Radford Bulletin Term 4, Week 2 – 24 October 2018

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Dr Adrian Johnson - Deputy Principal, Head of Secondary School

From the Head of Secondary School

24 October 2018

Dr Adrian Johnson, Head of Secondary School

Many would argue, the need for Outdoor Education Programs in schools has never been greater

Many would argue, the need for Outdoor Education Programs in schools has never been greater. 

Such programs can provide the ideal antidote for young people’s increasingly sedentary and technology-dependent lifestyles. Learning in the outdoors offers the prospect of developing life skills in ways we cannot replicate in the classroom. The outdoors provides the ultimate ‘interdisciplinary unit’ – that unifying theme which links our knowledge, understanding and experience. 

There has been much talk in the press about the need for schools to develop in children ‘Twenty First Century Skills’, ‘Soft Skills’ or ‘The Six Cs’ (Critique, Collaborate, Create, Communicate, Character and Citizenship). At this time, I am also reminded of our own Learner Profile which promotes resilient, open-minded, principled, self-regulated, thinkers and communicators. 

Happy faces round the camp fireCoupled with this, schools are increasingly seen as part of the response to dealing with the increasing incidence of mental health issues in young people. School’s programs often focus here on building self-esteem and resilience, to foster the ‘grit’ needed to face the challenges life inevitably present us all. We do children few favours in sheltering them from opportunities to work through some degree of adversity. 

And what better way to bring these points all together than in a safe and supportive outdoor environment? In this context, young people find ways to work with one another to solve problems; they have time to process their experience and reflect and grow, to see their peers and teachers in a different context and, perhaps, see others anew. Yes, there will be challenge and, possibly, perceived risk; however, hard-earned outcomes can be the most satisfying to achieve, and, as many a collegian will attest, make for lifelong memories. 

In Term 3, Years 5, 9 and 10 engaged in a range of learning experiences in the outdoors. What follows provides an insight into these programs.

Bushwalking at Maria Island, Tasmania

Year 5 –  Wambaroo
By Jonathon Craddock

For most of the year, students in Year 5 have struggled to think of anything other than camp. It is the long-awaited sequel to the Year 3 camp.  With this looming anticipation and excitement, it was wonderful to see that camp delivered on all fronts. For two-and-a-half days, students were broken up into groups of about 13. This fact, in itself, created its own challenges as students learned to work together, realising listening and communicating can, and often does, produce results.  Teams worked together creating rafts, encouraged each other over cliffs as they learned to abseil, and persevered to overcome fears of heights as their team hoisted them up in the giant swing.  These activities, and many more, led to the final day of team challenges where students faced various obstacles, problems and activities which they needed to attempt within a set amount of time.  This finish was unique and has instilled in these students the importance of collaboration and leadership.  I think this is an immensely positive way to build towards Year 6 and the leadership opportunities that await. 

Year 9 – Kangaroo Valley
By Sam Lonsdale

After a rather damp start, the weather could only get better, and it did. Students began their five-day journey packing their rucksacks with all the food, cooking equipment and clothing they would need. Each group of 14 students, a Radford teacher and an OEG instructor, was preparing for a journey involving canoeing along the spectacular Shoalhaven River and bushwalking through the rugged mountains of the Morton National Park. Each group also spent a half day either abseiling or bike riding. Having a camp fire at night was a perfect way to share stories from the day, stay warm and plan the following day. Many students commented on the camaraderie and the sense of accomplishment when operating as a self-sufficient, small group in the outdoors for the five days. The spectacular scenery, sunny days after the rain and the support of knowledgeable group instructors contributed to the whole experience being memorable for all. 

Y9 students abseilingY9 students canoeing

Year 10 – expeditions
By Sam Lonsdale

There were four very different expeditions on offer: sea kayaking and canoeing on the Myall Lakes system, climbing and abseiling at the Grampians and Mt Arapiles, bushwalking and canoeing through Hattah-Kulkyne National Park, and exploring the rugged coast of Tasmania’s Maria Island and Freycinet Peninsula.

