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Fiona Godfrey, Principal

From the Principal

4 September 2018

Father's Day, Foundation news, and updates on new building construction and furnishing

Father's Day celebration breakfast

Father’s Day Celebrations
Father’s Day in our household is always a very enjoyable day, when our children usually plan something special for their dad, such as a relaxing lunch or a drive up into the mountains. This year was no exception, with a drive to Wagga Wagga to have lunch with long-term friends. 

Despite the commerciality, I like the concept of Father’s Day. I love seeing children devoting themselves to their dad for a day and planning something memorable. I also enjoy attending Father’s Day events such as the annual breakfast we host in the Junior School each year. 

Barbecues ready to get sizzling Ready for the hungry fathers

This year’s event was held, for the first time, in the new Junior School undercroft area, and was attended by a large number of dads (and some mums) last Friday morning. The attendees were treated to a sausage sizzle, platters of fruit and some delicious muffins, washed down with juice, tea or coffee. It was once again a wonderful opportunity for the Junior School students to spend some special time with their dads and for the fathers to catch up with fellow dads.


Foundation Morning Tea
The Radford College Foundation held its first Information Session over a morning tea, also on Friday. Invited guests included people who have either already donated to the Foundation, or are considering donating, along with people who act as ambassadors and people wanting to find out more about the Foundation. The group included former and current parents, former staff and Collegians and the partners.

The Foundation Chair, Ms Jocelyn Martin, spoke to the group about the rationale and aims of the Foundation, and the need for us to take a long-term view with respect to the Foundation assisting with major projects. Jocelyn also spoke about the fact we have our first Foundation scholarship recipient starting at Radford in 2019, and the desire to increase the number and length of Foundation scholarships. Mr Marcus Graham, the College’s principal architect, followed Jocelyn and spoke about the school’s Master Plan, detailing much of the vision for the two major projects currently under construction.

At this stage, we are planning to have another Foundation Information Session before the end of the year. If any community members would like an invitation, please call the Foundation Administrator, Ms Cassie Roberts on 61625388 or email cassie.roberts@radford.act.edu.au 

Foundation morning tea Foundation Morning Tea 

Marcus Graham, Architect Foundation Chair Jocelyn Martin (R), Marcus Graham and other guests

Progress on the Major Projects
Both major projects currently under construction have had the top slab poured in recent days and so the builders’ attention is now focused on roofing and getting the buildings to lock-up stage. This is expected to happen by the middle of September for the Years 3 & 4 building (Project 2), and the start of October for the Secondary School building (Project 3). 

Getting the buildings to lock-up stage will be a significant milestone for these projects, because once this has been achieved, progress will no longer be hindered by wet weather days. This is particularly important because both projects have tight timelines and dates by which we need to take occupancy. At this stage, the net completion date for Project 2 is 11 December 2018, and the net completion date for Project 3 is 22 January 2019. Net completion date is the date the project is expected to be finished, if no further contingencies arise. 

Principal, Fiona Godfrey, and Senior Executive members inspect the construction site

Away from the building sites, there has been a great deal of work done by Senior Management to select the new furniture for these two projects. The furniture selected for Project 2 is similar to the type and quantity of furniture that is currently in the Red, Blue and Gold Rooms of the Junior School, albeit with slightly larger furniture for the older Year 3 and 4 students. 

Project 3 furniture has taken much longer to select. We want the 10 classrooms and the two very large breakout spaces in this building to be used in a way that promotes and encourages innovative and contemporary teaching practices, relevant for secondary school-aged students. The classrooms will have a variety of furniture allowing for flexibility, manoeuvrability and collaborative as well as individual work. The breakout spaces will also have a range of furniture that will allow for individual study, group and class work, as well as furniture for leisure activities. 

The lower breakout space will be used by the Year 10 students when not in class – before school, recess, lunchtime and after school. They will have access to a large kitchen, similar to the one downstairs in the Mackinnon Senior School building and will have adjacent high benches and tables at which to eat their lunch. The rest of the lower breakout space will have modular lounges, smaller tables and chairs, and two circular ‘camp fire’ arrangements, which are large enough to accommodate a whole class. 

The upper breakout space will be used as a more formal study area for senior students throughout the day. Again, there will be tables and chairs, modular lounges and smaller tables and high tables and stools. Outside, on the balcony, there will be a series of higher tables and stools for student use. 

The furniture chosen for the classrooms is a mixture of high and low tables, high stools and standard height chairs, modular lounges and tables. Each classroom will have more seating than what is normally required, as this will allow students to complete a variety of tasks within the one lesson. All the walls of the classrooms in the upper section are operable, which means the whole area can be opened for large gatherings, functions or even examinations.

