Radford Bulletin Term 4, Week 5 – 14 November 2018

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Louise Wallace-Richards - Assistant Principal, Teaching and Learning

Radford teachers recognised for their learning and research

14 November 2018

Mrs Louise Wallace Richards, Assistant Principal Teaching & Learning

Radford teachers presented their research at the AIS Celebrating Teaching and Learning Showcase

By Mrs Louise Wallace Richards, Assistant Principal Teaching & Learning

Over the past two weeks, it has been wonderful to see Radford College teachers formally appreciated for their professional achievements. Every year, Radford teachers complete professional learning that addresses College-wide initiatives, as well as their own professional target areas. At the recent Association of Independent Schools (AIS) Celebrating Teaching and Learning Showcase, held at East Hotel at Manuka on 8 November, Radford Secondary and Junior school teachers presented their learning to teachers and leaders from many AIS schools in the ACT. As a community, we can be very proud of how they represented our College as a learning organisation, at the forefront of innovations in learning and teaching.

From top: Jane Smith, Jason Golding, Michele Sharp, Kylie Coll, Jo O'BrienJane Smith, Head of Student Support and Enrichment, Jason Golding, Head of English and Michele Sharp, Head of Languages, presented their action research project that focused on the question: 

To what extent do students identified as having “high academic potential” benefit from differentiated structures and strategies developed and implemented to cater for their learning needs? 

Their action research was the result of three years of learning through attendance at the AIS Gifted and Talented Train the Trainer program. This program was designed to align with current research and the Australian Curriculum and, in 2017, was showcased at the 22nd Biennial World Conference – Global Perspectives on Gifted Education

These three Secondary School Heads of Department addressed this question from a macro (whole school) approach and a micro (individual student needs) approach. Jane spoke about our whole school approach, such as the professional learning our College has provided for our Secondary School teachers focusing on the three-tiered approach to learning: support, core and enrichment, and how we are using our learning management system, SEQTA, to assist teachers to plan to differentiate in their classes.

Jason spoke about how he has applied his learning about enrichment to a specific English class in 2018 to improve engagement and enjoyment, and Michele spoke about an enrichment single-student case study she implemented in a Y7 Japanese class.  

Kylie Coll, Head of Year 9, also presented at the showcase last week. This year, she has been completing study through the Emerging Leaders AIS program. This program addressed leadership styles, leading change in schools as well as key management matters such as budgets. One of the key elements of the program is to conduct action research based on an area of leadership in schools. Kylie focused on the topic: 

Where they belong, they flourish: Insights into creating connectedness through student voice and agency.

In her presentation last Thursday, Kylie addressed current literature on factors contributing to student wellbeing and how it consistently identifies the need for students to feel a sense of connectedness to their school environment. Her project identified the importance of students experiencing positive relationships, belonging and inclusivity, and the need for specific strategies to engender an ethos of connectedness within a Year 9 cohort, building on the core principles of student voice and agency.  

Finally, Jo O’Brien, Year 4 teacher, presented the work on reading comprehension that she completed through the 2018 AISACT Literacy/Numeracy/STEM Academy: 

The professional development and research I undertook at the Australian Independent Schools Literacy Coaching Academy focused on reading comprehension. The professional learning workshops at the AIS, combined with my own personal research into Project Zero’s Visible Thinking routines, assisted the implementation of a Reader’s Notebook in two Year 4 classes in the Junior School. The Reader’s Notebook provides a space for students to document their growth as a reader and gives teachers a space for being intentional about the teaching and learning of reading comprehension strategies. The notebook allows teachers to target learning and differentiate to student needs. Importantly it has encouraged teachers to identify the instructional purpose of reading lessons and decide what students should know before, during and after reading a text. Teachers can anticipate what may cause the students difficulty with specific texts and make important considerations around background knowledge, vocabulary, conceptual understandings and subject matter. 

Radford College teachers are experts in their fields, diligent and self-reflective professionals who care about the learning of their students. They engage in professional learning, self-appraisal, peer lesson observations and seek feedback to develop their teaching practice.

Sara Vassallo, an early career teacher as well as a Radford collegian, was one of our staff who received recognition from the New South Wales Teachers’ Guild in Sydney in late October, for her innovative and dedicated approach to her teaching. She was one of five finalists, from 70 nominations, and all Radford staff are very proud of her success. I look forward to seeing more of our staff recognised for their teaching excellence in 2019.