Climbing instruction

In the weeks leading up to departure, each expedition group was responsible for organising their menu for the first four days of camp and planning the route. All groups experienced diverse weather conditions and the students quickly realised the bush-living skills they developed on the previous year had prepared them well for all that they faced during their eight days away. Stories of paddling along as the sun rose, the exhilaration of being blown along by the wild winds of Tasmania and climbing what seemed from the bottom to be an impossible route up a cliff, were some of the highlights recounted by students on their return. 

We seek to reaffirm our commitment to an integrated Outdoor Education Program at Radford and look to improve our offerings further.  

Climbing ArapilesThank you to the people who have spoken with me in recent months: students, parents and friends, staff and collegians - your feedback has been invaluable.  We met with the Outdoor Education Group during the recent holidays, and this term I have convened two more meetings with interested staff. 

At this time, we have revisited our Outdoor Education Policy to more clearly identify our objectives in each year level.  Our aim is to confirm a spiralling, age-specific program, which incorporates the College’s values and the Radford Learner Profile. 

This revised document will inform our review of our programs in readiness for 2019.


Chaplain Erin Tuineau

Chaplain's Reflection: religious freedom

23 October 2018

Rev. Erin Tuineau

Religious freedom is not freedom to persecute others

At last week’s Secondary School assembly, I felt the need to address the issue of ‘religious freedom’, and so I share with you here what I said for your own reflection.

Religious freedom: This is a hot topic in Australia at the moment and there are a few things I would like to say about it. It is my understanding that religious freedom is meant to provide individuals of all faith backgrounds, with the assurance that they can express their beliefs without being persecuted for it. Most of us are probably aware that there have been events in the past, and in the present, when people of different religions have been discriminated against because of their faith. Probably the most well-known example of this is The Holocaust, when 6 million Jews were killed simply for being Jewish. It is an horrific example, and one that we never want to see repeated.

What religious freedom is NOT, however, is giving people of any faith background the power to persecute or discriminate against others. Religious freedom loses its meaning/integrity/substance when individuals choose to use their beliefs in a way that would impinge upon the rights of another human being, such as the universal right to be educated - if a person discovers that they are gay.

I have reflected over the last week or so what would Jesus have to say about religious freedom. What I do know is that there a few instances in the Gospels when Jesus got very annoyed at religious leaders for using their religious beliefs and laws as an excuse to treat others badly. One of the most well-known examples of this was when he got very upset with some of the more strict religious leaders of his day, known as the Pharisees, for using their religious law of the Sabbath (a holy day of rest) as a reason not to care for individuals who were suffering in their community.

I understand that people of all faith backgrounds have very diverse views about issues such as homosexuality, gender roles, and abortion, to name a few, but we have to be very careful to never use our religious beliefs as a reason to treat others as less than human.

God, help us to love each other like you love us,
With compassion
And without discrimination.
Help us to treat each other with respect and dignity
Because we are all fully human
regardless of our sexuality, race, or gender
We ask this in Christ’s name, Amen.


Nancy Bonham and Chris Cox, Class of 2011

H for History # 31: Nancy Bonham

23 October 2018

A long time ago in a College not so far away

Star Wars enthusiast Nancy Bonham is a person who has seen a lot of students, droids, Jawa traders and bounty hunters pass through her door. As the school’s Attendance Officer since the role was first created in 2016, she is a very reliable and familiar face at Radford College, particularly for those students appearing five or so minutes after a bell has sounded. In an office that can be as bustling as a 50% Droid Sale at a Tatooine market, Nancy somehow maintains a Jedi-like calm amidst all that is happening.

This may well be due to her own familiarity with the campus and its history. Nancy commenced in 1994 in the Library on six months’ work experience organised by Val Leyshon (wife of former Deputy Principal, John Leyshon) through the Business College she was attending. The Head of Library, Shirley Campbell was suitably impressed and Nancy was given an extension to work on The Radfordian. From there she was offered a further six months working under the legendary Director of Studies, Molly Brownbill. Nancy worked as an assistant to Molly’s Executive Assistant, a position she kept until Molly’s retirement in 2003. ‘Molly was an impressive woman,’ praised Nancy. ‘She taught one of the top Maths class, loved owls and appreciated honesty. She was my second boss at Radford and I became quite fond of her.’