Chaplain Fr Richard Browning

Jesus and the outsider

4 September 2018

A provocative reading about the faith and courage of outsider

Image credit: Br. Robert Lentz, OFMThe Syrophoenician Woman’s Faith
Mark 7:24-30 
New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

24  … He entered a house and did not want anyone to know he was there. Yet he could not escape notice, 25 but a woman whose little daughter had an unclean spirit immediately heard about him, and she came and bowed down at his feet. 26 Now the woman was a Gentile, of Syrophoenician origin. She begged him to cast the demon out of her daughter. 27 He said to her, “Let the children be fed first, for it is not fair to take the children’s food and throw it to the dogs.” 

28 But she answered him, “Sir, even the dogs under the table eat the children’s crumbs.” 29 Then he said to her, “For saying that, you may go – the demon has left your daughter.” 30 So she went home, found the child lying on the bed, and the demon gone.

(Image credit: Br. Robert Lentz, OFM, from site Radical Discipleship)

What a challenging passage!  As commentator Ched Myers notes, in his blog post Learning from the Other, “In conventional Mediterranean ‘honour culture’ it would have been inconceivable for an unknown, unrelated woman to approach a man in the privacy of his residence – much less a Gentile soliciting favour from a Jew.”

At first glance, Jesus seems, at the very least, immersed in the cultural prejudices of his day, to use the metaphor of dogs for Gentiles. Then we encounter the humility, wit, logic and intelligence of the woman. She is the one who comes to Jesus, recognises him and effects in him what is his mission. Through her courage in breaking the cultural rules, coming to Jesus and advocating for her daughter, and through her faith in believing in Jesus’ power, her daughter is healed. 

The Gospel is for the transformation of human hearts and liberation of humankind, for “metanoia” – change in one's way of life resulting from penitence or spiritual conversion. This reading locates the impetus of God’s transformative power, however briefly, within a foreign woman. This is provocative. This encounter is the embodiment of the Gospel of Jesus, namely the destruction of the dividing walls of enmity and separation which create a concept of “the Other”. The gospel challenges our imagination: the transformative force is Jesus, yet the impetus is from OUTSIDE. 

Jurgen Moltmann is author of the Crucified God and other remarkable theological works. He says that if the disciples of Jesus all fled from their master’s cross, why would not Christians also? If we haven’t fled, or even been tempted to, Moltmann suggests maybe we haven’t yet understood the radical implications of the “shame and folly” of the cross. Shame is fundamental to the heart of Jesus’ work. That is, Jesus fully embraces shame and becomes it. This is in total contrast to the polity of the strong man, the ‘there-is-no-place-for-weakness’ rhetoric. 

Christians are weird. We do not worship the resurgent avenger, the sword-bearing King but, rather, the surrendered Lamb. At the centre of our worship is Christ Jesus, the crucified naked, man who is humiliated publicly on a cross, and shamed as an impotent criminal outside the walls of Jerusalem. This is how God chooses to transform human hearts. 

As Richard Rohr describes rightly, it is the little, the fragile, the outsider that best images the soul back to ourselves. He writes: 

Those with mental and physical disabilities, minority groups, LGBTQ folks, refugees, prisoners, those with addictions – anyone who's "failed" in our nicely constructed social or economic success system – can be our best teachers in the ways of the Gospel. They represent what we are most afraid of and what we most deny within ourselves. That's why we must learn to love what first seems like our "enemy"; we absolutely must, or we will never know how to love our own soul, or the soul of anything.

[Posted by Richard Rohr's Daily Meditation copyright: Center for Action and Contemplation 2016. https://cac.org

So, I am hopelessly a follower of Jesus, the One who loses everything in order to save everything, the One in whom our souls are healed enough to fulfil what is commanded: love others as much as we love ourselves (James 2:8).


Further reading: Alan Cadwallader's award-winning work Beyond the Word of a Woman: Recovering the Bodies of the Syrophoenician Woman, ATF Biblical Series, 2011.

The 2013 Junior School production of "Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat"

H for History #26: Teepee Project & Joseph and his Amazing Technicoloured Dreamcoat

3 September 2018

A creative community of learners weave magical memories

In 2006, Robyn Evans and Brenda Lander, had a dream to make a four panel 1.8-metre high teepee out of felt. The recently appointed artist-in-residence and music specialist of the newly built Early Learning Centre had a lofty aim. They wanted to create a community of learners, of all ages, engaged in drawing, storytelling, singing, movement, listening, instrumental performance and, of course, the elaborate felt-making process. Neither had any doubts that their dream would become a reality. “It was a super-big idea,” admits Brenda Lander.

