Radford Bulletin Term 3, Week 2 – 26 July 2017

Master Plan presentation to parents

Monday, 7 August, 5.30 pm - 6.30 pm, Heath Lecture Theatre, Stewart Architecture presenting

Winter Concert

2017 Winter Concert

Staff Insights

Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

IB PYP: A programme ahead of its time

24 July 2017

IB Primary Years Programme: focused upon ‘the learner’ and ‘the learning’

As the Junior School grows, we are extremely pleased that the strategies and approaches we have put into place to engage and challenge our learning and our learners, focussed on three things:

1) our whole child understanding
2) our drive to ensure that we are all "known"
3) our creation of a warm and welcoming, personal space.

As I began to write this piece I was reminded of how the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and its implementation has been, and manages to remain, ahead of educational change and needs.

From the perspective of 'the learning':

  • We hear a great deal of talk in education today about STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) or STEAM (add arts to STEM). In contrast, since 1997, the PYP has involved six units that are bigger than traditional disciplines. The units 'How the World Works', 'How We Express Ourselves', 'Sharing the Planet', and 'Where We are in Place and Time', cover STEM and STEAM priorities.
  • Schools continue to seek ways to support and better develop their teachers and teaching capacity. The PYP mandates that we operate as a collaborative learning community, providing time to meet and collaborate.
  • The PYP talks beyond curriculum, which is where most programmes stop, and focuses upon not only 'the written' but also 'the taught' and 'the assessed'.
  • Rather than one-off tests, we build data through a mix of formative and summative assessment, thereby creating a living picture.
  • Our Australian Curriculum promotes general capabilities; the PYP promotes approaches to learning (including communication, thinking and research skills).

From the perspective of 'the learner':

  • As we become increasingly aware of the contribution of a broad range of skills to a student's education, we are also becoming aware of things such as 'growth mindsets', 'grit', and 'positive education', all of which focus on the wellbeing of our students and staff. The PYP weaves into all its units of inquiry ideas about learner attitudes, such as enthusiasm, confidence, independence, curiosity, creativity and commitment. These attitudes are reinforced and developed within all our units. Additionally, the PYP framework supports the explicit development of communication and social skills.
  • The PYP incorporates an end-product for primary school children in the Year 6 'Exhibition', which is a demonstration of our learner profile. As a Junior School, our end-of-year awards are defined by this profile.
  • In a changing world, the PYP promotes a global perspective and understanding.
  • As learning develops in a digital age, the PYP supports collaboration through the introduction of technology coaches in classrooms and greater understanding of skills through provocations such as 'investigating, creating, communicating, organising and the role of digital citizenship'.
  • Whilst schools struggle to develop and retain a common approach to learning, we continue to develop our students and our teachers as inquirers, questioners and listeners.

Since Radford began the PYP in 2008, it has guided our journey as a cutting-edge school and our understanding and development of the whole child. The PYP promotes the personalisation of education and the true development of our teaching profession: we don't solely seek the answer; we seek information to build our questioning.

Whilst we continue to live in a time of constant change and questioning of how best we may educate our next generation, we work within a framework that is ahead of its time.

Quite rightly, our society talks of disengagement, data, and difference. The PYP encourages us to pursue a sense of 'flow', a time when we are fully engrossed, as a learner, in our learning: a time of personal and achievable challenge.

At Radford, our approach to the PYP framework encourages us each day to use the programme to build the capacity of our learning opportunities as well as our learners.

Each day we seek to create an environment where 'engagement meets skills' and in which 'the learning' and 'the learner' are equally important.

Chaplain Fr Richard Browning

Parables – bringing the hidden into the open

24 July 2017

‘I will open my mouth to speak in parables; I will proclaim what has been hidden from the foundation of the world.’

Jesus told the crowds all these things in parables; without a parable he told them nothing (and fulfilled what Isaiah said) 'I will open my mouth to speak in parables; I will proclaim what has been hidden from the foundation of the world.' Matthew 13.34–35 

On the first day of our recent trip to Timor, as we were four-wheel driving up into the hills, music played inside the vehicle and, amidst all the excitement, the singing was enthusiastic.

We passed a Timorese girl carrying a heavy load stacked on top of her head. We waved enthusiastically. The young  girl motioned to reply with a wave and a ready smile, but the load shifted awkwardly on her head. She winced in pain and, struggling for balance, turned her gaze straight ahead and away from the passing vehicle. Meanwhile, the singalong continued.