Nancy's office furnishing reflects her passion for Star Wars Nancy shares her office with quite a few friends

As Nancy explained, ‘At that time there was only one Director of Studies for Years 7-12, but when Molly retired the position was divided into 2 positions, Senior School (Years 11-12) and High School (7-10). In 2003 I was offered the position of Executive Assistant to the Head of High School, Julie Baud, while also assisting the High School Director of Studies, Peter Dodd.’ Finally in 2015, Nancy worked as Executive Assistant to the Head of Secondary, Phillip O’Regan, before settling into her well-known Attendance Officer role. ‘This role involves managing all attendance matters for Years 7-12 as well as other jobs. The school is always changing which means my duties are also changing constantly.’

I asked Nancy about the rewards associated with her role and she replied, ‘I manage all the attendance for 1090 students in Years 7-12. I first see them in Year 7 when they are scared and a bit lost. Then when they put on their senior uniform in Year 11 they are suddenly transformed into young, confident adults. I gain their trust and confidence and I feel this is special. They sometimes share their hopes, fears and future dreams.’

It is a testament to her firm but caring approach, that collegians still warmly remember her. I asked if any still keep in touch and she informed that they certainly did, ‘but not many. Before they leave in Year 12 a few promise they will visit and some have for a little while but then they get busy. It is really nice when they do pop in’. And the best excuses for lateness? Two Year 8 students walked to school from Aranda every morning and were always late,’ Nancy revealed. ‘They usually had a different excuse but one day they said they were late because a kangaroo wouldn’t let them pass.’

Nancy’s enthusiasm for Star Wars is famous and as the accompanying photographs show, this enthusiasm permeates every square inch of her Attendance Office. One almost expects Obi-Wan Kenobi or Luke Skywalker to suddenly materialise and provide sage-like words of wisdom about punctuality. I was curious as to where and when her allegiance to ‘The Force’ actually began? ‘In 1997 I received a set of the Special Edition Star Wars Trilogy, gold box (Episodes 4-6) from a work colleague,’ Nancy recounted. ‘I didn’t see them at the movies like most people my age. Then I saw Episode I – The Phantom Menace about eight times at the cinema. In 2002 I waited in line from 9:30am for the midnight session of the opening night of Episode II – Attack of the Clones at Hoyts, Belconnen. In 2005 I went to New York for the opening night of Episode III - Revenge of the Sith.’

A mouse mat with a message

Star Wars has opened up my world, introduced me to new places and I have met some incredible people,’ she continued. ‘I ran into David Prowse (Darth Vader) while in LA and we chatted on the sidewalk. He was looking for a bookshop.’ (I was immensely curious to know what he might have been reading at the time.) Then in 2003 Nancy attended a small convention in Sydney called The Big Boys of Star Wars where David Prowse and Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) appeared. ‘I have travelled to the United States for three different Star Wars Conventions. I also went to San Diego Comic Con in 2009. This is the largest Comic convention where up to 160,000 people attend.’ Any person who has met Chewbacca is a friend of mine.

Like the Star Wars franchise, things began somewhat modestly with Radford College, but there was a similarly unshakable belief in ‘The Force’ by its founders. As Nancy recalled about the college in the mid-90s: ‘There was no Chapel, Senior School, “Dodd Pod” or Junior School. The Front Office was where Ms Melloy’s assistant is now. The Principal was where the Accounts Office is now. Each new Principal has built another addition to the school, so it has grown large. The kangaroos used to “play cricket” on the oval early in the morning.’

And what were her most unforgettable and happiest memories? ‘The support staff would meet for morning teas regularly to celebrate birthdays, engagements etc. The Principal would take the support staff ladies out to lunch for Christmas. There are many other unforgettable memories, the passing of cherished colleagues and the graduation of students I have come to know.’

