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Louise Wallace-Richards - Assistant Principal, Teaching and Learning

Louise Wallace-Richards - Assistant Principal, Teaching and Learning

This week the Secondary School held its 2018 iTea Showcase. This event enabled secondary school teachers from Radford and other schools, to share innovative ICT learning approaches that benefit student learning.

Many conferences and workshops are held in Melbourne and Sydney every year that focus on ICT learning. Our showcase, though, with its focus on the secondary classroom, ensures ACT teachers are guaranteed to be able to learn about relevant and age appropriate ICT-related pedagogy.

Last year our iTea focused on subject-related ICT professional learning. This year, we have provided some subject-related presentations as well as others that can relate to teachers of any discipline. As you can see from the list below, we also had a number of presentations building our teachers' capacity to use OneNote as a teaching tool, a key learning approach being led by our Director of Digital Innovation and Learning, Lisa Plenty, and our Heads of Department.

Our presentations this year included the following:

Subject specific ICT approaches:
  • Music Workshop using Garage Band, Ken Lampl, Head of the School of Music at the Australian National University and a former faculty member of the Juilliard School of Music. As a composer of film music he has scored over 80 films.
  • Animations in GeoGebra-Maths, Jeremy Hawkes, Radford College.
  • GeoGebra for Statistics, Greg Clarke, Narrabundah College.
  • Using the Laser Cutter and CNC Router, Mark Gannon, Radford College.
  • Graphics: Using Adobe Illustrator, Rhino, 3D printing, filming lessons and creating a YouTube account, Ed Doherty, Radford College.
  • Engineering: Using circuits in TinkerCAD to Teach Arduino, Jeremy Hawkes, Radford College.

Non-subject related approaches:

  • E-learning with Daramalan College's Learning Management System, Daranet, Georgia Wemyss, Daramalan.
  • Looking Good: Making well-designed digital products to effectively communicate and engage, Tim Minehan, Radford College.
  • Screen Casting, Eric Jensen, Radford College. 
  • Academic Reporting: Using SEQTA for online in-time assessment reporting, Bill Weigall & Alison Steven, Radford College.
  • Immersive Reader: Immersive Reader tools allowing students to interact with text in a range of ways to support their learning, Lisa Plenty, Radford College.
  • Action Research Using OneNote, Angelina Browning, Radford College.
  • Microsoft Forms, Lisa Plenty & Louise Wallace-Richards, Radford College.
  • OneNote as a Flipped Learning Tool, Rebecca Hunter, Radford College.
  • OneNote as a Teaching Tool, Alyssa Maier, Radford College.

In addition to this year's presentations, our students from Woodwork, ICT and the Robotics co-curricular group demonstrated ICT learning and teachers had the opportunity to experiment with the College's various ICT tools, including our VR (virtual reality) glasses.

I would like to thank Lisa Plenty and Kirsty Mack for the work they did organising our 2018 iTea Showcase.

Showcases are great opportunities for teachers to learn about using ICT to enhance student learning, but it is also worth mentioning here the ongoing conversations amongst our staff about ways to ensure that students are using ICT for learning in our classrooms at Radford. We have a compulsory classroom management policy requiring all Years 8–12 students to place their phones in a receptacle at the start of the lesson, and these are only used with permission during the class. Year 7 students must keep their phones in their lockers throughout the day.

We have also been experimenting with different classroom furniture designs and layouts to ensure all teachers are able to easily see students' screen use in class. Our Director of Student Development, Claire Melloy, has previously communicated to the Radford community how our ICT system innovations are helping us develop students' self regulation and encourage them to be principled digital citizens.

The technology at our students' disposal in the 21st century can provide them with powerful learning tools. Radford College Secondary School teachers are working to help our students to critically and creatively use technology. We do this every time we get students to research beyond Wikipedia, and when we set classroom and assessment tasks that encourage them to understand how ICT can engage and deepen our knowledge and understanding about the world and help them to become global citizens.

Our recent iTea Showcase was an opportunity for our teachers to learn more about ICT as an effective teaching and learning tool. It is, though, just one of the many ways Radford Secondary School staff continue to develop their pedagogy to improve student learning. As Andreas Schleicher, Director of OECD's Directorate for Education and Skills stated in 2015: Technology can amplify great teaching but great technology cannot replace poor teaching.

This week the Secondary School held its 2018 iTea Showcase.

This week the Secondary School held its 2018 iTea Showcase.

This week the Secondary School held its 2018 iTea Showcase.

This week the Secondary School held its 2018 iTea Showcase. This week the Secondary School held its 2018 iTea Showcase.

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