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Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

Dates to Remember

Friday 9 March        

Grandfriends Day

Monday 12 March  

Canberra Day Holiday

Monday 19 March

Year 1-2 Swim carnival

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”
-         Henry Ford

I am truly enjoying how we are creating more opportunities to work as teams, to build student and teacher engagement across Years Pre-K to 6. When I stumbled upon the Henry Ford quote, I reflected that in this world of technology and change, human things remain similar. If our staff and students are able to celebrate, and appreciate their differences, talents and fears together, then we are, indeed, moving forward, we are working together, we are not alone, we belong, and we will continue to move forward.

Popping into classrooms as much as possible reaffirms Henry Ford’s statement, as I see individual students and staff working in groups, engaging and challenging each other each day.

Supporting this, and within that supporting the whole child, are certain events where we are able to assess team and culture and mindset growth.

Our recent Colour Run was a good example of students and families working toward a goal, where staff worked to set up a celebration and we all came together to celebrate this.

This week presents two more similar occasions.

Our Swim Carnival for students 8 years-of-age to Year 6 was held on Tuesday. As our girls and boys know too well, I am not the fastest swimmer. I chose, as a student, not to compete in carnivals as I knew I couldn’t win. Our culture is to engage, to have a go, to give our best, to celebrate the attempt as well as those who achieve well. Our students teach me each day how I should have acted when I was 10, how moving forward as a sporting House, how achieving points by competing means that we all improve. 

Our Year 6 cohort have embraced our approach to student leadership at this age. All our Year 6 students will be involved across the College as leaders. All will have roles to help and support individuals and groups. This was no better displayed than in the preparation and enjoyment of our first carnival of the year.

This year we have also split our carnivals to target age-appropriate activities better, creating safe steps for Pre-K to 6.

Finally, this Friday we will celebrate our 11th Grandfriends Day.

I remember growing up in Canberra where I was indeed fortunate to have my grandparents here also. In those days, however, we were only able to share school time with them at sports events. When the Junior School opened, we wanted opportunities for our girls and boys to celebrate the learning they achieve as well as acknowledging the important people in their lives. I am excited by how this day has grown, and I regret that I will miss the occasion this year, due to a family funeral service interstate.

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