Barbie and Ken Bungee

Bungee Barbie jumps for STEM

Bungee Barbie jumps for STEM

By Jeremy Hawkes, STEM coordinator

Have you ever wondered how many rubber bands would be needed to stop a Barbie or a Ken doll from hitting the ground whilst getting as close as possible? You could calculate the mass of the doll, select different types of rubber bands, or measure the height from which they’ll fall. Without this information the problem has more than one solution that is dependent on many variables. The Barbie and Ken Bungee STEM activity requires students to work collaboratively to come up with a solution to the problem through design, experimentation and testing and relying on their stock of knowledge gained throughout the year in technology, science and mathematics. The students of Year 7 will be given this question to work on during the last two days of the term.

As the new STEM Coordinator, I will be working with the Heads of Departments and teaching staff to implement these types of activities into the Year 7–10 curriculum. The activities will scaffold the transfer of knowledge between subject areas, develop the Design Thinking process, and promote creative and critical thinking. In addition to activities taking place within the classroom, interested students can refine and extend their skills and passions with a variety of STEM competitions and activities. Please keep an eye on the notices or contact me for more information.

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