JS success in Earth Hour schools program

Earth Hour 2017 schools competition: Second Prize

Earth Hour 2017 schools competition: Second Prize

By Angelina Fei and Kaitlin Barsby (Yr 6 RTC students)

Earth Hour was a competition between schools – not an academic or sports one, but rather one to save power and, in doing so, save the environment. 

We are proud that Radford Junior School participated in these Earth Hour activities. Our activities included turning off the air conditioners, fans, desktops and everything else that required power. Some classes went on a bushwalk to Gossan Hill, picking up rubbish as they went. Others had their teachers and fellow students take pictures of their activities using battery-powered cameras and iPads. When this day had finished, we overheard a lot of kids' conversations about having really enjoyed the whole day and that they knew a little more about our Earth and how simply flicking a switch can help our environment just that little bit more. That made us pretty happy about what we'd done and helped do.

Many other schools held their own Earth Hour activities, some similar, some different to ours. We were thrilled when we found out that Radford was one of the winners of the competition! 

A couple of days later, we went to accept the award, and found out that we had placed second out of the secondary schools, rather than being entered in the primary school section. We were a little surprised, but were happy and proud of our achievements, and look forward to taking part in other activities in the future.

Receiving the Earth Hour 2017 schools program award

We were all nice and early at 11.00 am when we went through the sliding doors and through the security check but the doors of the hall weren't open yet. Were we late or early? A few minutes went past and a kind gentleman told us that they were getting the Hall ready for all the award winners. After the delicious morning tea of brownies we all took our seats and a few minutes later it started with a gentleman introducing everyone and how we had all done a very good job and how the minister would be handing out all the prizes and, guess what, Redford College came second in the high school category!

– Rishabh Bahl

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