Chris Cox graduated as a Bachelor of Business InformaticsOne of those graduates is Christopher Cox (Class of 2011). As Nancy elaborated, ‘A young man, Christopher Cox, graduated from Radford seven years ago and still visits me regularly. I attended his graduation from University this year and felt immensely proud of him.' Christopher himself recently shared that ‘In my first few years of Radford College she was my rock and support. We talked about shared interests – mainly Star Wars, comedy and history. I talked and she listened - and I mean that in the best possible way!’ Now equipped with a Bachelor of Business Informatics, Christopher is ‘trying to get a job or an internship in a graduate program.’ From there he is hoping to eventually get permanency and work his way up to a senior role.

‘I hope Radford College continues to help create remarkable young adults,’ concluded Nancy. From this writer’s viewpoint, such hope for the future will certainly be met and largely due to a myriad of factors. One being the healthy diversity of mentors in our students’ daily lives – some on the grounds staff, some through their teaching or coaching roles, and some on the support staff. Much like Ben Kenobi’s influence on a young, Tatooine farm boy who became one of the galaxy’s greatest Jedi, we are grateful for the often subtle care extended on a daily basis by staff members like Nancy Bonham with our own ‘farmers of the future.’

Could any former staff or collegians wishing to input to the new school history and/or claim their profile on the Collegians page, please contact George at: George.Huitker@Radford.act.edu.au or fill out the form at https://radfordcollegians.com.au/help-h/. All past “H for History” articles are housed at: https://radfordcollegians.com.au/h-for-history.



Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

JS News, 24 Oct 2018

24 October 2018

Exhibition and Y3 Camp are highlights of the week ahead

Dates to Remember
Thurs 24 Oct Year 3 Camp departs
Fri 25 Oct Year 3 Camp returns
Year 7 2019 Orientation

Our first weekend of the term was a fairly quiet one for me, as I attempted to follow the challenge put to me by Karen Mahar not to email on Sunday. It worked well, although it meant I had time to think, and that always leads to another big idea!

We had a busy first week and our second week of term will be even more hectic:

• Our Year 6 cohort have reached the pinnacle of their PYP journey, as they present our 11th Year 6 Exhibition over three amazing and challenging days and evenings.

Our students have worked in teams and as individuals demonstrating their understanding of the five PYP skillsets. The past term has challenged them and we are excited to share this significant milestone with them. Apart from acknowledging our students, I thank our families and our wonderful P–12 staff who have supported our students so well. Our 2012 Year 6 students have also popped in, to offer support as they reach the end of their Radford schooldays.

• The students of Year 3 encounter their first Outdoor Education experience through the Camp Cottermouth challenge. A significant step in their Radford journey and, again, greatly supported behind the scenes by our families, staff and older students.

The support provded by our Secondary School students to these two significant events is a hallmark of our whole College approach. We hold strongly to our sense of belonging, sharing and growing together.

• Last weekend I quietly visited some of our sporting teams, watching how our older students, and parents were supporting our younger.

• This Friday I am representing our Junior School at the SEAACT Science Awards awards at CSIRO, as we have a significant number of nominees.

• Our Junior School is a finalist in the writing competition write4fun.net

• Our Kindergarten and Year 1 classes are finalising their plans for the naming and decorating of our cubby village.

• Last week we were joined by our PK students to enjoy our first, whole Junior School Celebration. This acknowledgement of a wonderful start to the term was managed by our Year 6 leaders. We celebrated students from all year groups for their ongoing development. 


