Luke Lloyd, Alienoid: Y5/6 Drama

A thought-provoking play about being different

A thought-provoking play about being different

By Nick Akhurst, Head of Co curricular  Drama, Dance and Oratory

This Australian play is the winner of the 2013 Australian Theatre for Young People Commission. Written by AFI and Logie award-winning writer John Armstrong, Luke Lloyd: Alienoid speaks to the little bit of alien in all of us. May all our children be seen as they walk through the school yard, whether they think they are invisible or not. 

Luke is smart, funny, shy and highly imaginative – but has no friends at school. In fact, he feels like he’s not even of the same species as the other kids in his class. But that isn’t surprising, because he’s not. 

Luke’s father (whom he has never met) came from a distant planet – which makes Luke half human, half alien. He’s an ‘Alienoid’. “Which explains a lot,” thinks Luke. 

Wed 19th June 6pm
Thur 20th June 6pm
Fri 21st June 4.30pm
TB Millar Hall 



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