JS News 8 Aug 2018

Dates to Remember

Wed 8 Aug     

Yr 14 Piano Recital

Thurs 9 Aug    

Yr 5/6 Health Workshop for parents

Tues 14 Aug

Yr 36 ICAS Mathematics

Moving forward together
I commence this week’s Bulletin article by acknowledging the large group of Junior School staff who spent their weekend at school taking on the 'Making the PYP Happen' workshop, run by our own workshop leader, Ms Julianne Hay. This is the first main PYP step that is taken after experiencing some time in a PYP environment, allowing more questioning and understanding.

Site Update

  • Shade sails have been erected over the northern end of our K–4 site, as well as a large sail over the southern area. We have introduced three large cubbies to the Kindergarten end. We are working toward a 'village' of six cubbies – differing designs and usage as directed by our students, plants and play areas. Our tricycle circuit will shortly have road markings, and we are finalising our synthetic grass possibilities to increase play spaces. 
  • Our new 3/4 building is starting to show its size and potential. We are finalising discussions around furniture and play in these areas also.
  • We are discussing our 5/6 classrooms, and opportunities for us to take this area and early adolescent age group even further.

PYP Evaluation
Our second International Baccalaureate Evaluation will be finalised later this month. This Evaluation allows us to share our journey over the past five years, and to focus on the way ahead. Under the leadership of Ms Janine Crookes, we have been preparing extensive evidence over the past 12 months. We look forward to welcoming our two IB Leaders who will spend several days with us, in classrooms and reviewing our evidence, a strong appraisal approach.

Sports Days
I’m aware that Ms Tamara Phelps has included an article in this week’s Bulletin about our fortnightly sport sessions, where our PE comes to life. Standing near our front stairs on Friday, looking over our JA Mackinnon Oval and watching over 200 students fully engaged in a wide variety of sports and activities was a warm sight on a cool day.

Finally, congratulations to our Year 6 leaders who created a Year 6 Girls vs Boys Netball game last Friday lunchtime. Well done to our Year 6 girls who were strong winners 12–5.


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