Radford Bulletin Term 4, Week 6 – 15 November 2017

Y10 Shakespeare

27 & 28 Nov, 6:15 pm, TB Millar Hall, tickets at door

Staff Insights

Fiona Godfrey, Principal

From the Principal

14 November 2017

The College farewells Year 12 students, fete reflections, and "Factors Influencing School Choice" report

A Fitting Farewell for the Class of 2017

Last Friday, with the usual mix of emotions, our current Year 12 students celebrated their final day of classes. As is the tradition at Radford, it was tinged with sadness and tears, mixed with memories and laughs, and topped with optimism and excitement for what lies ahead.

Breakfast farewells at the start of the dayIn a break from the normal program, the day started early this year with a special breakfast in TB Millar Hall, served by the Year 11 students who have been selected as Prefects for next year. On what looked like a scene from Harry Potter, all of the Year 12s were seated on three very long tables, and served an elaborate breakfast of hot and cold food. At the conclusion of the meal, Head of Year 12, Mr Bradley Greer gave a very stirring, and at times comical, address to the cohort, demonstrating how well he knows the group.

From the breakfast, the students moved to their Year Level meeting, where once again there was lots of reminiscing and an opportunity to thank their tutors, most of whom they have had for the past two years. At the conclusion of the Year Level meeting, the whole of the Secondary School merged into the TB Millar Hall for the traditional Year 12 Assembly.

Girls farewells  Boys farewells

After recess, the Year 12s moved into their final Chapel Service, which, in complete opposition to the Assembly before it, was an opportunity for some quiet reflection. Father Richard and Rev. Erin delivered a beautiful service, and the students clearly enjoyed singing some of their favourite hymns. The day concluded with a guard of honour out of the Chapel, formed by younger students.

We wish both the Year 11 and 12 students well with their examinations this week. For most of the Year 12s, their formal association with the College will conclude on Monday 20 November at their Graduation Night at Llewellyn Hall, though they will have their Formal a couple of nights later at the Arboretum, and some Year 12s will be involved in the Awards Night.

A reflection on the Fete

As this is my first Bulletin article since the Fete, I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on what a fantastic occasion it was, and how so many people helped to bring the event to fruition. I am a huge advocate for the Fete: not only is it an opportunity to raise funds for additional equipment and programs the College requires, but it is one of the few opportunities that we have all year for the College Community to come together in a relaxed and informal way.

In almost-perfect weather conditions, people of all ages came together to support the College and show their loyalty and commitment to individuals and groups. I was delighted to see so many people sampling food, enjoying the entertainment, and taking time to catch up with friends and acquaintances. It was particularly pleasing to note that the Fete this year had a less commercial focus, which is the style of Fete the P&F had worked hard to generate.

While it is always difficult to thank everybody who assisted with the Fete, there are a few people I would like to particularly mention. First and foremost, I would like to thank the P&F Fete Convenor, Mr Andrew Herring, P&F Administrator, Ms Angie Walters and P&F President Ms Sarah Jennett. I also wish to thank Ms Leeann Dunne, Ms Heidi Norton, Mr Dean O’Brien, Ms Cathy Jackson, the Facilities Team (led by Mr Robert Harris), the Communications Team (led by Mr Mick Bunworth), the Music and Dance Departments, and all of the student helpers, in particular the Junior School Liaison Prefects, for their collective support. And finally, I would like to thank everyone who donated goods, time, or just simply attended. Collectively it was a great team effort!

Although it is my firm belief that the value of events such as the Fete lies in the community spirit that they evoke, it also provides an opportunity for the P&F to fund raise. While final profits are yet to be determined, we are confident that there will be a significant increase on last year’s profit.

Factors Influencing School Choice

A new publication, Factors Influencing School Choice by the Independent Schools Council of Australia (ISCA) has been released which provides an insight into what is important to parents when choosing education for their child. The research is similar to that which produced ISCA’s 2007 report of the same name, and shows that Australian parents choose independent schools based on the desire to support a well-rounded school experience for their children. The research reveals how a diverse and evolving range of factors are influencing Australian families in the schools they are choosing. The top three reasons parents choose an independent school are:

  • overall educational excellence (33%)
  • a supportive and caring environment (24%)
  • good teachers (22%).

