Book Week 2015 Books Light up your Life

More treats from the Book Week listings

More treats from the Book Week listings

Are you seeing me?Older Readers ? books which require a level of reading maturity to appreciate the topics.

Twins Justine and Perry embark on the trip of a lifetime in the Pacific Northwest, trying to create lifetime memories, before they go their separate ways. 'A funny and beautiful story about love, life and other disasters, told with the help of Robinson Crusoe and Jackie Chan. I think what we?re seeing here is a writer at the top of his game. Just wonderful.? MICHAEL GERARD BAUER, author.

The Simple Things

Younger Readers ? for readers who have developed independent reading skills but are still developing in literary appreciation.

This is a the story of Stephen, a boy who doesn?t quite fit in, and his elderly aunt Lola. It?s a heart-warming story, exploring themes of family, friendship and the challenges of growing up.

Early Childhood ? for readers who are at pre-reading or early stages of reading.

Pig the Pug

Pig is a Pug who is a bit greedy and selfish. When asked to share his toys, something unexpected happens. Hopefully Pig has learned a lesson!

Duckling and the Darklings

Picture books ? for students of all ages, both wordless, and made for outstanding books in the Picture Book category.

Beautifully written and illustrated, this picture book tells the tale of Peterboy and Grandpapa as they care for an injured duck, until it is ready to join the world again. A triumphant story of hope and the warmth of friendship.

Eve Pownall Award for Non-Fiction Books ? Non-fiction books that span a variety of reading levels.

Coming of Age

What is it really like growing up Muslim in Australia? Heartfelt, funny and candid stories told from experience, these tales should dispel myths and stereotypes, and celebrate diversity and courage.

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