JS News 28 Feb 18

Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

Dates to Remember

Tuesday 6 March

Year 3- Year 6 Swimming Carnival

Friday 9 March

Grandfriends Day

While we are only 16 days into our new school year, I am truly impressed and a little humbled by some of the achievements of both our students and staff to date. Our goal is to work as teams that build a sense of belonging, to engage and empower us as learners.

Colour Run
Last week’s Colour Run set a high standard here. Whilst the challenge was to support our reading program, the response was pure teamwork. Our girls and boys took up the challenge, more engaged as our Library staff added a broader range of reading options. I had staff volunteering to work through the logistics of a colour run, how to celebrate for our new Pre K year level, how to set up, working hard as a team. Finally, we had our staff, our students and our Year 12 leaders really enjoying the final outcome, not as individuals but as a team, a happy and safe occasion for all.

Monday afternoon and evening for staff this week was spent in working with Apple educators linking with their current teaching and learning challenges. This is the benefit we gain by being an Apple Distinguished School, accessing quality educators who can better support us as a team.

Year 3 classes working togetherLast Friday I popped in to our Year 3 Centre, 13 days into our year, and I had all four classes working in distributed (across year level) groups who were in the middle of their lesson. Following some explicit teaching in classrooms they had broken out to explore further in groups from across the year level.  Teams engaging and empowering. A year level coming together as one. 

Parent Liaison
I write seeking interest for our class parent liaisons 2018.  To date we only have 7 of our 28 classes represented.

In the words of a former parent liaison the role is:

  • to facilitate interaction between parents so as to develop and foster a sense of community around the class and School.
  • to support parent- teacher interactions through discussion about and reminders of upcoming class activities and events.

The role is truly important in linking our families with each other and fostering a sense of community around the class.

If you are up for ‘friend raising’, connections and positives about us, and would like to be your child’s class parent liaison, please email beth.maggs@radford.act.edu.au  We will then meet to discuss the role together as a group. 

Grandfriends Day
Talking community, our upcoming Grandfriends Day is on Friday 9 March. This day has become one of our happiest community days as we welcome key family back to school!


We are able to share greater understandings of our school day, and the importance of the role of a Grandfriend today, and in particular in Canberra. We hold this day close to the Canberra Day weekend for this reason. I am looking forward to chatting with new and familiar faces on Grandfriends Day. 

Last Friday also provided us with the first K-6 Celebration/Assembly. The Undercroft is just beginning to come online and provided us the chance to share our first Celebration Assembly of the year together.

Banksia House was successful in holding the House Cup for the first time this year, with team points earned throughout the first weeks. Additionally, we heard from Sebastian Leigh in Year 6 who shared his journey at Radford to date.

We also celebrated year level “Shout Outs” from teachers to the following students: 

  • Hugo Huang – KCH
  • Luka Zilinskas - KNS
  • Xavier Baldwin and Zoe Curll – 2BF
  • Heidi Phan and Emilie Gautama – 3PC
  • Kate Christiansen – 3EC
  • Nicholas Brogan – 3DO
  • William Wang - 4CD
  • Evie Buttsworth -4KP
  • Josh Miller and Priyanka  Ramkumar - 5TEM
  • Ramon Luo and Kobe Sun - 6HB
  • Will Pak Poy – 6JF


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