How do parents choose an independent school


The research also found that when it comes to choosing a specific school, personal interaction with the school and its community is the most persuasive influence for parents. Technology-related influences such as social media, school websites, MySchool and NAPLAN were also seen as important for building awareness, but less so than the personal interaction factors.

Key findings of the report include:

• Parents have long-term goals for their children’s education – most importantly that the school will provide the foundation for the child to grow into a mature, well-rounded person.

• The most common reasons parents choose an independent school include good teachers, overall educational excellence, good facilities, and the supportive and caring environment.

• Personal interaction with the school and its community is the most persuasive influence for parents when choosing a school.

• Overwhelmingly, parents agree they would recommend the school at which their children are currently enrolled to family and friends.

The full report Factors Influencing School Choice - ISCA Research Report 2017 can be found at:  http://isca.edu.au/publications/research/

A Farewell to Staff Departing

As is customary practice, at the Year 12s final assembly last week I bade farewell to the Secondary School staff who will not be returning to Radford College in 2018. Staff who are leaving fall into two groups: those who have been on short term replacement contracts, and those who have had permanent positions and have generally been longer-term staff.

Of the latter group, Mr Peter Hanisch, Dr Chris Wetherell, Ms Dee Marrapodi and Ms Pamela ten Broeke will all be leaving the College at the end of 2017.

Mr Peter Hanisch, who has been at Radford for the past 20 years, has decided to finish his teaching career at the end of this year. Peter will retire from the teaching of Mathematics and Science and use his time to further travel and concentrate on his many hobbies.

Dr Chris Wetherell made the decision mid-year to step down from his leadership position of Head of Mathematics, to return to a full-time teaching position. In doing this, Chris felt it would be fairer for the Head of Mathematics if he took up a role in another school. Over the 11 years that Chris has being working at Radford, he has developed a reputation as a first-rate teacher who is universally admired by students and staff alike. We wish him well in his new school.

Current Head of HPE, Ms Dee Marrapodi, has accepted the promotional role of Director of Teaching and Learning at Beaconhills College in Melbourne. We warmly congratulate Dee on this senior appointment, and thank her for the professionalism and energy she has devoted to Radford over the past 10 years.

After one year of teaching at Radford, Ms Pamela ten Broeke has reluctantly resigned her position at the College to move back to Sydney for personal reasons.

Mr Tim van Dalen, Ms Marlena Nische, Ms Rachel Hoskin and Mr Graeme Brown will all conclude short term contracts at the end of this term. We thank them for their contribution to the College.




Chaplain Erin Tuineau

Chaplain's reflection: respecting faith

14 November 2017

Rev. Erin Tuineau, Chaplain

Encouraging more respectful conversations about faith

At the beginning of this year I went shopping for a birthday present and I found myself looking around a very respectable, and somewhat expensive, gift shop here in Canberra. It was here that I came across something I will never forget - it was called a ‘Jesus Soap’. Obviously, as a person of the Christian faith, I was very curious as to what this ‘Jesus Soap’ was, and what it was doing in a secular gift shop. So, I picked it up and discovered that it was in fact a bar of soap with a westernized image of Jesus on it (i.e., blue eyes and blonde hair), and on the back of the box there were words to this effect: ‘Wake up in the morning after a wild night out and wash all of your sins away with a bar of Jesus soap’. Well, I did not know whether to laugh or cry at this point. I have heard many religious jokes in my time, and some are very funny without being offensive, but I was not sure what to think about this ‘Jesus Soap’. I think my gut feeling was that I did not like it, and found it a bit unsettling. In fact, I think it represented what many in our western world think of religion - they can tend to think of it as a bit of a joke. The fact is Christians do believe that we need to confess our sins, and that Jesus reconciles us with God’s love through his very person. I know this does not make sense to a lot of people, but it can be somewhat offensive when others mock these beliefs and turn them into soaps. 

