Hosting opens a world of possibilities

Members of Golding and Bernard families in the Loire Valley

Members of Golding and Bernard families in the Loire Valley

By Michele Sharp, Head of Languages 

The Languages Department offers many opportunities for students to contexualise their language learning by interacting with native speakers. These include employing Language Assistants from China, France and Japan, several sister school relationships, and exchange programs. It is through the support of Radford families hosting visiting students and Language Assistants that we are able to provide these opportunities. 

Why should your family consider becoming a host family? The world opens up the minute you start conversing in other languages. Language learning is not just communication, it exposes you to new cultures and facilitates connecting with people. I know through my own language learning I have gained a greater appreciation of other cultures and forged life-long friendships. Other benefits include: 

  • Learning more about your own culture
  • Promoting mutual understanding between people and cultures
  • Understanding cultural traditions and a different way of life
  • Helping a student achieve their dream of learning about Australia
  • Expanding your family’s horizons
  • Creating lifelong memories and friendships. 

de Bortoli family and exchange students

The following paragraphs detail the hosting experience of two Radford families:

The impacts on our family from being involved in a foreign language exchange have been profound and far reaching. Hosting a French student from Le Mans in 2011 has resulted in wonderful opportunities in terms of culture exchange, travel, friendships and education. After hosting Cyril in 2011, his family hosted our eldest son later that year. His younger brother was also able to stay with us on exchange two years later. As families, we have visited and travelled together several times over the past seven years and also acted as a secure base for each other’s sons as they have studied or worked abroad for several months at a time. We had no idea of the extent to which hosting an exchange would transform our lives by enriching our cultural understanding, and by providing our sons with a view of the world and their futures unbound by nationality or distance. 

–   the Golding family 

Our family found hosting students from Japan and China to be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience.

As both our children were hosted and treated with much kindness when they visited Japan and China, we were delighted to be able to show the same hospitality to the students that stayed with us.

We maintain contact with them and are looking forward to the possibility of hosting Matthew’s Japanese host student’s younger brother when he visits Radford in 2019. 

The LOTE teachers organise many events and excursions for the exchange students during school hours. Whilst able to maintain a normal weekly routine, we spent quality time with the students as well as having the opportunity on the weekend to show them Canberra sights.

We would highly recommend Radford families open their homes and hearts to exchange students as it is such a positive experience for both the host family and the visiting students.

–   the de Bortoli family

If you are interested in hosting, please complete the short expression of interest through the link following:


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