It was all over in 11 seconds. But there – right there – was the passing of two worlds, two cultures, two totally different life experiences.

The singing continued throughout the next 15 days, but the tunes changed. A tiny thing, but a clue to a growing awareness and shift taking place within the students. Making ready a response to this key question: "So you have been to Timor, so what?!"

That little story is a clue to the function of a parable – to trip an alternative awareness and challenge our comfortable assumptions.

Jesus did not speak in parables to explain. It was to direct light elsewhere and unsettle our assumptions and well-worn explanations. We are meant to be agitated by them, provoked into deeper thought and new paradigms of seeing and being.

Vincent van Gogh, Wheatfield with a reaper 1889The Parable of the Good Samaritan turns upside down the notion of neighbour: it is the "enemy" who models the fulfilment of God's law.

The Parable of the Sower has a profligate farmer scattering seed wastefully. In this way we see the mystery of outrageous abundance illustrated as coming from the dark soil whose origins we all know are the dead matter of what once was life.

The Parable of Weeds among the Wheat is not a simple binary tale of good and bad, but something to do with faithfulness, fruitfulness – and this is surprising.

Look also at Jesus' final parable, it is not where you expect: the parable The Judgement of the Nations (the final harvest) outlines the testing of fruitfulness. It is simply defined as being where Jesus is. And where is that? Not just among the hungry, thirsty, naked, sick, imprisoned, but AS these little ones, the vulnerable of the earth: 'When you did it to one of these, you did it to me.' 

O God, let your living word, the light and presence of Christ, shake us out of our comfortable ways. Let us put down any anxiety around who is good and bad, who is in and out. Let us settle deeply into the embrace of Christ, and by our fruits be known. Amen.


Marcus Graham from Stewart Architecture will lead the Master Plan presentation

Master Plan presentation - Monday 7 August

2 August 2017

Celia Lindsay, Communications Officer

Marcus Graham from Stewart Architecture will lead the presentation

By Celia Lindsay, Communications Officer

Master Plan Presentation and Senior Executive Q&A session
Presenters: Marcus Graham, Practice Principal, Stewart Architecture and all members of the College Senior Executive
Date: Monday 7 August
Time: 5.30 pm - 6.30 pm
Venue: Heath Lecture Theatre, Mackinnon Senior School

The College Master Plan has been developed by Stewart Architecture, following a rigorous process of consultation with the community members, the College Board and Senior Executive.  

We are delighted that Marcus Graham, Practice Principal of Stewart Architecture, will be providing a detailed presentation of the plan to parents and friends. There will also be an opportunity for parents and caregivers to ask Marcus and members of the Senior Executive any questions they may have.

First projects from the Master Plan will be:

• New Junior School specialist classrooms (modular building) – already commenced, and scheduled for completion around the end of 2017

• New Year 3 and Year 4 classrooms – completed end 2018

• New Secondary School commons building and outdoor gathering space – completed end 2018

• Refurbishment of Secondary School classrooms – 2017 to 2019.

Don't miss this opportunity for an exciting preview of the future shape of Radford College, and how the new and improved spaces will meet the teaching and learning needs of our community, as well as addressing practical issues such as traffic management and parking on campus.

Master Plan Map

A Year 8 student is asked to spell the word "stereotypically" during the World Spelling Championship.

Radford near the top of World Spelling Comp

26 July 2017

1932 schools from 14 countries, and Radford is in second place, with five days to go

By Communications Manager Mick Bunworth

Radford's Secondary School students are currently chasing a podium finish in the World Series English Spelling Championship.

Using online tool Education Perfect, the championship began on Monday and concludes next Monday.

Students are presented with sentences on a screen containing a missing word. Audio of the word is given and the students are given limited time to correctly type it.

On Wednesday afternoon, Radford was placed second of the 1932 schools from Australia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, England, Singapore, Thailand, USA, Romania, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Brunei, Scotland, South Korea and Germany.

World Spelling ScoreboardAt various times, Radford has been leading the world. The live scoreboard, complete with countdown clock and leader positions, is proving addictive viewing for those closely following Radford's performance.

English teacher Mrs Sue Hassall has organised Radford's 1075 Secondary School students to complete the test during class and has been encouraging students with rousing speeches about trans-Tasman rivalry.