I am well aware that the Church is not seen in a positive light in our current Australian society. And I think many Christians accept this and understand why this the case. The Church, unfortunately, has had a long history of telling people unhelpful and untrue messages like, ‘God thinks humans are all bad and sinful people and they will go to hell if they do not adhere to a strict set of beliefs about Jesus’. This sort of message is often labelled as the ‘fire and brimstone sermon’ and understandably has turned a lot of people away from wanting anything to do with the Church, let alone God. And then there is ‘Bible bashing’, which is when some Christians have taken it upon themselves to force their beliefs onto another person with a lot talking ‘at’ them, rather than ‘with’ them. If I had been at the receiving end of either of these things, I may not have had anything to do with the Church either. While it is clear that that some Christians leaders have made poor judgements in the past about how to pass on the Good News about Christ, I do wonder whether mocking faith, whether Christian or otherwise, is really necessary. Being mocked, for any human being, is a hurtful experience. I just wish the conversations that happen in Australia concerning religion could be done in a more respectful manner, which sometimes they are, but often they are not. I say this because when I teach religion in the classroom, I find myself having to remind students to speak about the faith of others in a respectful manner, which can be a real challenge for some of them. I believe this is the result of our young people constantly being exposed to a culture of ‘satire’ in Australian media and elsewhere. 

The outcome is that we now have a situation in Australia where many people of faith, of all ages, do not feel safe to speak about their religion in their school, work or social environments, as they are afraid that they will be laughed at, or worse, physically hurt. Ultimately, what we need to do is create spaces where people of faith, and no faith, feel that they all have the freedom to share their thoughts about religion, and be respected, no matter what their beliefs are. I think such a change in Australian culture will take a long time, if not decades, and will only be achieved if each one of us is more intentional about practising such respect in our own relationships, and if we are brave, bringing it up as a topic of conversation amongst our family and friends. 


Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

JS News 15 Nov 2017

15 November 2017

A week of wonderful interactions and staff contributions

Date to Remember: 
Tues 21 Nov Radford Tribal Council Breakfast

Over the past weeks we have been explicitly focusing on curiosity, kindness and perseverance.

I have been fortunate to watch and learn about the many smaller words that can be found in the word 'perseverance' (I'm told there are 460), about paying forward and kindness, as well as how we maintain a curious nature.

Following last week, I am looking forward to 'passionate teachers', and I know where to find them. Last week we commenced our first Pre Kindergarten student-orientation morning. In Monday's teeming rain, stood with  many other staff in the pouring rain to walk our families, new and old, into school. Our current PK students had to move to the Library and we covered ourselves under large tarpaulins and reached our Library dry, and laughing! Our staff had been preparing since a little after 7 am.

We introduced our new Kindergarten classes to each other in their own Kindergarten Centre on the K–4 site for 2018. Again, we had staff preparing from the early hours.

Thursday provided us with the opportunity to welcome our 2018 Year 3 families in the late afternoon. We took them for tours of their 2018 Centre and talked about our culture of belonging and being known. The first steps were taken in meeting staff who will journey with them – many staff volunteered to stay and talk.

On Friday we commemorated the 99th anniversary of the ending of World War I. Our Year 5 classes have traditionally lead our Remembrance Service, as it was relevant totheir Units of Inquiry. Whilst this is no longer the case, the Year 5 students and staff put together a remarkable and moving ceremony.

Later that afternoon, I popped in on Year 4 students celebrating their Personal Inquiries in a mini Exhibition-style presentation. I sat in on a Maths lesson on angles, and another on lattice multiplication. I also found a teacher joining students on our Lego tables.

I farewelled some tired bodies last Friday, and welcomed them bouncing back in on Monday. That's not our kids ... it’s our staff.



Y10 Shakespeare - don't miss it!

Y10 Shakespeare 27/28 Nov

15 November 2017

Always a fabulous event - save the date

By Nick Akhurst, Head of Drama

Each year a theme is chosen for the Year 10 Shakespeare production. It is a challenge to find a theme that encompasses the myriad of themes in Shakespeare, ambition, betrayal, love, hate, appearance vs reality, order and disorder. 

We have had a wide variety of styles in the past, Jerry Springer, Science Fiction, 1950s Horror Movies, Harry Potter and the Pirates from the Caribbean. 

So, the logical place to set the show in 2017 that could hold all these themes was a school. The Year 10 students have created a homage to teen movies taking inspiration from 10 Things I Hate About You, Mean Girls, Ferris Bueller's Day Off and many more. 

