Radford Bulletin Term 4, Week 8 – 29 November 2017

Staff Insights

Bill Weigall, Director of Assessment, Reporting and Curriculum

From the Director of Assessment, Reporting and Curriculum, November 2017

29 November 2017

Curriculum evolution, IB DB Consultant Visit, academic reports available online from mid-December

Curriculum evolution
As a means of informing the ongoing process of evaluating, updating and consolidating Radford’s curriculum offerings, I have been reading a text entitled Understanding Curriculum: The Australian Context. It aims to redefine what the term curriculum means in the aftermath of the implementation of the Australian Curriculum. From the outset it states that curriculum encompasses everything that teachers should do and all of the experiences in which students engage. In the business of the day to day, it is easy to focus on the confines of the classroom when thinking about curriculum, but it is critical that we retain a wide lens and ensure that the links between classroom theory and the rest of a student’s life are maintained.

Last week we were afforded a glimpse into what education looks like when this wide lens is employed. Our Year 7s have just completed a STEM unit designed to apply theory, which has been taught in Science and Geography, to a real-world problem. We saw some really ingenious responses, including 3D digital models, working prototypes, artistic representations of concepts and detailed descriptions. It was energising to hear the students enthuse about their ideas, propose solutions and articulate their thoughts about the process itself.

Similarly, our Heads of Department have been discussing other opportunities to apply the skills learned in one discipline to the content of another. For example, our English and Studies of Society and Environment (SOSE) departments are trialling and refining ways in which geographical research and knowledge, such as about a cyclone, could then be presented in a medium, such as a website, that has been taught in English classes. This is a real example of learning moving from surface knowledge to deep understanding and finally transferring to a real or realistic application.

IBDB Consultant Visit
Of course, this concept is implicit in the methodology espoused by the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). We are excited to report that the application for accreditation as a DP provider is progressing well, thanks in no small part to the tireless efforts of the coordinator Lindy Braithwaite. A significant number of Heads of Department have undertaken the requisite professional learning, as well as other specialist teachers. We have provided information to parents and students in a variety of forms already and there are plans in place for further information sessions in the new year. Lindy has published a couple of articles in recent bulletins and the links to those pieces and the underpinning research can be found here.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme article – 23 May 2017

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme update – 25 October 2017

Initial indications are that approximately half of the current Year 9 cohort are at least interested in exploring the prospect of undertaking the IBDP in 2019. Of course, we are unable to confirm that will be possible until the accreditation process is completed, in the middle of next year, but the prospects are encouraging. Our assigned consultant is visiting Radford later this week and her feedback will inform the final stages of preparation.

Academic Reports available online from mid-December
As you know, this is the time of year when our wonderful teaching staff work very hard to juggle their ongoing classes with the demands of writing clear, helpful and comprehensive reports. As detailed in this Bulletin article, we will again be providing these to you online via SEQTA. Mrs Godfrey’s video about how to access Reports can be found here. It is important that all current parents and carers have access to Radford Online (ROL) and, so, to SEQTA Engage. Log in details will again be included in the commencement letter, which will wing its way to you via email shortly after school concludes for the year. I'd encourage you to keep this letter in a readily accessible place for future reference. Secondary School Reports should be visible to parents by 15 December 2017 and 2018 timetables will become visible – through the same portal – from 15 January 2018.

As ever, I welcome feedback on any aspect of the assessment, reporting or curriculum aspects of Radford’s 7–12 courses. I hope to see a number of you at the public forums offered under the aegis of the Education and Wellbeing Committee (EWC) next year but I am happy to engage in discussion about these matters at any time.

As this will be my final Bulletin article for 2017, I offer my hope that your association with Radford has been rewarding this year. I also wish you a wonderful summer and look forward to working with you again in 2018.