“When the staff opened the doors to parents to participate,” explains Robyn Evans, “we experienced a wonderful sense of community connection and shared learning that reverberated beyond the life of the project … There was a wonderful synergy of ideas and processes that took place.” During evening family gatherings in the ELC Piazza, participants could be found squelching warm, soapy water onto each panel of the teepee. “All areas of the ELC including the vegetable patch and even the ELC bathrooms became a hive of industry for trampling felt panels with oversized gumboots,” explains Brenda. “In classrooms our many family members and the extended community worked tirelessly with the Bilbies, Echidnas and Bunyips to create their own original felted autumn leaf, sea creature or flame of fire.”

The accompanying performance was equally as ambitious with each Pre-Kindergarten child researching, designing and painting their own costume to eventually transform them into flames of a smoky bushfire or perhaps into creatures that lived underwater and around trees. This was followed with the little ‘flames and creatures’ learning songs and choreography based on the themes of autumn, fire and ocean.

As our inaugural Early Learning Centre Director, Tanya Stevenson, commented: “This traditional home of a nomadic family became a place where children could feel safe, secure and engage in wonderful imaginative play.” And what better way to start life in the ELC then with a magnificent and monumental piece of artwork which remains a treasured memory of our foundation ELC children, educators, families and extended community to this day. As Brenda Lander concluded, “It represented the potential of integrating creative and performing arts to engage all of our ELC children, educators, parents, extended family and school community. It also informed future creative explorations within the Early Learning Centre and Junior School.”

Perhaps the fruits, if not spirit, of this creative and collaborative endeavour were to be emphatically seen seven years later when the TB Millar Hall was transformed into Ancient Egypt - and a collection of other exotic Old Testament settings. “Can you imagine casting every student from Pre-K to Year 6 to dance, sing, act and spread their joyous love for the community?” former Principal Phillip Heath recently asked in another H4H article. Alongside Head of Junior School Paul Southwell, this formidable pair shrewdly chose a musical classic by another possibly less famous duo, Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd-Webber, and the audacious 2013 Junior School production of Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat was born. “The tactical and organisational genius of Tracey Markovic ensured that the stresses of the large-scale event were transformed into a source of deep nostalgia,” credits Phillip Heath.

As Year 11 student Will Goodchild recalls, “Mr Philip Heath was well known for the extravagant and well thought out productions he directed. This was one was no different, and as it was his last year as principal, and therefore his last production, he went all out. Rehearsals began in Term 1 and the production was in Term 4. Over two terms of solid rehearsals - this was a first for the Junior School. It all paid off though.”

In perhaps a nod to the ELC teepee, audiences entered the TB Millar Hall through a ‘time-tunnel tent’ and were taken back to a place where, well, any dream would certainly do. This was certainly a production with many quirky, cheesy, colourful and crazy moments. Fondly recalling the event recently, Phillip Heath asked us once more to close our eyes and draw back the curtain: “Can you imagine Pharaoh (Year 11 student Joel Cooper) being brought into the TB Millar Hall on the back of one of Radford’s famous golf carts disguised as a chariot? Can you imagine Paul Southwell wearing dark glasses and acting as Pharaoh’s Elvis style bodyguard? Can you imagine Joseph singing ‘Any Dream Will Do’, with the entire audience providing the backing vocals?”

As another Year 11 student Lachlan Baker recounts: “I remember Mr Heath singing the songs for us at rehearsals, showing us how it’s meant to sound. I also remember all of us getting ‘fully’ miked up on the night and feeling super professional.” I asked Lachlan what roles he played in the extravaganza and he replied: “I played one of Joseph’s brothers as well as the Baker (ironically). I wore a mascara beard in the first act as the brother then had to run back stage wipe off the beard and change into the baker’s costume.”

Will Goodchild indicates that “of particular note was when the Pharaoh was delivered onto the stage by one of the groundsman's carts which was driven down the centre aisle by Mr Health.” After Joel Cooper delivered his song a la Elvis Presley, “the cart was reversed back out of the hall, reversing siren and all. For my Year 6 self, the spectacle was nothing short of breathtaking, and the fact that the Principal of the school not only facilitated it but came up with the idea was mind-blowing.” Lachlan concurs, “Joel Cooper played a pretty convincing ‘Elvis Presley’ Pharaoh. Riding down the aisle on the back of a golf cart or something like that. He did the full voice too.”

The 2006 ELC Teepee Project and the 2013 Junior School Production of “Joseph” both displayed and repaid all that was invested when dreaming ‘super-big’ in creative, colourful and collaborative artistic endeavour. As ELC Teacher Assistant Ms Wally Reid (2006-2014) attests: “The Teepee Project was the catalyst that united the ELC staff, families and children and reflected the energy and strong commitment to our Radford Community”. Her words echo those of Phillip Heath who came to conclude: “What we lacked in polish and refinement, we more than compensated for by the sheer delight and exuberance of an entire school building a memory for everyone involved.”