We invite you to come see:

10 Things I hate about Will! 

Dates: 27 & 28 November
Time: 6:15pm for a 6:30pm start
Venue: TB Millar Hall
Tickets: $10.00 tickets, on sale in the Quads at lunch time and at the door.

Basketball think tank turns its collective brains trust to strategy

Sports Report 15 Nov 2017

15 November 2017

Football trials, Cricket, Basketball, Oztag

First XI Boys and Girls Football Trials for winter 2018
Trials will be held for the First XI Boys and Girls teams to compete in the winter Football competition. Interested students must attend both trials. If you are not available on one of the following days, please notify the Sports Department: sport@radford.act.edu.au
• Wednesday 22 November 3.45–5.00 pm
• Wednesday 29 November 3.45–5.00 pm

U13 Div 1 T20: Radford 2/127 def. Norths Red 39
by Mark Slater
Congratulations to the boys for their fourth win in six matches on Wednesday 8 November. The prospects for the season in both the T20 and 30-over comps are now looking strong, especially if they keep working on the batting, fielding and bowling fundamentals. They are doing a lot of small but important things well: respecting the good ball, looking for gaps and singles, calling and running hard when batting, bowling accurately and, in the field, backing up and watching the ball into the hands.

We lost our first wicket at 121 on Wednesday (also 96 v Eastlake), which shows what can be achieved with patience and intent. James (13), Clancy Probyn (11) (the new Haynes and Greenidge!), Jake Smith Gibson (18), Joey Slater (11) and Nikhil Pilla (22) all batted themselves into early retirement and Jonty (18 n.o.) showed what he is capable of when he has confidence. Gen Casarotto and Will Lumb were both important at the end in helping to get the score to near 130. When Ginninderra batted, the boys again bowled accurately, giving away a few easy runs, supported by terrier fielding. Gen's lightning stumping of Ginninderra's best batter, from Jake's bowling, would have made Ian Healy envious! Jake (3/1), Joey (1/3) and Will (1/4) took the wickets, with Jonty Probyn's excellent throw icing the fielding effort. Special mention goes to Patrick Walker and Curtis Garrett, whose improved fast bowling has added depth to our attack. They may not have taken a wicket but their efforts with the ball were really important.

Thanks to parents Peter Walker for his diligent scoring and Narelle Smith for her excellent work as scoreboard attendant.

U 13 Div 1: Radford 5/171 def. Ginninderra 91 at Radford

by Mark Slater

Two themes are emerging from this season: the value of all players contributing to the team and developing the basic skills of a sport.

Batting first, the Radford boys showed the value of patience, steadily accumulating runs while always being ready to attack the bad ball. Clancy Probyn (16 ret. n.o.) and Jake Smith Gibson (26 ret. n.o.) opened the innings and set a strong platform, enabling Nikhil Pilla (33), Joey Slater (16), Will Lumb (13) and the rest of the batters to build a strong total. In reply, Ginninderra were always under pressure from accurate Radford bowling and enthusiastic fielding and were bowled out for 91. Nikhil (1/1), Joey (1/5), Jake (1/14), Gen Casarotto (1/15), Curtis Garrett (1/14) and Jonty Probyn (1/20) all chipped in with wickets in an even performance.

This was the team's fifth win from seven games and the boys are full of confidence for the Belco Derby against Wests on Saturday.

U12 Girls: Radford 2 def. by # KAOS 3
by Josie Gouvoussis
U12 OzTag scoresThe Radford U12 Girls OzTag team kicked off the season with an exciting start on Wednesday evening. The girls, who were determined to win the game against their opponent and also enjoy themselves, had a light-hearted team discussion prior to kick-off with the main aim of the game: to have fun. After several cartwheels and numerous high fives, the girls started off with a strong round of passes that saw the ball almost reach the touchline. Unfortunately this back and forth between both teams occurred for majority of the first half until the first try was scored by none other than the Radford girls. The Radford team did not end up winning this match, however, they put in a hard slog against the opposing team in the second half with some fantastic tags and great teamwork being key during the match! Overall, it was a fantastic and riveting game that involved lots of laughs, hard work and smiles all around.