Chaplain Erin Tuineau

Chaplain's Reflection: Hope, Peace, Joy and Love

29 November 2017

Rev Erin Tuineau

Four gifts from God that cannot be bought

In today's post-Christendom world, many people find it hard to understand why Christian communities get so excited about celebrating the birth of Jesus. For many Australians, Jesus is irrelevant to them and, so, they celebrate Christmas for reasons other than its original purpose. Some people are sceptical about the Christmas story and think it is just make-believe, without evidence that it actually happened. Even so, I think it fair to say that all human beings still long for what Jesus came to give the world – Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love. These four cannot be bought in a shop or found on the internet. Hope. Peace. Joy. Love. These are what we need to live life to the fullest, and many people are still searching for them.

HOPE. We all need hope to live. When we face hard times and we cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, hope is what holds us together and keeps us going. Hope is not the same as positive thinking. Positive thinking is something that we try to do in our own strength. I have tried it at different times myself, but I find it exhausting to be positive all of the time, especially if, in reality, I am feeling down. Maybe you have experienced this too? Hope, on the other hand, is a gift that comes to us, from outside of ourselves. It is something that we receive. It is something that often comes to us at unexpected times and when we need it most.

JOY. We all long to feel a deep joy. I know there are a lot of books written about how to be happy, but joy is something much deeper than happiness. Joy is something that our souls experience, it's not just a state of mind. And joy is something that we can experience no matter what circumstances we are in, whether we are going through good times or bad. Joy is when we feel alive inside because we are connected to each other and to something bigger than ourselves. And we are most alive and connected when we share who we are with others, our gifts and talents, who we were created to be.

PEACE. Our world is in need of peace. Peace happens when we are able to step outside our own worldview, and take the time to experience life from someone else's perspective. This is called empathy, which is where peace begins. We can only make peace with others if we have first made peace with ourselves, our authentic self. And we can only make peace with ourselves when we know that who we are is accepted and loved.

LOVE. Love is what we live to give and receive. Love is what gives our lives meaning. Without love we have nothing. We are nothing. Some have said that love is like glue, maybe even superglue, as it holds us all together regardless of how we feel about each other because nothing can make love disappear. Nothing can break our connection with each other forever. So we are all connected by love because love is bigger than all of us. It surrounds us and will never let us go.

My prayer for all you this Christmas and New Year is that you will consider receiving the hope, joy, peace, and love that God offers all of us through the person of Christ.


Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

JS News 29 November 2017

29 November 2017

End of year fun and reflections on a busy four terms

Dates to Remember

Thursday 30 Nov         Yr 6 End of Year Celebration

Friday 1 Dec                 Yr 6 Big Splash

Tues 5 Dec                   Yr 6 Excursion to “Wonder”

Wed 6 Dec                    JS Awards Afternoon

It’s that time of the year for schools. As we reach our final few days together, we focus on the moment, reflect on the year that has passed and prepare for the next.

As always, I thank our teaching staff for their dedication to remaining on task, as well as juggling report timelines. Long hours focusing on each and every girl and boy in our Junior School. At the same time, we are aware that we have 14 classrooms moving their furniture and resources in coming weeks.

In reflecting on our year, I am reminded of:

  • our recognition as an Apple Distinguished School
  • our growth as teaching teams or Professional Learning Communities. Times when teams have worked together to better support areas of literacy and numeracy, have sought ongoing Professional Learning, have used their teaching and learning spaces as the third educator, and have challenged their practice. They are true professionals
  • our Year 6 Exhibition, which unearthed some amazing action, including apps for light rail
  • our expanded and deepened approach to co-curricular options and a real change in culture across all areas. This was also clearly seen in our areas of action and service, with expanded real-life opportunities provided by our Radford Tribal Council and our Round Square leaders
  • challenging and pleasing camps
  • our capacity to elicit a true, explicit and challenging Wellbeing Program, recently acknowledged by Westminster University.

Looking forward (apart from moving) we are focusing on structures that will best assist us in supporting our PYP Framework, and how we continue to personalise our experiences.

And look out for the 2018 Reading Challenge information this week.

Important updates

  • Year 6 Celebration this Thursday providing opportunities to celebrate the transition from Year 6 to 7, as well as Year 5 representing our remaining years in their farewell
  • reports will be available online from Friday 8 December
  • 2018 class placement information will be included on your child’s commencement letter. These will be sent electronically in the week after school finishes
  • information will be sent to parents in January regarding the booking process for 2018 Parent Conversation sessions (previously known as Hopes and Dreams).