On Wednesday morning Mrs Hassall reported that Radford students had powered their way to first place.

"Last year's winners Carmel College in New Zealand are nipping at our heels. Some of our students were up spelling at 6.50am! No-one can doubt their determination to avenge our losses in the rugby," Mrs Hassell said.

At the time of publication, Radford had slipped to second place globally on 258,074 points, behind Carmel College on 261,429 points.

In response, Mrs Hassall cited that inspirational sporting catchcry: "There's still time!"








James Martin, learning on G17 at Tingha

Gamilaraay 17 is a family affair

24 July 2017

James Martin follows in his older sister Lily’s G-footsteps

By George Huitker, Director of Service Learning

In late June the 17th Gamilaraay (G17) trip to north-western New South Wales set off for yet another chapter in our developing and blossoming relationship with the people of the region. In many ways, it is hard to believe that over 350 students and a dozen staff/collegians have been a part of this service learning initiative. Nearly all have returned from their trips with a feeling that they have gained more than they have given in spending time alongside rural people living life in often stark contrast to their own.

Lily Martin on her 2011 G TripWhen G1 tentatively ventured 1,000 kilometres north (on a trip that was initially intended to explore further the work done by the Gunawirra organisation with Indigenous preschoolers and their families), collegian Lily Martin, now aged 23, was one of the service pioneers who willingly put her hand up to go. As Lily tells us, 'I was lucky enough to go on the first Gunawirra trip (or "G Trips" as they have come to be known). I went to the town of Inverell where I spent a week in a predominantly Indigenous pre-school'. While finding her trip rewarding, she was also confronted with a world vastly different to her own: 'The G-trip has really changed how I viewed the Australian Indigenous community. I had some deep misconceptions that even I wasn't aware of. The G Trip forced me to confront those internal biases, and develop a deeper understanding of how these communities function. I have since felt far more confident speaking out about Indigenous issues, and confronting stigma when I see it. The richness of these communities cannot be understated, and it is important that we as Australians come together to work with these communities.

I often find people are well meaning when they want to help Indigenous Australians. However, I have realised that without first-hand experience of these communities and without working with their leaders closing the gap cannot be achieved.

In 2017, six years and 16 trips after G1, Lily's younger brother James followed in his older sister's G-footsteps and put his name down to attend G17, along with 23 of his peers, four staff and two visiting 'Gap' students from England and Canada. (It is one of the great outcomes of this process that younger siblings nearly always sign up for G Trips if they have had an older brother or sister who has participated.) James had a similarly profound trip, with an itinerary vastly different from what Lily experienced, largely due to developed relationships with the schools that Radford College has committed its time and friendship to in Armidale, Moree and Tingha; the supportive Gamilaraay elders, teachers and various communities of the region; a deeper commitment to and understanding of the history and commemoration of the Myall Creek Massacre; and a waiting list to go on these trips that is full until the end of 2018. 

As James reflects, 'I never would have thought that a tiny tin town called Tingha about 900 km away from my home would teach me so much about the country that I live in. Over the week, this town with so much character taught me more than I have ever known about Indigenous culture, Indigenous stories and the history of the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples'. He concedes that this learning has included some challenging statistics and darker truths revealed through some of the challenging aspects of our national history, yet he remains characteristically positive about what he has experienced: 'Through what I have learnt I am going to take away so much. I take away with me the value of building relationships and the value of listening. I take away my knowledge of this area of Australia and bear witness to this side of the country'.

Lily and James Martin, Gamilaraay veteransHe would also concur with his sister's summation that some of the real G-heroes are the teachers from the various schools: 'These people dedicate their lives to helping some of poorest Australians and they are truly amazing and inspirational. I was so impressed with how they integrated Indigenous culture into their school.' And as Lily neatly suggests by way of conclusion: 'We live in a country that has the oldest sustained living culture and it is important that we all work together preserve it'.

It is wonderful to see Radford families supporting the Gamilaraay trips and other service learning endeavours like it, in some cases over a very lengthy period of time! Long may such sustained friendship and community-building continue.