PKJH Charlotte Twigg


PKJH Rajeev Edla


PKDM Finnlay Perceval

Open Minded

PKDM Benny Holliday


PKDM Cadoc Scanlain


PKMQ Caitlin Alder


PKMQ Jayden Huang


PKMQ Matisse Abraham


KAS Mali Jaram

Commitment and perseverance

KSG Serena Trinh

Confidence and bravery

KCH Victoria Baldwin

Creativity and confidence

KNS Emily Toms

Kindness and respect

1MH Kate Loan

Wise judgement and balanced approach to learning

1AT Connor Lunsford

Principled and zest

2JG Angelina Do

Humour, perseverance and confidence

2BF Asha Hewitson


3DO Isabel Race


3PC Hannah Colussi

Caring and kindness

3PC Jasper Barker


3RB Alexander Tailby

Showing leadership and principled

3EC Ethan Shen

Thinker and perseverance

4JO Disha Sharma

Judgement and thinking 

4KP Roman Domazet

Independence and perseverance

4CD Kaiya Barsby 

Zest and enthusiasm 

4OM Karuni Sivacharan

Curiosity and perseverance

5TMi Mykayla Hennock

Kindness and reflection

5JC Lily Hines

Commitment and perseverance

5SD Laura McNamara

Principled and showing leadership

5TeM Sia Bahl

Love of learning and showing leadership 

6TW Charlie Seddon

Perseverance, commitment and enthusiasm

6HB Kobe Sun

Enthusiasm and teamwork

6JF Aimee Newton

Inquiring and creative

6THAidan Yeates

Principled and showing perspective


Señora Stevens
Audrey Potter 5SD


Mrs Phelps
Aidan Phengsiaroun 1AT


Mrs Halford
Roman Domazet 4KP

Commitment and confidence

Mrs Wilson
Alice Berger in 4JO

Thinker and curiosity

Mrs Salzke
Ella Huang from 2BF

Principled and balanced 

Yongmin Yin from PKAM


Lawrence Zhang from PKAM



Radford is hosting this event in Canberra, Sunday 28 October

Australian Indoor Rowing Challenge

23 October 2018

VIcky Spencer, Technical Director of Rowing

All-weather fun for a good cause

Radford College is hosting the Australian Indoor Rowing Challenge on Sunday 28 October.  https://rowingaustralia.com.au/about-events/airc/

Entries are now extended to Thursday 25 October.

The event is open to anyone: rowers, gym goers, CrossFit addicts or just anyone wanting to have fun.

Race categories

•             Open, Lightweight and Para 500m – Men’s and Women’s
•             Open, Lightweight and Para 1000m – Men’s and Women’s
•             Open, Lightweight and Para 2000m – Men’s and Women’s
•             Team Relay 4 x 500m – Men’s, Women’s and Mixed

Lightweight rowers
The lightweight limits for rowers are:
•             Males 75kg
•             Females 61.5kg 

Age categories
Single distance events:
•             Under 14 years
•             Under 16 years
•             Under 19 years
•             Open / Masters

Open / Masters categories are defined as 20–29 yrs, 30–39 yrs, 40–49 yrs, 50–54yrs, 55–59 yrs, 60–64yrs, 65–69 yrs, 70–74 yrs, 75–79 yrs, 80–84 yrs, 85+ yrs

Relays 4 x 500 m:
•             Under 19 years
•             20–39 years
•             40+ years

Race entry costs
$5 from each entry goes to the Cancer Council. 

•             $30 for one race
•             $50 for more than one race

Under 19s
•             $20 for one race
•             $40 for more than one race

Bandanna Day, 26 October, helps CanTeen to support young people experiencing cancer

National Bandanna Day

24 October 2018

Support young people on their cancer journey

National Bandanna Day is on Friday 26 October. By selling bandannas we are helping make sure that no young person goes on their cancer journey alone.

BUY BANDANNAS: Bandannas will be available for purchase for $5 on Wednesday 24 October and Thursday 25 October in the Main Quad, Senior School Quad and outside the Canteen.

WEAR YOUR BANDANNA: Friday 26 October.

Canteen - supporting Bandanna Day

Volunteer now for the fabulous Twilight Fete

Fete Update 24 Oct 2018

24 October 2018

Fete Convenor

Fete news and save the date for 2019 Ball

Just over a week till the Fete!  See all the details in the Fete News

Time to:

* volunteer online

* donate for white elephant and book stalls - containers at rear of Chapel

* buy raffle tickets - these have been posted to families

* buy ride tickets - Main Reception

* make preserves - jam, chutney, pickles, sauces etc.


Preserves stall flyer



Image for article: Radford Dance Academy Showcase

Radford Dance Academy Showcase

23 October 2018

Danielle White Director of Movement

Save the date for this amazing performance – 17 November 2018

The Radford Dance Academy Showcase 2018 promises to be a spectacular event, don't miss it!

