Radford Bulletin Term 3, Week 10 – 20 September 2017

Staff Insights

Fiona Godfrey, Principal

From the Principal 20 Sept 17

20 September 2017

Preparations for 2018, an exciting array of overseas tours, and some sad farewells to valued staff

A Time for Reflection

As we near the end of yet another eventful term at Radford College, it is worthwhile for our students to look back, take stock and reflect on all that has been achieved over the last ten weeks, but also to investigate missed opportunities and plan for a more productive final term for 2018. The recent parent-teacher interviews in the Secondary School, provided, we hope, a catalyst for discussions at home about the things students need to do to improve their performance, and hints and tips for better study habits. Should parents require further discussions with teachers about the progress of their son or daughter, they are encouraged to make contact with the relevant teacher, through either a phone call or email.

Around the College

Architect's impression of new Junior School buildingThe final weeks of Term 3 are traditionally a time when schools do a great deal of planning for the upcoming year and I am pleased to report that we have already made very good progress with preparations for 2018. With almost all enrolments finalised, subject selections completed, timetable construction well underway and staffing close to being confirmed, we are well-placed for next year. I am also pleased to report that the new Specialist Block in the Junior School, which will house Year 4 in 2018, is on track for completion by the end of the year. In fact, the second level slab has been poured this week and the building is really taking shape very quickly.

Last Thursday was an action-packed day in the College, which saw some 100 new students for Year 7 2018, join with approximately 100 current Year 6 students to take part in the first of their Orientation Days. The day involved some benchmark testing and familiarisation activities, designed to get the students to talk, mingle and socialise.

In addition to the Orientation Day, our current Year 7 students successfully staged, despite the wintery conditions, their annual Market Day, raising a large amount of funds for a yet-to-be-determined charity. The Market Day also gave our visitors a taste of what they can expect to do next year, when they are students in Year 7. On top of all those activities, we also conducted our monthly Principal’s Tours last Thursday. Once again, we had a very large turnout of people who were either considering Radford for their children, or have already enrolled and/or accepted offers, and were wanting to gain extra information.

Holiday Tours and Experiential Learning

It is my firm belief that Radford College is indeed very fortunate to have established exchange programs and a real commitment to the value of local, domestic, and international tours. Over the upcoming holidays, we will have five groups of students travelling to various locations around the world to take part in Round Square, subject-based or cultural and language tours.

As part of the language and cultural exchange program that has long been established at Radford, we will have Year 10 students travelling to China, Japan, and France over the holidays. On each occasion, the students, and their teacher chaperones, will spend about half of their time away at a sister school, where the students are billeted with local families. The other half of the time is spent touring the country, ensuring the language and culture are fully absorbed and appreciated. Earlier last year, I was the assistant teacher on a trip to Japan, and it was one of the most amazing cultural experiences I have ever had. Spending a week in someone else’s home, in a foreign country, truly enables you to get a sense of what it is really like living in that country.

Round Square logoRadford College has been a member of the Round Square group of schools for over a decade now, and increasingly we are gaining the benefits of our membership. Over the weekend, a group of Year 8 and 9 students left to travel to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia where they will be taking part in a Round Square Regional Conference. They are also taking part in a pre-conference tour, alongside other Round Square Schools from Australia, South Korea and Malaysia, which includes hiking, assisting nomadic families with daily activities including eagle hunting and staying in gers in the Mongolian steppes.

In addition, we will also have a contingent of Year 10 students travelling to South Africa for the Round Square International Conference. They will also take part in a pre-conference tour, which will include visits to a range of sites in Johannesburg and surrounding areas, and then some time on safari. Following the pre-conference tour, the students and their teacher chaperone will then travel down to Cape Town where they will be involved in a five-day conference, which will include lectures, adventure activities, service programs and cultural experiences.

The final tour over this holiday period is to New Zealand, involving our junior and senior textiles students. The College’s enthusiastic and energetic textiles teachers have organised a very interesting tour, looking at the design, creation and distribution of fabrics and garments in the New Zealand context. Attending the World of Wearable Art (WOW), an internationally renowned design competition, will be one of the highlights of the trip. The WOW Design Competition is a spectacular theatrical event that attracts entries from all over the world, where designers and artists use the body as a blank canvas to showcase wearable art constructed from an array of media. This focus on innovation and creativity will be reinforced with a visit to the Weta Workshop, a world-leading design and effects facility serving the world’s creative industries.  The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Chronicles of Narnia, Avatar and Elysium are just of few of their notable ventures, with a visit to Hobbiton showcasing some of their work. To complete the creative experience, a focus on textiles from fibres to product, provide the remaining adventure with a visit to Stansborough Woollen Mills and Te Puia, where students will weave with native flax leaves.

Hobbiton movie set - image credit Hobbiton Tours

Image credit: hobbitontours.com

In recent times, the College executive has been looking at ways to extend the international school exchange program, in particular for our Year 9 students, through our Round Square network. Like many other schools around the country who offer alternative Year 9 programs, we would like to offer some interesting and exciting programs which are affordable, manageable and feasible, for students of that age. The program that we are envisaging would see students from other Round Square schools come to Canberra for approximately five weeks. They would attend school as normal during the week, but then have visits to Sydney, the Great Barrier Reef and Perisher on three of the five weekends they were in Australia. In turn, a group of students from Radford would visit their school and have a similar experience in their home country.