All past “H for History” articles are housed at: https://radfordcollegians.com.au/h-for-history


Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

JS News, 5 Sept 2018

5 September 2018

Fathers' Day, Year 6 Exhibition, professional learning projects

Dates to Remember

Thurs 6 Sept                Yr 5 Learning Journey

Mon 10 Sept                Years 1–6 Musica Viva

Tues 11 Sept                Yr 4 2019 Introduction Day

Wed 12 Sept                5/6 Music Recital                   

Thurs 13 Sept              6TW & 6TH Excursion to Questacon

Fri 14 Sept                   6JF & 6HB Excursion to Questacon   

Spring has arrived, and I am looking forward to slightly warmer days at some point!

Last week provided us with several opportunities to celebrate both large and small, and always with our students at the centre.

Father's Day
Our Father's Day Breakfast went extremely well, despite our first rainfall in some time. It was lovely to see the number of dads and father figures who were there to celebrate with their children. A great sausage sizzle was supported by lighter foods from our Year 9 Food Studies group, under the leadership of Cathy Jackson. I also appreciated the number of staff who were here pre-dawn to help set up.

Outside Hours School Care Audit
Following on from our IB Evaluation the previous week, our 'Afters' team welcomed their audit and registration visit last week. A great opportunity to have another set of eyes on our well-established program.

Year 6 Exhibition
Our staff have begun tuning in to the challenge that lies ahead for our Year 6 team, as they prepare for the culmination of our PYP. Imagination is everywhere!

2018 ACT Primary Schools Chess Championship Results
Congratulations to our Chess Team – 2nd place!

Message from Yifan Zhang (parent who accompanied the students):

I am very glad to inform you that Radford JS chess team won second place in 2018 ACT Primary Schools Chess Championship. The team of Ramon Luo, Arnav Jain, Eshaan Extross and Keren Zhang had a great day playing against other best players in ACT. They also qualified for next round ACT playoff in Term 4.

Finally …
We have a small group of staff who pop in to work with other teachers as we continue to explore how our best Professional Learning, may be next door!

I wanted to let you know about the sharing that is currently occurring between Ms Ros Barlow and Ms Jo O’Brien. Jo has been sitting in on some of Ros’s lessons, looking at how we can delve deeper into thinking routines in basics areas. Ros shared her routines the week before, and last week it was Jo’s turn. I share the following link as a snap shot of this coaching between two experienced educators, and again, the great outcome for their classes. 

Australian representative basketballer, Y12  student Eliza Hollingsworth

Eliza Hollingsworth – basketball bronze medallist

5 September 2018

Mick Bunworth, Communications Manager

Q & A with Australian basketball representative, Eliza Hollingsworth

Photos courtesy of the FIBA website: http://www.fiba.basketball/world/u17women/2018/player/Eliza-Hollingsworth/

Year 12 student Eliza Hollingsworth was part of the Australian basketball team, the Sapphires, which recently won a bronze medal at the 2018 FIBA Under 17 World Cup tournament.  

Eliza in action in the game against Angola

Apart from the bronze medal, what was the highlight of the 2018 FIBA Under 17 World Cup tournament for you?
The highlight for me, although this may seem a cliché, is standing with linked arms singing the national anthem before every game. 

The Australian ‘Sapphires’ had a 6-1 record in the tournament. What do you think the key factors were for that strong team effort?
I believe it was our defensive efforts through each possession. Our coach, Shannon, placed a major emphasis on defence by the means of containment, tagging up, defending the 'pick and roll', and recognising individual scouts to take away their strengths. Irrelevant of whether this resulted in stops, turn overs, shot clock violations or a contested shot, it would stem the offence allowing us to gain momentum and control the game. Therefore, team defence was a major factor in the success of our tournament. 

Eliza with her bronze medalWhat attracted you to basketball over other sports?
I was put into basketball at a young age and I guess I just stuck with it because it was what I knew. Through this, opportunity was presented, and I grasped it every time. 

What’s your daily/weekly training regime like?
It consists of an abundance of team trainings, individuals, strength and conditionings sessions, physio and doctor appointments, in addition to recovery post-exercise. 

How easy do you find it to balance study and basketball?
It is definitely a challenge, the position that I am in means that my time for study is limited, so finding that balance between study, basketball and socialising is extremely difficult, but Radford continues to remain extremely supportive throughout it all.  

Where do you hope basketball will take you?
The ultimate goal is to play professionally post-college, whether that is in Europe, Australia or USA. But first it's graduating at the Centre of Excellence, and then going to USA for four years and hopefully signing a contract thereafter. Overall, the main goal is to represent my country and play for the Opals.  

