New uniform items

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Radford is pleased to announce the introduction of the new co-curricular sporting uniforms, to be worn from Term 2.  The College has removed the requirement of parents to purchase jerseys, as these will be loaned to players for Basketball, Rugby and Football for the season at no charge.  This will reduce the cost to parents of uniforms and expedite the process of providing numbered jerseys to the high number of players. New football/basketball shorts will be phased in, available for purchase at the Uniform Shop. Basketball players may continue to wear current basketball shorts, football players will need to wear football/basketball shorts, not their PE shorts. 

Players must return their jerseys laundered and in good condition at the end of the season.  Reimbursement will be required for lost jerseys.  Players in Firsts teams may retain their jersey, at no charge. 

Netball dresses can be purchased from the Uniform Shop, player bibs will be provided at no charge by the Sports Department.

New jerseys

New uniform items introduced from 2017 are a winter jacket, beanie, scarf and cap.  In response to parent/student feedback, a new short sock item has now also been introduced, and female-fit PE shorts are available. 







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