At this stage, we have provisional agreement from a school in South Africa, Stanford Lake College, to offer this program to approximately a dozen students in Year 9 in 2018. Further details of that possible exchange will be forthcoming in the near future.

Over the holiday period, I will be accompanying the students and staff attending the Round Square International Conference. I hope to be able to speak with other Principals in attendance at the conference about joining in our Global Awareness Exchange Program, as we have provisionally named it. At this stage, it is hard to know how large this program might grow, but ideally it would be good to have up to ten schools from around the world in this program.

Farewell to Staff

Sadly, at the end of this term we will be farewelling three longstanding members of staff due to promotional opportunities and interstate transfers.

Mr Matthew Heinrich, who currently holds the position of Director of Digital Learning and Innovation, has accepted an offer from Caulfield Grammar School in Melbourne to take on their newly created position of Head of Learning Technologies, working across their five campuses, one of which is in China. Matt started at Radford nearly seven years ago as a graduate Year 6 teacher. Over that period of time, he has developed into a highly accomplished educator, with excellent communication skills and outstanding IT knowledge and skills. Matt will be sorely missed by staff and students alike.

Ms Kylie Rose, our current Year 8 Head of Year, has accepted the executive role of Director of Student Development at St Paul’s College, Walla Walla. During the 10 years Kylie has been at Radford, she has shown herself to be a highly competent and energetic teacher and Head of Year. She has built up very close and caring relationships with students and parents, and has assisted many students as they have transitioned through Radford. We wish Kylie well in her new and exciting role.

Our school nurse, Ms Karen Baker will not be returning to Radford after her Long Service Leave in Term 4. After 10 years of service to the College, Karen has decided to return to her home state of South Australia. Karen’s empathetic but no-nonsense approach to the care and wellbeing of students and staff has been greatly appreciated. Karen has also been instrumental in the promotion of educational programs focussing on wellbeing and health promotion in the College. We also wish Karen well with her move.

Matt Heinrich, Karen Baker and Kylie Rose

And finally……

I wish all Radford families a happy and restful holiday period and we look forward to welcoming all students back to school on Monday 9 October 2017. Sayonara, au revoir, zài jiàn, and adios.

Chaplain Fr Richard Browning

Reflection: I don’t want to be anything special

19 September 2017

Prayer spaces past and present

By Richard Browning, Chaplain 

Last week we hosted Prayers Spaces, safe little corners for students to be exposed to the possibility of connecting with real and big things. One of the spaces is ‘Big Questions’.

On ripped up pieces of cardboard are a host of teenagers’ big questions. Some examples:

Thoughts from the Prayer SpaceWhy do you <God> hate on gays?

Who AM I? Why am I like this?

Why do people make fun of one another’s struggles?

Why do humans exist?

Everyone’s life goes: school, work, retire. What is the point?

Answers are not to be given so much as discovered. A chaplain’s role in part is to create the space for things to be discovered, and sometimes this is best done by taking care with what you put alongside.

Etty HillesumIn Year 9 chapel this week it was some of the life and sayings of Etty Hillesum. Etty was a Dutch Jewess who followed so many before her to Auschwitz.

She is often called a mystic, for through her journals we can witness a young woman’s journey into a deep peace, despite the surrounding madness and evil.

Everything is chance or nothing is chance. If I believed the first, I would be unable to live on, but I am not yet fully convinced of the second. 

Maybe Etty becomes convinced. How else can her last written words make sense otherwise? 

Opening the Bible at random I find this: ‘The Lord is my high tower'. I am sitting on my rucksack in the middle of a full freight car. Father, Mother, and Mischa are a few cars away. In the end, the departure came without warning... We left the camp singing... 

They left the camp singing! In her earlier writings Etty champions the art of attending to a disciplined inner life. 

I really see no other solution than to turn inwards and to root out all the rottenness there. I no longer believe that we can change anything in the world until we first change ourselves. And that seems to me the only lesson to be learned. 

Etty lived this lesson.

I don’t want to be anything special. I only want to try to be true to that in me which seeks to fulfill its promise.

Thoughts of Etty Hillesum


Dear Reader 

Whatever mundane stage of school or work or retirement you find yourself at, may there be a place where you can be found singing. 

Whatever system of constructed meaning you live by (for we all do), your peace is a function of how closely you live to its values. Peace be with you. 

Christ of the Cross speaks of peace from the midst of evil. There is no hint of exclusion in him nor is there a skerrick of violence, only sacrificial love. You are here on purpose. You have all of God’s love. Receive this unconditional love and live into the fulfilment of your inherent promise. In Jesus’ name. Amen. 

With every best wish and blessing
Father Richard


The context for this week’s reflection:

The unravelling genocide of the Rohingha of Myanmar and the desperate refugee state in Bangladesh.


Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

JS News 20 Sept 17

20 September 2017

"hard fun", playground projects, staffing and sports results

Dates to Remember 

Thurs 21 Sept

Year 3 Excursion to Botanic Gardens

Fri 22 Sept

Last Day of Term 3

Monday 9 Oct

First Day of Term 4

"Hard Fun"

As the Educational Broadcasting Corporation states:

The traditional approach to learning focused upon mastery of content with less emphasis on developing skills. A system [is] more teacher-centred, with a focus on giving out information about what is known, whereas inquiry is more focused upon ‘how we come to know’ - the more interested and engaged students are the greater potential for in-depth knowledge.

In short education is moving from learning about things, to learning things - moving from "what" as opposed to "how".

Initially I saw this step as "engagement meets skills"  but  following a term where we have celebrated Learning Journeys as assessment pieces for PreK to Year 5, Exhibition as a culminating assessment for Year 6, as well as Allwell assessments and NAPLAN outcomes, I am now more inclined to look at inquiry learning along the lines of Seymour Papert. Seymour Papert often talked about "Hard Fun" as his thinking about how teachers, students and parents can create those learning scenarios where skill meets engagement - hard fun.

As I have often mentioned, I remember learning my “Times Tables” before going to bed. I am still very good at my tables, I had the "hard or skills" covered. My problem was that I didn’t know why or how I needed to know them, I wasn’t engaged, I didn’t connect to the fun or challenge!

I add this in our final week of term, not only because we are reflecting upon achievements and examples of "Hard Fun" this term, but more importantly looking at our 2018 teacher applicants. If we look at teaching at Radford through the "Hard Fun" lens we can see why this Junior School continues to grow and flourish. It’s very hard to achieve Hard Fun. To teach through an inquiry stance you must firstly know your content, be a strong academic, know your curriculum. To add to this, you must be a strong listener and questioner, able to redirect quickly. You must be agile, able to learn, unlearn and relearn. You must be collaborative, able to engage, to provoke but not disclose the full content, instead allow our learners to have the fun of the engagement - where they understand the what and the how.
This week, as we farewell one of the Junior School's strongest example of a "Hard Fun" teacher in Matt Heinrich, I have been reassured through our new applicants that we have some wonderful, talented and passionate teachers to continue the tradition we have created within our community over the past ten years.

Buildings and playgrounds
As we move through Term 4, we will see the commencement of our Kindergarten and Early Primary play areas take shape. We are looking to a "next step from PreKindergarten" approach where we can cater better for the needs of these age groups. We are coping well with the current playground areas being impacted by our buildings. I thank our staff who have taken on additional support roles, thus creating greater opportunities for our younger students to gain supervised access to our large oval spaces. Additionally, I thank our lovely Year 6 leaders who are providing an outlet for play equipment once our students are on the ovals (meaning less gear has to come to school). We are also finding that our girls and boys are accessing areas that they were less aware of previously (sand pits, front grass area, ovals as mentioned, library, Lego tables, and Gossan hillside to name a few). Our playground area should be returning to usual use by the end of this month.

Our Year 4 Centre (2018) is taking shape. At this stage, most of the focus has been upon the very large undercroft which will house PE classes, lunchtime eating and playing spaces and some of our OHSC next year. The class areas will follow quickly now. 

Sports Results

Congratulations to the following pupils and teams for their successes over the past week

  • Alex Checksfield for his national swimming championship victory.
  • Oliver Luppi for breaking the Belconnen Zone record for 100m
  • Year 3/4 Sue Geh Girls and Jamie Pearlman Boys basketball competition.

Grand Final Winners

  • Under 12 Girls soccer
  • Radford Dolphins Div 2 – Netball
  • Radford Tigers Div 2 – Basketball

Finally, I thank you for your support this term. We seem to have something additional to our classwork to share with our community each week, we are all tiring and looking forward to the warmer days ahead.

Take care and enjoy the coming weeks.


Radford College Crest

Notice of student withdrawal

18 September 2017


Important information - withdrawal notice due dates and conditions

Notice of Student Withdrawal

Parents and Caregivers are reminded that withdrawal of a student requires a full term’s notice, in writing, addressed to the Principal, and signed by all signatories to the original enrolment. If the full notice is not received, a penalty of half a term’s fees applies.

Accordingly, Friday 22 September 2017 is the last date for notification without penalty of withdrawal of any student NOT returning to Radford in 2018. Notice is not required for Year 12 students departing the College at the end of 2017.

If you require further clarification, please contact the Registrar’s office on 6162 6212 or email registrar@radford.act.edu.au.

Holiday program - rowing, futsal, basketball

Sport Holiday Programs Open

6 September 2017

Brent Larkham, Head of Sport

Futsal, rowing and basketball programs will be offered

Bookings and enquiries: Brent Larkham Head of Sport
Phone 02 61801090
Email: Brent.Larkham@radford.act.edu.au

Radford College is hosting a variety of sports programs during the Sept/Oct school holidays:

• Open to all abilities, Futsal and Basketball Years 3-9, Rowing Years 6-12.
• Focused on skill development and game play.
• Morning, afternoon or a full day options with supervision provided over the lunch period.
• Fees will be charged to student accounts.

NOTE: Monday 25 September and Monday 2 October are Public Holidays in A.C.T.

