Important information about unwell students

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Radford College Crest

From the College Nurse, Karen Baker

Unwell students are not permitted to attend school if the student shows any signs of illness, or is unable to participate in the normal routine and the regular school day.

Unwell students, or students who have returned to school before full recovery, will expose other students and staff members to viral and contagious illnesses which can spread easily and be disruptive to the wider school community.  Parent and student cooperation on this issue is important.

Parent Contact
In the event of a student becoming ill at school, the parent or guardian will be contacted and requested to collect their child within a reasonable time frame. First point of contact will be by telephone, followed by SMS and email.  Parents are requested to please keep their contact details current. Contact and medical details can now be updated by parents through their Radford Online login.  Should contact not be established, the emergency contact person will be called and asked to come pick the student up. If there are repeated occasions when the student is ill and the parents are unable to be contacted, and the student is unable to be collected, the matter will be referred to the Head of Year (HOY) or Principal.

A student who presents unwell at school prior to an excursion will not be permitted to attend the excursion, and the parent will be called to collect the student from school.

Where students become ill on excursions or school trips the parents will be contacted to collect their student from the venue as soon as possible. In the event of any inability to contact the parent or delay in collecting the student, the student will be transported back to school with the group, if practical, or an ambulance may be called. 

When students sustain an injury on an excursion an ambulance will be called. 

Sending unwell students to school to complete assessments not only exposes other students to the illness but unrealistically expects the ill student to perform when not fully able. 

Heads of Departments, Heads of Year and subject tutors can negotiate modifications to assessments where indicated. 

Students who have been away from school due to illness will not be permitted to attend co-curricular training, activities or events on a day when they were absent. 

Communicable and vaccine-preventable diseases
Students and staff who have been tested for a communicable or vaccine-preventable disease (e.g. Pertussis/Whooping cough) must be absent from school until the test results are obtained, or the person has been off for the required amount of time, or taken the required amount of medication. Failure to do so threatens the health, safety and wellbeing of other students and staff of Radford College. 

Further information can be obtained from the NSW Health Guide for Parents to help you decide whether to send your child to school or keep them home.

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