Ethan Robards Japanese Language Video

Language learning via digital communication

21 July 2017

By Michele Sharp, Language teacher

Year 8 Language students share their daily lives via video stories

By Michele Sharp, Language Teacher

Students in Year 8 Language classes have been using the web-based Adobe Spark tool to create short videos to display their language skills. Spark is well suited to use in language learning as it allows students to type a story in the target language and then narrate their work. The students have enjoyed seeing their weekly schedule or personal stories come to life in video form. Please enjoy a selection of their digital storytelling skills.


Emma Worthaisong, 'My week'


Ethan Robards, 'Self-introduction'



Georgia Bartlett, 'About me and my family'



Dirrum Dirrum 2017

Dirrum Dirrum Festival 2017

24 July 2017

Dirrum Dirrum Team 17

Incredible speakers, inspiring ideas and exciting presentations

By Dirrum Dirrum Team 17

Welcome back to Term 3! The Dirrum Dirrum Festival is now less than two weeks away and Team17 couldn’t be more excited. With an impressive line-up of speakers, music from our very own George Huitker and Junk Sculpture, as well as some great food (not just for thought) the Festival is set to be spectacular. This year’s Dirrum Dirrum Festival will have two sessions of incredible speakers, inspiring ideas and exciting presentations. 

Date: Saturday 5 August 2017
Bookings: Online
Website: Dirrum Dirrum
Twitter: @dirrumdirrum
Facebook: Dirrum Dirrum

Dirrum Dirrum speakers 2017

Heath Lecture Theatre
Mackinnon Senior School
Radford College 
1 College St

Click on the speaker names in the session listings to see profile details.  


2–4 pm


5–7 pm

So, grab your tickets here for Saturday 5 August, from 2 pm.

Dirrum Dirrum Festival



Claire Melloy, Director of Student Development

SchoolTV - Internet addiction

26 July 2017

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg discusses this topical issue on SchoolTV.

Contact: Claire Melloy, Director of Student Development

SchoolTV internet addictionIn today’s digital environment, the internet can be viewed as a valuable tool for education, research and entertainment. Young people today tend to go from one screen to another, but how much is too much? Time spent in the ‘screen world’ has parents concerned that their kids may be missing out on real life experiences. Therefore, it is vitally important to a child’s wellbeing for parents to regulate a child’s internet use.

Internet addiction can cause significant psychological and social problems for children in years to come. The true effects on future generations is not yet known, but there are strategies that parents can implement now.

This month, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg discusses what causes internet addiction, who is most at risk and what parents can do to regulate the amount of time their kids spend online each day. 

If you have any concerns about your child, please contact Claire Melloy, Director of Student Development or the school counsellor for further information.

To find out more, go to http://radford.act.schooltv.me/newsletter/internet-addiction

Dr Graham Walker will be visiting Radford with his special style of science education

Exciting JS activities

25 July 2017

Exciting incursions and excursions for junior students

Dates to Remember  

Thurs 27 July

Yr 3 and 4 Incursion Dr Graham Walker

Fri 28 July

Yr 1 Incursion Dr Graham Walker


Yr 2 Excursion to Bob Graham Author

Tues 1 Sept

ICAS English Test

Dr Graham Walker visiting Radford

Dr Graham Walker is an internationally known specialist in science education. He aims to provide engaging science shows that are entertaining, scientifically sound, educational, safe but exciting, and which leave the audience members with a smile on their face and a greater appreciation of how science permeates our daily lives.

In addition to his PhD, Graham has a Bachelor of Science and a Graduate Diploma in Science Communication from the Australian National University, including a year’s training with the Shell Questacon Science Circus. He currently works at the Australian National University on teacher development and international projects in tandem with his freelance activities.


Author Bob Graham excursion

Author and illustrator, Bob GrahamBob Graham is a nationally and internationally acclaimed Australian author and illustrator of picture books, primarily for very young children.  

He is the winner of numerous prestigious awards, and his books are much-loved around the world. 


Books by Bob Graham

Radford College has been selected to participate in the ACARA Item Trial.  The aim of the Item Trial is to evaluate test items that are under consideration for inclusion in future tests.  Some students in Years 3 and 5 will participate in Reading and Language Conventions tests on Wednesday August 2 and Thursday August 3.

OEG Youth Adventure Challenge

Youth Adventure Challenge with OEG

21 July 2017

Lizzy Pugh, Head of Outdoor Education

Four teammates. Three days. One outstanding event

By Lizzy Pugh, Head of Outdoor Education

Youth Adventure Challenge (YAC) is an exhilarating team adventure race that aims to bring out the best in you and your teammates.