WEEK 1 - Tues 26 Sept, Wed 27 Sept, Thu 28 Sept, Fri 29 Sept

Futsal (Year 3 to Year 9)
Tuesday to Friday 9am-12pm
$175 (all 4 days)

Rowing (Year 6 to Year 12)
Tuesday to Friday 8am-12pm
$200 (all 4 days)
Transport provided back to school 

Basketball (Year 3 to Year 9)
Tuesday to Friday 2pm-5pm
$175 (all 4 days)

All day – Rowing/basketball or Futsal/basketball
$300 (all 4 days) BYO Lunch


WEEK 2 - Tue 3 Oct, Wed 4 Oct, Thur 5 Oct, Fri 6 Oct
Basketball (only) (Year 3 to Year 9)
Tuesday to Friday 9am-12pm
$175 (all 4 days)


Radford Canteen

Canteen hours for Term 4

19 September 2017

Linda Oakman, Canteen Manager

Afternoon trading trial has now ended

By Linda Oakman, Canteen Manager

In Terms 2 and 3, the Canteen conducted a trial of extended hours trading on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  This trial has now ended, and we thank students for their patronage.

Secondary School Canteen hours in Term 4 will be:

Open: 8am (breakfast available)

Close: 1:40pm (end of  student lunch period)


Visit the Canteen page on website for menus and ordering details.



Radford Rowing News

Rowing News 20 Sept 17

19 September 2017

Vicky Spencer, Director of Rowing

New uniforms now available!

By Vicky Spencer, Director of Rowing

Rowing news from last week

The new Radford Rowing Uniform has arrived!
The new range is available to order online from ‘The Regatta Shop’, via their ‘Club Shop’ page. The direct link is:


There is a free postage window available from the 16 – 24 September, the discount code is RADFORDWINDOW. The new racing suit must be ordered by September 24 in order to guarantee arrival prior to the first full shed regatta on the 11 November.

If you have any questions about ordering the uniform, please direct them to ‘The Regatta Shop’ staff, email: orders@theregattashop.com.au or phone: 03 9555 2785

New Friends of Radford Rowing logoRadford Rowing Uniform
The new rowing uniform consists of

  • Racing suit – a requirement for all rowers 
  • Training suit – a requirement for rowers in the Junior, Intermediate & Senior squads. Note the old style ‘racing suit’ can still be used as a training suit. There is a stock of these in the uniform shop which will continue to be sold at a discounted price of $65 for this purpose
  • Long or short sleeve UV top – a requirement for all rowers in the Junior, Intermediates & Senior squads. The existing UV top in circulation will continue to suffice.
  • Tights – optional item for those who feel the cold, train at colder times of the day or year.

Note: The Paddler squad members (Year 6/7 & 7/8) do not need a training suit and can wear the school PE polo shirt in lieu of a UV top.

Image: Friends of Radford Rowing group has a new logo, as above.


P&F Community Fete 2017

Fete Newsletter 20 Sept 17

20 September 2017

Andrew Herring, Fete Convenor 2017

Exciting new stalls and performances, and how to volunteer!

From: Andrew Herring, 2017 Community Fete Convenor

With school holidays fast approaching, our 2017 Community Fete is on the horizon. This year the P & F has been focusing on community – and this means you! 

The P & F donates significant sums to the College to improve the facilities for the community. In past years, this has included funds for College buses, the Dance Studio and improved playground equipment for the Junior School. 

This support of the College would not be possible without the fete. This year, as in the past, we hope that the Radford community will not only enjoy the fete, but contribute to its success. 

This year will see some exciting changes at the fete, including:

  • a main stage on which our dance academy will perform
  • more performance opportunities for our talented music students
  • more activities for the younger children
  • a car show for motor enthusiasts
  • a second-hand uniform stall.

 just to name a few. 

More details of the fete, and how you can get involved, will be released each week as we countdown to the day. To get things started, however: 

This year, each year level in the College has been asked to support a particular activity, and some have offered to support more than one! Class liaisons in the junior school, and Heads of Years in the senior school, are marshalling parents and students to volunteer their time towards their chosen stalls.

If you are able to assist, please go to http://signup.com/go/LdhsVfX, find your stall and offer your time. But don’t be shy – there are plenty of stalls that don’t have the direct support of a year level and we would love for you to help out there too. There is a stall for everyone (and probably two!) 

Sweet and Sticky Stall

Sweet and Sticky (details)
Are you Canberra’s best baker? Prove it by baking for a grateful community who will eagerly purchase your efforts from this stall.

Second-hand uniform
This is an exciting addition to our community fete, due to the overwhelming demand by parents for access to second-hand uniform.

Keep an eye out on the day for this stall (in the TB Millar Hall), because items will be sold cheap and are sure to sell quickly, but we need stock!

Donations of clean, undamaged and folded uniform (excluding blazers and uniform for sporting teams) can be made at Main Reception. 

This year our plant stall is looking for donations of plants. With spring upon us, now is the time to get those seedlings in the ground ready to donate, or you might have plants that can be divided? 

More details will follow about the when and the how of donations, but please enjoy the spring weather and think “fete” while you do so. 

Again, stay tuned to our newsletter in each bulletin for the when, where and how. 

Any fete questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact me:
Andrew Herring, 2017 Community Fete Convenor

We look forward to bringing you more exciting details next term!