Is there a career or further study, outside of basketball, that you want to pursue?
I don’t have a concrete academic path that I'm definite about, but I'm passionate and interested in the health science area, where my main interests lie with veterinary medicine and physiotherapy. 

Eliza (No 12)  with her team

Radford College crest

Y7–Y12 Parent–Teacher Interviews

3 September 2018

Adrian Johnstone, Head of Secondary School

Bookings now open for interviews 18 & 24 September

Bookings for Parent–Teacher Interviews are now open

Semester 2 Secondary School Parent–Teacher Interviews will be held in the TB Millar Hall on:
• Tuesday 18 September, 3–8 pm
• Monday 24 September, 3–8 pm

Booking Information
Interviews can be booked at five-minute intervals.

Bookings opened on Radford Online on Monday 3 September at 7 am and close midnight the night before each interview day. Book early to reserve a suitable time.

To book your interview, click on the ‘Secondary School Parent–Teacher Interviews’ tile on Radford Online dashboard (disable Ad Blocker for this site to enable your logon page to appear. If you are using Safari on a Mac, the popup blocker is found in the settings section. Most other browsers have an icon that appears at the far right of the address bar. Click on it and ‘allow for this site’).

If you encounter problems booking your interview, please contact Main Reception on 6162 6200 or reception@radford.act.edu.au

Student class finishing time on interview days
Students in Years 7–12 will be dismissed from class at 2.35 pm on Tuesday 18 September and Monday 24 September, to allow interviews to begin promptly at 3 pm. 

  • Students in Years 7–10 who are not travelling directly home at 2.35 pm will need to go to the Secondary School Library, where supervision will be available.
  • Students in Years 11 and 12 will be dismissed at 2.35 pm and are free to leave the College at that time.
  • Unless advised otherwise, cocurricular activities will operate as usual.
  • School buses will run from 3.30 pm as per the normal schedule.

Parking for parents is available in the carpark behind the Performing Arts Centre, along the road towards the back of the College, and in the carparks by the G Wigg Sports Centre and Mackinnon Senior School. Please do not park in the ELC or Junior School parking areas until after 3.45 pm.

Radford College teachers are looking forward to discussing your child’s progress over this term. In preparing for the interviews, teachers have been asked to consider your child’s engagement with learning, application in class, achievements to date, individual needs and opportunities for improvement. 

To discuss your child’s overall progress further, you are welcome to arrange a time to speak to their Tutor or Head of Year.

In addition to booked interviews with your child’s teachers, the Principal Fiona Godfrey and Head of Secondary School Dr Adrian Johnson will be available for informal discussions with parents (no bookings are required).

2019 Musical - Little Shop of Horrors

Musical 2019 – Little Shop of Horrors

4 September 2018

Sign up online NOW for auditions!

Nick Akhurst – Head of Department, Co curricular Drama/Dance/Oratory

The 2019 Radford Musical will be Little Shop of Horrors.

We need singers, actors and dancers. Please complete the linked online form to audition/express interest.

Visit ROL Co-curricular page: Musical 

Queries: Nick Akhurst

Musical 2019

Terms 3 & 4 are P&F highlights

P&F News - 5 Sept 2018

5 September 2018

P&F Fete Convenor

Fete news, and countdown to Trivia Night 21 Sept!

Catch up on the latest fete news from Fete Convenor, Monique.

Want all the latest P&F news and updates? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and stay in the know.


Be sure to book your tickets for the fabulous Trivia Night, now only a few weeks away!

Transdisciplinary artist, Collegian Dean Cross, with senior students

Art Now – Dean Cross at Radford

3 September 2018

By Daniel Majchrzak Subject Captain, Visual Arts

Dean Cross shares his journey and practice with Senior Creative Arts students

By Daniel Majchrzak, Subject Captain, Visual Arts

Senior Visual Arts and Photography students were recently visited by an extraordinary person in the field of arts, Collegian Dean Cross. Dean discussed contemporary art practice and what art means today through a presentation that held the attention of the students for a full hour, complete with the opportunity for questions.

Dean Cross is a First Nations transdisciplinary visual artist who also has an impressive background in dance. Dean is currently exhibiting in a number of different art galleries and has been represented in 30 exhibitions in the last two years. Through his artwork, he explores themes of nationality, what it means to be an Australian in this century, and humanitarianism through the lenses of video, photography, sculpture and painting, among an ever-expanding list of other media.

A great example of Cross’ work is his exhibition, “RUNS DEEP” which was shown and explained as an exemplar of his work to students. Within the exhibition, which was shown at Alaska Projects in Sydney in early 2018, the students were introduced to the complex themes that are commonplace in Cross’ work. An excellent example of this thematic complexity within the exhibition is the work ‘Barricade’, which comprises a short video in which the artist gestures and talks to the camera. The video acts as a comment on extremism in Australia, and how video-sharing and YouTube facilitate the spread of extremist sentiment.

