JS News, 26 Sept 2018

Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

Dates to Remember

Wed 26 Sept Year 4 2019

iPad Information Evening

Thurs 27 Sept

ELC attends Josephine wants to Dance

Fri 28 Sept

Year 1 attends Josephine wants to Dance


PK and K Disco


Year 5 campers return


Last day of Term 3

Mon 15 Oct

First day of Term 4

Just as the weather changes we all seem to fall ill! Over the past two weeks in our Junior School we have simply not had enough time to do this.

I spent last weekend reading literacy or numeracy lesson protocols and reflections by classroom teachers as well reflections by our specialist staff. I know it is just a glimpse, but it was heartening to ‘hear’ professionals reflecting upon their craft. We continue to do this as we develop our strive for consistency through individuality.

Our winter sports teams played in several finals, some with success and others will hold their ambitions over until ‘next time’.

We have held our JS Disco evening, P&F Mufti Day and our K–6 Talent Quest. Some interesting acts but also a significant number of entries ­– which is encouraging in terms of confidence-building.

The planning of our cubby village is ramping up amongst Kindergarten and Year 1, Year 5 is on camp, Year 6 continues working on Exhibition, and PK progresses along its Learning Journey.

Our classes continue to work hard until the end of term – a benefit of having to cover six Units of Inquiry, but also tiring as we put in an additional 200 minutes per week compared to many other settings.

A break is needed and I wish you all a happy and restful time. I finish the term with a highlight: the celebration of students (see below) who were acknowledged at our last assembly. 

Take care,

Paul Southwell


PKAM – Alessandra Cornish


PKAM – Allison Huang


PKAM – Ashton Osborne


PKAM – Han Zhang


PKMQ – Jacinta Huang


PKMQ – Dylan Do


PKMQ – William Titley


PKJH – Evan Guo


PKJH – Alexandra Ewin


PKDM – Georgia Kristiansen


PKDM – Emmee-Kathryn Rock


Mrs Lander (Music) – Amaira Kashyap (PKMQ)


Mrs Lander (Music) – Ashton Brede (PKDM)


KAS – Emerson Ryan

Confidence and bravery

KSG – Joseph Boorer

Inquirer and zest

KCH – Xavier Lam


KNS – William Xia

Independence and bravery

1MH – Elsie Osborne

Kindness and Caring

1AT – Venya Vikramadithyan

Enthusiasm and love of learning

2JG – Lincoln Lee

Enthusiasm and teamwork

2BF – Isla Baran

Bravery and risk taker

3DO – Samai Arravelly

Principles and resilience

3PC - Jasper Barker


3RB – Zoe Curll

Kindness and thinker

3EC – Josiah Zhang

Kindness and creativity

4JO – Connor Kruger


4KP – Poppy Steven

Independence and love of learning

4CD – Manoj Gutta

Curiosity and enthusiasm

4OM – Steven Maglasis

Zest and commitment

5TMi – Anya Arora

Love of learning and caring

5JC – Liliane Alblas

Risk taker and bravery

5SD – Sarah Bull

Principled and leadership

5TeM – Cynara Yates

Perspective and independence

6TW – Cleo Tsiros

Social intelligence and commitment

6JF – Emily Warren

Inquirer and love of learning

6HB – Finley Rosengren

Social intelligence and caring

6TH – Max Phelan

Tolerance and thinker

Mrs Phelps, Ms Ryan, Ms Suthers – Will Pak Poy (6JF)

Leadership and commitment

Ms Goggin – Sophie Wilson (5JC)

Commitment and perseverance

Ms Halford –  Freja Moran (3DO)

Appreciation of beauty and principled

Ms Evans – Lucinda Harrison (2JG)

Kindness and principled

Ms Wilson – Sari Travers (3RB)

Kindness and principled

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