Image courtesy of Parliamentary Education Office

Holding Government to Account

19 September 2017

Annabelle Creer, Year 11 Legal Studies Subject Captain

Year 11 Legal Studies students experience parliamentary Question Time

By Annabelle Creer, Year 11 Legal Studies Subject Captain 

Year 11 Legal Studies students at Parliament HouseOn 1 September, our Year 11 Legal Studies class was very fortunate to go on an excursion to Parliament House where we watched the weekly parliamentary event, Question Time.  The event is held in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, where the Opposition is allowed to scrutinise the Government of the day.  It is a nationally broadcast event which is also open to members of the public and press. The idea behind Question Time is to allow the members of both chambers to hold members of the executive government to account. 

It was very interesting to see politics in action and to be able to apply knowledge gained from the classroom to a practical environment, however, the event was very different from what many of us anticipated Question Time would be.   When thinking of Parliamentary debates and sitting weeks, it would be natural to assume a degree of formality and professionalism.  Question Time however contradicted many of these assumptions and expectations.  Due to the media broadcast of the sitting, it appeared to be more of a theatrical event than a display of democracy or skilful politics, with many outspoken Members/Senators continually preventing other Members/Senators from getting a word in edgeways.   

The whole experience, watching questions with and without notice, left many of us wondering whether this really was our doctrine of representative government in action?  That said, it was a very practical, interesting and engaging excursion which has enhanced all student’s knowledge of the machinations of Federal Parliament.  Many thanks go to our teacher, Mrs Gregory, for organising the excursion.



Director of Service Learning George Huitker and Year 11 student Alan Chen working on "Near Myall Creek"

An artistic collaboration

19 September 2017

Original song and film clip remembering Myall Creek released

Interviews by Communications Manager Mick Bunworth

Radford College Director of Service Learning George — known as “H”— Huitker recently released his song Near Myall Creek.

The film clip for the song is an animation done by Year 11 student Alan Chen.

The pair answer some questions about the project below.

Q&A with George Huitker, Director of Service Learning

What prompted you to write the song? I heard Neil Murray’s song about Myall Creek a while ago and was moved by the lyrics. They talk about our how our friend and Gamilaraay elder, Sue Blacklock embraces Beulah Adams at a commemoration service there: A descendant of the murderers, a descendent of the slain/met at Myall Creek and sisters they became. As I visit Myall Creek at least half a dozen times a year, I’ve always felt compelled, almost driven, to write a song about my own feelings on being there. That Aunty Sue has heard the song and endorsed it means a lot to me.

How long did it take? The song is largely unchanged from how it came out of my head when I sat at my baby grand with a pen and pad. The recording and mixing took over a year.

What was it like the first time you took it to Junkyard Sculpture and heard it played with a full band? I was confident they would get it, as we toured Northern New South Wales in 2014 and visited Myall Creek and the region, playing for the communities out there. I’ve been hesitant to put it in setlists because it is sombre, serious and slowly-paced. But we played it with power and passion at our Dirrum 2017 gig and I was very proud of how it sounded and how it moved people who had not heard it before.

What was the recording process like? Really, really long. I’m an impatient but ultimately understanding man: for the integrity of the song I was willing to let it take as long as it needed for all stakeholders to be happy with it.

How did you get the idea to have the film clip be an animation? How did you “find” Alan or how did the connection between song and animation happen? Alan submitted an amazing video for a RaVE project when in Year 9. I knew immediately it was the right feel for what I was trying to get across for the song and hoped he would be happy to do an animation for it. The highly sensitive and subtle clip he produced exceeded all expectations; he is a talented, clever and creative young man.

It debuted to a larger “live” audience at Dirrum Dirrum with you in the room after a talk by Mark Tedeschi. What was that experience like? As that was our final Junk Sculpture performance, to perform a song so close to our hearts to an audience wanting to hear it was special to say the least. The song, like Mark’s book, is trying to get more people aware of what happened in 1838 and wonder if, in fact, a lot has changed in attitudes towards our First People. Looking at the recent Closing The Gap report card, I do think we need to take more steps beyond being merely aware.

Have the Myall Creek Massacre perpetrators’ and victims’ descendants heard it? What was their reaction? Aside from Aunty Sue, I am unaware of who exactly has heard it and whether their reactions are positive or negative.

What do you want to happen with the song? Anthropologist WEH Stanner writes of our inattention to the Indigenous perspective as being like …a view from a window which has been placed to exclude a whole quadrant of the landscape. My hope is that this song encourages people, particularly our students, to view that once-hidden quadrant. Then do something about what they see.



Q&A with Alan Chen, Year 11 student

How long have you been animating?

I haven’t been animating for a long time. I picked it up sometime in Year 9 for a RaVE project (also facilitated by H!). In thinking of ways to express my ideas, I thought animation was an interesting way to use my drawing skills in a video.

How long did it take you to finish this film clip? How many hours, days, months?

The video by itself took about one to one and a half months, but there was a lot of back and forth between H’s ideas and my own creative injection. Most of the time I was busy with school commitments and other things. Once H approached me near the end of Year 9 to make his video, the first draft occurred a little more than a year afterwards, and the final video was published about a month ago.

