Entertainment Book Fundraiser – Your Response Required

P&F Entertainment Books

P&F Entertainment Books

By Bernadette Mihaljevic, P&F Assistant Treasurer

The Entertainment™ Fundraiser is one of the P&F’s favourites. The Memberships are $60 and we keep $12 for each one we sell, with all money raised used to support our College.

This week we are asking all parents and caregivers to email entbook@radford.act.edu.au with “Yes, I would like to receive a book at home” and provide the full name of your youngest child at Radford and their class or tutor group.

Alternatively you can immediately and securely order your Book or your Digital Membership online here

Entertainment™ Book offers can be viewed at the ELC, Junior and Main Reception areas.

The Entertainment™ membership gives you access to thousands of up to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers for Canberra’s best restaurants, cafés, attractions and theme parks. Plus, it offers the best in market prices for over 2,000 hotels and resorts that you can use whenever you like until 1 June 2019. And it’s not just the fun stuff… You can also get 5% off your groceries and petrol all year with WISH eVouchers sent directly to your phone, and 10% off at David Jones!

The Entertainment™ memberships are available as a Book (with a gold card and vouchers) or as a Digital Membership, which puts all the offers in the Book on your smartphone to redeem at the touch of a button.

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