Date: Saturday 17 November
Time: 5.30 pm
Venue: Llewellyn Hall, ANU School of Music, 61 Marcus Clarke Street, CANBERRA CITY
Tickets: https://trybooking.com/WQFD  
Free admission, but please book by 12 November 2018, to reserve the number of tickets you need.

Contact:  Danielle White, Director of Movement, danielle.white@radford.act.edu.au

Exchange French teachers, Barbara Spottiswood (Canada) and Laetitia Bouteiller (France)

Our international teaching connections

23 October 2018

Michele Sharp, Head of Languages

Radford welcomed French teachers from Canada and France

By Michele Sharp, Head of Languages

Last term we were very fortunate to have teachers from Canada, Barbara Spottiswood, and France, Laetitia Bouteiller, replacing two teachers from the Languages Department who were on Long Service Leave.

Barbara was well known to the Radford community, having participated in a teacher-exchange program three years ago. I was delighted when we were able to welcome her back, and Barbara was equally pleased to return to Australia to witness some of her former students graduate.

Laetitia has been instrumental in working with Jen Bateman to develop a long-term exchange program with her school, Lycée Blaise Pascal. Extending sister-school connections to teacher exchanges is an exciting development in our international relationships. Both very experienced teachers, Barbara and Laetitia fitted into the department seamlessly and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them both for their dedication and friendship.

The Languages Department has been blessed to be able to share pedagogy and gain international insights, and our students have benefited from the experience of two wonderful teachers. Au revoir, we hope to see you again soon.

Laetitia Bouteiller
How did I end up in Radford, teaching French for a term, hundreds of miles away from home? Good question …

It all started a few years ago, when Gaëlle Pajot, a former French teacher at Radford, was looking for a school to exchange with. Her first move was to contact the high school she attended when she was younger, and guess what? I was the English teacher in charge of coordinating European and International exchanges for the Lycée Blaise Pascal (Segré – Maine et Loire).

We welcomed a group of Radford pupils five years ago. For various reasons, our school was not able to send some French pupils overseas, but the connection was made, and Jen Bateman, another French teacher at Radford became a colleague with whom I had regular exchanges, not only with her but also with her pupils. To set up student long-exchange programmes was the logical consequence to our collaboration. French pupils spend their summer holiday in Radford, hosted by an Australian correspondent and we welcome, in December and January, the same pupils in France. This programme has proved to be a life-changing experience for pupils on both sides of the ocean, and I thank both Radford and Blaise Pascal staff and principals for making this programme real.

Having said that, it does not explain my presence here … quite simply, Jen Bateman offered me the opportunity to replace her while she was on Long Service Leave, in the framework of our current partnership. 'Simple' was not the first word that came to my mind, but we made it. With the precious help of Radford Human Resources department and Jen’s invaluable support, I arrived at Radford on the first day of term.

Since then, I have discovered so many things, the inner organization of the school; Houses and Tutor groups; the pace of school days; new subjects which are not taught in our French curriculum, such as Food Technology; curious and eager-to-learn pupils, beautiful premises and even more beautiful colleagues (with a special mention for Michele Sharp, who has been so patient with me). The list is endless …

I reckon that, like the pupils who enrolled in this long-exchange programme, my stay at Radford will change my perspective on the way I have been teaching, along with providing a great occasion to brush up my English!

Thank you, everyone at Radford for making this experience so enriching and welcoming me as a member of your community.

Barbara Spottiswood
For Term 3, I have been working in the Languages Department, teaching French to Years 7, 8, 9 and 11. This is the second time that I have been at Radford and I am delighted to be back!

In January 2015, I arrived from Toronto, Canada, on exchange with Di Lefebvre. We exchanged our homes and our jobs for an entire year. My husband and I spent a wonderful year in Australia meeting people and seeing as much of this beautiful country as we could. We were sorry to leave, and wished that one day, we could return to visit all of our friends in Canberra.