Talk us through the process? Is it painstaking? Did you do it line by line, or map out a whole storyline after hearing the whole song?

H had sent me the initial draft of the song to give me a general vibe and provide inspiration as to what I could include in the images. I knew that the lyrics of the song were really personal and powerful, so I wanted my images to reflect that aspect of the music. I also spent a little time researching the actual incident that the song addresses, just to fully grasp H’s intention as best as I could. A good portion of the initial ideas were storyboarded around the lyrical meaning. When transferring to animation, each image is drawn a minimum of four times to create the active drawing nature of the video. It’s very time consuming, but it’s interesting trying to capture the meaning through the creative process.

What did you think the first time you heard and saw the finished product?

Because I was working with H and the development of the song the whole time, it wasn’t extremely surprising. But it was really overwhelming to sit back and realise the gravity of the project and really appreciate all the effort that went into making it! It was really gratifying to help H facilitate his ideas and I am really grateful that he asked me to help him.

How have your friends and family reacted?

A lot of them really like it! My family especially are pretty surprised that I made it, saying things like, ‘did you really make this?’ It’s very humorous, but all-in-all, a lot of them became really interested in the story and incident behind the video, which is very positive and fuels its intention.

Will you keep animating?


I plan to! Animation is very intriguing for me, and I want to improve my skills and perhaps work on similar projects like these.

Image for article: Sports technical directors announced

Sports technical directors announced

20 September 2017

Tennis, basketball and rugby appointments

By Brent Larkham, Head of Sport

I am delighted to be able to announce further appointments to technical director roles in key sports.

Annabel Ellwood will lead the College’s tennis program in 2018. Annabel is the best female tennis player Canberra has produced. She reached a career-high singles ranking of 58 in the world and played Federation Cup for Australia on multiple occasions. Along with my own background in tennis, Annabel’s credentials will allow students and the College the opportunity to participate in what we believe will be a world-class school tennis program.

Annabel and I recently delivered tennis lessons to Year 1 and 2 students during PE classes and look forward to expanding the program within the curriculum to all Junior School year levels. We will also be establishing a co-curricular tennis program which we will launch in 2018.

Orhan Memedovski will be the College’s Technical Director in Basketball. Long-serving Coaching Director Ian Ellis will remain within the program and I’m delighted we are able to retain Ian’s commitment and exceptional coaching ability for our students.

Basketball is one of the College’s most popular sports and Orhan’s focus will be on coaching the coaches and player development. He also wants to see a stronger connection between Secondary School and Junior School students, with both sharing common goals.

Former Brumbies Head Coach and current Wallabies Coach Stephen Larkham is delighted to join Radford as the Technical Director of Rugby.

Stephen played 102 games for the Wallabies and 127 for the Brumbies. While Stephen will obviously be committed to his Wallabies role in the build-up to the 2019 World Cup, he will give considerable time and knowledge to Radford’s rugby program. This clip from YouTube of some of Stephen's playing highlights is well worth a look.

Annabel, Orhan and Stephen join our other technical directors:

Vicky Spencer – TD Rowing

Tom Crossley - TD Football / Futsal

Jonathan Mandl - TD Snowsports.

I look forward to announcing the technical directors for netball and cricket in early 2018.

Image for article: Dance auditions and showcase

Dance auditions and showcase

19 September 2017

Auditions on 20 October, Showcase on 28 October

By Danielle White, Director of Movement

RDA auditions on Friday 20 October

Radford Dance Academy is looking for fresh talent to represent the school in 2018. Auditions will be held for RDA Performance Groups and Hip Hop Crews for 2018. All students in Year 4 (2018) and above are welcome to audition for the junior and senior Jazz/Lyrical performance groups and Hip Hop crews.


3.30pm—4.15pm: Junior Performance Group (Jazz/Lyrical) Years 4-6

4.15pm—5.00pm: Junior Hip Hop Crew Years 4-6

5.00pm—5.45pm: Senior Performance Group (Jazz/Lyrical) Years 7-12

5.45pm—6.30pm: Senior Hip Hop Crew Years 7-12

Auditions will be held in the Dance Studio (Room 13). To register, please sign up for a spot on the sign-up sheets outside the dance studios, or email danielle.white@radford.act.edu.au

No preparation is necessary, the auditions will be run like a normal class.

Dance Academy registrations for 2018 are now open.

RDA Showcase

28 October
Llewellyn Hall, ANU

Download the poster

Entry is free, there is no requirement to book.

Come and be amazed at the talent and variety of RDA’s second annual showcase evening ‘Dreams’. All RDA students from PK to Year 12 have been working very hard on their routines and are very excited to perform at Llewellyn Hall.


2017 P&F Trivia Night

A fabulous P&F Trivia Night

20 September 2017

Sarah Jennett, P&F President

Bigger and better than ever, another wonderful P&F event

By Sarah Jennett, P&F President

On Friday 15 September the P&F held its annual Trivia Night. Due to overwhelming support, we relocated the event from RA Young Hall to the larger TB Millar Hall. It was fantastic to see so many enthusiastic groups adorn themselves and their tables with various themes, and lots of yummy treats to keep brains sustained throughout the evening.

