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Winners are grinners - our Chess team is off to Nationals!

Winners are grinners - our Chess team is off to Nationals!

By Paul Southwell, Head of Junior School

Dates to Remember

Mon 12 Nov                PreK 2019 Intro Morning

Tues 13 Nov                Year 2 2019 Intro Day

Wed 14 Nov                PreK 2019 Intro Morning

Thurs 15 Nov               Year 3 Strings Concert

Fri 16 Nov                    RDA Presentation


As I write this week’s message, I am celebrating the success of our Junior School Chess team, Ramon Luo, Arnav Jain, Eshaan Extross and Keren Zhang, in securing a place in the national tournament in Adelaide. I’m celebrating for a number of reasons: with the support of their parents and family, they formed their own group of Year 4 to 6 students, and they went about their business in a quiet but positive manner.

Our team came together late, but over the course of the ACT tournament, they continued to grow as a team. Last Sunday, with the final game, the decider nearing completion, it appeared that all was lost for our place in the Adelaide tournament. Despite our best efforts, it appeared we were heading for defeat. Yet our player refused to give in. He kept asking “why”? He began to put pressure upon his opponent, and in doing so forced an error that led to an unexpected win.

As Art Markman mentions in an article from The Importance of Creating a Culture of Why: ”Good knowledge is at the core of innovation, the more people understand things and situations, the more they can develop strategies and solutions”.

I shared the question, “Why is asking ‘why’ important?” at last week’s Junior School Assembly. I think Art answers this well. As lifelong learners, we need to continuously build our knowledge, seek understanding, ask out loud, or ask ourselves, “Why?”

In today’s world, where we seek collaboration and collegiality we had a Junior School Chess team that escaped the politeness trap, they asked “Why”? 

We work each day to build a culture of curiosity, of skill building, of why.

Last week’s shout out winners....


Lucia Hiew – Communicator

Edwin Yuen – Balanced 



Chloe Tan – Communicator

Ashton Osborne – Thinker


Emma Weenink – Thinker

George Dankiw – Principled

Millicent Unwin – Thinker


Krish Vuppalapati – Thinker

Chloe Black – Thinker

Daniel Zhang – Risk Taker


KAS – Emily Thomas

for showing independence and self-regulation.

KSG - Mia Deakes

for creativity and zest

KCH - Daniel Shen

for taking action 

KNS – Micah Constable

For demonstrating independence and perseverance.

1MH - William Pennington

Zest and enthusiasm for learning

1AT - William Holliday


for displaying a balanced attitude and love of learning.

2JG - Ava Muscat

for her commitment to her role as 2JG’s RTC representative.

2BF – Xavier Baldwin

for completing Literacy Planet tasks with zest and independence.

3DO-  Joshua Marriott

for being principled and courageous with his learning.

3PC - Natalia Costanzo

for kindness.

3RB - Madison Grigg

for kindness and being a loyal friend.

3EC - Spencer Ellis

for being balanced and showing love of learning

4JO - Otis Hibberd

for showing zest and enthusiasm.

4KP - Chelsea Hately

for her creativity and appreciation.

4CD - Zach Slattery

for the curiosity and perseverance he brings to his learning.

4OM -   Eva Tsiros

For being an Inquirer and showing commitment.

5TMi - Alex Georgalis

for being a communicator and demonstrating zest.

5JC - Alex Kulawiec

for commitment and enthusiasm towards his learning.

5SD – Arabella Johnson

for being an inquirer and showing self-regulation

5TeM - Cyrus French -

For curiosity and independence 

6TW - Euan Greig

for showing bravery, being a risk taker and stretching his communication skills.

6HB – Eliza Lilley

for approaching her class work with commitment and perseverance

6JF – Cameron Barnett

for respect and kindness towards others.

6TH - Kalea Ford

for curiosity and being an inquirer

Señora Stevens
Rowan Harris - 5SD


Mrs Ross
Jessica Colussi

for kindness and being principled.

Mrs Koenen
Danny Tran 5 SD

for being a Cooperative with a zest for learning

Ms Suthers
Euan Grieg – 6TW

For being principled and showing leadership

Mrs Halford
Josiah Zhang (3EC)

 for commitment and perseverance

Mrs Wilson

Zoe Gibbons (2JG)

for being an inquirer and enthusiastic while building marble runs in Yr 2

Mrs Salzke

Emily Bull 2BF

for respecting others and being a risk taker in music

PE Vinny Do

for always giving his best and displaying enthusiasm & teamwork during PE.



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