That wish came true this year, when Di decided to take Long Service Leave in Term 3. Head of Languages, Michele Sharp, contacted me at the beginning of the school year to see whether I might be free to return to Radford and cover Di’s classes for the term. I couldn’t say 'yes' fast enough!

I began the paperwork to return to Australia and retired from my job in Canada at the end of June. It’s been amazing to be back at Radford. I have reconnected with staff, and with the students that I taught three years ago. They have grown into such mature young people and it’s been so much fun seeing and working with everyone again. Radford has changed a bit, for example, the new buildings that are currently under construction were just muddy fields back in 2015, but there is also so much that is the same – the staff and students are what makes this school special.

Term 3 passed very quickly, but I will forever remember my time here. Thank you for welcoming me back with open arms. You are a special group of people. Never forget that!

Radford College Crest

Education and Wellbeing Presentation

23 October 2018

All welcome at this presentation on service, sport, exchanges, camps, clubs and more!



Service, sport, Round Square, exchanges, camps, outdoor pursuits, clubs and activities, and more!


Thursday 1 November


5.30–6.30 pm


Heath Lecture Theatre, Mackinnon Senior School Building


Kirsty Mack by Tuesday 30 October 2018, Kirsty.Mack@radford.act.edu.au

We extend a warm invitation to the next Education and Wellbeing Committee Meeting, to be held from 5.30 to 6.30 pm on Thursday 1 November in the Heath Lecture Theatre, Mackinnon Senior School Building.



The jubilant ACT team, photo courtesy of Tom de Jongh

Success at Orienteering Nationals

24 October 2018

Toni Poland, Orienteering

Eight Radford students were part of the victorious ACT team

By Toni Brown

Eight Radford students travelled to South Australia to compete as part of the 20-person ACT representative team at the 2018 Orienteering Schools Nationals.  

Congratulations to the ACT team, which took out the Nationals competition convincingly, with a victory over South Australia.

  • 1st ACT 70 points
  • 2nd SA 60
  • 3rd NSW 54
  • 4th Qld 50
  • 5th Vic 49
  • 6th Tas 39
  • 7th WA 13

The ACT team was captained by Radford Year 12 student, Noah Poland. Noah commented in his victory speech on the hard work put in by the entire team, of note the hard work by many of the athletes in the team who trained with both the Radford Squad and with the ACT junior development squad, thus showing a real commitment to performance and excellence in this sport.

Team members
Junior Girls 15 years and under: Justine Hobson
Junior Boys 15 years and under: Toby Lang, David Stocks, Joseph Wilson, Patrick Shelton Agar (reserve)
Senior Boys 16 years and over: Noah Poland, Andrew Kerr, Ryan Stocks (reserve).

All Australian Team national team selection
Three Radford students were selected in the 16-person All Australian Team national team: congratulations Noah Poland (Y12), David Stocks (Y9) and Justine Hobson (Y8). 


Father Richard Browning blesses the Radford rowing fleet

The Blessing of the Fleet

24 October 2018

Vicky Spencer and Mick Bunworth

Around 150 people gathered for this annual event

Last weekend, around 150 members of the Radford rowing community gathered for the Blessing of the Fleet, and the commissioning of new boats: the Peter Quiggin, the Jocelyn Martin – coxed quad boats – and the Rogue 8, which is, of course an eight. The College has also donated a third coxed quad, and Friends of Radford Rowing will conduct a fundraising auction for the naming rights to this boat. 

The Rogue 8 was donated by Vogue Constructions, through parents Stuart Sampson and Nathan Toscan. Stuart and Nathan both have children who row, and they also support the program through coaching and boat race official duties. Rogue 8 is the only eight-sweep oar boat in the Radford Shed, which is principally a sculling (two-oar) program. 

Peter Quiggin, PSM
Peter’s two sons, Geoffrey (Class of 2010) and Rodney (Class of 2009), attended Radford College. Peter has been on the Radford Board in various capacities for around 10 years. Peter's and his wife Helen’s service to the College also includes many years on the P&F Management Committee, and in volunteer work for the Fete and Art Show. 

