2015 Senior Leaders

Student leaders are elected through a combination of written application, student and staff vote and in certain portfolios interview.

Radford is committed to outstanding education and the transformation of the whole person in community, serving God and others. Leadership is about this transformation, the modelling as well as making of it. Radford leadership is grounded in service, modelled on Jesus who gives power rather than grasps at it. The measure of a servant leader is in the power they give to others.

Student leaders are expected to live with integrity; embody the values of the College; be wholly themselves and flourish whilst engaged in the service of community. Student leaders are expected to be a model for others to emulate. They do this by their everyday presence and demeanour whilst also fulfilling responsibilities in a meaningful portfolio of work in the company of a staff mentor.

Author: Phillip O'Regan
Head of Senior School

Seniors Leadership Team, photo taken February 2014

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