies began to control the key at both ends and quickly turned that ascendancy into a 10–0 lead. Not to be deterred, the quicker Radford boys began to find space and, by half-time, Marist lead narrowly 18–17. The relatively low scores were a tribute to the intense defence of both teams. The second half was equally tight and the scoring improved as both sides began to tire but, at full-time, the teams could not be separated at 48 points each. Overtime! 

By now the Southern Cross Stadium janitors were preparing their brooms and players and spectators from other, recently completed, matches were gathering to watch the drama. The first three-minute period of overtime saw the scores locked at 57 each and the second stanza offered no resolution either with scores at 61–61. 

As the final period of overtime played out, Radford’s extra speed around the court and some ferocious, smothering defence saw the Magic eke out a four-point lead over a tired and now somewhat depleted Marist who had lost four players to fouls in their efforts to win the game. Marist scored late with just a few seconds to play but the Magic held on to the ball, and the game. 

With just six points separating the top eight teams on the ladder, the importance of every win or loss is magnified. 

This was team sport at its purest, where the ‘E’ in team stands for EVERYONE, a fierce contest of effort and skill from all players on both teams. No one minded finishing near 10.00 pm on a cold winter’s night and the janitors were not once seen fidgeting impatiently with their brooms, so engrossing was the contest.


U18/1 Boys

Radford 8 defeated Monaro 1 (10 June)

We headed to Jerrabomberra for a match up with mid-table Monaro, who can prove tricky at home, so a smart start would be more important than ever to protect FC Radford’s position at the top of the table in Round 4. 

We got the solid start we needed, pushing the ball around with speed and finding feet or space, but the goals wouldn’t come. Just as hints of frustration started to appear – Nathan getting megged in the 15th minute – Andy McColl scored on 18 minutes, but the lead didn’t last long, with a back pass hit short allowing Monaro to equalise on 33 minutes, and the match seemed in the balance. However, two quick goals to Daniel Wang and livewire Oliver Grist before half-time settled things down and we took a two-goal lead to the break. 

We started the second half in command, despite Jay getting megged in the 56th minute, and an early goal to Ryan Lindenmayer and a booming penalty to Thomas French putting the game beyond reach by the hour. With breathing space on the scoreboard, coach Tom Crossly switched players into unfamiliar roles, which had the pleasing effect of giving Andy his second goal and further goals to Barclay Zhang and Hugh O’Brien. Seven scorers of eight goals could have been eight scorers for nine had birthday boy Will Strutt not missed from close range in the final minutes.

All in all, a very strong showing of skill and execution all around the park, with a defensive line playing as the attacking springboard and a midfield spoiled all day for passing options. FC Radford stays top of the ladder and gained a boost to goal difference as rivals Marist won by six against St Edmunds.

U18/1 Boys

Radford 5 defeated Gungahlin 3

Match day 5 brought third-placed Gungahlin to Radford, with our First XI eager to build on last week’s strong result at Monaro and stay on top of the ladder.


Gungahlin put the league leaders under pressure in the opening 10 minutes, which hurt our passing accuracy, and had the game flowing either way of the halfway line with the Radford defence and midfield under the pump. When Radford settled, the passes started to find feet and we took the game forward, with Barclay opening the scoring in the 12th minute and doubling the advantage in the 22nd. David put another in quickly and it appeared Radford was cruising at 3–0 after 25 minutes. Despite the scoreline, Gungahlin kept pressing, megging Stu on 25 minutes, but to no avail with our midfield hunting together, winning the ball and sending us back into attack. On 33 minutes, Barclay ran onto a loose ball on halfway and beat several defenders to bring up his second hat trick for the year on 33 minutes. Gungahlin kept coming and hit back immediately. At 4–1 approaching half-time, Alex’s falcon drew gasps of appreciation from the bench, which had been enjoying a geometry lecture on the isosceles triangle from special guest Mr Hoshovsky.


