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Fiona Godfrey, Principal

Fiona Godfrey, Principal

At last Wednesday's assembly I commented to the students that, even though this is the coldest part of the year when people tend to slow down and stay indoors, Radford seems busier than ever. Over the past couple of weeks, we have had the Year 11, 7, 3, 2 and PK 2019 Information evenings, the Winter Concert, the Rowing Information Night, the ACT–Southern NSW Interschool Skiing Championships, a full weekend of winter sport and, of course, the annual Dirrum Dirrum Festival.

Collectively, these events and activities help to shape the Radford community. On one hand, they showcase the talents of our students and allow for parent involvement. But, on another level, these sorts of activities allow our students to be involved in an array of different experiences, broadening their skills and testing their resolve.

Like many people from the Radford and wider Canberra community, I had the privilege of attending the Dirrum Dirrum festival over the weekend. As is so often the case at Dirrum Dirrum, the speakers were as interesting as they were different. But even though their stories were divergent, they followed a common theme. Each of them spoke with passion about their cause and their willingness to do something to bring about change. This is at the core of the Dirrum Dirrum philosophy, which seeks humble leadership, the development of a climate of inspiration and the circle of responsibility.

The festival was also noteworthy for the way in which the student organisers worked to bring it to fruition. For nearly a year now, the students have worked tirelessly to organise speakers, venues, food, stalls, music, tickets, logistics and, of course, the marketing of the event. Along the way, each student has followed their personal quest, known as their Dirrum Challenge. It has been inspirational to hear them speak with great passion about an issue that has sparked their interest, and to which they hope to be able to make some positive contribution. I would also like to congratulate and thank all of the staff who were involved in the Dirrum Dirrum festival, especially Fr Richard Browning, whose passion, commitment and energy is inspiring and infectious.

P&F Association Nominee on the Board
Due to the expiry of the term of the current P&F College Board nominee, Mr Ed Hutchison, the P&F is inviting members of the P&F Association to nominate to become the Association's next nominee on the College Board.

As part of the governance model of Radford College, the P&F nominates one individual, selected by the P&F Management Committee, for a two-year term as a Director, subject to approval by the Chairman of the Board.

The P&F nominee is first and foremost an independent Director on the Board of Radford College Ltd. Directors must exercise their powers and duties in good faith in the best interests of the College. The Board of Directors is the key policymaking body within the College and the management of the Company is vested in the Board; however, the Board limits itself to matters of overall governance and leaves the day-to-day management of the College to the Principal and the Executive.

The nominee provides a report to the Board on the activities of the P&F and the issues with which the Management Committee is dealing. This supplements the regular meetings between the Chair and the Principal and can be used as a mechanism to highlight the current or future projects of the parent body.

The Board's three subcommittees are the Finance Committee, the Buildings and Grounds Committee and the Education and Wellbeing Committee. Traditionally, the P&F nominee sits on the Education and Wellbeing Committee, which looks at issues impacting the school's education and pastoral care frameworks.

In practical terms, the successful nominee is expected to attend monthly Board meetings, sit on the Education and Wellbeing Committee and serve as an ex-officio member of the P&F Management Committee, attending its meetings. There is also a requirement to draft and read Board papers.

Any person wishing to nominate for this role should send an expression of interest and a current brief CV to P&F Liaison Officer Ms Angie Walters by Tuesday 29 August. Short-listed candidates are to attend the P&F meeting on Thursday 31 August to make a brief presentation to the Management Committee.

The College, the Board and the P&F Association would like to thank Ed Hutchinson for his work in this role over the last two years. Ed's professionalism and strategic vision have made him an asset to both the Board and the P&F Association. It has been a great pleasure working alongside Ed.

Foundation update
As many would recall, the College officially launched the Radford College Development Foundation in early June and, since that time, I am pleased to report, we have had a number of significant donations. This is a pleasing result, particularly as the Foundation is only in its infancy.

Given the importance of having donors in the Foundation's fledgling months, the Directors have decided that anyone who makes a contribution to the Foundation up until 30 June 2018, will automatically become a Cornerstone Donor. This title recognises those people who have put their faith in our newly created Foundation, and it is a recognition that will endure throughout the life of the Radford College Foundation.

Over time, the Foundation will be announcing levels of attainment to encourage donors to continue giving, even if they are small amounts annually. It is also envisaged that donors will be recognised in a permanent display in one of the College facilities as well as being thanked and recognised in each edition of the Radford Report.

One of the major incentives to establish the Foundation was to be able to offer scholarships to families who do not have the means to send their child to Radford, in particular those children who come from disadvantaged or marginalised groups within our community. I am pleased to report that, despite the short period since its establishment, the Foundation intends to offer a scholarship from 2019. More details about this exciting announcement will follow soon.

NAPLAN 2017 results and distribution of student reports
The College has received information that the NAPLAN 2017 report envelopes for parents/carers of students will be delivered to us by Tuesday 15 August 2017. Each report envelope contains the National Student Report 2017, Additional Student Report 2017 and a letter from the ACT Minister for Education and Early Childhood Development. We will endeavour to have the report envelopes distributed to parents as quickly as possible after this date.

To assist parents in interpreting the student reports, ACARA has published a parent information brochure and video which can be accessed through the ACARA Student Reports webpage. If parents require further assistance, they are welcome to make contact with the College.

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