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Fiona Godfrey, Principal

Fiona Godfrey, Principal

Increased enrolments and College Master Plan

I am delighted to update you further about increased enrolments and to announce the release of the new Radford College Master Plan.

I announced earlier this year that, from 2018, the College would increase enrolments from two to four classes in Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten from 2018 and Year 1 and Year 2 from 2019. This will increase our current capacity in these year groups from 44 to 88 students. This announcement was well received, particularly by those families who would have previously missed out on an offer of a place for their child in those year levels.

To accommodate this increase, a new facility will be built over the next six to eight months. This will initially house Year 4 classrooms, while a new Year 3 and 4 building is constructed and will then be used for specialist classrooms. Further plans for capital works projects in both the Junior and Secondary School are detailed in the Master Plan, and initially include a new Secondary School building, incorporating classrooms, break-out spaces and staff accommodation, the refurbishment of existing Secondary School classrooms, as well as the aforementioned Year 3 and 4 building and the specialist building in the Junior School.

Master Plan brochure

Radford Master Plan map June 2017

Prior to the Master Planning process, the College carefully considered the optimal size of the student population. This issue was clearly articulated in the current strategic plan, A Vision for the Future 2016–2020, which made a commitment to Investigating the optimal size of the College to ensure better learning outcomes whilst maintaining a strong College ethos and spirit’. The issue of optimal student numbers has been reviewed with reference to: curricular and co-curricular opportunities for students, size of the campus, facilities, staffing, traffic management and the College’s strong community engagement. 

With the release of the Master Plan, I am now pleased to announce that Radford College will be further increasing its enrolments over the next four years with an additional class at each year level from Year 3 to Year 12. From the start of the 2021 academic year, Radford College will have four streams from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 2, five streams from Year 3 to Year 6 and eight streams from Year 7 through to Year 12, taking the total school population to just over 2,000 students. 

The rationale for this decision is based on extensive Board and Executive deliberations on the best long-term interests of the College. First and foremost, the College is in a strong position in terms of enrolments and waiting lists and, unlike most other independent schools around the country, we can determine the College’s maximum capacity without significant investment in advertising and recruitment.  

Moving from seven to eight streams in the Secondary School will result in a number of timetabling efficiencies and potential enhancements to our pastoral care model. 

In the Junior School, the introduction of an extra class at Year 3 allows those students who are enrolled in early childhood schools (PK–Y2) to move over to Radford at the completion of Year 2. 

From a whole-of-school perspective, opening up enrolments will allow the College to offer greater diversity of both curricular and co-curricular programs. Economies of scale mean it is feasible for us to maintain lower classes sizes whilst maintaining a good revenue stream, particularly as we move into an era of lower funding per student. And, finally, additional students allow for greater diversity in the school population, thereby generating new ideas, experiences, and cultural diversity in our community.

We are fortunate that we have a campus of sufficient size to accommodate additional students and, as a result of the ongoing support of parents through the Building Fund, we are able to build the necessary facilities. At this stage in the history of the College, our emphasis is on fully developing this Bruce site.

Like me, I am sure you are excited by the release of our Master Plan. Please feel free to provide feedback through the usual channels should you wish to do so.


Radford College Development Foundation Launch

Last night an enthusiastic crowd celebrated the launch of the Radford College Development Foundation.  Guests included people from across the Radford community: Collegians, former staff, parents of former students, Board members, current parents and current staff.  Foundation Chair Jocelyn Martin introduced the Foundation Directors and outlined the objectives of the Foundation. 

Jocelyn Martin, Dr Stephen Parker AO, Fiona Godfrey

Guest of honour was distinguished educator Dr Stephen Parker AO, who is also a former Radford parent.  In his address, he spoke about the importance of ensuring that all students have the opportunity to reach their full potential, and the role of educational foundations in helping to achieve this.  He shared some personal reflections from his daughter of how Radford transformed her educational experience, and expressed his appreciation and support with a substantial donation to the Foundation from himself.

Copies of the Foundation Prospectus are now available from Main Reception and electronically on the College website, and enquiries about the Foundation should be directed to Foundation Secretary, Simon Wallace at

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