Having cruised the final 25 minutes of the first half, Gungahlin brought the game to us when the second half began, and threatened to break through, megging Frenchy in the 49th minute, but Paul’s goal on 54 minutes restored some comfort and, at 5–1, we thought we’d done enough to win. With 35 minutes left to play, Gungahlin had other ideas and they kept coming at us, and threatened with long balls over our high line. Excellent goal-keeping from Hugo kept them from stealing the game but, finally, the weight of possession told and a penalty and a late goal from Gungahlin saw the final score 5–3 to Radford.


Radford will stay top of the ladder with four wins from four games, and a long break ahead of our next match in Term 3 against league contenders Marist.


U15/2 Boys

Radford Raiders 3 defeated by Radford Raptors 5

By Ethan Kruger

This weekend we played the other Radford team, the Raptors, and unfortunately went down 3–5 in a hard-fought game. As a team we felt like we matched them on the field and, while the scoreline didn’t go our way, the boys should be proud of their efforts as we all played and tried really hard.

Despite the very early loss of our goalie Gus, due to a hard knock on the knee, we had a very strong first half, going into the half-time break up 2–1. Hopefully Gus will be back to full fitness soon. Hugo stepped into the role of goalie and had another awesome game keeping plenty of goals out. He was supported in defence by the ever reliable Kevin who moved between defence and mid-field.

Blake Riley attacked well scoring two of the goals. Will Moth scored our third goal converting a great kick from Eugene.


U13/2 Boys

Belnorth 6 defeated Radford 2

It was a challenging game for the boys this weekend. Belnorth were clearly the better side in the first half where they went into half-time with a 4–0 lead, but our boys rallied extremely well in the second half and were able to match them in both defence and attack to end the game with a 6–2 defeat.

The boys started the game on the back foot, conceding a goal in the first three minutes. Belnorth’s talented forwards sliced through our defence too easily and their disciplined backs held their defence lines well. Despite this, our boys were still able to get a few corners and some good shots on goal through Will G and Darcy Franks without success. We were unfortunately unable to capitalise on Will S’s strong runs down the wing. Had it not been for the brilliant saves by James Knight (JK) in goal, the scoreline would have been a lot worse going into half-time.

Similar to last week, the boys rallied in the second half and made the game a much closer affair. Our boys played with more confidence, better communication and teamwork. Saxon Moore worked tirelessly in the mid-field and Will G put two great shots on goal with one converting a perfectly weighted ball from Darcy Franks. Our second goal came through Josh, which was followed with ‘a rather enthusiastic celebration’.

If the boys can find a way to get off to a stronger start in their matches they should be able to match or better the opposition, whoever they are.


U12/2 Girls
Radford 3 defeated Majura 1

By Martha Jennett

This week, my team beat the Majura Thunderbolts 3–­1. We did quite well and we had some great saves by Eliza in the first half and some great shots. Our team is getting stronger every game but we do need to work on passing a bit more to each other and definitely some more cooperation skills.

Outdoor Education Camps and Activities

Outdoor Education Camps and Activities

21 June 2017

Lizzie Pugh, The Outdoor Education Group

Why not consider an outdoor education adventure camp these holidays?

By Lizzie Pugh, Head of Outdoor Education

Looking for an adventure in the school holidays? Want to make it memorable?

The Outdoor Education Group is excited to offer this challenging and fun-filled three-day camp for students in Years 5–8. I will be running the camp from 10–12 July with other OEG specialist instructors at Wombaroo, the OEG property in the NSW Southern Highlands.

Students will participate in archery, high ropes, vertical challenge, fire-building/cooking, bushwalking, canoe skills and maybe even abseiling. This is a fantastic opportunity to push personal limits, learn some new skills and make some new friends. Students will stay in dormitory-type accommodation, eating most meals in the Wombaroo dining hall, with an offsite lunch following a hike on the last day.

The cost of the camp is $90 per day and includes food, accommodation and activities, not to mention your top-notch OEG instructors!

Are you up for the challenge? Ready for the fun? Please contact Lizzy Pugh if you are interested.


Southern Highlands: 10–11 June
There are still spaces left for this adventure! Come learn from the experts and experience some real rock climbing. Total beginners to avid thrill seekers, and anywhere in between, are all are welcome! Why not get a squad together?

All gear and food will be provided, including tents, harnesses, helmets, chalk and shoes.