Chaplain Erin Tuineau

Coping with self-doubt and spiritual exhaustion

13 November 2018

Rev. Erin Tuineau

We need to remember that God believes in us

There is a prayer I love to read that comes from the Iona Community (an ecumenical Christian community based in Scotland) and it goes like this:

God of our lives
You are always calling us
To follow you into the future
Inviting us to new ventures
New challenges
New ways to care
New ways to touch the hearts of all

When we are fearful of the unknown,
Give us courage
When we worry
That we are not up to the task
Remind us that you would not call us
If you did not believe in us.

When we get tired
Or feel disappointed
With the way things are going
Remind us that you can bring change and hope
Out of the most difficult situations.

I find this prayer very moving and I think that is because it acknowledges some of the things that we as humans often struggle with the most: self-doubt and spiritual exhaustion. Self-doubt is not something that we talk about very much with each other, but it often sits with us throughout our lives, and flares up occasionally as well. We usually talk in the Church about the importance of believing in God, and that this is what our faith relies on. Then I read this prayer and realise that believing in God certainly helps, but more than anything else what we need to know, deep within ourselves, is that God believes in us. God trusts us. God is the one who reminds us that we are more than capable of making a difference in this world, particularly when we feel as though we are failing at something we are trying to achieve. This reminder from God seems to arrive when we admit how much we doubt ourselves, and then, out of nowhere, there arrives this light, this hope, that assures us that all will be ok. That we will be ok. We find the strength to keep going, relying on God’s faith in us.

Spiritual exhaustion seems to come with self-doubt. I know we are familiar with physical exhaustion, but spiritual exhaustion is when the deepest part of who we are is worn out. It usually comes during those times in life when we feel we have tried everything to help others or ourselves get through a difficult situation, and then we reach a point where we just can’t do it anymore. We want to give up. The very notion of ‘giving up’ is shunned to some extent in society. It is seen as a sign of extreme weakness. I think it would be fair to say that we are not really given permission to give up on anything. I cannot count the number of times I have seen the quote ‘Never give up’. It seems to be everywhere. Now, despite all this pressure to just keep on going no matter what, I do find myself telling God quite bluntly at times that I have given up on something. I often say it over and over again, just so the message is crystal clear. I feel really bad about saying it out loud at first, but the strange thing is I sense that God is completely ok with me giving up. And this is a huge relief. And I also discover something else. When I give up on doing something, that is when I let God be God. So, I propose we have a new mantra for our culture, ‘Give up and let God do’.

Rev Erin

Former principal Jock Mackinnon's headstone in the Gegedzerick Cemetery at Berridale, NSW

H for History #34: The value of a moment

14 November 2018

Fighting the good fight, staying the course and keeping the faith

The first inkling I had that I might write the next 'chapter' of our College history occurred inside a little church called All Saints, in the small country town of Berridale, New South Wales in 2016. The church was gently overflowing with people there to pay their respects to Radford's Foundation Principal, Jock Mackinnon AM. Of course, each had their own story as to why they were there, mine being that the man concerned was my first boss, at least of serious, full-time work.

Sitting in All Saints with me that day were Dylan and Sally Mordike. Dylan was a Foundation student and is a current member of the teaching staff at Radford College. His siblings and children also attended Radford, and his wife, Sally, is a previous Registrar. I recalled Dylan once telling me that 'there has never been a time without a Mordike at Radford'. Like me, Dylan came to work at Radford after graduating from university.

I looked around the congregation at Berridale and wondered what kind of stories might be held by its members: of their own relationship with the College's iconic first principal, Jock Mackinnon; what influence he may have had on their life trajectories; and what a vital link he must have been to so many people in the Radford community and also the wider world.

In his eulogy Jock's son, Sandy, shared one of these unforgettable stories. He had found a letter amongst Jock's papers, dated 1971, from an Illawarra Grammar student who had seriously transgressed in some unknown way. 'As Headmaster, it seems, Dad had chosen to counsel the boy rather than expel him and this loving and wise approach had, so the boy claimed, turned his life around,' revealed Sandy. 'From that moment on, the boy had worked hard to make amends to the school and to win back honour. This was typical of Dad's approach – not because he was a softie or couldn't steel himself to make tough decisions – but because his emphasis was always on the possibility of redemption and reconciliation and never on the stern demands of punishment for its own sake.'