It was an invaluable experience for students in the Contemporary Art and Contemporary Photography Units to meet Dean, and to hear him share his knowledge and experience of the channels for getting into a creative career, and his excellent understanding of the contemporary art world.

Dean Cross - transdisciplinary artist

International Baccalaureate organisation logo

IB Diploma Programme Information Session

29 August 2018

Lindy Braithwaite, Dean of Senior Studies

Dean of Senior Studies, Lindy Braithwaite, will present this session

IB Diploma Workshop – for parents

Venue: Room 49 in the Mackinnon Senior School Building 
Date: Thursday 6 September 2018
Time : 5:30-6:30pm
Presenter: Lindy Braithwaite, Dean of Senior Studies

RSVP: Please confirm your attendance with Kirsty Mack

This session will be an opportunity for parents to learn more about the IB Diploma Programme, with Q & A and tips on how to support your child, if they choose this pathway.

SchoolTV - the importance of sleep

SchoolTV – the importance of sleep

3 September 2018

Sleep is vital to growth, learning ability and overall wellbeing

From Claire Melloy, Assistant Principal, Student Development

This month on SchoolTV – Sleep
Students today have extremely busy schedules, with ever-increasing responsibilities at school and at home. Many kids, especially adolescents, are going to bed later and later, and are at risk of sleep‑deprivation. This affects three areas of a child’s development: psychological, physiological and psychosocial. All three are essential to a child's growth, learning ability and overall wellbeing. Sleep is vital to a child’s overall health and is as important as diet and exercise.

Sleep also strengthens a child’s immune system and supports their ability to function properly on a daily basis. Children who do not get enough sleep show increased levels of aggressive behaviour, are less attentive and are much less active. Trying to catch up on sleep on weekends is not the answer and can still lead to severe sleep deprivation.

In this edition of SchoolTV, parents will learn about the importance of sleep and how sleep deprivation can have adverse effects on a child’s health and wellbeing. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this month’s edition.

If you have any concerns about your child, please contact the school counsellor for further information.

Here is the link to this month’s edition http://radford.act.schooltv.me/newsletter/sleep

Intense concentration from our Year 12 team - Ryan Stocks, Helen Tong (Debating Captain) and Anastassia Storozhev

Semester II Debating

3 September 2018

Nick Ewbank, Debating Co-ordinator

Eight teams competed for Radford

By Nick Ewbank, Debating Co-ordinator

The competition in Semester II is a much shorter one than in Semester I, and the main rounds are now complete. 

Radford was well represented, with two Year 7 teams in the Fictional Worlds competition, four in the Year 8–10 competition and two in the Advanced competition. The students worked hard and their coaches reported clear signs of progress. 

One of the Year 7 teams – Terry Yang, Keenan Zhang, Brian Chen and Olivia Wang – has made it through to the finals – congratulations and best wishes! 

Well done to all debaters – and I hope to see you ‘saddling up’ again next year!

2017 Winter Sports Presentation Evening

2018 Winter Sports Presentation

31 August 2018

Daniela Gray, Senior Sports Administration Manager

A new format for an annual event

by Daniela Gray, Senior Sports Administration Manager

The 2018 Winter Sports Presentation will take place over two sessions on Monday 17 September. Awards will be presented in Basketball, Football (Soccer), Netball, Snowsports and Orienteering.

Students in Years 2–4 are invited to attend a special after-school presentation in the G Wigg Sports Centre from 3.45 to 4.30 pm. Students will be collected from the Junior School and walked to the gym, where they will each receive a certificate of participation.

Students in Years 5–12 are invited to attend the second presentation from 6.30 to 8.00 pm (approx). Students will sit with their teams and presentations will be made by the Technical Directors for each sport. ICE (improvement, contribution, excellence) awards will also be presented during the evening.

A sausage sizzle and food vans will be onsite from 4.30 pm. Students and their families are invited to purchase food and enjoy catching up with friends.

Check out the menus for
Boss Burgers:  https://m.facebook.com/bossburgers135/
Mr Papa https://www.mrpapa.com.au/menu.php

We look forward to seeing you all there to support your fellow teammates, sports and the College.

A convincing win for the U16 Girls Rugby team in the semi-finals

Sports Report, 5 Sept 2018

3 September 2018

Sports Department

Athletics, Mountain Biking, Rugby, Netball and Orienteering.

RUGBY – semi-final results
The U16 Girls team convincingly defeated Royals 42–19 in the semi-finals on the weekend. The Finals will be played against Cooma, at Viking Park Erindale, at a time to be confirmed. 