Shout Outs



Zali Woollcombe – Taking action
Meg Sweeney – Taking action

Year 4   

Alicia Firth – Commitment
Simon Mai – Knowledgeable

Year 6        

Ryan Fernando – Open-minded
Amelia Meyers – Inquirer

Finally, a message for us all as we end our year, approach Christmas and look forward.

Together, may we always give our children the roots to grow and the wings to fly.

Warm Regards 

Paul Southwell


Radford College Crest

2017 Reports & 2018 Commencement Letters

29 November 2017

2018 Commencement Letters to be emailed. Semester 2, 2017 Reports to be available online.

All parents and caregivers are advised that Commencement Letters for 2018 will be emailed by mid-December.

These letters contain key information for your child's enrolment in 2018. You are encouraged to keep them in a readily accessible location for future reference.

Students' academic Reports for Semester 2, 2017, will be available online in coming weeks. Parents and caregivers are asked to log into Radford Online and then go into SEQTA in order to access their child's report.

Junior School Reports will be available from Friday 8 December 2017. Parents may request that grades be removed from their child’s Report or have them supplied on a separate sheet of paper. Please email Ms Tracey Markovic if you would like these changes made to your child’s report.

Secondary School Reports will be available from Friday 15 December 2017.

Watch this short video from Semester 1 for a reminder about accessing online reports through Radford Online and SEQTA.


Paddler girls crew at the Tuggeranong Festival Cup regatta

Sport Report 29 November 2017

29 November 2017

Term 4 Summer Sports wrap-up

Final training session for 2017:
Due to compulsory attendance for all students and teaching staff at the Radford College Awards Night on Wednesday 6 December, the final day of training for all summer cocurricular sports will be Tuesday 5 December 2017.

Final round games for 2017:
Basketball, Cricket & Futsal – weekend of 8–10 December 2017
OzTag – Wednesday 13 December 2017

Trainings & games, Term 1, 2018:
Training will resume for all summer Co-curricular teams from Monday 5 February 2018 (Week 1)

First round games for 2018:
Cricket & Futsal – 2–4 February 2018 (last weekend of holidays)
OzTag – Wednesday 7 February 2018 (first official day of school)
Basketball – weekend of 9–11 February 2018 (end Week 1)

See this week's notice regarding Holiday Programs for details on the December sports programs.


U16 Girls Div 1 Mystics 43 def. Tuggeranong Southern Cross 38

On Friday 10 November the Mystics celebrated a well-earned win against Tuggeranong Southern Cross. It was a tight game, with the girls holding a marginal lead that put pressure on both teams to perform. In the end, the Mystics came out on top with a result of 43–38, clearly reflecting the girls' efforts. The well-rounded team has a mixture of talent in all players and positions, and their teamwork and energy assisted them in their success. Congratulations to the Mystics for the high-pressure win!

Congratulations to Radford U13 Division 1 player, Nikhil Pilla, who made his maiden century (113 off 73 balls) against WCMCC on Saturday. This achievement places Nikhil in the top 10 for highest batting score for an U13 player across Australia so far, this season.

by Giles Davis
On Saturday the Paddler squads raced at the Tuggeranong Festival Cup regatta at Lake Tuggeranong. This was the first race experience for most of our new coxes and rowers in Years 6 and 7, with the round robin format over 750 metres being an excellent introduction to side-by-side racing for our crews.

Every crew conducted themselves outstandingly over the day and pitted themselves well against other crews of rowers that were often several years olders. The Paddler boys squad finished the round robin with a crew in the Schoolboy quad Final and one into the 'Almost champion of champions' race, with the latter placing first. The Paddler girls did even better, sending two crews into the Schoolgirl A Final, and winning gold and bronze medals. This qualified the winning crew for the 'Champion of champions' race, where they finished with a bronze medal. In addition, the Paddler girls also had a crew to the 'Almost champion of champions' race, where they placed second. All crews built some invaluable race experience, with each crew getting a minimum of three races and some crews getting up to five races, giving them good practice that will stand them in good stead for the rest of the season.