Mrs Elizabeth Mackinnon told me how a man came up to her after the service at All Saints and said to her, 'I was that boy, you know,' then he added, 'and I became a schoolmaster.' It would seem that those durable qualities of forgiveness and understanding certainly transcend time. Raiph McPherson (Class of 2003), himself a student who had become a 'schoolmaster', had recently drawn to my attention a quotation from well-known author Dr Seuss: 'sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.'

I left All Saints, Berridale that day, thinking that such valuable moments and inspirational memories really should be collected and shared, not left untold or unopened in physical or digital archives.

Thirty years after I went to work at Radford, I was standing alongside Sandy Mackinnon and his sister, Margaret, at the Gegedzerick Cemetery, Jock's final, serene, picturesque and unpretentious resting place, overlooking the sweeping plains of the Monaro. I had just completed a lengthy, warm and engaging interview with their mother, Elizabeth, who had played such a vital role in Radford early history, alongside her intrepid husband. My mind was spinning with a myriad of marvellous stories she had shared about Jock's past and the events which fortuitously led him to a rough and undeveloped patch of ground at the base of Gossan Hill in Canberra, way back in 1983. While Sandy and Maggie were tending to things, I had a quiet moment under a gum tree hanging over Jock's grave, where a plaque had been set into an appropriately formidable stone, with words declaring, 'I have fought the good fight, stayed the course, kept the faith.'

A few months earlier, the College's sixth principal, Fiona Godfrey, had given me the green light to commence a new phase of my Radford work: to celebrate in words and images, the 35th anniversary of Radford College.

Well, the Mackinnons gave me a great place to start at answering these questions. I profoundly thanked them, walked through the gates of Gegedzerick and made my way to the car and eventually onto the Monaro Highway back to Canberra. It would seem, three decades later and not for the first time in this existence, Jock had given me the sense of a fresh start and a new lease of life.

I began looking forward to the challenges that lay ahead.


Image for article: JS News 14 Nov 2018

JS News 14 Nov 2018

14 November 2018

Junior students commemorate Remembrance Day

Dates to Remember
Thurs 15 Nov Year 3 Strings Concert
Fri 16 Nov PK–Yr 12 Dance Presentations
Mon 19 Nov PK Introduction Morning
Tues 20 Nov RTC Thank You Breakfast
Wed 21 Nov PK Introduction Morning

Collaboration could be seen as “ganging up on a problem and not each other”. Our wonderful Year 5 cohort, backed by a strong strings group, presented a heart-warming, meaningful Remembrance Day service last Friday in our new Undercroft area. Year 5 students led our Junior School students with great accomplishment and our strings group was very impressive. I was taken by the understanding exhibited both by our speakers and our audience. A touching moment was when our builders on our 3/4 site also stood for our minute’s silence.

We have busy classrooms as our teachers move their focus closer to reporting and we are into our final Units. I love visiting Inquiry spaces full of the buzz of student exploration.

Our cubbies will be decorated over our Christmas break and we look forward to our village continuing to take shape. Our Kinder and Year 1 teams have collaborated to develop their ideas for the six rooms.

Another highlight from Friday was watching our students joining together in a wide variety of Friday Sports. Yoga from our newly accredited staff was particularly challenging.

Enjoy your week.
Paul Southwell


Applications open for Foundation scholarship

2020 Foundation Scholarship Applications Open

14 November 2018

Applications close on Friday 15 February 2019.

With the recipient of their inaugural scholarship commencing Year 11 when school returns in February, the Directors of the Radford Foundation welcome applications for the next scholarship.

The recipient will remain anonymous and receive a two-year scholarship to commence Year 11 in 2020. Applications close on Friday 15 February 2019.  

The Foundation Scholarship is awarded to a new student who demonstrates outstanding achievement and community involvement but whose personal financial circumstances prevent them from enrolling at the College.

The Foundation will cover 100% of the Tuition and Capital Levy fees for two years (Years 11 and 12), and up to 100% of compulsory College related costs.

Applicants are initially asked to complete and submit this application form.