MC Greg Jennett kept the teams busy with a range of questions from food through to science, politics and sport. There was something for everyone, with the final round of spelling bringing the winning table – The Schmiddy’s - home.

The Trivia Night provided a great example of the Radford Community coming together to enjoy a social evening, mixed with lots of fun.

We are grateful to our generous sponsors, The Lighthouse and Supabarn Florey, who provided some fantastic prizes for the evening.

Thank you to Dean O’Brien and the organising team for their efforts – we look forward to doing it all again next year!

Winning team for 2017 - NOT students, despite the uniform!

Junior boys and girls enjoy basketball success

Sport Report 20 Sept 17

20 September 2017

Sport Department

Grand final successes, basketball uniform reminder, summer sport team lists, U12 ACT Carnival, orienteering

Basketball Year 3/4 Jamie Pearlman and Sue Geh Cup

Congratulations and well done to our Year 3/4 students who competed in the Jamie Pearlman and Sue Geh Cup carnivals on Monday 18 September.  Both teams went through undefeated and will play the winners of the south side competition, date and time yet to be advised.  Well done to the players and coaches, Ian Ellis and Steve Shaw. 

Both the boys and girls teams defeated Burgmann College in the grand final.

Sue Geh Cup Northside winners Jamie Pearlman Cup Northside winners

Radford Netball Grand Finals

Congratulations to the Dolphins and Purple teams which won their respective grand final games over the weekend.  Both teams got off slow starts with the weather being quite cold and windy.  Half way through the first quarter, both teams found their rhythm and went through winning their games.  Well done to the players and their coaches. 

  • Dolphins (11) defeated MTS Taipans (5) 
  • Purple (30) defeated Dara Wilson (18) 


Dolphins Purple

Radford Basketball Grand-finals

Congratulations to the U12 boys Div.2 Tigers, U19 boys Div.4 Jets, U19 boys Div.5 Sharks and the U19 girls Div.4 Cougars teams on winning their respective grand final games over the weekend.  Some close games of Basketball were played. Well done to the players and their coaches.

  • Tigers (44) defeated Tuggeranong Vikings (23)
  • Jets (33) defeated Marist Marine (21)
  • Sharks (33) defeated St Edmunds College Gold (31)
  • Cougars (28) defeated Daramalan College Black (24)
 Tigers Jets  SharksCougars


Need a Basketball uniform for the upcoming summer season?

Any students who have registered for the upcoming Basketball 2017-18 season and does not have a uniform will need to purchase a Basketball uniform (shorts and singlet) from the college uniform shop before the end of Term 3. This will ensure that your child will have a uniform in time for when school returns on Monday 9 October 2017 as games commence the first weekend back.   The staff in the uniform shop have been advised of your child’s playing number for the season. 


2017-18 summer sports team lists available for viewing

All summers sports team lists are now available for viewing.  Team lists available on: 

  • Radford Online
  • Sports noticeboard (outside the sports foyer doors)
  • Year 5/6 noticeboard
  • On the Year 2/3/4 classrooms noticeboards.


If you have any enquiries in relation to Basketball, Cricket, Futsal, Oz Tag, Rowing and Tennis please email sport@radford.act.edu.au


Student Achievement

Well done to Joey Slater who was selected in the U13 ACT Emerging Comets team for 2017, unfortunately Joey’s name was missed off last week’s bulletin item, due to his name being down on the ACT Cricket webpage as “Joe Slater”.   Apologies and congratulations, Joey. 


12 Years and Under ACT Athletics Carnival

By Tamara Phelps

Sixteen students qualified to represent Radford in the Belconnen Zone, at the 12 and Under ACT Athletics Carnivals. Congratulations to each of these students for their efforts, participation and showing wonderful sportsmanship.


Xavier Adams

Sophia Doumos

Curtis Garrett

Chelsea Hately

Jacinta Henderson *

Oliver Luppi

Jacob Miller

Claire Reid

Amber Smith-Gibson

Lara Southwell

Amelia Sutherland

Owen Toyne

Oscar Watt *

Maddie Wheeldon *

Sam Worthaisong

Ben Ni 

* These Year 5 students were selected but did not compete, as they were on Y5 Camp on the day of the carnival.

A special mention to:

  • Olivier Luppi who won the 10yrs 100m
  • Xavier Adams who came 2nd in the 9yrs 100m
  • Jacob Miller who came 3rd in the 12yrs 1500m.
  • Amber Smith-Gibson who came 3rd  in the 10yrs 1500m.
A proud winnerLong jump at the carnival
Orienteering Results
By: Toni Brown

Five orienteering trophies for the cabinet this year!

M14, W14, M16, M18
Champion High School – Men’s

Radford leading the way!

Saturday 2 September Highlights
Orange 1 (Long) - Men Junior Toby Lang 5th
Orange 2 (Medium) – Men Junior Michael Guthrie 3rd
Orange 2 (Medium) – Women Junior Justine Hobson 1st
Orange 2 (Medium) – Women Junior Elise Northcote 3rd

National League Highlights Saturday 26 August
Ultra-long Men’s 20E – Noah Poland 2nd
Men 14A – Toby Lang 1st, Patrick Shelton-Agar 2nd, Lincoln Batt 4th
Women 14A – Justine Hobson 3rd

ACT Secondary Schools Championships
Mt Jerrabomberra Saturday 9 September.
Champion Men’s High School – Radford College 1st, 95 points
Canberra Grammar 2nd, 87 points
Lyneham High 3rd, 17 points.

