National Schools Constitutional Convention – a delegate's view

Nick Ewbank (left) Jacinta Quee (centre) at Convention

Nick Ewbank (left) Jacinta Quee (centre) at Convention

By Radford student, ACT delegate, Jacinta Quee 

Last month, I attended the National Schools Constitutional Convention hosted at Old Parliament House in Canberra, alongside students from every other State and Territory. Four other Canberra students and I represented the ACT. 

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Over the course of three days, we debated whether Section 44 of the Constitution (which deals with the eligibility to sit in Parliament) should be changed, ending the convention with a mock referendum. The results of this referendum dictated that Section 44 should be changed with a ‘national’ Yes vote of 60.9%. ACT and QLD were the only two States/ Territories to have an overall no vote to the proposed change.

During the three days, we were addressed by multiple guest speakers, including the President of the Senate. We also got to meet and speak with the Governor-General at Government House, as well as having smaller debates and presenting individual public speeches of our opinions on Section 44. It was a truly amazing experience.

Students from across Australia at Old Parliament House


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