Submission of this form and documents listed below by e-mail to foundation@radford.act.edu.au, or by delivery to Main Reception, Radford College, 1 College Street, BRUCE, by 4 pm on Friday 15 February 2019.

  1. This scholarship application form, including the 200-word Personal Statement
  2. School reports for previous two years, NAPLAN reports for Year 7 and Year 9 (if available)
  3. Passport-sized photo.

Only short-listed applicants will then be required to complete this financial statement. The successful applicant will be asked to verify financial statements and provide referees.

The successful applicant will be selected in time for them to take their place in the 2020 Year 11 orientation and induction sessions in Term 2, 2019.

If you have any questions about the application form or process, please email Foundation Administrator Cassie Roberts foundation@radford.act.edu.au or telephone 6162 5388.

Buy your 35th Anniversary Whole College photo now

35th Anniversary Whole College Photo On Sale

14 November 2018

Limited edition memento now available

A limited edition whole-College photograph goes on sale today, ahead of the 2019 celebrations to mark 35 years since the first students commenced at the College in 1984.

2018 marks the 35th year since the Foundation stone was laid and construction of the College commenced.

Almost every staff member and student is shown in the photo, prints of which can now be ordered online for just $39 each (including GST). Please note all names are listed on the back of the print, which is laminated. Posters will be delivered in cardboard tubes.

The dimensions of the photo are 96cm x 47cm and prints will soon be available to view in the Junior School and Secondary School reception areas.

Orders are due by no later than Tuesday 20 November.

Photos will be delivered to students from Pre K to Year 10 by Monday 26 November.

Students in Years 11 and 12 can collect their photo when they attend for unit and course score check days on 28 and 29 November.

Please email Nerida Dyne with any queries - nerida.dyne@radford.act.edu.au

Bronwyn Brown (centre) with Camerata Choir, at Wesley Music Centre

Choristers salute Bronwyn Brown

14 November 2018

AJ America, Director of Choirs

A celebration of Bronwyn Brown's contributions to choirs at Radford

By AJ America, Director of Choirs

On Sunday 4 November, Camerata Choir joined forces with Wesley Uniting Church to host a service in honour of long-serving member of our music department Bronwyn Brown. This year marks Bronwyn’s last in her role as accompanist for Camerata. 

Watching Bronwyn perform alongside Radford students in her church was a moving experience, and a wonderful way to begin to wrap up her time with Camerata. The choir performed excerpts from Hayden’s Little Organ Mass and Parry’s I Was Glad, amongst others. The choir was also joined by Radford Collegian Katrina Wiseman, sister of Darcy and Brianna, who performed as a guest soloist. Congratulations to Camerata on a stunning performance. 

Thank you to Leanne McKean, Conductor, and Karen Gregory, Manager, for organising this occasion, and thank you to Bronwyn Brown, for your many years of outstanding service to Radford Music and to Camerata.




Dinka Gathering Culture Hub event on 17 November at Radford

Dinka Culture Hub Gathering

14 November 2018

Special event at Radford, 17 November

You are invited to attend the Dinka Culture Hub Gathering at G Wigg Sports Centre, Radford College on Saturday, 17 November 2018.
The Culture Hub is a work-in-progress with the North Canberra Dinka (South Sudanese) diaspora community.
This intergenerational, intercultural project creates a ‘safe village’ environment for the Dinka to restore and maintain cultural practices. From here, members can share with and contribute to the larger Canberra community from a basis of their strengths as dancers, drummers, storytellers, athletes and agriculturalists

For more information:
http://bodyecology.com.au/the-culture-hub-2018-21/ or contact zsuzsi@bodyecology.com.au; Zsuzsi, 0402 283 615

The program at G Wigg Sports Centre, Radford College includes:
from 3 pm: (open) basketball & soccer games, playrooms for families with young children, gathering spaces for elders (chess, backgammon & cards) — all welcome.

from 5 pm: children and youth BBQ

from 6.30 pm: Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony led by Ngunnawal elders, exchanges between Radford College students & staff, Canberra artists & performers, and members of the Dinka community, followed by drumming & dancing — open to all!

Light supper: Catering by Canberra Magic Kitchen, Radford students and the Dinka community.

With gratitude to: Mrs Fiona Godfrey, Father Richard Browning, Anglicare NSW South / NSW West /ACT, the ACT Office of Multicultural Affairs, Companion House, Canberra Magic Kitchen, Canberra OzHarvest, Tiny’s Green Shed, and citizens of all ages from the ecumenical Canberra community.