Unfortunately, the 1st XV U18 Boys lost their semi-final against Marist. In this case, a great season comes to an end.

Flying high for Radford Rugby!
Congratulations to Heath Sutherland (Year 6) who beat the 13 Years 800m record at the Primary Schools Belconnen Zone Athletics Carnival last Tuesday with a time of 2:58.79.

Four Radford teams competed in Friday's almost hypothermic conditions at the MTB championships at Stromlo. The Girls’ team of Sophie Dorè, Lara Espeland and Nikita Crabb placed 2nd out of 8 teams. The Boys’ team – Josh Kluth, Will Gregory and Alex Schofield – placed 3rd out of over 70 teams.

Mountain bikingNETBALL
Two Radford Netball teams will head into the first round of finals. The Cadets WHITE team finished as minor premiers for their division and will play at 1.45 pm on Saturday (venue to be confirmed). Radford NAVY finished 4th in their division and will play at 11.30 am on Saturday (venue to be confirmed).

by Toni Brown (photos by Tom)

ACT Junior League 2018
Final Scores Points are allocated based on places within each class and course.

On the occasional Junior Metro event with Red Courses, Red 1 received a bonus 20 points relative to Orange 1, Red 2 a bonus 16 points, Red 3 12 points and so forth.

Results best 10 of 14 events. Minimum of six events required to qualify for final scoring. 


Justine Hobson                



Rosie Waddell-Wood     



Ryan Stocks                       



David Stocks                      



Toby Lang                           



Patrick Shelton Agar      


ACT Secondary Schools Championships 2018
On Saturday, Radford Orienteering Squad competed in the ACT Secondary School Championships. 

After only four years as a school squad, we had the strongest result ever, winning both the Men's and Women's Championship Team trophies.

Radford, Champion Boys' TeamRadford, Champion Girls' team


Mia Witheford



Justine Hobson



Patrick Shelton Agar



David Stocks



Andrew Kerr



Toby Lang



Joseph Wilson



Michael Guthrie



Brendan Wilson



Noah Poland


2019 European History of Science Tour

European Science Tour 2019: update

28 August 2018

Richard Wardman, European Science Tour Coordinator

Documentation about the tour is now available

Following the information session earlier this week, the following detailed documentation about the proposed 2019 European Science Tour is now available.  

Completed booking forms may be handed directly to Tour Coordinator, Mr Richard Wardman, or placed in the labelled box in the Attendance Office with Mrs Bonham.

If you have further queries, after reading the documentation, please contact Mr Wardman.



Blue skies and smiles at the ACT Schools Cup 2018

Snowsports competition reports

4 September 2018

Jonathan Mandl, Snowsports TD

Radford College athletes show skill and speed

ACT/Southern NSW Interschools Skiing Championships (July)
Radford had a number of students participate in the ACT/Southern NSW Interschools Skiing Championships in July this year.  Radford students participated in Alpine, Skier Cross and Moguls and two snowboarding events, Snowboard and Boardercross. This is a tough qualification event for the Australian Interschools Skiing Championships, with the ACT kids up against strong competitors from Jindabyne Central School and Snowy Mountains Grammar, not to mention competition from fellow ACT schools. 

The following Radford skiers/boarders finished in the top 15 individuals for the events outlined below at the ACT/Southern NSW Interschools competition – resulting in individual qualification for the Australian Interschools Competition:

Div 1 – Years 11 & 12
Darcy Brighton: Alpine 
Rosie Joshua: Alpine & Skier Cross
Lara Franks: Alpine & Skier Cross
Sarah Brake: Alpine
Oscar Gordon: Skier Cross & Moguls
Liam McIntyre: Skier Cross & Moguls 

Div 2 – Years 9 & 10
Andrew Kerr: Alpine & Skier Cross
William Brake: Alpine & Skier Cross
Emma Brennan: Snowboard & Boardercross
Maggie Potter: Boardercross

Div 3 – Years 7 & 8
Jake Smith Gibson: Alpine, Skier Cross & Moguls
Tom Ewer: Alpine & Skier Cross
Lachlan Herring: Alpine
Robbie Potter: Snowboard
Richard Johns: Boardercross 

Div 4 – Years 5 & 6
Amber Smith Gibson: Alpine & Skier Cross
Audrey Potter: Moguls 

Div 5 – Years 3 & 4
Darcy Barlow: Alpine

The following teams finished in the top 6 teams for the events outlined below at the ACT/Southern NSW Interschools competition - resulting in team qualification for the Australian Interschools Competition.  

