JS News 11 April 2018

Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

Dates to Remember

Friday 13 April, Foundation Day – last Day of Term 1

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In this, our last week of Term 1, I could talk of many things. I could share how well our new students and new staff have settled in to our Junior School routines. I could share how our students and staff have further supported and renewed our climate and culture. I could talk of how we are focusing upon how we may better engage and empower our whole learners, whether student or staff. I could talk of the increased influence of our new and older learning spaces.

Instead, in our final week, I would like to share with you what we have been attempting, behind the scenes, to do to better support our students’ play options as we undergo the construction of our new Year 3 and 4 Centre,  and we better utilise the 2019 Specialist Centre and Undercroft areas.

Play is important. As the American Academy of Paediatrics stated in 2007:

Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity and physical, cognitive and emotional strength. Play is important to healthy brain development. It is through play that children can engage and interact in the world around them.

As many of our families are aware, we have always sought to best use our environment and amenities to support the above development.

This year has given us a challenge in this space. Throughout this year, we don’t have access to our slide, some of our nature playground bars and hurdles, our top oval, or our climbing frame.

We need to reassess play areas regularly as our building works progress. We are also scrutinising the best use of our new hard court and internal spaces, to best maximise play and shade opportunities. Throughout this time, we are also aware that we face time constraints from suppliers, as well as needing to look at current usage (age-wise) as against future usage of spaces. A good challenge.

In response:

  • we have developed a shade implementation plan
  • we have closed the College Street entrance and first roundabout during lunchtime, to allow our students to freely move between buildings and our lovely ovals
  • our Year 6 student leaders have coordinated play equipment usage on the ovals
  • we have provided additional free play equipment in our hard court Undercroft area
  • in addition to our normal roster/ timetabled play and rest areas such as ovals, Lego tables, library, play equipment and tricycle track , we have introduced the following additional play options( kindly supported by our staff):

Mondays – skipping in the Undercroft (a significant workout)

Tuesdays – Years 1 and 2 scooters

Wednesday – rock club and bushwalking options

Thursday – Years 3 and 4 scooters

Friday – dancing in the Undercroft

As the holiday break approaches, we are looking at how we may better use our newer spaces, discussing and sharing student, parent, professional and staff expertise. It is a challenge but also an opportunity to introduce new areas, opportunities and interest across our Junior School.

Enjoy a lovely break, I hope you are able to spend some time with your wonderful sons and daughters in the coming weeks.  Having the majority of our parent interviews in Week 1 Term 2 will also better prepare us for the term ahead.

Warm regards,



KNS – Jocelyn Feng for demonstrating leadership and showing confidence.

KSG – Jacob Calear for demonstrating cooperation and fairness.

KNS – Zara Cao for always demonstrating independence, self-regulation and perseverance.


1MH – Nathan Phengsiaroun for being caring towards others and showing love.

From Ms Evans – Venya Vikramadithyan in Year 1, for being principled and fair.


2JG – Angelina Do for her love of learning shown through independence. 


3PC – Peter Gordiev for love of learning and creativity.

3PC – Georgia O’Leary for love towards her peers by always helping them and co-operation.


4OM – Grace Brown for demonstrating commitment and perseverance.

4CD – Isobel Egan for the creative approach she demonstrates in her love of learning. 


5TMA – Oliver Luppi for being enthusiastic and showing zest.

5MP – Cameron Hewitson for his love of learning and curiosity.

5MI – William Squires for showing commitment and perseverance.


6TW is to James Tailby for showing commitment and perseverance.

6TH – Mim Chapman for creativity and zest.

6HB – Sienna Costello for kindness and respect

6JF – Lachlan Williams for creativity and love of learning

From Mrs Phelps – Will Alexander for his enthusiasm and zest during Physical Education.



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