Image for article: Radford Dance Academy Showcase

Radford Dance Academy Showcase

23 October 2018

Danielle White Director of Movement

Save the date for this amazing performance – 17 November 2018

The Radford Dance Academy Showcase 2018 promises to be a spectacular event, don't miss it!

Date: Saturday 17 November
Time: 5.30 pm
Venue: Llewellyn Hall, ANU School of Music, 61 Marcus Clarke Street, CANBERRA CITY
Tickets: https://trybooking.com/WQFD  
Free admission, but please book by 12 November 2018, to reserve the number of tickets you need.

Contact:  Danielle White, Director of Movement, danielle.white@radford.act.edu.au

Information night and trials this month!

Capital Football National Premier League 2019

21 November 2018

Info night and trials this month!

INFORMATION SESSION – Premier League Football
Date: Thursday 15 November
Time: 6.00 pm
Venue: Heath Lecture Theatre, Mackinnon Senior School (access from Hayden Drive).

We are excited to announce that Radford College has been accepted into the Capital Football National Premier League Youth Boys competition (U13, 14, 16 & 18) for the 2019 Winter Football season. Please note this competition is an additional competition to the Junior League (Division 1, 2 & 3). Trials for our Junior League teams will be held in Term 1 2019. 

All Football parents/players (including 2019 new students) in those relevant age groups are strongly encouraged to attend the information session on Thursday 15 November, 6.00 pm in the Heath Lecture Theatre (located off the Hayden Drive entrance).

Speakers at the session will be:

  • Brent Larkham – Head of Sport
  • Tom Crossley – Technical Director & Head Coach U16 & U18
  • Ali Riza Efe – Head Coach U13 & U14
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach and Physiotherapist.

The information session will be recorded and distributed upon request for those who cannot make it.

Trials will be held on the below dates & times. Trials take priority over Summer sport training. Students who cannot attend trials must email Dianne.Wilson@radford.act.edu.au.


U13 & 14 Boys
Thursday 29 & Friday 30 November 2018
4–5.30 pm
P&F Oval

U16 & 18 Boys
Thursday 22 & Friday 23 November 2018
4–5.30 pm
P&F Oval

Forensic Science Camp 2019 at The Armidale School

Forensic Science Camp 2019

12 November 2018

Bronwyn Stanbury, HoD Science

Budding young sleuths have the opportunity to solve simulated crimes at TAS Forensic Science Camp.

From Bronwyn Stanbury, Head of Science

For almost two decades, budding young sleuths from across eastern Australia relish the opportunity to solve simulated crimes at The Armidale School Forensic Science Camp.

Such has been its success that each year it regularly attracts more than 80 bright Year 8–9 students from Brisbane to Ballarat, and many places in between. Year 8 students (in 2019) are divided into groups of four detectives and, over five days in the July holidays (9 July to 13 July) they solve fictitious felonies using a range of forensic techniques, including microscopy, chromatography, fingerprint analysis, cryptography and general science. They analyse the evidence, identify and interview the suspects, order medical and scientific tests and search criminal databases.

On the final day of the camp, a local magistrate conducts a ‘court case’ in which the teams have the chance to convict their suspect. The scenarios are developed by ‘Camp Controllers’, former participants who lead the camp. Scenarios use procedures including blood-typing, fibre testing and soil analyses to solve a range of crimes, from theft, to vandalism and murder. Participants develop skills in logic and organisation, using technology and forensic science – and it’s a whole lot of fun.

These could be the five most exciting, agonising, stimulating, frustrating and intellectually invigorating days of your life. Have you the courage to come? You won’t be disappointed.

Do you dare to stay away?

Link: http://www.as.edu.au/life-at-tas/academic/forensic-science-camp/ 

Chris and Christine Burgess with George Huitker and Bob Arthur

Three special visitors from Radford's early days

14 November 2018

George Huitker, Director of Service Learning

Visitors from Radford's earliest days enjoy a walk down memory lane

By George Huitker, Director of Service Learning

Radford recently welcomed three special guests for a tour of the campus: Chris and Christine Burgess and Bob Arthur.