Secondary School Awards Night, a celebration of achievement

Secondary School Awards Night 2017

29 November 2017

All the details for the Secondary School Awards Night

By Phillip O'Regan – Head of Secondary School

Once again, we will conclude the school year by coming together as a College community for the Secondary School Awards Night on Wednesday 6 December.

The evening includes reflections on the year that was; musical performances by students; addresses from the Chairman, the Principal and our invited guest speaker; and the announcement of Year-level and special awards.

Students in Years 7–9 have received information from their respective Heads of Year regarding arrangements for the Y7–9 celebration day at Big Splash in Jamison, to take place on the day of the awards ceremony. Students will be dismissed at 2 pm from Jamison pool.

Please note that all students in Years 7 to 11 are expected to attend the Secondary School Awards Night.

Date: Wednesday 6 December
Time: Students arrive by 6.40 pm for a 7.00 pm start. The evening is scheduled to conclude by 9.00 pm
Uniform: Winter Uniform
Venue: The Royal Theatre, National Convention Centre Canberra

Friends of Radford Rowing logo

FoRR 2017 Wine Fundraiser

29 November 2017

Friends of Radford Rowing share the Christmas cheer

Friends of Radford Rowing (FoRR) have launched a Holiday Wine Fundraiser. The wines are premium quality and offer excellent value as we have purchased direct from the producer. Orders can be collected on Saturdays from the rowing shed. Collection from school can be arranged for non-rowing families. Please support this fundraiser and enjoy some lovely wines. The details on how to order are included in the attached flyer.

Thanks for your continued support!

The Junior School has spent Term 4 celebrating important character strengths

JS Celebration of Character Strengths

29 November 2017

Jessica Ford, Junior School Teacher

Spotlight on Kindness, Curiosity, Perseverance and Gratitude

Celebration of character strengths


Follow these links for recent Bulletin articles on the Junior School's Term 4 focus on the character strengths of Kindness, Curiosity, Perseverance and Gratitude:

Cultivating curiosity
Grit: the power and passion of perseverance
Learning to persevere
The gift of gratitude

For more information on these strengths, go to the VIA Character Strengths Survey


Celebration of character strengths

Uniform supplier Perm-A-Pleat

Uniform Shop

22 November 2017

Uniform Shop

Special times for 1-on-1 appointments are available

Contact: Julianne Scott, Radford College Uniform Shop
Phone: (02) 6180 1088

The Perm-A-Pleat Uniform Shop is offering 1-on-1 appointment times as below. Please note that these time slots are for BOOKED appointments. You need to register to book. See the Uniform Shop page on the website if you need instructions, otherwise use the link below:


Nov 29th – 2–5.30 pm

Dec 1st – 1.30–5.30 pm

Dec 6th – 2–5.30 pm

Dec 8th – 1.30–5.30 pm

Dec 13th – 2–5.30 pm

Dec 15th  - 1.30–5.30 pm


Jan 15th – 1.30–5.30 pm

Jan 16th – 8–11.30 am

Jan 17th – 2–5.30 pm

Jan 18th – 8–11.30 am

Jan 19th – 1.30–5.30 pm

Jan 22nd – 1.30–5.30 pm

Jan 23rd – 8 am – 11.30 pm

Jan 24th – 2–5.30 pm

Jan 25th – 8 am – 5.30 pm

Radford P&F Association crest

P&F Second-hand uniform shop

22 November 2017

Angie Walters, P&F Administrator

Donations of uniform items welcome

Contact: P&F Administrator, Angie Walters

From 2018, the P&F will be handling the sale of donated second-hand uniform items.  Profits from the sales will go to the P&F fundraising, which supports grants to the College. 

If you have second-hand items that you would like to donate, they may be delivered to Main Reception until Thursday 21 December, when the College shuts for Christmas, or from 3 January until the start of Term 1, 2018. 

