From the Head of Secondary School

Phil O'Regan, Head of Secondary School

Phil O'Regan, Head of Secondary School

Our key message to the students at the outset of this year is community. Experiences, cultures and norms are particular to communities. The Radford community is no different. We have sought to remind students that they are the fabric that binds this community. Their choices, words and actions are the threads that shape Radford’s unique culture. With each new year, the key tenets of the underlying culture of the College remain constant: Radford is a respectful and caring community of learners seeking to serve the common good; we are a school that nurtures the spirit and minds of young men and women, preparing them to be ready and able to make a positive difference in their world now and into the future. Key messages from Principal Fiona Godfrey, the student leadership group and Junior School representatives have sought to remind us all of the role we play in ensuring that each student at the College feels a part of this wonderful community.

2018 Commencement Assembly

As staff we are blessed to see this daily across the College. The most illuminating example I saw last week was in the actions of the Year 12 students. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and our student leaders made such a positive impression on the incoming Year 7 students. The Seniors spent considerable time listening, speaking, playing and engaging with the students during Tutor sessions and break times. The Seniors continue to be present, supporting our Year 7 students as they navigate the transition to secondary school.

As the students prepare for the upcoming school year so, too, can you! Radford is a subscriber to the online Study Skills Handbook, hosted by Dr Prue Salter’s Enhanced Learning Educational Services. The site offers an array of resources for students and parents, addressing areas such as working more effectively at home and school, improving study habits, understanding your brain, Apps for learning and preparing for the transition between year groups. To access the Study Skills Handbook:

Username: radfordcollege

Password: 95success

Dr Salter will present a workshop to Year 7 and 8 students and their parents on the evening of 1 May and, the following morning, will present to Years 10 and 11 students. Further details will be provided before the event.

2018 Commencement Assembly

And, finally, an acknowledgement of the wisdom imparted by our College Captains in their opening speech to the Secondary School. Sharing advice for each year level, the most salient point (and the one I know has resonated with students and staff) was directed to Year 7: ‘You have 466,200 minutes remaining of school, there is so much ahead of you to enjoy and look forward to, so “don’t count the days … make the days count”’. With all that the College has to offer, those minutes will pass ever so quickly. This message was confirmed by Alyce Lonsdale, Vice Captain and Dux of the College in 2017, who spoke to the students at the Commencement Assembly and emphasised that a diversity of experience in and out of the classroom ensures the Radford experience is a remarkable one.

On Monday, my decision to accept the position of Deputy Principal and Head of Secondary School at Knox Grammar School was announced. It has been humbling to receive so many good wishes from the students and parents of the Radford community. Working at Radford has been a gift for which I will be forever grateful. The spirit, care, joy and kindness I see students show to one another each and every day is unique to Radford and a hallmark of my experience at the College. I think of the words used by our fabulous Service Learning team, who describe the experience of service as walking with others, of having the opportunity to serve “with” and not “for”, and being grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow in the company of others.

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