Work together to solve problems, climb high, ride hard and run like you're Forrest Gump.

All you need is yourself and three teammates, a willingness to learn, an adventurous spirit and a thirst for victory.

YAC is open to students in Year 9–11. The adventure takes place in Rubicon Valley, Victoria on 6–8 October and Radford will compete against teams from across New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria. Teams will need to do some creative fundraising to get there.

The Youth Adventure Challenge offers $$ and prizes for the winning team … and some serious glory for yourself and Radford. Participation also satisfies the sporting component of The Duke of Edinburgh Award.


Contact Lizzy Pugh if you are interested.


Kirsten Blyton with Year 8 Visual Arts students, Term 3 2017

Launching a teaching career

24 July 2017

Kirsten Blyton, Preservice teacher

Reflections on being a Preservice Teacher in Creative Arts at Radford College

By Kirsten Blyton, Preservice teacher

Throughout the months of June and July, I have had the opportunity to complete my preservice teacher placement at Radford College. This has been the final placement in my University of Canberra teaching degree, studying to be a Visual Arts and History teacher. During my time at Radford I have been welcomed into the College and had many opportunities to learn. My position has been in the Creative Arts Department with Amanda Poland, Head of Creative Arts.

As a preservice teacher, I observe my mentor and other teachers in the school environment, interact with and teach students, and am immersed in the school atmosphere – as I will be when I begin teaching. Having this opportunity in a school like Radford College has been a fantastic experience. I have been exposed to the many great programs and opportunities that Radford offers its students and staff, and I will take what I have learned into future schools in which I am placed.

The excellent curriculum of the Creative Arts Department results in so many talented young artists showing their ability. I have observed classes from Year 7–12, and have taught several Year 7, 8 and 9 classes, during which I have seen so much progress in the work of the students. The students of Radford are studious and respectful, and really demonstrate the College values in this supportive and inclusive environment.

This has been an amazing experience and I am grateful to have had this opportunity. I have learnt so much during my time at Radford College that I will take with me into my future teaching career, beginning in Term 4. I would like to thank Amanda Poland and everyone in the Creative Arts Department, as well as the College as a whole, for making me feel so welcome during my time at Radford College.

Justine Hobson orienteering in difficult terrain

Sports Report 26 July 2017

25 July 2017

News about Orienteering, Football and Athletics

Orienteering, by Toni Brown

Elise Northcote and Rosie Goggs, orienteering for Radford

Opening Term 3 results for the Radford Orienteering Squad show the group as a whole tracking nicely in their development. Focusing this week on the girls' results, it's great to see our squad members placed as follows in the Junior Metro League:

W18 Rosie Goggs: 3rd place
W16 Elise Northcote: 4th place
W14 Justine Hobson: 2nd place
W14 Hannah Vardy: 4th place

Sunday 23 July saw the running of an ACT League event at Kowen Forest. A number of Radford Squad members took the opportunity to run in this more challenging terrain with outstanding performances by Noah Poland, Justine Hobson, Brendan Wilson and Toby Lang.

The Kowen Forest event was Selection Race 5 in a suite of six races that will determine the ACT Schools Orienteering Squad to compete at the Australian Schools Championships in September. Radford orienteers are ranking well in this selection process. The ACT Schools Orienteering Squad is expected to be announced next week.


U13/2 Boys draw against St Edmund's 1 Radford 1

The U13 div2 boys played a close game against St Edmunds at St Edmund's. Despite an early goal to the home team, the boys went about their work with energy and enthusiasm. Throughout the first half, there were good chances to score as Radford welcomed the return of their striker, Alex S. Alex had a number of shots at goal, on the end of some well-directed through balls from Saxon M. At the other end of the field, the Radford defence worked hard with some great chasing by Paddy S-A to stop a number of raids by the opposing forwards and the ever reliable JK showing great skills in goal.

Early in the second half the boys won a corner from some great pressure by the midfield With Darcy F away, Will. G took the corner. It was a high ball and came down on top of the Alex S’s foot. Alex’s reflex shot into the top left corner levelled the scores.

From that moment on, the play moved from one end of the field to the other, as each side attacked and defended in turn. Radford remained full of running and, cool under pressure, JK made some excellent saves to ensure that scores were kept level until the final whistle blew.