U19 Div. 6 Boys Radford Derby: Ducks 41 def. Timberwolves 16
The long-awaited game between the Radford College Ducks and Timberwolves was played over the weekend. The two very spirited teams of young men faced off in a fight for dominance: the Ducks representing Year 11, and the Timberwolves representing Year 10. The Ducks pulled ahead from the first quarter and maintained a steady lead, but some skilful three pointers from the Timberwolves helped them put points on the board. This win means the Ducks keep their spot at first on the ladder. A massive turnout to support both teams created a great atmosphere for the boys to show off their skills! Congratulations to the Ducks for the win, and better luck next time to the Timberwolves!

U16 Div. 3 Girls: Radford Dazzle 24 def. Canberra Girls Grammar 20
The Dazzles made hard work of defeating a determined CGGS team in a close match as they squandered numerous scoring chances or gave away the ball a little too easily. With less than 30 seconds on the clock, the margin was just two points but the girls found the resolve to keep attacking and were rewarded with a number of free throws, which were converted. This was the team's third win by five points or less, which shows that the girls are resilient under pressure. The team is now second on the ladder after five games.

Year 5 students Clarissa Gautama and Will Howarth with Doug Brown from Belconnen RSL Sub-Branch

Year 5 students Remembrance Day fundraising

14 November 2017

Mick Bunworth, Communications Manager

Lest we forget

Year 5 students were busy fundraising in the lead up to last week’s Remembrance Day commemorations. Selling poppies and badges to fellow students, as well as teachers and parents, the students managed to raise almost $700.

Clarissa Gautama and Will Howarth presented Doug Brown from the Belconnen RSL Sub-Branch with the money on Tuesday. Mr Brown expressed the RSL’s sincere thanks on behalf of the veterans who would benefit from the students’ efforts.

Clarissa and Will said the Year 5s were honoured to raise money for our veterans and thank them for their service by selling poppies, the symbol of remembrance.

The Junior School learns Angela Duckworth's lessons on perseverance

Grit. The Power and Passion of Perseverance

14 November 2017

Julie Smith, JS Wellbeing Team

Students learn about perseverance in a practical way

By Julie Smith, JS Wellbeing Team

In our Wellbeing program throughout the Junior School this week, the children and teachers have engaged in a range of conversations and activities that explore the quality of perseverance. We had a school-wide challenge to make as many words as possible out of the letters in PERSEVERANCE. Many of the children showed great persistence in this task. (It is possible to generate about 450 words from the letters.)

If you would like to hear Angela Duckworth discussing her research into the power of perseverance, please click on the link below for her TED talk - Grit. The Power and Passion of Perseverance https://www.ted.com/talks/angela_lee_duckworth

Y7 helping our local community

Y7 Giving challenge

23 October 2017

The Service Captains issue a challenge to Y7 students

By Viv Wang, Sophia Lo Pilato, Will Davies - Service Captains

Year 7 has been challenged by the Service Captains to see how many wheelie bins of non-perishable goods they can fill in the period 23 October to 1 December.

Each tutor group has been assigned a bin in the library. Library staff can help students locate their bin. The tutor group that fills the most will win a lunchtime of snacks!

All donated items go to assist the work of Belconnen Community Services, as part of the Giving Tree initiative.


Radford Tribal Council members shopping for the Christmas Appeal. Donations open until last day of term.

Radford Tribal Council supports Christmas Appeal

7 November 2017

Donations open until end of term

By Ellie Maglasis, Radford Tribal Council Representative

On Tuesday 31 October, 24 Radford Tribal Council representatives took a trip to Kmart. Why would we go to Kmart? Well, remember the disco? We used the profits from the disco and got $29 each to spend at Kmart and buy presents for the Belconnen Community Service Christmas Appeal. These presents go to over 150 families who can’t afford presents for Christmas. It feels great to be able to give back to the community and help families so that they can enjoy Christmas just like us.

Junior School families are encouraged to further support this great initiative by bringing in an unwrapped gift, and placing it under the tree in the Junior School foyer. All these gifts will be placed into hampers and distributed to those in need within our local community this Christmas.

Radford Rowing

Rowing News 15 Nov 2017

15 November 2017

Vicki Spencer, Director of Rowing

A successful Regatta and an Australian record for Annie Creer

Radford Regatta, 11 November
by Charlotte Cross

Radford Rowing hosted a successful regatta on Saturday with multiple crews medalling in their respective divisions and some of our new rowers making their racing debut in the event.