Please ensure that all items are laundered, and are marked 'donation to P&F'.  Apart from 'zooties', Sports uniform items, as well as standard uniform, may be donated.

Though all other items are to be donated to the P&F, the P&F Committee is developing a policy regarding after-sale reimbursement to donors of second-hand blazers. Please hold onto blazer donations until those guidelines are announced early next year.



A choral singing and conducting workshop will develop the skills of musicians at Radford and the wider community

Choral Workshop, January 2018

13 December 2017

Sam Tonkin, Music Administrator

Conductor and composer Dr Rollo Dilworth to present a workshop at Radford

By Sam Tonkin, Music Administrator

On Saturday 20 January 2018, Radford College is excited to present 'Choral Singing and Conducting' with Dr Rollo Dilworth, Professor of Choral Music Education at Temple University, Philadelphia.

Dr Rollo DilworthThis is an amazing opportunity to work with a leading international conductor and choral educator in Canberra. All sessions are open to interested singers and conductors (12 years and older), including students, parents, teachers and community members.

The morning sessions, for both singers and conductors, will be led by Dr Dilworth introducing exciting repertoire whilst developing choral technique for both singers and conductors. During the afternoon session, conductors will have the opportunity to work with Dr Dilworth on developing choirs through choral technique and gesture.

In addition, Dr Dilworth will be offering a limited number of individual conducting lessons on Friday 19 January 2018. Conductors wishing to have an individual lesson should contact Leanne McKean, Director of Choirs.

Sessions and Tickets
For tickets, go to: https://www.trybooking.com/TBJW

SINGERS SESSION 9.30 am – 1.00 pm
$55 General Admission
$45 Earlybird General Admission (if purchased by 10 December 2017)
$40 Students (12 years and older)
Includes tea, coffee and morning tea

CONDUCTORS SESSION 9.30 am – 4.00 pm
$95 General Admission
$80 Earlybird General Admission (if purchased by 10 December 2017)
$75 Students (12 years and older)
Includes tea, coffee, morning tea and lunch


Something for everyone in holiday programs

Holiday programs bookings open

21 November 2017

Book now for holiday fun.

Radford College is offering several holiday programs this summer and there’s something for everyone.

Click on the links below for details.

7 & 8 December

11 – 15 December

22 – 25 January 2018
 (excludes Australia Day Holiday on 26 January)

NB: Parents and caregivers wanting to enrol their child for any of this period must complete a 2018 enrolment form

29 January - 2 February 2018

5 & 6 February 2018

NB: Parents and caregivers wanting to enrol their child for any of this period must complete a 2018 enrolment form




Y7 helping our local community

Y7 Giving challenge

23 October 2017

The Service Captains issue a challenge to Y7 students

By Viv Wang, Sophia Lo Pilato, Will Davies - Service Captains

Year 7 has been challenged by the Service Captains to see how many wheelie bins of non-perishable goods they can fill in the period 23 October to 1 December.

Each tutor group has been assigned a bin in the library. Library staff can help students locate their bin. The tutor group that fills the most will win a lunchtime of snacks!

All donated items go to assist the work of Belconnen Community Services, as part of the Giving Tree initiative.


Years 8-10 are invited to share the joy this Christmas

Y8–10 BCS Giving Tree

17 November 2017

Alison Steven, Head of SOSE

Christmas joy under the Belconnen Community Services giving tree

By Alison Steven, Head of SOSE

We would like to invite all students in Years 8 to 10 to contribute a small gift to the giving tree. Belconnen Community Services have suggested that gifts for teenagers and non-perishable food for Christmas hampers would be very welcome. The giving tree is now set up in the library for your donations to be placed by 1 December. Thank you! 



APFACTS - Newsletter 27 November 2017

This week's newsletter contains links to surveys on ACT education and transport

Drama auditions, 2018

Drama auditions

Auditions for the Years 5-6 and the 7-8 Drama Productions will take place in Week 2 of Term 1, 2018

More detail will be available in Week 1 Term 1, 2018.