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L: "Interior in Yellow" by Grace Cossington-Smith, R: "For a Little Girl" by Margaret Preston

L: "Interior in Yellow" by Grace Cossington-Smith, R: "For a Little Girl" by Margaret Preston

By Sarah Chant and Alina Reardon, Year 7

On 13 June, two Year 7 Visual Art classes headed to the National Gallery of Australia (NGA) with their teachers Ms Poland and Ms Kidston and preservice teacher, Ms Blyton. We went to explore paintings that we have been appropriating in class. We have learnt about appropriating, which means ‘the intentional borrowing, copying, and alteration of pre-existing images and objects’. We have collaboratively created large paintings, based on our chosen works in the NGA collection, to tell different stories and to develop painting skills, including colour mixing. 

On our excursion, we broke up into groups for the guided tour. The first painting our group looked at was Grace Cossington-Smith’s, Interior in Yellow. A group of four students have been appropriating this and changed many elements such as the colours and have taken away objects and changed the size of the canvas. 

We also looked at Antibes Bay of Nice by John Russell. Students said ‘the main features of this artwork are the horizon, the distant snowy mountains and the choppy blue water’. 

Students at the NGA

We also saw some other paintings, For a Little Girl by Margaret Preston, The River Barwon by John Skinner, Bramah Forrest by Lin Onus, The Skaters by Ethel Spowers, The Child with the Yellow Bird by Joy Hester, Mrs Reardon at Glen Rowan by Sidney Nolan, Face of Man by Brett Whitely, Latin American Grand Final by John Brack and The Ghost Gum by Albert Namatjira.

These paintings and their stories were very interesting to explore and learn about and we would highly recommend you going to the National Gallery of Australia to see them.

Student collaborative transformationsDiscussing images with the students

PS: Term 2 Visual Arts students will be displaying their 12 artworks, with artists’ statements, across the College campus in Term 3. 

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