Fete Newsletter 20 Sept 17

P&F Community Fete 2017

P&F Community Fete 2017

From: Andrew Herring, 2017 Community Fete Convenor

With school holidays fast approaching, our 2017 Community Fete is on the horizon. This year the P & F has been focusing on community – and this means you! 

The P & F donates significant sums to the College to improve the facilities for the community. In past years, this has included funds for College buses, the Dance Studio and improved playground equipment for the Junior School. 

This support of the College would not be possible without the fete. This year, as in the past, we hope that the Radford community will not only enjoy the fete, but contribute to its success. 

This year will see some exciting changes at the fete, including:

  • a main stage on which our dance academy will perform
  • more performance opportunities for our talented music students
  • more activities for the younger children
  • a car show for motor enthusiasts
  • a second-hand uniform stall.

 just to name a few. 

More details of the fete, and how you can get involved, will be released each week as we countdown to the day. To get things started, however: 

This year, each year level in the College has been asked to support a particular activity, and some have offered to support more than one! Class liaisons in the junior school, and Heads of Years in the senior school, are marshalling parents and students to volunteer their time towards their chosen stalls.

If you are able to assist, please go to http://signup.com/go/LdhsVfX, find your stall and offer your time. But don’t be shy – there are plenty of stalls that don’t have the direct support of a year level and we would love for you to help out there too. There is a stall for everyone (and probably two!) 

Sweet and Sticky Stall

Sweet and Sticky (details)
Are you Canberra’s best baker? Prove it by baking for a grateful community who will eagerly purchase your efforts from this stall.

Second-hand uniform
This is an exciting addition to our community fete, due to the overwhelming demand by parents for access to second-hand uniform.

Keep an eye out on the day for this stall (in the TB Millar Hall), because items will be sold cheap and are sure to sell quickly, but we need stock!

Donations of clean, undamaged and folded uniform (excluding blazers and uniform for sporting teams) can be made at Main Reception. 

This year our plant stall is looking for donations of plants. With spring upon us, now is the time to get those seedlings in the ground ready to donate, or you might have plants that can be divided? 

More details will follow about the when and the how of donations, but please enjoy the spring weather and think “fete” while you do so. 

Again, stay tuned to our newsletter in each bulletin for the when, where and how. 

Any fete questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact me:
Andrew Herring, 2017 Community Fete Convenor

We look forward to bringing you more exciting details next term!


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