JS News: 15 March 2017

Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

Dates to Remember

  • 17 March ? National Ride2School Day

Term 1 is an extremely busy time as we welcome new and returning students who need to settle into new year levels and new groupings, new buildings, and with new teachers.

We also commence building our House connections with swimming carnivals as well as continuously connecting with our families through class liaisons, parent teacher meetings, volunteering opportunities or a hugely successful Grandfriends Day!

Last Friday?s Grandfriends Day was a wonderful success with even more grandfriends joining us for a small part of the day. A comment made by one grandparent has set the scene for my message this week ? a lovely gentleman who had travelled down the Hume Highway to be with us said: ?All the students look engaged, but how do you really know if they are engaged??

This question allows me to update you to some of the really important and, I feel, exciting work that is happening behind the scenes this term. Throughout the term all our teaching teams have spent significant time preparing for longer-term change, building an even stronger child-centred approach. Teams have been collaborating with our PYP Coordinator P?6, Belinda Reitstatter, in interrogating and defining year cohort data and goal setting for individual year levels.

At the same time our two Assistant Heads of School, Emily Begbie and Marina Malcolm, have continued to work with classes around wellbeing and social and emotional development. Yes, again focusing on the whole child.

Within this, we are increasingly talking about student engagement, about the ?behavioural, emotional and cognitive? components of student engagement, which partly explains the wide variety of speakers we have engaged to start our year.

As we continue to pursue educating the whole child, we are far more conscious of the need for engagement in all these areas, each and every day.

Our aims

A school setting where:

  • learning is personal
  • learning has purpose
  • learning fosters student wellbeing

A school setting where:

  • collaboration is embedded
  • inquiry based learning is used in each lesson
  • challenge, provocations and relevance are at the forefront
  • assessment for learning over assessment of learning, and
  • ICT integration continues to grow.

Our Junior School continues to challenge and grow together.

Radford Online 2.0 Workshops
Junior School parents and caregivers are invited to attend a workshop exploring the new Radford Online 2.0 experience.

The workshop will cover:

  • A brief overview of the redesign and ongoing work
  • How to navigate and access the new personalised dashboards and announcements
  • Using SEQTA Engage to access course information and timetables
  • Updating medical and family information

Workshop sessions will be held on Thursday, 16 March at both 8:30?9:00am and 2:45?3:15pm, and on Tuesday, 21 March at both 8:30?9:00am and 2:45?3:15pm.

Please meet beforehand in the Junior School foyer.

Please RSVP online here.

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