Bob played many roles in the establishment of the College through difficult and controversial times and was the first Vice-Chairman of the Board of Radford College. Strolling through the campus had him vividly recall surveying the actual site of the then-proposed school when it was nothing but rugged bushland. ‘It is very satisfying to have had a small part in starting something which has been carried on and developed so successfully.’

The Burgesses were similarly strong supporters of the school and were in awe of what had been achieved across three and a half decades: ‘To see the school in full operational mode was a very moving experience for those of us coming from ground zero nearly 40 years ago,’ reflected Chris, who was a Board member from 1982-1987. ‘With the involvement of dedicated teaching and life practitioners, the school and its vibrant community is in the very best of hands.’

Our journey commenced and concluded at the TB Millar Hall, named after our visionary first Chairman. Chris Burgess was responsible for running a general appeal for the building of the Hall. With parent helpers, Chris made personal contact with people in order to raise funds. As outlined in the school’s first history, Jenny Murphy’s A Matter of Choice: ‘the appeal was marvellously successful, resulting in an almost universal response with 88% of parents converting their enrolment deposits to donations to the building fund. This gave a sum of approximately $258 000…’

Chatting with Fiona Godfrey en route to the weekly assembly, Chris made the point that there are now easily more members of staff than the 235 first students who started at Radford on Tuesday 3 February 1984, when there were 15 teaching staff and 5 ancillary staff.

The visitors are looking forward to joining in the College’s 35 year celebrations in 2019.


Read about the BYOD device specifications and purchasing portal

BYOD purchasing portal

14 November 2018

Carl Flanagan, IT Operations Manager

Purchases can be made through the JB HiFi Education portal

From Carl Flanagan, IT Operations Manager 

The College has partnered with JB HiFi Education to provide an alternative purchasing option for student BYOD devices. The College does not receive any financial benefit from this partnership, however JB HiFi has generously offered to provide sponsorship of a laptop device for the inaugural Radford Foundation Scholarship recipient in 2019.  

Devices available through the BYOD Purchasing Portal have been selected to meet our specifications and are in line with our selection advice published here on Radford Online. The devices available through the portal are typically of an enterprise grade rather than the consumer grade models available through retail stores.  

Devices ordered through the JB HiFi portal are in stock in their warehouse, not sourced from the manufacturer at the time of purchase, which means you typically will receive your item(s) to your nominated store within 2–3 days.  

Some of the newer Apple and Microsoft devices are not yet available for purchase through the portal. Once they become available we will ensure they are added.  

All devices have an option to purchase insurance, extended warranties or accidental damage protection and, although the repair options vary, they can include onsite repairs (at your home or office), advanced replacement (provision of a replacement device before having to send in the faulty unit) or the ability to take the device into an authorised repair centre.

BYOD Purchasing Portal URL:      https://www.jbeducation.com.au/byod/
School code:                                       radfordbyod2019

E-mail for queries to Radford: 1-to-1@radford.act.edu.au

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need to purchase a device from the BYOD Purchasing Portal?
No. You can purchase your choice of device from any retailer, providing it meets the minimum specifications outlined here. Please consult the 'Device Selection' section when making your decision. 

What happens if my child’s BYOD device malfunctions?
Parents are required to return the device to the manufacturer or place of purchase for repair or replacement. The College’s IT Department is not responsible for troubleshooting or repairing student owned devices. Devices purchased through the BYOD portal have the option of an extended warranty and/or enhanced repair/replacement. Please see the BYOD Purchasing Portal section for more information.

Several riders, including Lara Christoffelsz, were successful in showjumping events

Sports Report - Equestrian

13 November 2018

Margaret Bowen (Parent Coordinator)

A happy and successful time at the ACT Equestrian Interschool Championships

By Margaret Bowen (Parent Coordinator)

The Radford Equestrian team had a very successful weekend at the ACT Equestrian Interschool Championships, held at Bungendore Showgrounds on the first weekend in November.

Radford was represented by seven riders: Emily Warren, Hana Jugovic and Siena Berichon (all in Year 6), Amelie Berichon (Year 8), Lara Christoffelsz and Eri Niisato (both Year 9) and Saffron Gibson-Bode (Year 10). The championships covered all disciplines – dressage, ring events, show jumping, sporting and more.