You never know, you may be on the next cover of Rock and Ice magazine! Contact Lizzy Pugh if this is the adventure for you!

Yound students enjoying gardening activities at Radford

Bookings open for holiday programs

21 June 2017

OSHC team and Sports Department are both offering holiday programs.

By Rachelle Hayward, Director OSHC

The Out of School Hours Care team is once again offering ELC and Junior School holiday programs.

The  schedule for the two weeks includes fun trips to Questacon, Corin Forest, Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, Deep Space Tracking Station, Flip Out and, of course, the movies.

Full details and a registration form are available below.

ELC Holiday Program

Junior School Holiday Program


By Brent Larkham, Head of Sport

Flyer for program

Sport holiday program June July

Following the success of the sports programs run last school holidays, Radford College is once again hosting a variety of programs during the June/July school holidays.

The programs are open to all ages and abilities between Year 3 – Year 9, focused on skill development and game play. Students have the option to attend mornings, afternoons or a full day, as supervision will be provided over the lunch period.

Soccer and Futsal are being run by Radford’s Technical Director of Football – Mr Tom Crossley and assistant Dianne Wilson. Tom is one of the ACT’s top coaches having worked for Capital Football, Coerver and run his own Football Academy and he will ensure an appropriate program for all age/skill levels. 

Basketball is being run by our Technical Director Mr Ian Ellis and Year 5 Teacher and Basketball guru Mr Orhan Memedovski. Ian is the only Level 3 Basketball coach in Canberra and has also played for the Canberra Cannons. 

Cricket by Mr Darryle Macdonald, former Canberra Comets player and ACT Junior Rep Coach and former Radford student Blake Maconald. Blake currently pursuing a professional cricket career and playing first grade for Western Districts. 

Charges will be billed to students accounts. 

Comments from parents about previous programs:

“It was a terrific camp for the basketball and we loved the half day format”

“It was a great camp and I think it helped building/maintaining fitness over the break”

“He did both soccer and basketball and was worn out at the end of the day (a good thing!)”

“The kids really liked it, it was a great program” 




2017 Y12REVIEW

2017 Year 12 Review

13 June 2017

Buckle up and hold on to your hats, the 2017 Year 12 Review is nearly here!

This year's Year 12 revue is the definition of the perfect performance. Years of preparation and planning are leading up to what is going to be Radford’s most spectacular communist revolution to date. If you are a fan of Star Wars, Borat, Game of Thrones or any other generic popular culture reference, then 12REVUE17 is the perfect high ground to be at from the 20–22 July. Fun for the whole family or with your friends! Yes, even you ‘Too Kool 4 School’ Year 9s. So buckle up your seat belts, hold on to your hats and tighten your belts because 12REVUE17 is coming … 

2017 Y12REVIEW

Where: TB Millar Hall

When: 7.00 pm, Thursday 20, Friday 21 and Saturday 22 July.

Tickets: $15, purchase online via trybooking or at the door.

Radford RaPPers meet for prayer in the Chapel

Radford RaPPers update

9 June 2017

Deborah Robinson, Radford RaPPers Coordinator

Christian parents who pray for the Radford students and staff

By Deborah Robinson, Radford RaPPers Coordinator

Radford RaPPers is a network of Christian parents who pray for the school, support the Chaplains and host a variety of social events throughout the year.

We pray at 8 am in the Radford College Chapel on Fridays.

We also plan regular social events each term.

Whilst we have some great social events, our main focus is to pray for all the students and staff at Radford. We warmly welcome any Christians who are interested in praying for the school to join us or let us know of any prayer requests.

For more information, please contact Deb Robinson on 0432 322 797 or darobinson@grapevine.com.au.


P&F Announcements

Trivia Night 2017

Last chance to book Tickets - Friday 15th September from 6:30pm. NB: venue now TB Millar Hall.

Support the P&F through Entertainment Books purchase

Check out the great offers available in the Entertainment Book. $12 from each purchase goes to the P&F to support College projects. 

Contact: Radford Entertainment Books Convenor Alison Wilson
alison.radfordent@yahoo.com.au or mobile 0401 705 468

APFACTS - Special Presentation

Save the date - Steve Biddulph

School Sports ACT

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