Alpine – Div 1F Team A: Rosie Joshua, Lara Franks, Sarah Brake & Mia Rajak
Alpine – Div 2M Team A: Andrew Kerr, Jackson Hippit & Orlando Jeffery
Alpine – Div 3M Team A: Jake Smith Gibson, Tom Ewer, Lachlan Herring & Finlay Barlow
Alpine – Div 3M Team B: Mitchell Riepon, Alexander Schofield, Hamish Roberts & Niki Georgalis
SkierX – Div 1M: Oscar Gordon & Liam McIntyre
SkierX – Div 1F: Lara Franks, Rosie Joshua & Mia Rajak
SkierX – Div 2M Team A: Andrew Kerr, Orlando Jeffery & Jackson Hippit
SkierX – Div 3M Team A: Jake Smith Gibson, Tom Ewer & Mitchell Riepon
SkierX – Div 4F Team A: Amber Smith Gibson & Audrey Potter
Moguls – Div 1M Team A: Oscar Gordon & Liam McIntyre
Moguls – Div 4F Team A: Audrey Potter & Amber Smith Gibson
Snowboard – Div 2F Team A: Emma Brennan & Maggie Potter
BoarderX – Div 2F Team A: Emma Brennan & Maggie Potter
BoarderX – Div 3M Team A: Richard Johns & Robbie Potter 

Congratulations to everyone who qualified and best of luck to the students competing this week at Perisher from 5–9 September at the Australian Interschools Skiing Championships.

Sarah, Liam, Rosie, Lara and Darcy at ACT Schools Cup

ACT Schools Cup 2018 (September)
Under perfect blue skies and with excellent snow conditions, Radford Snowsports team contested the two primary school cups and two secondary school cups in both ski and snowboard events on Sunday 2 September. 

Narrowly missing securing the secondary boys’ cup (2nd) and girls’ cup (2nd), we placed 3rd in the two primary school cups. The many outstanding individual and team performances ensured the team made its mark on the event and retained great pride in this eighth year of the championships.
Racing for Radford College for the very first time, we welcomed Damian Schroder, Alba Murphy and Tahlia Smith, who enjoyed the experience and will return for more fun in 2019!

Skier, Rosie Joshua at ACT Schools CupLara Franks, Snowboarder

Lara Franks, Div 1F SBGS: 1st
Maggie Potter & Emma Brennan, Div 2F SBGS: Team 1st
Hannah Hardy & Bonnie Hardy, Div 3F SBGS: Team 1st
Amelie Smith, Div 6 GS: 3rd; Div 4F GS: 2nd
Olivia Wilson, Danielle Ewer & Evie Georgalis, Div 2F: Team 3rd
Brayden Purvis-Smith, Div 2M SBGS: 1st
Brayden Purvis-Smith & Kane Rowe, Div 2M SBGS: Team 1st
Jackson Hippit & Robbie Potter, Div 2M SBGS: Team 2nd
Darcy Barlow, Connor Kruger & Lincoln Lee, Div 5M GS team 3rd
Jake Smith, Tom Ewer, Lachlan Herring & Finlay Barlow, Div 3M GS: Team 1st
Mitchell Riepon, Hamish Roberts, Alexander Schofield & Niki Georgalis, Div 3M GS: Team 2nd
William Seddon, Lucas Rowley & Harley Harris, Div 3M GS: Team 3rd
Andrew Kerr, Div 2M GS: 1st
Andrew Kerr, Orlando Jeffery, Ethan Kruger & Jackson Hippit, Div2M GS: Team 1st
Brayden Purvis-Smith, Damian Schroder & Lachlan Wilson, Div2M GS: Team 2nd
Oscar Gordon, Div 1M GS: 1st
Darcy Brighton, Div 1M GS: 2nd
Oscar Gordon, Darcy Brighton & Liam McIntyre, Div 1M GS: Team 1st
Rosie Joshua, Div 1F GS: 1st
Rosie Joshua, Lara Franks & Sarah Brake, Div 1F GS: Team 1st

APFACTS Seminar presenter Dr Kristy Goodwin

APFACTS Seminar for Parents

5 September 2018


“Raising your Child in a Digital World” - 24 September

APFACTS is proud to present Dr Kristy Goodwin with “Raising your Child in a Digital World” on September 24th at 7.30pm, full details below. 

Dr Kristy Goodwin, a digital parenting educator, author and researcher (and mum who also deals with her kids’ techno-tantrums), delivers research-based information to parents about the overwhelming and confusing task of raising young kids and adolescents in a digital world. 

Dr Kristy arms parents with simple strategies to manage screen-time at home, without tears and tantrums, and without having to constantly fret about their online safety. Kristy empowers parents with simple ideas and strategies to help them be the pilot of the digital plane. 

Ticket are from $35 + booking fee, available from https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/raising-kids-teens-in-a-screen-world-tickets-48904838689


 Seminar details


P&F Twilight Fete