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Fiona Godfrey, Principal

Fiona Godfrey, Principal

Building and Maintenance Fund, Master Plan updates
In recent years, a significant fall in the level of donations has forced several Canberra schools to move from their voluntary, tax-deductible building funds to compulsory, non-tax-deductible funds. This decision negatively affects those people who have always supported those schools because they can no longer claim tax-deductibility of their building fund contribution. Radford is now facing a similar decision from 2018.

While the majority of Radford parents still contribute to the Building and Maintenance Fund, the level of support via donations has declined markedly in recent years. It is worth noting that the dollar amount of Building Fund contributions sought per student has remained unchanged for at least 12 years, meaning the amount sought is less in real terms.

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The College’s continuing refurbishment and development of buildings and facilities requires that 100 per cent of parents contribute to the Building and Maintenance Fund. Despite correspondence with those who have chosen not to contribute, the level of donations continues to drop. This is a final plea to those who have not made their 2017 contribution to do so. The Finance Committee has reviewed the ongoing impact of declining contributions to the Fund and is considering its recommendation to the College Board for the 2018 fee schedule.

The Building and Maintenance Fund represents a virtuous circle of selfless giving within our community. Current parents benefit from the contributions of past parents and, in turn, generously donate to projects that will advantage future students. The Fund allows us to repay both the interest and principal of loans for these major projects, which in many cases benefit a child throughout their education at Radford. Our parents’ generosity informs a shared vision for innovation and excellence in educating and developing young people, and we are truly thankful for the legacy left by all contributing families in our community for more than 30 years.

That legacy is set to continue through the College Master Plan, which was launched in June. The first projects are already underway, including:

• new Junior School specialist classrooms – already commenced, and scheduled for completion around the end of 2017

• new Years 3 and 4 classrooms – to be completed end of 2018

• new Secondary School commons building and outdoor gathering space – to completed end of 2018

• refurbishment of Secondary School classrooms – during 2017–19.

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Marcus Graham, Practice Principal of Stewart Architecture, recently gave a presentation to parents about further works under the Master Plan. The artists’ impressions of these projects forecast exciting times ahead for the College and its students. Just as impressive were the drawings indicating how existing classrooms will be renovated.

Your contribution to the Building Fund is essential to the fulfilment of Radford’s mission to be a model of excellence in independent, co-educational learning within an Anglican context. The education of your children is sustained and elevated by that mission and I trust that you will continue to support the College in its endeavours.

Reminder about P&F Association Nominee on the Board
Due to the expiry of the term of the current P&F College Board nominee, Mr Ed Hutchison, the P&F is inviting members of the P&F Association to nominate to become the Association's next nominee on the College Board.

As part of the governance model of Radford College, the P&F nominates one individual, selected by the P&F Management Committee, for a two-year term as a Director, subject to approval by the Chairman of the Board.

The P&F nominee is first and foremost an independent Director on the Board of Radford College Ltd. Directors must exercise their powers and duties in good faith in the best interests of the College. The Board of Directors is the key policymaking body within the College and the management of the Company is vested in the Board; however, the Board limits itself to matters of overall governance and leaves the day-to-day management of the College to the Principal and the Executive.

The nominee provides a report to the Board on the activities of the P&F and the issues with which the Management Committee is dealing. This supplements the regular meetings between the Chair and the Principal and can be used as a mechanism to highlight the current or future projects of the parent body.

The Board's three subcommittees are the Finance Committee, the Buildings and Grounds Committee and the Education and Wellbeing Committee. Traditionally, the P&F nominee sits on the Education and Wellbeing Committee, which looks at issues impacting the school's education and pastoral care frameworks.

In practical terms, the successful nominee is expected to attend monthly Board meetings, sit on the Education and Wellbeing Committee and serve as an ex-officio member of the P&F Management Committee, attending its meetings. There is also a requirement to draft and read Board papers.

Any person wishing to nominate for this role should send an expression of interest and a current brief CV to P&F Liaison Officer Ms Angie Walters by Tuesday 29 August. Short-listed candidates are to attend the P&F meeting on Thursday 31 August to make a brief presentation to the Management Committee.

The College, the Board and the P&F Association would like to thank Ed Hutchinson for his work in this role over the last two years. Ed's professionalism and strategic vision have made him an asset to both the Board and the P&F Association. It has been a great pleasure working alongside Ed.

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