Drama auditions Y7/Y8 production

Audition for your place under the lights!

Audition for your place under the lights!

By Nick Akhurst, Head of Drama

The 2018 Y7/Y8 drama production will be Stories in the Dark by Debra Oswald. 

A terrified teenage boy finds himself separated from his family in the unfamiliar streets of a war-torn city. He takes refuge in a bombed-out house and in the total blackness his bravado crumbles.

Into his life steps Anna – an older street-smart teenager. As a way of calming the boy, she starts to tell him a story that she vaguely remembers from her own childhood. And so begins a journey into the shifting, shimmering world of ogres, princes, singing bones, foolish lads and wolf-mothers.

Stories in the Dark explores the power of storytelling, mingling the magic, humour and wisdom of folk tales with the timely story of civil war, displaced persons, societal breakdown and the struggle to survive. 

Stories in the Dark will be performed as an ensemble, all performers will play multiple roles and be on stage throughout the entire performance. 

Wednesday 14th February 4pm-5.30 pm
Where: Drama Room 61
Sign up: outside Room 61 in the PAC
Rehearsals: Mondays 4.30pm-6pm, Wednesdays 4pm-6pm 

The auditions will be conducted as a group, providing you with the opportunity to get to know each other through some fun drama games and demonstrate your capacity to work as an ensemble. During the group audition you will also be given a short scene to work on and perform to the group. 

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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