Our riders achieved some outstanding results:

. Lara Christoffelsz (Year 8): Champion 1.10 m Show Jumping and Champion Year 8 Show Horse overall
. Amelie Berichon (Year 8): Reserve Champion Show Pony
. Siena Berichon (Year 6): 2nd place, 45 cm Show Jumping & 3rd place, Prep Dressage Test
. Emily Warren (Year 6): 3rd place, 60 cm Junior Show Jumping; 6th place, 70 cm Junior Show Jumping, 8th place, Junior 1.3 m Dressage Test
. Hana Jugovic (Year 6): 2nd place, Year 6 Galloway hack
. Saffron Gibson-Bode: 5th place, 60 cm Show Jumping
. Eri Niisato (Year 9): 3rd and 4th place, 90 cm and 1 m Show Jumping

Interschools Interschools

Most of all, the riders had heaps of fun competing. Hana told me she really enjoyed dressage, and Emily tried out her skills in the barrel-racing and bareback riding. Saffron said she was pleased with her score in what was a tough dressage competition.

With a number of Year 6 riders entering Radford next year, our team is growing.
Well done to all competitors in the Radford Equestrian Team!

Interschools Interschools

The National Roman Museum is one of the proposed stops on the tour

Ancient history tour of Europe Jan 2020

26 September 2018

Expressions of interest sought

Radford history teacher Brad Greer is planning an Ancient History Tour of Turkey, Greece and Rome in January 2020.

The proposed itinerary is available here.

Please email Brad to register your interest in going on this tour, which is open to all staff, families and students.

Brad's email is Bradley.Greer@radford.act.edu.au

Peru Tour mid-2020

Peru Tour mid-2020

13 November 2018

Expressions of interest now open!

Lindy Braithwaite, Dean of Senior Studies 

Expressions of interest are now open for a tour to Peru in 2020, in the mid-year, June/July, holidays .

The tour will be open to students in Y11 and Y12 in 2020 (current Y9 and Y10 students).

Register your interest online at www.tinyurl.com/RadfordPeru

An information evening will be held in Term 1, 2019.

Contact: Lindy.Braithwaite@radford.act.edu.au





The Junior School Magic Bathtub - donate here!

Supporting Belconnen Community Service

13 November 2018

Melinda Hamilton & Tiia Wright

Service learning - supporting the local community

By Melinda Hamilton & Tiia Wright, Junior School Teachers 

Belconnen Community ServiceThe Radford Tribal Council (RTC) took a shopping trip to Kmart last week to purchase gifts to support the Belconnen Community Service (BCS) Christmas Appeal. The students were excited to spend the $710 raised from the Term 3 Disco on gifts that will be able to brighten the Christmas of people struggling in our local community. 

This year, Bill from BCS visited and encouraged the RTC to consider purchasing gifts for males aged from 30 to 60+, as this was a real area of need last year. This was a good challenge for us and the RTC conducted some research asking their fathers and grandfathers for gift ideas! As we wheeled our shopping baskets around the entire store, each student chose gifts to the value of $35. We enjoyed the chance to use the self-serve checkouts and then walked out of Kmart with bags full of gifts, before catching a ride back to school on the Radford bus. 

In the coming weeks we will be passing on all these gifts to the Belconnen Community Centre and encouraging Junior School families to also generously support this appeal. 

Gifts donated should be unwrapped and placed in the Magic Bathtub in the Junior School foyer.

Shopping for others less fortunate


Fete Raffle Winners

Raffle R 18/00157 - Winners

Raffle permit number R 18/00157 was drawn at the Fete on 3 Nov 2018.  


Prize description


1st prize

$5,000.00 from Supersmile Orthodontist

Louise MacCallum 

2nd prize

Radford Ball, table for 10 – value $1700.00

Mitch Links                

3th prize

Travel voucher Jamison Travel – value $500.00

Alice Richardson       

4th prize

'Date Night' Package at Ovolo Nishi – value $400.00

Vijay Vikram              

Flexischools - change to order times

Flexischools - Friday lunch orders by 9am

All Flexischools lunch orders for Fridays must now be placed by 9am. (Canteen Manager Karen Robinson).

Head Lice Alert


From the College Nurse: We have had several cases of head lice reported over the past week. These cases are spanning several year groups across both the Secondary School and the Junior School. For more details, please see attached Information and treatment sheet.