JS News, 12 Sept 18

Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

Dates to Remember

Thurs 13 Sept              6TW and 6TH Questacon Maker Space Excursion, 
                                   Year 3 Learning Journey

Fri 14 Sept                   6JF and 6HB Questacon Maker Space Excursion

Mon 17 Sept                Year 3 2019 Introduction day
                                  Winter Sports Presentation           

Tues 18 Sept                JS Oratory Afternoon


The arrival of Spring gives our many tired students and staff a lift, and hay fever, late flu!
With Term 3 fast disappearing, we have had some opportunities to celebrate over the past week or so:

Science Fair
I wish to acknowledge the large number of our students who entered the recent ACT Science Fair competition.  It was heartening to see the large number of girls and boys who took on the additional challenge. In particular I wish to acknowledge the following students and Cocurricular team for their successes in the competition: 

Imogen Wallace - What causes the moon to change shape? – 3RB
Annica Losanno – Replicate a star burning out and the potential black hole – 3PC
Gracie Brown & Olivia Elliott- Erosion Experiment – 4OM
Green Team – Soil Suckers – Measuring the absorption levels of soil in different locations – K–6
Euan Greig – Euan’s Aerodynamic Test – 6TW

Maths Star
Congratulations must go to Mr Bruce Ferrington for his exciting achievement in being awarded the teaching excellence award for the ACT at this year's Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute awards in Melbourne last week. We knew him before he was famous!

ACT Athletics
Congratulations to the following students who were placed in the Belconnen Zone Athletics and will now represent the zone at the upcoming ACT carnival.


Xavier Adams
Oscar Bush
Chelsea Hately
Matisse Lardner
Lachlan Lloyd
Oliver Luppi
Isla Murphy
Jessi Palframan
Poppy Smith

Lara Southwell
Matilda Sullings
Amelia Sutherland
Owen Toyne
Cleo Tsiros
Emily Watson
Amber Smith Gibson
Jacinta Henderson
Joe Whithear

Learning Journeys
This time in Term 3 allows us the opportunity to present and assess our term’s work through our Learning Journeys. Whilst some are to be completed, I have been most impressed by the standard of work on show, as well as the competence of all our students as presenters. 

Our Year 6 Exhibition has commenced for 2018. I was thrilled by the opening Exhibition Conference, as speakers presented and workshops were held throughout last Thursday. Our Principal set the tone as our first presenter, followed by our School Captain Lydia Murray, who shared her Exhibition folder which she has kept. Late that afternoon, after a day of workshopping, I thanked everyone for a positive start to the great challenge ahead.

Personal Home Learning Inquiry
Parents of students in Years 4–6 will receive information about our student Personal Home Learning Inquiry. The focus of this inquiry is how we may persevere, grapple, and build a growth mindset as our students identify an area of literacy or numeracy where they feel they need more growth. The challenge will continue till year’s end.

Outside Play Areas
Our cubbies on the K–4 site continue to grow. I am looking forward to the next phase, when year levels will use a small budget to plan, purchase and deliver/paint etc. their designated cubby.

Visitors to the K–4 site will also have noted the synthetic grass that has been placed in the Undercroft Quad. This will support our class PE program, as well as our recess and lunchtime fun.


PKMQ - Amruth Arun


PKMQ - Livinia Losanno

Communicator (Library)

PKAM - Lachlan Lunsford


PKAM - Emma Treloar


PKAM - Yongmin Yin


PKJH -  Estelle Troni


PKJH - Scarlett Ligeros


PKDM – William Hughes-Brown

Openminded (Library)

PKDM– Daniel Zhang


PKDM– Darren Bo


KAS – Emily Thomas

Independence and Judgement

KSG – Zoe Brown

Enthusiasm and zest

KCH – Sean Gibbons


KNS – Sophie Todd

Commitment and perseverance

1MH – Sebastian Costanzo

Self-regulation and independence

1AT – Elijah Nicol

Inquirer and showing curiosity

2JG – Hamilton Ryan

Commitment and perseverance

2BF – Alex Fillingham

Caring and tolerance

3DO – Tanish Patel

Love of learning and commitment

3PC – Liam Judd

Thinker and love of learning

3RB – Jessica Colussi

Risk Taker and commitment

3EC – Miles Greig

Thinker and perseverance

4KP – Charlie Lee

Commitment and Self-regulation

4CD – Max Dimond

Courage and humour

4OM – Aanya Te Moananui

Caring and principled

5TMi – Anna Charlton

Principled and creative

5JC – Thomas Derix

Knowledgeable and love of learning

5SD – Rowan Harris

Inquirer and curiosity

5TeM – Maxwell Beever-Robinson

Knowledgeable and creativity

6TW – Kiera Daley

Commitment and love of learning

6JF – Emily Warren

Commitment and leadership

6HB – Lara Parsons

Creativity and commitment

6TH – Pranav Vallurupalli

Risk Taker and curiosity

Specialist Teacher classes:


Mrs Phelps – Ella Southwell (6JF)


Senora Stevens – Rohan Jain (KNS)


Ms Halford – Dale Button (3PC)

Commitment and perseverance

Ms Ross – Jeexin Lu

Bravery and commitment

Ms Wilson – Georgia O’Leary

Inquirer and curiosity



As our Winter Sports reach their finale, I have enjoyed the teamwork, competitive approach and respect for our opponents that has been displayed. I thank all our players, and in particular our coaches and parents who make it happen!




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