Jocelyn Martin
Jocelyn’s three children have been educated at Radford – Lily (Class of 2011), James (Class of 2017) and Lewis (currently in Year 9). Jocelyn is a member of the College Board and Inaugural Chair of the Radford College Development Foundation. She  was Business Manager at Radford College for seven years.

Board member and Foundation Chair, Jocelyn Martin with the boat named in her honour

Image for article: Dancefest 2018

Dancefest 2018

24 October 2018

Mia De Bortoli, Dance Captain

Around 80 Radford dancers made their mark at Dancefest

By Mia De Bortoli, Dance Captain 

Each year in September, Radford College participates in the AusDance ACT Youth Dance Festival, affectionately known as Dancefest. 

The festival provides students of all dancing abilities with the opportunity to build teamwork and self-esteem, to work towards performing on the Canberra Theatre stage. This year’s theme, Make Your Mark, was approached by the student choreographers in a variety of ways. At the beginning of Term 2, the three Radford groups, with a total of over eighty students participating, began weekly rehearsals in preparation for the festival. 

The Year 7/8 piece, One Tribe, choreographed by Emily Noud and Kali Yates, presented the theme through symbolising two different tribes who instead of fighting against each other, fight together against bigger world problems with unity. 

The Year 9/10 piece, Brave, choreographed Nikki Rossendell, Anjelica Nikias and Maddi Scott, explored the difference between conforming versus joining a group whose beliefs align with your own. This contemporary piece demonstrated how authenticities in your intentions and the bravery to act upon your convictions in how you Make Your Mark. 

Finally, the Year 11/12 Hip Hop piece, Mic Drop, choreographed by Dance Captains Mia De Bortoli and Kat-E Yeow, was inspired to show how you can prove others wrong and leave the world speechless through music and dance. As the youth of today, we can often feel disheartened or discouraged, however, through perseverance, support and trusting yourself, you can Make Your Mark and have your MIC DROP moment. 

All three groups performed in striking costumes, with a high level of energy and passion, and it was clear that all dancers had an enjoyable time and valuable experience. We would like to thank Director of Movement, Ms Danielle White, group managers Maddie Jarosz and Holly Cuddy, along with Mr Nick Akhurst, for all their support and guidance. Without them, this whole experience would not be possible.

Get excited for Dancefest 2019 and make sure to sign up for a memorable experience like no other!

Dancefest 2018 - Make your Mark




Radford Foundation celebrates the Class of 2018

A 50-cent Fundraiser

17 October 2018

Cassie Roberts, Foundation Administrator

Say farewell to our Year 12s and support the Scholarship Fund!

by Cassie Roberts, Foundation Administrator

Radford’s numismatists have chosen the 12-sided 50c piece as a symbol of our departing Year 12 students, the Class of 2018.

All members of the Radford community are invited to celebrate our Year 12’s graduation from secondary school and contribute to 50 cent coin fundraiser on FRIDAY 2 NOVEMBER 2018.

The money raised will go into the Foundation’s Scholarship Fund, supporting future students who demonstrate outstanding achievement and community involvement but whose personal financial circumstances prevent them from attending Radford.

Donation tins will be located at the Junior School, Senior School and Main reception areas.

The coins will be used to write ‘2018’ on the JA Mackinnon Oval.

Please contact Foundation Administrator Cassie Roberts with any questions.

The National Roman Museum is one of the proposed stops on the tour

Ancient history tour of Europe Jan 2020

26 September 2018

Expressions of interest sought

Radford history teacher Brad Greer is planning an Ancient History Tour of Turkey, Greece and Rome in January 2020.

The proposed itinerary is available here.

Please email Brad to register your interest in going on this tour, which is open to all staff, families and students.

Brad's email is Bradley.Greer@radford.act.edu.au


Secondary School Canteen - Mexican Day 30 October

Mexican Food Day

Tue 30 Oct for Years 5-12, no Flexischool online orders, purchases at Canteen only.


Fete Volunteers needed urgently, please!!

Fete volunteers 2018

Please volunteer your time and help to make the P&F Fete a success!