Paddler Boys carve up the lake

The Senior Boys quads kicked off the day with strong racing from both crews resulting in a silver medal for the Boys A Grade quad, finishing only six seconds off the winners (who were a coxless boat). The B Grade quad had a strong start and a close race to finish fifth place behind Marist and Canberra Grammar. Later in the day Alex Howitt and Sam Earle raced in the Mens C Grade double coming away with a bronze medal. Baker and Sampson teamed up in the double scull, racing against ANU and Radford's Majchrzak and Fernandez in the B Grade event, it was a close race all the way with Baker and Sampson rowing down Majchrzak and Fernandez to claim silver behind ANU. All Senior Boys crews raced well and gained valuable racing experience for the ISRA regatta in Sydney this coming weekend.

The Senior Girls A Grade and B Grade quads followed with the A Grade quad of Lydia Murray, Jacinta Buckman, Annie Creer, Nikki Greenland and Sam Blake claiming gold 10 seconds ahead of the older, more experience ANU crews. The B Grade quad (Sayers, Barclay, Dyne, Northcote), finishing fourth, are building experience and confidence. The C Grade quad, with two new rowers – Lily Smith-Saarinen and Thea Buckman – joining Tash Erb and Lucy McGowan, secured a place in the B Final and placed fourth. The girls raced well and learnt some valuable lessons for their next event.

Finishing third place in their heat put the Intermediate (Y9) Boys A quad into the B Final in a strong time. This gave the boys the confidence they needed to perform well and come away in first place ahead of Canberra Grammar by just under five seconds. Later in the day, Damien Schroder (Y9) and Ethan Toscan (Y8) combined in the double scull, racing hard to claim a gold medal in a close race against Marist College – winning by just over half a second. The B Grade quad of Lang, Walker, Kruger and Wright coxed by Georgia Murphy made their debut with Lang and Walker racing for the first time in the D Grade quad, coming fourth in the B Final, a good effort for these new rowers.

Similarly, the Intermediate Girls secured a place in the B Final after narrowly missing out on the A Final by just over a second. This put the girls in a strong position ahead of their competitors as the A Grade quad went on to take first place. The B Grade quad also raced well in the B Final after experiencing some late crew changes. Many thanks to Hannah Vardy (Y8) who bravely stepped up and jumped into the 2 seat. Charlotte McCarthy finished up the Year 9 representation with a good performance in the C Grade single scull, claiming bronze behind Kinross Wolaroi.

Annie Creer celebrates her Australian rowing record

The Junior Girls quad finished second in their heat to move on to the A Final and this crew combination learnt some valuable lessons about stepping up performance in each race, finishing sixth in the A Final. Elena McNee and Courtney Jacopino competed in the E Grade double scull, racing much more experienced opposition to place fifth, which was a good result for this inexperienced crew. The Paddler Girls had a good showing for their first regatta of the season. Both the A Grade and B Grade quads finished in the top two in their heats to move on to the A Final, while the C Grade quad went to the B Final and the D Grade quad to the C Final. The A Grade quad was edged out in a tight race and took home the bronze. A fantastic effort from these younger crews.

The Junior Boys (Y8) A Grade quad raced up a division, competing in C Grade. A strong performance put them as favourites in the A Final where they claimed gold – five seconds ahead of the rest of the field. The crew combination of Abbott, Parkinson, Toscan, Roberts and Kenneally (cox) is showing great promise. In addition, the Junior Boys B Grade quad walked away with silver in the B Final of the Men's D Grade quad. Following on from these impressive results we saw the Paddler Boys take out silver and gold in the Mens E Grade quad division. 

In addition to these promising results, our Girls Captain, Annie Creer, had a successful week as she became the new Australian record holder of the 17–18 Women's 1,000 metre event in an impressive 3:28.8! A fantastic achievement!

Thanks to all athletes who took part in our Indoor Rowing Championships event last Sunday – it was a hugely successful day and good fun for all. Thanks also to all supporters and parents for such a successful week. The athletes only have a few days to recover until we're back on the start line in Sydney as ISRA quickly approaches! Well done all crews!



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