U14/2 Gold Open 0 defeated by Yass 5, by Prasad Yarlagadda
The Radford defence was very strong during the first half, conceding only one goal, despite having no available substitutes. The second half started with many efforts by Radford in the opposition's half and this resulted in a slightly rough game. Following two quick goals by Yass in the middle of the second half, the tired Radford players conceded another two goals towards the end. Radford went down 5–0 but our players gave their best coming back from the semester break.


Athletics, by Dianne Wilson

Belconnen District Athletics Carnival
Congratulations to the following students selected to represent Radford College in the Belconnen District Athletics Carnival to be held on Tuesday 22 August:

Xavier Adams, Ingrid Shelton Agar, William Alexander, Jeffery Bush, Isabella Canham, Monica Cao, Rena Cao, Ellie Chapman, Max Dimond, Luka Domazet, Roman Domazet, Sophia Doumos, Oliver Fox, Curtis Garrett, Gianna Ghirardello, Amber Smith Gibson, Maisie Green, Nessa Gundry, Harley Harris, Chelsea Hately, Jacinta Henderson, William Howarth, Jaime Hutchinson, Chris Kalogeropoulos, Sacha Kelleher-Cole, William Lumb, Oliver Luppi, Ellie Maglasis, Bianca Nguyen, Liam Norton, Jessi Palframan, Claire Reid, Zach Slattery, Max Smith-Saarinen, Ella Southwell, Lara Southwell, Stuart Street Amelia Sutherland, Heath Sutherland, Alexander Tailby, Daniel Thomson, Owen Toyne, Olivia Wang, Emily Watson, Oscar Watt, Maddie Wheeldon, Joe Whithear, Lucy Wood, James Woods and Sam Worthaisong.

Students will receive their information and permission note from their classroom teacher.

2017 Winter Concert

2017 Winter Concert

2 August 2017

Music for a winter's evening

Please come and enjoy a selection of different Radford music groups at the Winter Concert in TB Millar Hall on the evening of Thursday 3 August at 5.30 pm.

There will be a variety of choirs, orchestras, bands and small ensembles performing the music they have been working working on throughout Term 2.

Junior School Music news:

The Junior School Music recitals will be held as follows:

Yrs 5 & 6 Recital – Term 3, Week 4, 9 August. FORM DUE 28 July (end Week 2). FORM ON ROL
Yrs 1–4 Piano Rectial – Term 3, Week 6, 23 August. FORM DUE 18 August (end Week 5). FORM ON ROL


Junior Music Recitals

Save the date - JS recitals

Years 5 & 6 Recital on Wednesday 9 August and Years 1-4 Piano Recital on Wednesday 23 Aug. Students should register via Radford Online.

Sports Announcements

Cricket Pre-Season Academy - places still available!

See flyer for full details. Enquiries: e-mail Brent Larkham (Head of Sport) or phone 02 6181 1090.

Summer Basketball Trials

Click for 2017-18 Season Trial Dates

All students interested in playing Basketball will need to attend trials, or email Dianne.Wilson@radford.act.edu.au if they are unable to attend. Failure to do so may jeopardise your spot in a team. 

Rowing Information Meetings

Cox Information Meeting: lunchtime, Friday 21 July, Room 71. Find out about coxing and talk to an experienced, top level cox. We are looking for smart, switched-on students who want to be a part of a team sport to come and sign up. We welcome coxes who have no rowing experience or may have rowed or coxed in the past.

Rowing Information Night: Wednesday 26 July, 6–7 pm, Heath Lecture Theatre. Find out more about the rowing program and ask questions before the coming season.

P&F Association

P&F Meeting - Thursday 27 July

7pm in the Boardroom. Everyone is warmly invited to attend!

Trivia Night 2017

Last chance to book Tickets - Friday 15th September from 6:30pm. NB: venue now TB Millar Hall.

School Sports ACT

SSACT Bulletin 28 June 2017

School Sport ACT (SSACT) is the peak body for School Sport delivery in the ACT.

SSACT actively promotes school sport for all ACT students through the support of regional, state and national representative opportunities and pathways.

View the latest SSACT Bulletin.


APFACTS - Newletter 25 July 2017

Special presentation on regulatory changes for P&F Associations and similar bodies.