Men 14A (most strongly contested class, 22 participants, 6 schools)

David Stocks 1st 
Joseph Wilson 2nd
Toby Lang 4th
Michael Guthrie 5th
Patrick Shelton Agar 6th
Men 16A
Andrew Kerr 1st
Ben Hobson 3rd
Men 18A
Ryan Stocks 1st
Women 14A
Justine Hobson 1st
Women 18A
Rosie Goggs 3rd

Photos courtesy Tom de Jongh (photosbytom.com.au)

Ryan Stocks centre


Radford Snowsports

Australian Interschools Snowsports Championships

20 September 2017

By Lara Franks and Sarah Brake

20 events, 22 Radford racers - a wonderful experience

By Lara Franks and Sarah Brake

On Wednesday 6 September, the Radford Snowsports team began their eagerly anticipated eleven-hour bus trip to Mt Buller, located in North East Victoria, for the Australian Interschools Snowsports Championships. Even the two-hour delay after getting bogged in rainy conditions couldn’t dampen spirits, and when they arrived they were greeted by the lodge manager, Noelene. Noelene took great care of the team for the remainder of the trip, preparing meals and her hospitality was greatly appreciated.

Radford team membersConditions were not ideal for racing, with plenty of wind and freezing temperatures, however the incredible snow made up for it, as the team witnessed the best season in twenty years. 

Team camaraderie was excellent among students who created friendships with others in different years and everyone supported each other at their events.

There were some amazing results for the Radford competitors. Overall there were 20 events that 22 Radford racers competed in. Events included skier cross, alpine, moguls, snowboard cross and snowboard GS. It is a real accomplishment to make it to Nationals and all Radford racers should be proud.

For Division 5 (Years 4 and 5) in both the Alpine and Skier Cross, (Amber Smith Gibson, Audrey Potter and Piper Herring – who is actually in Year 2!) the girls combined results placed the team at 13th for both events, with Amber coming 26th individually in Skier Cross. Audrey Potter placed an awesome 10th in Div 5 moguls.

In Division 4 (Years 6 and 7) in Alpine the boys placed 11th as a team. Individually, Jake Smith Gibson placed 41st, Niki Georgalis 49th, Finlay Barlow 56th and Robbie Potter 61st. Jake Smith Gibson placed 34th individually in Moguls and 42nd in Skier Cross.

On the slopes at the Interschools


In Division 3 (Years 7 and 8) there was both snowboard and ski racers. In the Div 3 male alpine race William Brake placed 25th, Brayden Purvis-Smith placed 47th and unfortunately Lachlan Herring was unable to race his second run. For their Skier Cross race Will placed 43rd, Brayden placed 46th and Lachlan placed 49th. The Div 3 girls placed 13th as a team in Snowboard Cross. Maggie Potter placed 37th and Emma Brennan placed 39th. The girls also placed 12th as a team in Snowboard GS. Emma came 36th and Maggie 39th. The Div 3 boys team for Snowboard had Brayden Purvis Smith and Joshua Hogg and they placed 11th as a team. Individually Brayden placed 30th and Joshua 35th.

The Division 2 (Years 9 and 10) ski team of Hamish Cassis, Thomas Evan and Ethan Kruger they were unable to complete their second run in Alpine but placed 15th as a team in Skier Cross. Hamish placed 47th, Tom 28th and Ethan 49th. Bethany Richter and Ewan Richter raced as individuals in Snowboard. Beth placed 11th in Snowboard Cross and 9th in Snowboard GS. Ewan placed 21st in Snowboard Cross and 26th in GS.

The Div 1 (Years 11 and 12) girls placed 10th as a team in GS. Lara Franks placed 9th, Rosie Joshua placed 33rd and Sarah Brake placed 36th. In GS Lara placed 17th, Rosie 32nd and unfortunately Sarah was unable to complete her first run.
A highlight of the trip was the dinner with the Junior School students, it is always great to see the youngest members of the team and share stories of the events of the trip, and it also provided an opportunity for the parents to relax. On Sunday 12 September the team returned home after another long bus trip arriving home at midnight that night.

A massive thank you to Jonathan Mandl and Miss Patterson for taking care of the team, the trip would not have been the success it was without the outstanding effort that they put in to ensure that everyone had a great time.



P&F Association

Spring clean for P&F Fete

Spring cleaning?  Containers open for Fete donations Sat and Sun 11-3pm, behind Chapel. See Fete newsletters for details of donations needed.

School Sports ACT

SSACT - website

School Sport ACT (SSACT) is the peak body for School Sport delivery in the ACT. SSACT actively promotes school sport for all ACT students through the support of regional, state and national representative opportunities and pathways.

Buses: route and timetable changes

Changes to school bus services

New Transport Canberra (ACTION buses) school services routes and timetables from Monday 9 October 2017.

Check schools page to search by Route Number or School Name.  Parents have reported scheduled times are not exact - please ensure students arrive early at stops.